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Highlights, Pro Kabaddi League 2017, Match 89: U Mumba beat Dabang Delhi K.C. 30-28 in a thriller

Season 2 champions U Mumba edge out hosts Dabang Delhi K.C. in the match no. 89 of Pro Kabaddi League 2017 at the Thyagaraj Sports Complex, Delhi.

Reported by: Aditya Chauhan , New Delhi [ Updated: September 22, 2017 21:15 IST ]
Image Source : PKL/TWITTER Dabang Delhi K.C. vs U Mumba - PKL 2017

Anup Kumar led U Mumba held their nerve in the dying seconds to beat Dabang Delhi K.C. 30-28 in the match no. 89 of the Pro Kabaddi League 2017 at the Thyagaraj Sports Complex, Delhi. Shrikant Jadhav of U Mumba bagged the 'Perfect Raider of the Match' award, he scored a Super 10 for the tourists. Kashiling Adake's all-round effort (four raid points and four tackle points) earned him the 'Player of the Match' award. With this win, U Mumba have recorded their eighth win the season five of Pro Kabaddi League.


21.03 IST: U Mumba beat Dabang Delhi K.C. 30-28!

21.02 IST: Another strong tackle from U Mumba defenders, Mumba 30-28 vs Delhi

21.01 IST: Shrikanth picks up two points in his raid, brilliant work from the youngster. U Mumba 29-28 vs Dabang Delhi K.C.

20.58 IST: Timeout taken by Dabang Delhi K.C.!

20.57 IST: Another error from Delhi defender - Sunil, Mumba gets a point. Mumbai 26-27 vs Delhi

20.56 IST: Abolfazl gets a crucial point for Delhi in his raid, error from Surender Singh of Mumba. Delhi 27-25 vs Mumbai

20.55 IST: Kashiling Adake fails to pick up a point in the do-or-die raid, point for Delhi defence. Dabang 26-25 vs Mumba

20.50 IST: Rohit Baliyan picks up a brilliant bonus point for Delhi, it's 25-25

20.49 IST: This time Mumba picks up a point in defence, U Mumba lead by one point 25-24 vs Dabang Delhi

20.49 IST: Abolfazal picks up another raid point in the night for Delhi, it's 24-24

20.47 IST: Shrikant returns the favour, he picks up an easy raid point for Mumba. It's going neck-in-neck here 23-23

20.46 IST: Abolfazl picks up a touch point for Dabang in the do-or-die raid, Delhi 23-22 vs Mumbai

20.43 IST: Silly error from Delhi defender - Sunil, point awarded to Mumbai. It's 22-22

20.42 IST: Nice combination tackle from Delhi defenders, U Mumba Captain Anup Kumar goes out. Delhi 22-21 vs Mumbai

20.41 IST: Shrikant picks up a bonus point for Mumba in the do-or-die raid, it's 21-21

20.41 IST: Rohit Baliyan picks up a point for Dabang's in raiding, Delhi 21-20 vs Mumbai

20.40 IST: Great backhold from Kashiling Adake, point in defence for the visitors. It's 20-20

20.39 IST: Anand Patil uses his height advantage to maximum effect, point in raiding for Delhi. Dabang 20-19 vs Mumba

20.38 IST: Review successful, Delhi pick up a point in defence this time. It's 19-19

20.37 IST: Dabang Delhi ask for a TV Review!

20.35 IST: Another strong tackle from Mumbai defenders, U Mumba 19-18 vs Dabang Delhi K.C.

20.34 IST: Anand Patil picks up a quick touch point for Delhi, Dabang 18-17 vs Mumba

20.33 IST: Meraj Sheykh gets tackled by Mumbai defence, point for Mumba this time. It's 17-17

20.32 IST: Shrikant Jadhav was so close from the mid-line but he fails to take his hand over the line. Point in defence for Delhi. Dabang 17-16 vs Mumba

20.23 IST: The game is nicely poised, it's 16-16 between Delhi and Mumbai at half-time!

20.21 IST: Good combination tackle from U Mumba defence,  Abolfazl goes out for Delhi. It's 16-16

20.21 IST: Shrikant picks up brilliant raid ponit for Mumbai, U Mumba 15-16 vs Dabang Delhi

20.21 IST: One more point for Delhi in raiding, Dabang 16-14 vs Mumba

20.20 IST: Dabang Delhi too suffer their first all-out of the match, Mumbai 14-15 vs Delhi

20.19 IST: Kashiling Adake picks up two raid points for Mumbai, U Mumba 10-13 vs Dabang Delhi K.C. 

20.16 IST: Meraj Sheykh once again shows off his class in raiding for Delhi, Dabang 13-7 vs Mumba

20.15 IST: Raider Kashiling picks up a brave touch point for Mumba, good work from him. U Mumba 7-12 vs Dabang Delhi K.C.

20.14 IST: Anup Kumar picks up two raid point for Mumba, brilliant work from the captain. Mumbai 6-12 vs Delhi

20.12 IST: Another point for the host, this time in defence. Dabang 12-3 vs Mumba 

20.11 IST: Delhi Captain Meraj Sheykh pulled off a masterstroke here in his raiding, he single-handedly hand U Mumba their first all-out of the match. Dabang Delhi 11-3 vs U Mumba

20.09 IST: Shrikant Jadhav goes out for Mumba, he fails to pick up a point in the do-or-die raid. Dabang 6-3 vs Mumba

20.08 IST: Raider Rohit Baliyan picks up a fantastic touch point for the home team, Delhi lead 5-3 vs Mumbai

20.07 IST: Shrikant Jadhav picks up a bonus point for Mumbai, Mumba 3-4 vs Dabang Delhi

20.07 IST: Kashiling Adake goes out for Mumbai, strong tackle from Delhi defenders. Dabang 4-2 vs Mumba

20.06 IST: Abolfazl picks up point for Delhi in raiding, Dabang Delhi 3-2 vs U Mumba

20.06 IST: Another point for Mumba in raiding department, it's 2-2

20.04 IST: Delhi raider picks up two points in the do-or-die raid, Dabang 2-1 vs Mumba

20.03 IST: Shabeer Bapu picks up the first points for Mumbai with a running hand-touch, U Mumba 1-0 vs Dabang Delhi

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