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Pro Kabaddi League 2017, Match 15 Highlights: U.P Yoddha defeat Bengaluru Bulls by 32-27

U.P Yoddhas have ended Bengaluru Bull's winning streak as they defeat the hosts by 5 points to add a win to their tally and a loss on the Bull's table to win by 32-27.

Reported by: Brett Ellis, Nagpur [ Updated: August 05, 2017 22:23 IST ]
Image Source : WEBSITE: PKL 2017 Pro Kabaddi league 2017, A team talk for the Bengaluru Bulls in a match.

U.P Yoddhas have won the match by a thriller of 5 points and have added a loss to Bengaluru Bull's table. The Yoddhas were brilliant throughout as they win their second match of the season. The Yoddha's skipper Nitin Tomar was outstanding with his raids and captaincy skills. Rohit Kumar was presented with the Perfect Raider of the match as the skipper did all he could to win but it was all too tough for the Bulls. The match was too close to call when the Bulls eventually reduced the margin of the Yoddhas lead but lost by 5 points. The U.P Yoddhas won over Bengaluru Bulls by 32-27.


Perfect Raider is presented to Bengaluru Bull's  Rohit Kumar with 11 raid points.

Player of the Match is Jeeva Kumar from U.P Yoddha with 3 tackle points.

Sahi Hai Player of the match is presented to Nitin Tomar from U.P Yoddha.

22.12 IST: Bengaluru Bulls did all they could but it was UP Yoddhas that emerged victorious by 27-32. 

22.10 IST: UP Yoddha claim a point on their defence but Rohit Kumar gets one for the Bulls as well. 27-32

22.09 IST: Bengaluru Bull's Aashish Kumar picks up a point on is raid. 26-30

22.08 IST: UP Yoddha claim a point as they take down skipper Rohit Kumar who has been on fire today. 25-30

22.05 IST: Bengaluru Bulls take down the Yoddha's defender to edge closer to their lead as they pick up 2 points. 25-29

22.02 IST: Rohit Kumar claims 2 points for the Bulls.  23-29

22.01 IST: UP Yoddha take down The Bull's Ajay to lead. 21-29

22.00 IST: UP Yoddha collect a super raid to claim 3 points. 21-28

21.59 IST: Bengaluru Bull's Ajay brings a point for Bengaluru Bulls. 21-25 

21.56 IST: Bengaluru Bulls claim a 5 point raid by Rohit Kumar. 20-25

21.55 IST: UP Yoddha claim 2 points on their raid. 15-25

21.54 IST: Rohit Kumar gets another point for the Bulls on his raid. 15-23

21.54 IST: Bonus Point given to UP Yoddha. 14-23

21.53 IST: Rohit Kumar claims a point for Bengaluru Bulls on his raid. 14-22

21.50 IST: Do or die raid goes to waste as the Bulls smack down UP Yoddha's defender. 13-22

21.49 IST: Green card given to Rajesh Narwal. 12-22

21.49 IST: Do or Die raid successful for Bengaluru Bulls to claim 2 points. 12-22 

21.46 IST: Tomar escapes away from the Bull's sloppy defence to claim a point. 10-22

21.45 IST: Rohit send UP Yoddha's defender out but both teams get a point. 10-21

21.44 IST: UP Yoddha tackle Ajay from the Bulls to lead by 11 points now. 9-20

21.43 IST: Tomar raids well to claim a point for the Yoddhas. 9-19

21.43 IST: U Mumba claim a point on their raid. 9-18  

21.35 IST: Half time approaches as UP Yoddha lead by 10 points. 8-18

21.35 IST: Rohit Kumar claims a point on his raid despite being pulled back. 8-18

21.34 IST: ALL OUT for UP Yoddha with 4 points. 7-18

21.33 IST: UP Yoddha take down Aashish Kumar on his do or die raid to leave the Bulls with 2 men to defend.7-14 

21.31 IST: UP Yoddha claim a point on sending a defender off the mat. 7-13

21.30 IST: Rohit Kumar pinned to the mat as UP Yoddha claim a point. 7-12

21.30 IST: Bengaluru Bulls take down UP Yoddhas raider on a do or die raid. 7-11 

21.26 IST: UP Yoddha's defence takes down the Bulls raider to create a 5 point lead. 6-11

21.25 IST: UP Yoddha's raider delightfully escapes the Bull's defence. 6-10

21.24 IST: The Bulls claim 2 points on Rohit's raid. 6-9

21.23 IST: Rishank claims 2 points for the Yoddhas. 4-9

21.22 IST: Bengaluru Bulls get a point on their raid. 4-7

21.22 IST: Bengaluru Bulls take down Yoddha's skipper to claim a point. 3-7

21.20 IST: UP Yoddha claim a point on their perfect raid to escape. 2-7

21.19 IST: UP Yoddha claim a point on their superb defence. 2-6

21.18 IST: Tomar claims a point on his raid for the Yoddhas. 2-5

21.18 IST: UP Yoddha claim a bonus point again. 2-4

21.17 IST: Rohit Kumar claims 2 points with a kick to the Yoddha's defence. 2-3

21.16 IST: UP Yoddha's defence looks good as they take down Bengaluru's raider. 0-3

21.15 IST: Bonus point for UP Yoddha. 0-2

21.14 IST: 1st point given to UP Yoddha's on their raid. 0-1

21.12 IST: Both the team captains are brought in for the toss. U.P Yoddha win the toss to choose the court for the Bulls to raid first.

21.10 IST: The home side Bengaluru Bulls enter the arena with a standing ovation for them.

21.08 IST: U.P Yoddha enter the arena led by Nitin Tomar.

U.P Yoddha look ready.


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