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What will happen if WTC Final between India and Australia ends in draw?

The WTC Final between India and Australia will commence on June 7. But what if the Test match ends in a draw? What if rain plays spoilsport like it did in IPL 2023 final? Know all details..

Aditya Kukalyekar Written By: Aditya Kukalyekar New Delhi Published on: June 02, 2023 16:46 IST
WTC Final, IND vs AUS
Image Source : GETTY WTC Final

WTC Final: India and Australia are all set to lock horns against each other in the final of World Test Championship starting from June 7. The summit clash will take place at The Oval in London and is expected to be an enthralling encounter between the top two teams in Test cricket. India and New Zealand had contested in the final of the inaugural edition with the Kiwis, led by Kane Williamson, winning the competition.

That game was marred by constant rain throughout the match and the result was eked out on the reserve sixth day of the Test match. With the match happening in England (London), weather is always in question and even this time around, the overhead clouds can make the difference. If persistent ran kicks in, then the match might even end in a draw. This is when the existing ICC rules come into the picture. Before the WTC Final, here's all you need to know about the rules for the summit clash:

When is the WTC Final scheduled to take place?

WTC Final is set to be played from June 7 between India and Australia.

Where will the WTC Final take place?

The Oval in London will host the WTC Final.

What will happen if rain comes during the WTC Final?

The umpires will try to cover up the lost time in the subsequent days. If the lost time is not made up, then the reserve day will kick in to make up only for the lost time. A fixed set of overs will be played on the reserve day.

What will happen if an entire day is washed out due to rain during WTC Final?

For ex. If the rain arrives on the second day of the WTC Final, and the entire day is washed out, then the umpires will cover up for lost time over the next three days. Whatever time is then left will be covered on the reserve day to try and eke out a result.

What will happen if rain doesn't come on any of five days and WTC Final ends in a draw? Will reserve day come into play?

No. Reserve Day will only kick in if the time is lost during any of the five days of action. If the match ends in a draw without any intervention from weather, then reserve day will not come into play.

What will happen if WTC Final ends in a draw?

If WTC Final ends in a draw, then the two teams will be joint winners.

What will happen if WTC Final is tied?

If WTC Final is tied, then the two teams will be joint winners 

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