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Pro Kabaddi League 2017, Match 17 Highlights: Patna Pirates defeat Bengaluru Bulls to win 46-32

Defending champions Patna Pirates add another win to their tally as they defeat the hosts Bengaluru Bulls by 14 points to win 46-32.

Reported by: Brett Ellis, Nagpur [ Updated: August 06, 2017 22:18 IST ]
Image Source : WEBSITE: PKL 2017 Pro Kabaddi League 2017 Patna Pirates vs Bengaluru Bulls.

2 time champions Patna Pirates hand a second loss to Bengaluru Bulls as they win by 14 points in Match 17. Patna Pirate's skipper Pardeep Narwal was absolutely flawless with his raids. Patan have now won their third match as they are undefeated this season. Bengaluru have now won 2 matches and lost 2 matches. 


Perfect Raider is presented to Patan Pirate's skipper Pardeep Narwal with 15 raid points.

Player of the Match is presented to Patna Pirate's Vishal Mane with 4 tackle points. 

Sahi Hai Player of the match is presented to Ajay Kumar from the Bengaluru Bulls.

22.09 IST: Patna Pirates win their thrid match by 14 points to win the game over Bengaluru Bulls by 46-32.

22.07 IST: A technical point for Bengaluru Bulls. 32-46

22.06 IST: A point for the Bulls on their raid. 31-46

22.06 IST: Do or die raid as Monu gets a point for Patna. 30-46 

22.05 IST: Bengaluru Bulls claim a point. 30-45 

22.03 IST: Bengaluru Bulls claim a bonus point. 28-45

22.03 IST: Another ALL OUT for Patna Pirates to lead on. 27-45 

22.02 IST: Bonus point and a touch for Bengaluru Bulls.27-41

22.01 IST: A point for Patna Pirates as Monu raids well. 25-41

22.01 IST: Bengaluru claim 2 points as the raider crosses the line. 25-40

21.59 IST: Bonus point for Bengaluru Bulls. 23-40

21.59 IST: Patna claim a point as the raider sends the defender out of the mat. 22-40

21.58 IST: Patna take down Bengaluru's raider to add a point. 22-39 

21.55 IST: Rohit Kumar gets taken down to add a point. 22-38

21.54 IST: Monu Goyat claims 2 points for Patna. 22-37

21.53 IST: Bengaluru claim a point on the skippers raid. 22-35

21.53 IST: Bonus point for Patna in a do or die raid. 21-35

21.52 IST: Ajay gets away from Patna's defence to claim a point. 21-34

21.51 IST: Another Super Tackle for Patna with 2 points as the tak down the Bull's raider. 20-34

21.50 IST: A super tackle for Patna with 2 points but Rohit claims a bonus point. 20-32

21.50 IST: Bengaluru Bulls trap Pardeep Narwal after his 13 raids. 19-30

21.49 IST: Patna claim a bonus point. 18-30

21.28 IST: Ajay claims a point for the Bulls after his successful raid. 18-29

21.48 IST: Monu Goyat trapped by the Bulls defence to claim a point. 17-29

21.44 IST: Rohit escapes the clutches of Patna's defence to claim a point. 16-29

21.43 IST: ALL OUT for Patna and a point given to the Bulls. 15-29

21.43 IST: 1 point for Patna. 14-26.

21.42 IST: 2 points for Bengaluru Bulls raider. 14-25

21.42 IST: Patna claim a point on their raid. 12-25

21.42 IST: The Bulls claim a bonus point. 12-24

21.41 IST: Patna claim 2 points on Pardeep's raid. 11-24

21.36 IST: Patna lead by 11 points in the first half. 11-22

21.35 IST: Pardeep claims a super 10 raids as Patna lead on. 11-22

21.34 IST: Patna take down Rohit Kumar to lead by 10 points. 11-21

21.33 IST: Bonus point for Bengaluru Bulls. 11-20

21.32 IST: Pardeep produces a scorpion kick to claim a point. 10-20

21.31 IST: Pardeep raids again for Patna to claim a point. 10-19

21.31 IST: A bonus point for the Bulls. 10-18 

21.30 IST: A bonus point for the Bull. 9-18

21.30 IST: Bengaluru Bulls claim a point as they take down Patna's radier. 8-18

21.29 IST: ALL OUT for Patna again as they look to seal the match before hand.7-18

21.28 IST: Patna's skipper is on fire with another point. 6-15

21.27 IST: Pardeep claims a point on his raid for Patna. 6-14

21.26 IST: Patna take down Ajay Kumar from the Bulls to lead on. 6-13

21.25 IST: Multi point raid for Patna Pirates as the skipper collects 2 points. 6-12

21.24 IST: A point for the Pirates as the skipper escapes on his raid. 6-10

21.23 IST: A point for the Bulls on Rohit's raid. 6-9

21.22 IST: ALL OUT for Patna Pirates with 4 points and the Bulls claim a bonus point. 5-9

21.22 IST: A point for Patna as the DUBKI is applied to escape from the Bulls. 4-6

21.21 IST: Patna take down Ajay Kumar from Bengaluru Bulls to lead. 4-5

21.18 IST: Pardeep Narwal claims a point on his raid for Bengaluru Bulls. 4-4

21.17 IST: Bonus point for Bengaluru Bulls. 4-3

21.17 IST: Vinod Kumar claims 2 points for Patna Pirates on his raid. 3-3  

21.16 IST: Patna claim a point on their raid. 3-1

21.15 IST: Pirates skipper Narwal is taken down by the Bulls to claim a point. 3-0

21.14 IST: Rohit Kumar claims a bonus point for the Bulls. 2-0

21.13 IST: Bengaluru Bulls start with the points. 1-0 

21.12 IST: Both teams come in for the toss. Rohit Kumar from the Bengaluru Bulls win the toss and chooses court for the Pirates to raid first.

21.09 IST: Bengaluru Bulls enter the arena with the crowd raising the decibels of sound.

21.07 IST: Patna Pirates enter the arena led by Pardeep Narwal.

The Bulls are ready for tonight's match.

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