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Free Fire Wonderland Peak Day coming on April 19: Here's why you should be excited

Free Fire is offering free gifts including new characters, guns and more to players on Wonderland Peak Day on April 19. Here's everything you need to know.

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New Delhi Published on: April 16, 2020 12:46 IST
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Free Fire’s Biggest Reward Event of 2020 is here.

Free Fire is now celebrating spring by offering gifts and surprises to its players. Garena began a new event called ‘Wonderland’ back on April 8 and it is scheduled to end on April 26. As the peak of the event is coming closer, the company has announced the ‘Wonderland Peak Day’ set to begin on April 19. 

In order to celebrate, the company is giving away in-game gifts to all the survivors. These gifts include a new character, rare costume bundles and the SPAS12-Wasteland permanent gun skin, among others. With such exciting gifts on offer, this will be Free Fire’s biggest reward event of the year so far.

All players should know that there will be fiver amazing gifts exclusive to Wonderland Peak Day on April 19, 2020. The Survivors can start earning as soon as they log in:

  • Gift 1 - Just by logging into the game on Wonderland Peak Day, Survivors can choose a character freely from the pools and instantly level them up through the use of a free Character Card Level 6.
  • Gift 2 - Magic Cube Fragments will be dropped after every match on a special day. Survivors can use these Fragments to redeem rare costume bundles via the Magic Cube exchange.
  • Gift 3 - If survivors opt to call back friends to Free Fire, they will get a chance to win the SPAS12-Wasteland permanent gun skin The more friends Survivors call back, the more prizes they can get.
  • Gift #4: On April 19, playing one game can get you the Kelly awakening shard and 100 Kelly – The Swift character fragments. Also, the players will have a chance to get BOOYAH Monster – UMP gun skin. 
  • Gift 5 - All the guns in Free Fire will have legendary gun skins unlocked on April 19 for survivors to claim a one-day trial.

The goodness of Wonderland Peak Day does not end here. The survivors will be able to play a brand-new game mode and earn tons of free rewards during the special event. Starting April 19, Survivors can battle in Free Fire’s latest game mode, Kill Secured. Kill Secured is a 4v4 game mode that allows players to pick up dog tags of their opponents, which will be dropped when they are defeated. Survivors can also stop opponents from earning points by picking up a fallen teammates’ tag. Each time a survivor respawns, they will be given the opportunity to choose their weapons before jumping back into the action.

Lastly, the survivors will be able to collect egg tokens throughout the event. These tokens will help them obtain the exclusive Bunny Egghunter costume bundle. With the introduction of a new large airship, collecting these egg tokens is made easier. 

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