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Pro Kabaddi League 2017, Match 22 Highlights: Tamil Thalaivas beat Bengaluru Bulls by 29-24

Tamil Thalaivas register their first win of Pro Kabaddi League, they beat Bengaluru Bulls 29-24 in Match No. 22 at the Manakpur Indoor Stadium, Nagpur.

Reported by: Aditya Chauhan , New Delhi [ Updated: August 10, 2017 23:09 IST ]
Image Source : PKL/TWITTER Bengaluru Bulls in action against Tamil Thalaivas in Match 22 of PKL 2017

Tamil Thalaivas beat Bengaluru Bulls in Match No. 22  of the Pro Kabaddi League 2017. With this win, Thalaivas have get their PKL campaign started. Prapanjan, Vineet Kumar starred for Thalaivas in the tense contest against the home side Bengaluru Bulls. 

Tamil Thalaivas enter tonight’s encounter after two consecutive defeats, both against their southern counterparts - Telugu Titans and Bengaluru Bulls. But, they showed great intent and claimed a thumping win to in the last encounter of the Nagpur leg of Pro Kabaddi League 2017.

Pro Kabaddi Points Table after Bengaluru Bulls vs Tamil Thalaivas Match 22

Zone A
Teams P W L D Points SD
Puneri Paltan 3 2 1 0 11 15
Gujarat Fortunegiants 3 1 1 1 8 -6
Dabang Delhi 4 1 3 0 7 -21
U Mumba 3 2 1 0 10 3
Haryana Steelers 3 1 1 1 9 11
Jaipur Pink Panthers 2 1 1 0 6 -2
Zone B
Teams P W L D Points SD
Bengaluru Bulls 7 3 3 1 20 -7
Patna Pirates 3 3 0 0 15 27
Telugu Titans 7 1 5 1 11 -37
Bengal Warriors 3 2  1 0 11 20
UP Yodha 3 2 1 0 10 -2
Tamil Thalaivas 3 1 2 0 7 -1


22.24 IST: Tamil Thalaivas beat 29-24 Bengaluru Bulls. They win their first match of PKL 2017.

22.23 IST: Great dash from Tamil Thalaivas defence, Thalaivas lead 29-24 vs Bulls

22.22 IST: Thalaivas get one more point in raiding, Tamil 28-24 vs Bengaluru

22.19 IST: Successful Review from Tamil Thalaivas, Thalaivas lead 27-24  vs Bulls

22.18 IST: Rohit picks up a point in raid for Bulls, Bengaluru 25-26 vs Thalaivas

22.17 IST: Each team gets one point, Tamil Thalaivas 26-24 vs Bengaluru Bulls

22.15 IST: Thalaivas ask for a Review!

22.15 IST: Prapanjan out for Tamil Thalaivas, Bengaluru picks up a point in defence. Bulls 23-25 vs Thalaivas

22.14 IST: Rohit Kumar picks up a bonus point, Bengaluru 22-25 vs Tamil Thalaivas

22.11 IST: Bengaluru pick up point in defence, brilliant tackle from the home team. Bulls 21-25 vs Thalaivas

22.11 IST: Ajay Kumar out for Bulls, Thalaivas 25-20 vs Bengaluru

20.09 IST: Rohit Kumar pinned down by Thalaivas defence in do-or-die raid, Tamil lead 24-20 vs Bengaluru Bulls

22.06 IST: Vineet Kumar picks up a raid point for Thalaivas, they lead 23-20 vs Bengaluru Bulls

22.04 IST: A Successful review for Thalaivas, Prapanjan gets the bonus. Tamil 22-20 vs Bengaluru 

22.02 IST: Review by Tamil Thalaivas!

22.01 IST: Rohit picks up a bonus point for Bulls, Bengaluru just trail by one point 20-21 vs Tamil Thalaivas

22.01 IST: Tamil Thalaivas All-Out! Bengaluru Bulls return the favour, Bulls 19-21 vs Thalaivas

22.00 IST: Rohit gets another one for Bulls in defence, Bulls 16-20 vs Tamil Thalaivas

21.59 IST: Bonus point for Thalaivas, Tamil 20-15 vs Bengaluru

21.58 IST: Another point for Rohit in raiding, Bengaluru 15-19 vs Tamil

21.57 IST: Rohit Kumar picks up a point in a do-or-die raid, Bulls trail by five points 14-19 vs Thalaivas

21.56 IST: Bulls defence joins the party, Prapanjan out for Thalaivas. Bengaluru 13-19 vs Tamil Thalaivas

21.54 IST: Rohit Kumar picks up raid point for Bengaluru, Bulls 12-19 vs Thalaivas

21.54 IST: Prapanjan picks up a point one more time for Thalaivas, Tamil 19-11 vs Bengaluru

21.53 IST: Successful review by Bulls, Bengaluru 11-18 vs Tamil Thalaivas

21.52 IST: Review taken by Bengaluru Bulls for a Bonus Point!

21.51 IST: Ashish Kumar picks up a point in raiding for Bulls, Bengaluru 10-18 vs Thalaivas 

21.49 IST: Review successful for Thalaivas, Tamil lead 18-9 vs Bengaluru

21.47 IST: Review taken by Tamil Thalaivas! 

21.47 IST: Tamil Thalaivas pick up another defence point, Thalaivas lead 17-9 vs Bulls

21.45 IST: Bengaluru Bulls All-Out! Tamil Thalaivas 16-9 vs Bengaluru Bulls

21.44 IST: Prapanjan adds one more raid point to his tally, Thalaivas 13-9 vs Bulls

21.44 IST: Bonus point to start with for Bulls, Bengaluru 9-12 vs Tamil

21.39 IST: Tamil Thalaivas lead 12-8 against Bengaluru Bulls at half-time!

21.38 IST: Tamil Thalaivas pick up a point in the last raid of the first half, Thalaivas lead 12-8 vs Bengaluru Bulls 

21.36 IST: Ajay Kumar out for Bulls, Tamil Thalaivas 11-8 vs Bengaluru Bulls

21.35 IST: Prapanjan picks up raid point for Thalaivas, Tamil 10-8 vs Bengaluru

21.34 IST: Super Tackle from Tamil Thalaivas, they get two important points. Thalaivas lead 9-8 vs Bengaluru Bulls

21.33 IST: Thalaivas pick up point in raiding, Tamil 7-8 vs Bengaluru

21.33 IST: Brilliant stuff from Rohit Kumar, he picks up another point in raiding. Bulls 8-6 vs Thalaivas

21.32 IST: Rohit Kumar picks up point in raid for Bulls, Bengaluru lead 7-6

21.31 IST: Bonus for Tamil Thalaivas, but raider pinned down by Bulls defence. It's 6-6

21.29 IST: Bengaluru pick up point in raid, it's 5-5

21.28 IST: Bonus point for Tamil Thalaivas, they lead by one point against Bengaluru Bulls. 

21.27 IST: Prapanjan pinned down by the Bulls defence this time, it's 4-4 between Thalaivas and Bulls

21.25 IST: Thalaivas pick up a defence point, Ajay Kumar thrown out off the mat. Tamil lead 4-3 vs Bengaluru

21.23 IST: Prapanjan picks up point in a do-or-die raid for Thalaivas, it's 3-3

21.23 IST: Captain Rohit Kumar picks up two points in raiding for Bulls, Bengaluru 3-2 vs Thalaivas

21.20 IST: Thalaivas pick up a bonus point, Tamil Thalaivas lead 2-1 vs Bulls

21.20 IST: Ajay Kumar pics up first point for Bulls in do-or-die raid, it's 1-1 

21.17 IST: Prapanjan picks up the first point of the match, Tamil Thalaivas 1-0 vs Bengaluru Bulls

21.15 IST: 

21.10 IST: 

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