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Pro Kabaddi League 2017, Match 2 Highlights: Puneri Paltan beat U Mumba 33-21 in Maharashtra derby

Puneri Paltan beat U Mumba in Match 2 of Pro Kabaddi League 2017 by 33-21 in Mahrashtra Derby.

Written by: India TV Sports Desk, Hyderabad [ Updated: July 28, 2017 22:21 IST ]
Image Source : FACEBOOK: PKL Pro Kabaddi League captains of Season 5.

In the second match of Pro Kabaddi League 2017, Puneri Paltan defeated U Mumba by 33-21 in the Maharashtra derby in Hyderabad. Pune skipper Deepak Niwas Hooda gets the 'Perfect Raider' award for earning points in the match. Puneri Paltan's player - Sandeep Narwal gets the 'Player of the Match' award for showing great defensive skills on the mat. Sandeep gets 4 points for his franchise Puneri Paltan. 


22.09 IST: Puneri Paltan win the match with ease by 12 points, 33-21

22.08 IST: Do or Die raid from Puneri Paltan but U Mumba send the raider to the bench. 21-32

22.06 IST: U Mumba get a point from a raid. 19-32

22.03 IST: Puneri Paltan's defence has been excellent as they get another point. 18-30

22.01 IST: Anup Kumar manages a raid for an ensured point. 17-28

22.00 IST: Nitin gets a successful raid to give U Mumba a point. 16-28

21.57 IST: U Mumba pull back a raider before he crosses the line to get a point. 15-27

21.56 IST: U Mumba get a point as they tackle the Do or Die raider from Puneri Paltan. 14-26 

21.52 IST: U Mumba get a point on tackling a raider. 11-26

21.50 IST: Spectacular take down by Pune's defence to give the team a point. 10-26

21.48 IST: Puneri Paltan lead by 15 points. 10-25

21.47 IST: Super-raid as Puneri Paltan get a 5 point lead. Deepak Hooda survives U Mumba's defence. 10-25

21.45 IST: Do or Die Raid as Puneri Paltan's Raider gets crucial a point for a 10 point lead. 10-20.

21.43 IST: Shabeer from U Mumba gets taken down to give Puneri Paltan a 8 point lead. 10-18

21.39 IST: Rajesh Mondal jumps the first tackle but Joginder Narwal takes down the raider. 10-17

21.38 IST: Anup Kumar taken down on a super-tackle and is sent to the bench. 10-17

21.37 IST: U Mumba's defence gets better as they take down Puneri Paltans raider. 10-15

21.35 IST: 3 defenders of Puneri Paltan perform a super-tackle on U Mumba' s Anup Kumar to get 2 points. 9-15 

21.33 IST: U Mumba's  Adke gets a point. 8-13

21.31 IST: U Mumba trailing by 6 points as Puneri Paltan lead on. 7-13.

21.29 IST: U Mumba get a defensive point on tackling a raider from Puneri Paltan. 7-13

21.28 IST: Anup Kumar captain of U Mumba on the bench as Puneri Paltan lead. 5-13

21.27 IST: Anup Kumar gets taken down to give the opposition a lead. 4-13

21.26 IST: Puneri Paltan's defence gives them a lead. 4-11

21.24 IST: Anup Kumar gets a touch to provide U Mumba with 2 points. 3-7

 21.23 IST: U Mumba loose 2 of their men. 1-5

21.21 IST: Another great grab and a point for Puneri Palan. 1-5

21.19 IST: Puneri Paltan create a great block. Lead 1-3

21.18 IST: Puneri Paltan get a technical point. 1-1

21.16 IST: Anup Kumar gets the first point for U Mumba. 1-0

21.12 IST: U Mumba also make their way in the arena.

21.11 IST: Puneri Paltans make their way in the arena. 

20.26 IST: The teams have lined up and are ready to battle as Match 2 will be a Maharashtra Derby. U Mumba take on Puneri Paltan. 


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