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Highlights, Pro Kabaddi League 2017, Match 79: Gujarat Fortunegiants beat U Mumba 39-28

Young raider Sachin leads Gujarat Fortunegiants to a comprehensive win against U Mumba 39-28 in the match no. 79 of Pro Kabaddi League 2017 at the Harivansh Tana Bhagat Indoor Stadium, Ranchi.

Reported by: Aditya Chauhan , New Delhi [ Updated: September 15, 2017 22:40 IST ]
U Mumba vs Gujarat Fortunegiants, Match 79, PKL 2017Photo:PKL/TWITTER

Gujarat Fortunegiants stop U Mumba's roller coaster in PKL 2017 with a convincing win by 39-28 in the match no. 79 of Pro Kabaddi League 2017 at the Harivansh Tana Bhagat Indoor Stadium, Ranchi. Young and fiery raider Sachin of Gujarat bagged the 'Perfect Raider of the Match' award, he picked up 13 points for his side. While, defender Parvesh Bhainswal of Gujarat was adjudged 'Player of the Match', he scored five tackle points for his team. 

With this win, Gujarat has solidified their position at the top slot in Zone A with eight victories in 14 matches. Whereas, Mumbai have occupied the third position after this loss.


22.18 IST: Gujarat Fortunegiants beat U Mumba 39-28 convincingly in the second match of the day of PKL 2017. 

22.17 IST:  Captain Sukesh Hegde picks up two raid points for Gujarat, Fortunegiants 39-28 vs U Mumba

22.16 IST: Mumba raider - Mohan picks up two raid points for his team. Mumba 27-37 vs Fortunegiants

22.15 IST: U Mumba suffer another all-out, it's curtains for them. Gujarat Fortunegiants lead by twelve points 37-25 vs U Mumba

22.12 IST: Gujarat raider - Sachin brings up Super Raid for the dominant Gujarat side. Four more points to the Gujarat. Fortunegiants 33-25 vs Mumba

22.11 IST: Super Tackle from Gujarat defenders, two points to Fortunegiants. Gujarat 29-24 v Mumbai

22.10 IST: Another raid point for Mumbai, Kashiling Adake in action this time. U Mumba 24-27 vs Gujarat Fortunegiants

22.09 IST: Shrikant Jadhav picks up two raid points for Mumba, good work from the young raider. Mumba 22-27 vs Fortunegiants

22.08 IST: Sachin picks up another tough raid point for Fortunegiants, Gujarat 27-20 vs Mumbai

22.04 IST: Chain Tackle from Gujarat defenders, point in defence for the Fortunegiants. Gujarat 26-20 vs Mumbai

22.03 IST: Excellent tackle form Surender Singh of U Mumba, they get a point for the incredible effort. Mumba 20-25 vs Fortunegiants

22.02 IST: U Mumba suffer first all-out of the match, Gujarat Fortunegiants stretch their lead to six points 25-19 vs U Mumba

22.01 IST: Sachin picks up two raid points for Fortunegiants, brilliant stuff from the youngster. Gujarat 22-18 vs Mumbai

22.00 IST: A great ankle hold from Gujarat defender earns them one more point for them. Fortunegiants 20-18 vs Mumba

21.56 IST: Super Tackle from U Mumba defence, they pick up two points with that. U Mumba 18-19 vs Gujarat Fortunegiants

21.55 IST: Excellent work from Gujarat defender Abozar Mighani, point in defence for them. Fortunegiants 19-16 vs Mumba

21.54 IST: Mahendra Rajput picks up another point for Gujarat with a running hand-touch, Fortunegiants 17-16 vs Mumba

21.52 IST: Kashiling showing great inent here, he picks up two more raid points for Mumba, It's 16-16

21.51 IST: Mahendra Rajput continues his good form in the match, he picks up another raid point for Fortunegiants. Gujarat 16-14 vs Mumbai

21.51 IST: This time Mumbai defence comes to the party, Gujarat captain Sukesh Hegde goes out. Mumba 14-15 vs Fortunegiants

21.49 IST: Shrikant Jadhav goes out for Mumba, point for Fortunegiants' defence. Gujarat 15-13 vs U Mumba

21.41 IST: Guajrat Fortunegiants lead U Mumba by one points 14-13 at half-time!

21.40 IST: Error from Guajrat raider Sachin, Mumba gets two more points. U Mumba 13-14 vs Gujarat Fortunegiants

21.38 IST: Technical point for Mumba, as Gujarat defender Fazel Atrachali makes an error. U Mumba 11-14 cs Gujarat Fortunegiants 

21.37 IST: Sachin picks up another brilliant raid point for Gujarat, Fortunegiants 14-10 vs Mumba

21.37 IST: Point in defence for Gujarat this time, Fortunegiants 13-10 vs Mumba

21.36 IST: Another swift touch point from Mahendra Rajput, Fortunegiants add one more to their tally. Gujarat 12-10 vs Mumbai

21.35 IST: Fortunegiants raider - Sachin picks up an easy bonus point. Gujarat 11-10 vs Mumba

21.34 IST: Kashiling brings up the first Super Raid of the match, he picks up three points for Mumba. Mumbai 10-9 vs Gujarat

21.32 IST: Once again Gujarat raider - Mahendra Rajput uses his height advantage to maximum effect, point for Fortunegiants. Gujarat 9-7 vs Mumbai

21.31 IST: Sukesh picks up two points in his raid for Fortunegiants, Gujarat take the lead vs Mumba by just one point 8-7

21.30 IST: Mumbai captain Anup Kumar gets tackled this time, Super Tackle from Gujarat defenders. Fortunegiants 6-7 vs Mumba

21.29 IST: Kashiling Adake picks up a brilliant point with a running hand touch, Mumba 7-4 vs Fortunegiants

21.28 IST: Good combination tackle from Mumba defence, they're on a roll here. U Mumba 6-4 vs Gujarat Fortunegiants

21.27 IST: Fortunegiants defenders show their strength this time, they pick up a tackle point. Gujarat 4-5 vs Mumba

21.26 IST: A strong double thigh-hold from Shrikant Jadhav, Mumba earn one more point in defence. U Mumba 5-3 vs Gujarat 

21.24 IST: Shrikant Jadhav picks up two raid points for Mumba, good stuff from the young raider. U Mumba 4-3 vs Gujarat Fortunegiants

21.23 IST: Gujarat captain Sukesh Hegde goes out in the lobby without touching the Mumbai defender, point for Mumba. Mumbai 2-3 vs Gujarat

21.22 IST: Young raider Sachin picks up another raid point for Gujarat, Fortunegiants 3-1 vs Mumba

21.21 IST: Mahendra Rajput uses his height advantage to pick up a brilliant raid point for Fortunegiants, Gujarat 2-1 vs Mumbai

21.20 IST: Fiery Kashiling Adake picks up raid point for Mumbai, it's 1-1

21.20 IST: Sachin picks up the first point of the match for Gujarat, Fortunegiants 1-0 vs Mumba

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