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Highlights, Pro Kabaddi League 2017, Match 131: Telugu Titans draw Bengal Warriors 37-37

A hard-fought battle ended in a draw as Telugu Titans and Bengal Warriors gave their all but a winner couldn't be decided in forty minutes.

Brett Ellis Brett Ellis @Brettellis1907
New Delhi Updated on: October 20, 2017 21:07 IST
Pro Kabaddi League 2017
Image Source : PRO KABADDI Telugu Titans vs Bengal Warriors

Hello and welcome to our live coverage where in Match 131 of the Pro Kabaddi League 2017 Season 5, it will be the battle of raiders. Telugu Titans taking on the Bengal Warriors. Rahul Cjaudhari's Titans vs Surjeet Singh's Warriors. The Telugu Titans have not qualified for the play-offs but the Bengal Warriors have. The Hyderabadi team has been inconsistent throughout the season which has cost the team in yellow a chance to qualify. The Bengal Warriors have their str raider Maninder Singh to thank as the lone warrior single-handedly won many matches for the team in blue who currently have one of the worst defences so far. With Telugu having nothing to lose or gain, who will emerge victorious?.  Match 131 will begin at 8 PM IST at the Sree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex in Pune.


The Perfect Raider of the Match is presented to Jan Kun Lee of Bengal Warriors with 8 raid points.

The Player of the Match is presented to Surjeet Singh of Bengal Warriors with 5 tackle points.

21.00 IST: FULL TIME!! Both teams settle for a draw. Bengal Warriors and Telugu Titans draw a well-fought battle and it honours even in the end. Telugu Titans 37-37 Bengal Warriors.

20.59 IST: Jan Kun Lee escapes and equalises the score!!  A minute remains. Telugu 37-37 Bengal

20.57 IST: Telugu up a point as Shinde claims a touch point, Bengal can still make it. Telugu 37-35 Bengal

20.52 IST: An ALL OUT for Bengal Warriors as Telugu Titans lead by two points. Bonus point picked up by the Bengal raider before being escorted out of the lobby. Telugu 36-34 Bengal

20.51 IST: Titan's defence equalise the score is a hard tackle on the Warrior's raider. Telugu 33-33 Bengal

20.51 IST: A Super raid by Nilesh Shinde to claim three touch points. A twist in the climax for certain. Telugu 32-33 Bengal

20.47 IST: This time it's Bengal's defence to clam down the Titan's raider to lead. Telugu react the same way with a tackle point. Telugu 29-33 Bengal

20.46 IST: Titan's defence ram down the Warrior's raider to edge closer. Telugu 28-32 Bengal

20.46 IST: A Super raid by Rahul Chaudhari, he picks up three touch points on the go, Bengal's defence ram him down in the next raid. Telugu 27-32 Bengal

20.42 IST: ALL OUT for Telugu Titans again, the Warriors now have a 6 point lead as the Titan raider managed to claim three points. Telugu 24-30 Bengal

20.40 IST: The Telugu Titans are slwoly climbing back into the game but Bengal Warriors are still showing great bit of determination and grit. Telugu 21-26 Bengal

20.27 IST: Half Time and it is the Warriors that lead by three points. The game is still intact. Telugu Titans 17-20 Bengal Warriors.

20.25 IST: ALL OUT for Bengal Warriors, Telugu close in on the opposition's lead. Telugu 16-18 Bengal

20.25 IST: A super tackle by the Warriors defence to claim two points. Telugu 12-18 Bengal

20.22 IST: Bonus point collected by the Warriors, Rahul Chaudhari gets away with a touch point. Telugu 12-16 Bengal 

20.21 IST: Shinde escapes and claims 2 touch points in a dash. Telugu 10-15 Bengal

20.20 IST: Telugu Titan's smash the Warrior's raider but give away a point as well. Telugu 8-15 Bengal

20.19 IST: Bengal's Jan Kun Lee picks up a super raid to claim three points. Warriors are running away. Telugu 6-14 Bengal 

20.14 IST: ALL OUT for Telugu Titans as the last raider steps out of the lobby. Warriors lead by 5 points. Telugu 6-11 Bengal

20.12 IST: Shinde steps out of the lobby to gift the Warriors a point. Technical point awarded to Titans as well. Telugu 6-8 Bengal

20.11 IST: Telugu's raider picks up a point, Bengal's raider picks up a point, back and forth we go. Telugu 5-7 Bengal

20.10 IST: Bengal's raider claims a touch point, Telugu short of men. Telugu 4-6 Bengal

20.09 IST: Warrior's raider escapes with a touch point, the defence ram down the Titan raider as well. Telugu 4-5 Bengal

20.08 IST: Bonus point picked up by the Titan's raider to lead. Telugu 4-3 Bengal

20.07 IST: A self out. Rahul Chaudhari loses his balance and steps out of the lobby to gift the opposition a point. Telugu 3-3 Bengal

20.06 IST: Jan Kun Lee picks up a touch point for the Warriors. Telugu 3-2 Bengal

20.04 IST: Titans ram down to claim the first tackle point of the night, Shinde gets a touch point. Telugu 3-1 Bengal

20.02 IST: Do or Die for Telugu as Nilesh enters and easily leaves with a touch point. Telugu 1-1 Bengal

20.02 IST: We start with the Do or Die raid for Bengal and the raider starts the scoring and takes out Rahul Chaudhari. Telugu 0-1 Bengal

20.01 IST: Telugu Titans win the toss and choose court, Bengal will raid first. It's time to Khel Kabaddi!!

20.00 IST: It's line drawn and game on, the second last match of the season before we head to the play-offs. Maninder Singh is benched today, can Bengal do without their star raider. let's have a look at the toss.