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Pro Kabaddi League 2017, Match 14 Highlights : U Mumba defeat Dabang Delhi KC by 36-22

A well rested U Mumba team defeat Dabang Delhi by 14 points to take add a victory to their tally and a loss on Delhi's third consecutive loss by 36-22.

Reported by: Brett Ellis, Nagpur [ Updated: August 05, 2017 21:08 IST ]
Image Source : WEBSITE: PKL 2017 Pro Kabaddi League 2017 U Mumba vas Dabang Delhi K.C.

U Mumba defeat Dabang Delhi K.C. by 14 points to win match 36-22 in the Pro Kabaddi League 2017 Season 5. Dabang Delhi have now lost 3 matches in a row as their defence looked sloppy and raids went begging. U Mumba claim their second win in 3 matches and Delhi have now played 4 matches with one win and three loses. Anup Kumar was presented with the perfect raider with 7 raid points. Shabber Bappu played an important role in his do or die raids. 


Sahi Hai Player of the Match is presented to Shabeer Bappu from U Mumba.

Player of the match is presented to Nilesh Shinde from Dabang Delhi K.C.

U Mumba's Anup Kumar is presented with the Perfect Raider award.

20.57 IST: U Mumba defeat Dabang Delhi KC by a massive scoreline by 36-22

20.56 IST: U Mumba smacks down Delhi's raider to show why they are Season 2 champions. 36-22.

20.55 IST: Do or Die raid for U Mumba and claims a point. 35-22

20.55 IST: Kuldeep takes down Delhi's skipper to expand the lead. 34-22

20.54 IST: Delhi claim a point on Meraj's raid for Delhi. 33-22 

20.52 IST: U Mumba claim a point on their raid from a sloppy defence but Delhi claim a technical point as well. 33-21

20.50 IST: Meraj Sheykh picks up a point and a bonus as well for Dabang Delhi. 32-20

20.47 IST: Shabeer Bappu gets a yellow card. 32-18

20.47 IST: Meraj raids well to claim a point. 32-18

20.46 IST: Objectable point for Dabang Delhi. 32-17

20.45 IST: ALL OUT for U Mumba as they are nearly away for the win. 32-16

20.45 IST: Anup Kumar escapes Delhi's defence to lead. 29-15

20.44 IST: Do or Die raid successful from Bappu with a massive lead. 28-15

20.41 IST: U Mumba claim 2 points on super tackle to lead  by 11 points. 26-15

20.40 IST: Anup claims 3 points for U Mumba with a super raid. 24-15

20.37 IST: Delhi's raider performs a DUBKI to claim  2 points. 21-15

20.36 IST: U Mumba claim 2 points as they take down Meraj Sheykh. 21-13

20.35 IST: Do or Die raid gone in waste for U Mumba as Delhi take down the raider. 19-12

20.34 IST: Meraj gets a touch for Delhi to claim a point. 19-11

20.33 IST: Do or Die raid for Delhi's raider unsuccessful as U Mumba take down the raider. 19-10 

20.32 IST: Delhi take down U Mumba's raider to claim a point. 18-10

20.31 IST: U Mumba take down Delhi's raider on their do or die raid to expand the lead. 18-9

20.30 IST: U Mumba claim a point on their raid. 17-9 

20.28 IST: 2 points for U Mumba as they create a super tackle on Delhi's skipper Meraj Sheykh. 16-9

20.28 IST: Delhi take out U Mumba's skipper Anup Kumar to get a point. 14-9

20.27 IST: The second-half resumes with U Mumba raiding first. 14-8

20.22 IST: Half-time where the Dabangs of Delhi are slowly crawling back in the game. 14-8

20.21 IST: DO or Die raid from U Mumba but Shinde from Delhi takes down the raider. 14-8

20.20 IST: Technical point given to Dabang Delhi. 14-7

20.20 IST: Delhi claim a point on the skipper's raid. 14-6

20.18 IST: Do or die raid for U Mumba's Kashiling but Delhi take down the raider to get a point. 14-5

20.16 IST: U Mumba smack down Delhi's raider to lead by 10 points now. 14-4

20.15 IST: Shinde takes down U Mumba's raider to claim a point. 13-4

20.13 IST: Do or Die raid for Dabang Delhi but U Mumba take down the raider to expand the lead. 13-3 

20.11 IST: U Mumba claim a point on to lead on. 12-3

20.10 IST: Do or die raid for Anand Patil from Dabang Delhi but raider sent out on false review. 11-3 

20.08 IST: Delhi take down Adake from U Mumba to claim a point. 10-3

20.07 IST: An ALL OUT for U Mumba as Anup gets 4 points to lead. 10-2

20.06 IST: U Mumba take down Delhi's raider with ease as they lead on. 6-2

20.05 IST: 1 point for U Mumba's raider as he dives and touches the defence to escape. 5-2

20.04 IST: Anup Kumar gets 2 points for U Mumba on his raid. 4-2

20.04 IST: U Mumba take down Delhi's raider to equalise the score. 2-2

20.03 IST: Anup Kumar and Kashiling Adake are on the bench for U Mumba but their raider gets a point. 1-2

20.02 IST: Dabang Delhi claim another point on their defence. 0-2

20.01 IST: Do or die raid successful from Delhi as they lead first.0-1 

19.59 IST: Both the team captains Anup Kumar and Meraj Sheykh are brought in for the toss. U Mumba win the toss and chosen the court.  

19.53 IST: Led by Anup Kumar, U Mumba enter the arena.

19.52 IST: Dabang Delhi K.C. make their entrance led by Meraj Sheykh.

A pep talk is all that the Dabangs need to get themselves riled up.

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