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Highlights, World Badminton Championships Final: PV Sindhu loses to Nozomi Okuhara, settles for silver

Catch all the live scores and updates of the World Badminton Championships Women's singles final between India's PV Sindhu and Japan's Nozomi Okuhara here.

Reported by: India TV Sports Desk, New Delhi [ Updated: August 27, 2017 22:07 IST ]
Image Source : GETTY IMAGES India's Sindhu Pusarla prepares to play against China's Sun Yu.

Hello and welcome to our Live coverage of the women's singles final of the World Badminton Championships between PV Sindhu and Japan's Nozomi Okuhara. Rio Olympics Silver medallist Sindhu, who is also a double bronze medallist at the World Championships, will play her first final at the prestigious tournament after she cruised past China's ninth seed Chen Yufei 21-13, 21-10 in 48 minutes in a superlative display in the semi-final on Saturday. Meanwhile, Okuhara defeated Saina Nehwal 12-21, 21-17, 21-10 in the semis. Sindhu has a 3-3 head-to-head record with her summit clash rival Okuhara in their last six meetings. But, the Indian has an upper hand in the last two meetings at Rio Olympics and 2017 Singapore Open. Sindhu also became the only second Indian to reach the final of a World Championship after Saina achieved that feat in the last edition at Jakarta. It will also be India's best ever show in a World Championship as the country will now grab two medals for the first time.


21.24 IST: Meanwhile, first time ever, India ends with two medal at the World Championships. Saina Nehwal won the Bronze and now Sindhu wins the Silver. 

21.22 IST: One of the most pulsating and nail-bitting women's singles finals. What a match it was! Both players matched each other toe-to-toe and shot-to-shot in a 1 hour and 50 minute encounter.

21.19 IST: PV Sindhu loses to Nozomi Okuhara 19-22, 22-20, 22-20 in 2017 World Badminton Championships women's singles final to settle for Silver

21.17 IST: Sindhu's shot gets struck in the net and it's 21-20 now and another game point to Okuhara

21.16 IST: Brilliant from Sindhu to make 20-all. Just inside the side line

21.15 IST: A costly miss from Sindhu to give the lead to Okuhara. It's 20-19 and match point to Okuhara

21.13 IST: Superb display of power and balance by Okuhara to level it 19-all

21.12 IST: Brilliant game by Okuhara stretch Sindhu and make it 18-19

21.11 IST: An unsuccessful challenge by Okuhara. Sindhu now leads 19-17

21.09 IST: Superb push by Sindhu to lead 18-17 now

21.09 IST: Great shot from Okuhara to level 17-all

21.08 IST: Great cross court shot from Sindhu to lead 17-16

21.06 IST: Brilliant net play by Okuhara to level 16-all

21.05 IST: Okuhara's shot goes wide as Sindhu takes lead to make it 16-15

21.04 IST: Now Okuhara's shot goes wide. It's 15-all

21.04 IST: Sindhu's shot goes wide ad Okuhara now leads 15-14

21.03 IST: SIndhu wins a point to make it 14-all

21.02 IST: Sindhu's shot gets struck in the net. Okuhara leads 14-13

21.01 IST: Sindhu wins a crucial point to level it 13-all vs Okuhara

20.58 IST: Another unsuccessful challenge from Sindhu. Okuhara now leads 13-12 in the decider

20.57 IST: Sindhu finishes it up with a great smash. She now leads 12-11 vs Okuhara

20.55 IST: Great rally but Okuhara wins the point in the end. Sindhu looks tired. It's 11-all now 

20.54 IST: Great smash by Okuhara to make it 10-11 vs Sindhu

20.53 IST: Okuhara's shot goes wide and Sindhu leads 11-9 vs Nozomi Okuhara at the interval of the deciding game

20.51 IST: Great game by Sindhu to get the lead back. It's 10-9 in favour of the Indian

20.50 IST: Great rally ends on a disappointing note for SIndhu. Okuhara makes it 8-9 vs Sindhu

20.49 IST: Two back-to-back points for Sindhu to make it 9-7 vs Okuhara

20.48 IST: Good game by Sindhu to take the lead. She now leads 8-7 vs Okuhara

20.47 IST: Okuhara's shot goes wide. It's 7-all now

20.45 IST: Okuhara again snatches the lead. It's 7-6 

20.45 IST: Sindhu levels it with a great shot. It's 6-all

20.43 IST: Sindhu's shot gets struck in the net. It's Okuhara 6-5 Sindhu

20.42 IST: Another superb smash from Sindhu to level 5-all in the decider

20.41 IST: Brilliant attack from Sindhu to make it 4-5 vs Okuhara

20.39 IST: Great reflexes from Sindhu to make it 2-5

20.39 IST: Okuhara controls the rally and makes it 5-1 vs Sindhu

20.38 IST: Okuhara now leads 4-1 vs Sindhu in the decider

20.37 IST: Okuhara takes a two-point lead in the third game

20.37 IST: An unsuccessful review by Sindhu. She now trails 1-2 vs Okuhara

20.36 IST: Okuhara levels quickly by winning the second point. It's 1-all

20.35 IST: Sindhu wins 1st point in the third game. 

20.32 IST: What an amazing display by Sindhu! PV Sindhu wins 2nd game 22-20 vs Nozomi Okuhara to take the match to decider.

20.30 IST: Fantastic composure by Sindhu to make it 21-20

20.28 IST: Perfect net play by Okuhara to save three game points. She makes it 20-20

20.27 IST: Not so easily though as Okuhara makes it 19-20

20.26 IST: Sindhu one point away to clinch the second game. She leads 20-17

20.26 IST: Okuhara couldn't go for the kill and gives a point to Sindhu. Sindhu leads 19-17 

20.25 IST: Okuhara wins another there to make it 17-18 vs Sindhu

20.24 IST: Sindhu wins a crucial point here. She now leads 18-16 vs Okuhara

20.22 IST: Great play by Okuhara to win a point there. It's Okuhara 16-17 Sindhu

20.21 IST: Okuhara not giving up so easily. It's Okuhara 15-17 Sindhu

20.21 IST: Sindhu wins one there as Okuhara's shot gets struck at the net. It's Sindhu 17-14 Okuhara

20.19 IST: Sindhu loses a point there after a great rally. It's Okuhara 14-16 Sindhu

20.18 IST: Fantastic rally comes to end. Sindhu wins the point. It's Sindhu 16-113 Okuhara

2017 IST: Sindhu wins back-to-back points to make it 15-13 vs Okuhara

20.15 IST: Great rally by Sindhu to win a point there. Japanese coaches protest there was a double hit by Sindhu. The Indian now leads 14-13 vs Okuhara

20.15 IST: Good attacking play by Sindhu to make 13-all

20.14 IST: Okuhara now takes lead. It's 13-12 in favour of the Japanese

20.13 IST: Okuhara levesl 12-12 in the second game vs Sindhu

20.12 IST: Sindhu's shot goes wide. It's Okuhara 10-12 Sindhu

20.11 IST: What a terrific exchange at the nets and Sindhu wins a superb point. It's Sindhu 12-9 Okuhara

20.09 IST: Okuhara takes the first point after interval to make it 9-11 vs Sindhu

20.08 IST: Great rally by Sindhu to take a three-point lead at the interval. Sindhu leads 11-8 vs Nozomi Okuhara in 2nd game

20.07 IST: Sindhu wins one there to make it 10-8 vs Okuhara

20.07 IST: Great game by Okuhara. She now trails by just one point. It's Okuhara 8-9 Sindhu

20.06 IST: Sindhu's shot goes wide. Lead getting depleted. It's 7-9 

20.05 IST: Unsuccessful review call by Sindhu. It's Okuhara 6-9 Sindhu

20.04 IST: Great placement by Okuhara. It's Okuhara 5-9 Sindhu

20.04 IST: A rare miss by Sindhu gives a point to Okuhara. Its Okuhara 4-9 Sindhu

20.03 IST: SIndhu running away in the second game. She now leads 9-3 vs Okuhara

20.03 IST: Great game from Sindhu as Okuhara's shot gets struck in the net. It's Sindhu 7-3 Okuhara

20.02 IST: Okuhara manages to get one there. It's Okuhara 3-6 Sindhu

20.02 IST: Okuhara's shot goes wide and well left by Sindhu. She now leads 6-2 vs Okuhara

20.01 IST: Okuhara steals one there to make it 2-5 vs Sindhu

20.00 IST: Good start to teh 2nd game by Sindhu. She leads 5-1 vs Okuhara

19.59 IST: Sindhu wins two great points. She now leads 4-1

19.59 IST: Okuhara catches up to make it 1-2

19.58 IST: Sinshu wins back-to-back points to lead 2-0 vs Okuhara

19.57 IST: Sindhu opens her account in the 2nd game. She leads 1-0

19.57 IST: Second game begins. Here we go...

19.56 IST: PV Sindhu loses 19-21 vs Nozomi Okuhara in 1st game. Sindhu squandered her 6-point lead at the interval.

19.55 IST: Absolutely stunning display of speed from Okuhara to win first game. Great composure from the Japanese

19.54 IST: Okuhara takes the next point. She leads 20-19

19.53 IST: Good game from Sindhu to make it 19-all

19.52 IST: Great skill from Okuhara to snatch the lead back. It's Okuhara 19018 Sindhu

19.51 IST: Great play from Sindhu. It's 18-all in 1st game

19.51 IST: Sindhu catchking uo slowly. It's Sindhu 17-18 Okuhara

19.50 IST: Sindhu wins two points after a long time, makes it 16-18 vs Okuhara 

19.49 IST: Dramatic turnaround in the 1st game. Okuhara now leads 18-14 vs Sindhu

19.49 IST: Unsuccessful review from Sindhu. She now trails 14-17 vs Okuhara

19.48 IST: Okuhara now dictating terms. It's Okuhara 16-14 Sindhu

19.47 IST: Okuhara now takes the lead. It's Okuhara 15-14 SIndhu

19.46 IST: Sindhu losing her nerves. Okuhara now levels 14-14 vs Sindhu

19.45 IST: Sindhu again makes a mistake to lose a point, It's Okuhara 13-14 Sindhu

19.44 IST: Missed opportunity from Sindhu to lose a point. It's Okuhara 12-14 Sindhu

19.44 IST: Superb rally comes to an end. Sindhu now leads 14-11 vs Okuhara

19.43 IST: Three back-to-back points for Okuhara. It's Okuhara 11-13 Sindhu

19.42 IST: Real speed and intensity shown by Okuhara. It's Okuhara 10-13 SIndhu

19.41 IST: A fault from Okuhara and Sindhu now leads 13-8

19.40 IST: Great display of disguise by Sindhu to fox Okuhara. Sindhu leads 12-7

19.39 IST: Okuhara bags the first two points after interval. It's Okuhara 7-11 Sindhu 

19.38 IST: PV Sindhu leads 11-5 vs Nozomi Okuhara at the interval

19.37 IST: SIndhu opens up a 5-point lead. It's Sindhu 10-5 Okuhara

19.35 IST: Sindhu uses her height to her advantage. She now leads 8-5

19.34 IST: Great rally! Okuhara had no answer to Sindhu's smash. It's Sindhu 6-5 Okuhara

19.33 IST: Sindhu takes advantage of her height and fights back to make it 5-5.

19.33 IST: Okuhara has opened up a two-point lead. It's Okuhara 5-3 Sindhu

19.32 IST: Okuhara's challenge is unsuccessful and SIndhu levels 3-3.

19.31 IST: Two back-to-back points for Okuhara. She now leads 3-2 

19.31 IST: Sindhu gets struck in the nets. Okuhara levels 2-2.

19.30 IST: Sindhu fights back to take the second and third points. She now leads 2-1 vs Okuhara.

19.29 IST: Okuhara takes the first point. She leads 1-0 in 1st game.

19.25 IST: Sindhu to serve first against the Japanese. Just to tell you, Sindhu has won on last two ocaissions when she had faced Okuhara.

19.23 IST: PV Sindhu has made her way into the arena. Big cheer from the crowd. Sindhu is just the second Indian to make it to the final of a world championships. 

19.05 IST: We are just moments away from the start of the match. Stay tuned for the latest updates.

Breif Preview: Olympic silver medallist PV Sindhu cruised into the final of the Badminton World Championships with an easy win over Chen Yufei of China, setting herself up on course to become the first Indian to win a gold at the showpiece event. The 22-year-old Sindhu notched up a straight-game (21-13, 21-10) win over world No. 10 Chen in the women's singles semifinals on Saturday night, to assure India of at least a silver medal from her after compatriot Saina Nehwal had to settle for a bronze. In the summit clash, Sindhu faces Japan's Nozomi Okuhara who had beaten Saina 12-21, 21-17, 21-10 in the first semifinals on Saturday. With Saina's semifinal loss, the hopes of an all-Indian final did not materialise. (Read Full Preview Here)


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The World Badminton Championships women's singles final between PV Sindhu and Nozomi Okuhara will be telecast Live on Star Sports 1 and Star Sports 1 HD. You can also watch the Live Streaming on Hotstar. Meanwhile, for all the Live scores and updates, visit

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