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  5. Highlights, Pro Kabaddi League 2017 Eliminator 1: Puneri Paltans defeat U.P Yoddha 40-38

Highlights, Pro Kabaddi League 2017 Eliminator 1: Puneri Paltans defeat U.P Yoddha 40-38

The Puneri Paltans have made it to Eliminator 3 by defeating U.P Yoddha by the narrowest of margins of two points. A thriller of a match.

Brett Ellis Reported by: Brett Ellis @Brettellis1907 New Delhi Updated on: October 23, 2017 21:13 IST
Pro Kabaddi League 2017
Image Source : PRO KABADDI A file image of U.P Yoddha and Puneri Paltan.

It was an epic encounter when the two sides met. The two teams gave their all but it was the experianced Puneri Paltans that pulled through to defeat U.P Yoddha by just a margin of 2 points. A valiant effort displayed by the Yoddhas who never gave up. Puneri Paltan now enter Eliminator 3 where they will face the winner of Eliminator 2 between Patna Pirates and Haryana Steelers. Deepak Niwas Hooda led his side to a fantastic win today to win 40-38. 


21.08 IST: FULL TIME!! Puneri Paltan are thorugh and make it to the Eliminator 3. A valiant performance from UP. A two point win. Puneri Paltan 40-38 U.P Yoddha.

21.04 IST: Paltans ram down the UP raider on the last raid of the match and have qualified!! UP 38-40 Pune

21.03 IST: Bonus given to Up before the Paltans ram the raider out. UP 38-39 Pune

21.02 IST: Do or Die raid for Pune as Mondal enters and runs out of time to gift the Yoddhas a point. UP 37-38 Pune

21.01 IST: Paltans ram down Devadiga to lead by 2 points. UP 36-38 Pune

20.57 IST: Bonus and a touch point given to UP. A 1 point agme now. UP 36-37 Pune

20.55 IST: A technical point is given to UP Yoddha. UP 34-36 Pune

20.55 IST: Paltans defence slam down Devadiga to lead and the raider claims a touch point. UP 33-36 Pune

20.54 IST: Deepak is taken out by the Yoddha defence and only a point separates the two sides. UP 33-34 Pune

20.53 IST: Devadiga digs up a touch point on the Paltan defence. UP 32-34 Pune

20.51 IST: ALL OUT for Puneri Paltan as the last raider steps out. Yoddhas edge closer. UP 31-34 Pune 

20.49 IST: Do or Die raid for UP as Devadiga enters and claims 2 touch points. UP 28-33 Pune

20.48 IST: Do or Die raid for Pune as Mondal enters and is ushered out by the Yoddha defence. UP 26-33 Pune

20.47 IST: Devadiga manages a touch point for the Yoddhas. UP 25-33 Pune

20.46 IST: The Yoddha defence ram down Deepak Hooda. UP 24-33 Pune

20.46 IST: Devadiga brings back a point for the Yoddhas. UP 23-33 Pune

20.45 IST: Mondal manages a touch point on a silly error by the UP defence. UP 22-33 Pune

20.44 IST: Nitin Tomar is slammed down, a comfortable 10 point lead for the Paltans. UP 22-32 Pune

20.41 IST: Yoddhas drag back Deepak Hooda before he could escape. UP 22-31 Pune

20.40 IST: Devadiga is slammed down by the Paltans and Mondal picks up a bonus. The Paltans sail away. UP 21-31 Pune

20.40 IST: A touch point for the Yoddhas as Devadiga picks up a touch point. UP 21-29 Pune

20.39 IST: Paltan's skipper collects a bonus point. UP 20-29 Pune

20.38 IST: Mondal makes it an 8 point lead for the Paltans as he claims a touch point. UP 20-28 Pune

20.38 IST: Devadiga claims a touch point for UP on the Paltan's defence. UP 20-27 Pune

20.37 IST: ALL OUT for UP Yoddha and the Puneri Paltan lead away. UP 19-27 Pune

20.35 IST: UP's raider is taken out by the Paltan and they eye an all out on the Yoddhas. UP 19-23 Pune

20.35 IST: Deepak takes out the UP defender as they lead. The tables have turned. UP 19-22 Pune

20.34 IST: Nitin Tomar is slammed down and Pune lead by 2 points. UP 19-21 Pune

20.33 IST: Deepak manages to claim a touch point by escaping, the Paltans also ram down Devadiga to lead. UP 19-20 Pune

20.32 IST: Nitin Tomar starts the second half with a touch point on the Paltan defence. UP 19-18 Pune

20.31 IST: The second half gets underway and the score is level. Who will come out on top?. 20 minutes more to decide either team's fate.

20.24 IST: Half Time!! The scores are level. UP and Pune have battled well but a decider must make the difference.Stay tuned as there is alot more to come. UP 18-18 Pune 

20.22 IST: A bonus point for UP and a touch point to Pune. Scores still level. UP 18-18 Pune

20.20 IST: ALL OUT for U.P Yoddha and the scores change, but an immediate super raid by Nitin Tomar equalises the score. UP 17-17 Pune

20.18 IST: Do or Die raid for Pune as Deepak steps up and escapes with a touch point. UP 15-12 Pune

20.16 IST: Do or Die raid for UP as Surinder enters and is ushered out by the Pune defence. UP 15-11 Pune

20.16 IST: The first Do or Die raid for Pune as Rajesh enters and the UP defence ram him down hard. UP 15-10 Pune

20.14 IST: Devadiga is slammed out by the Paltan defence as the enter double figures. UP 14-10 Pune

20.13 IST: Rajesh Mondal picks up a touch point for the Paltans. UP 14-9 Pune

20.12 IST: A Super tackle by the Pune defence to claim 2 points. UP 14-8 Pune

20.11 IST: UP block the Paltan raider to lead. UP 14-6 Pune

20.10 IST: Devadiga spears through the Paltan defence to claim 2 touch points. UP 13-6 Pune

20.10 IST: Yoddha's raider claims a touch point on the Paltan's defence. UP 11-6 Pune

20.09 IST: Pune's Deepak escapes with a touch point, the only man to make the difference for the Paltans. UP 10-6 Pune

20.08 IST: Deepak manages a raid point, the Paltan's defence also slam Devadiga down. UP 10-5 Pune

20.07 IST: A Super Raid and an ALL OUT for Puneri Paltans. UP have made an incredible start. UP 10-3 Pune

20.06 IST: Bonus point picked up by the Pune raider and a super tackle by the Paltans defence. They claim three points. UP 5-3 Pune

20.05 IST: Nitin gets through to claim a touch point. UP 5-0 Pune

20.04 IST: Another raid point for UP and its Devadiga who claims a touch point. UP 4-0 Pune

20.04 IST: UP make an incredible start as Sandeep is taken out by the Yoddhas. UP 3-0 Pune

20.03 IST: Nitin Tomar starts the raiding and walks back with a touch point. UP 2-0 Pune

20.02 IST: The first tackle and UP take out Rajesh Mondal. UP 1-0 Pune

20.01 IST: U.P Yoddha win the toss and choose court, the Puneri Paltan will raid first. Are you ready to LE PANGA?. Let's get started.

20.01 IST: The two team captains Nitin Tomar from UP and Deepak Hooda from Puneri Paltan are brought for the toss.

20.00 IST: It's line drawn, game on!! Let's get ready to KHEL KABADDI!! 

19.59 IST: Bollywood actor Irfan Khan inaugurates the Eliminator 1 in Mumbai by reciting the National Anthem.

19.54 IST: The Puneri Paltans enter the Dome as the home crowd supports them on.

19.52 IST: U.P YODDHA enter Mumbai, a grand entrance made by the debutants of the season who have managed to defy all odds to be here. 

19.50 IST: We get closer to the finals, the teams have to give it their all if they are to qualify.

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