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Highlights, IPL 2020: AB de Villiers powers RCB to seven wicket win over RR with quickfire fifty

Chasing a formidable target of 179, AB de Villiers hammered 55 runs off 22 balls to power RCB to a seven-wicket win over RR in Dubai.

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New Delhi Updated on: October 17, 2020 19:24 IST
ABD Villiers in action on Saturday.
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Live Score Rajasthan Royals vs Royal Challengers Bangalore IPL 2020: ABD Villiers in action on Saturday.

RR vs RCB: Hello and welcome to our coverage of Rajasthan Royals vs Royal Challengers Bangalore IPL 2020 match, Royal Challengers Bangalore defeated Rajasthan Royals by seven wickets in an IPL match on Saturday. AB de Villiers smashed an unbeaten 55 off 22 balls after skipper Virat Kohli scored 32-ball 43 as RCB chased down the target, scoring 179 for three in 19.4 overs. Opting to bat, skipper Steve Smith top-scored with a 36-ball 57, while Robin Uthappa smashed a 22-ball 41 at the top as RR posted 177 for six in 20 overs. Chris Morris (4/26) was the peak of the bowlers, capturing four wickets, while Yuzvendra Chahal (2/34) claimed two for RCB. Here, you can find ball-by-ball updates from RR vs RCB IPL 2020 match. (SCORECARD)

RCB beat RR by 7 wickets

19.09 IST: Archer to ABD SIX! De Villiers hits the yorker over the cow corner for the winning six! It's two points in the bag for RCB

19.08 IST: Archer to ABD TWO! De Villiers hits it to long on for a double. 5 runs needed of 3.

19.08 IST: Archer to Gurkeerat SINGLE! De Villiers back on strike. 7 runs needed of 4.

19.07 IST: Archer to Gurkeerat TWO! Gurkeerat takes a quick double, 8 runs needed of 5.

19.05 IST: Unadkat to Gurkeerat SINGLE! Gurkeerat takes one run of the last ball with 10 runs needed off the last over.

19.04 IST: Unadkat to Gurkeerat FOUR! Gurkeerat whacks in the gap over deep mid-wicket region. RCB need 11 runs off 7 balls.

19.03 IST: Unadkat to ABD SIX! De Villiers clears the square leg region this time! RCB need 17 off 9.

19.01 IST: Unadkat to ABD SIX! Same shot, same result! ABD at his best!

19.00 IST: Unadkat to ABD SIX! De Villiers uses bottom hand again to clear the cow corner.

18.59 IST: Tyagi to ABD SINGLE! Tyagi makes a good comeback, giving away just 10 runs after a boundary of the first ball.

18.56 IST: Tyagi to ABD FOUR! De Villiers Clears the fence on square leg region. RCB need 39 runs off 16 balls.

18.55 IST: Unadkat to ABD TWO! De Villiers takes a quick double to finish the over.

18.54 IST: Unadkat to ABD SIX! De Villiers uses bottom-hand to whack it hard over deep mid-wicket.

18.53 IST: Unadkat to Gurkeerat DOT BALL! Unadkat starts off the over with three valuable dot balls. RCB need 54 off 21.

18.50 IST: Archer to ABD SIX! De Villiers punishes Archer's poor delivery as he tonks it hard over cow corner for a huge six. RCB need 54 off 24.

18.47 IST: Archer to ABD SIX! De Villiers punishes Archer's poor delivery as he tonks it hard over cow corner for a huge six. RCB need 54 off 24.

18.43 IST: Gopal to Gurkeerat TWO! Gurkeerat takes double of the last ball after misfielding by Steve Smith on long-on. 10 runs come from the over. RCB need 64 off last five overs.

18.39 IST: Tyagi to Gurkeerat DOT BALL! Brilliant over from the young pacer as he gives away just 2 runs and claims the big wicket of Virat Kohli.

18.33 IST: Tyagi to Kohli OUT! Tewatia takes a blinder on the boundary as Kohli looks frustrated after missing out on a certain six.

18.31 IST: Tewatia to Padikkal OUT! Tewatia removes an exhausted-looking Padikkal (35) after he is caught by Stokes over cover region.

18.29 IST: Tewatia to Kohli SIX! Kohli steps out to hit it straight for a huge six over long-on to bring up RCB 100.

18.25 IST: Tyagi to Padikkal DOT BALL! Tyagi concedes just eight runs in the over while giving away no boundaries.

18.24 IST: Tyagi to Padikkal WIDE! RR bowlers are giving away too many extras to skipper Steve Smith's liking.

18.20 IST: Tewatia to Kohli SINGLE! Tewatia gives away seven runs in the over, annoys himself with another wide in the over.

18.15 IST: Gopal to Kohli SIX! Kohli lofts it huge over deep mid-wicket after a poor delivery from Gopal.

18.10 IST: Tewatia to Padikkal CATCH DROPPED! Uthappa drops Padikkal over the square leg region. This comes after some indisciplined bowling by Tewatia, who bowled four extra deliveries in the long over with three wides and a no-ball.

18.07 IST: Tewatia to Kohli SINGLE! Kohli must be upset for not clearing the fence of a full toss.

18.05 IST: Tewatia to Padikkal NO BALL! A free hit with Kohli on strike now!

18.03 IST: Unadkat to Kohli DOT BALL! Another tight over from RR as Unadkat gives away just four runs n the 8th over; required rate goes beyond 10.

17.59 IST: Tewatia to Padikkal DOT BALL! Tewatia stops run flow for the time being with four runs from the over.

17.57 IST: Tewatia to Kohli SINGLE! Kohli brings up RCB 50 with the single.

17.55 IST: Unadkat to Kohli TWO! Kohli takes his customary quick double as eight runs come from the over at the end of powerplay.

17.52 IST: Unadkat to Kohli FOUR! Kohli steps out and flicks it through the cow corner for his first boundary of the match.

17.51 IST: Tyagi to Kohli SINGLE! Kohli picks single of the last ball of fifth over that saw 12 runs added to RCB scoreboard.

17.49 IST: Tyagi to Padikkal FOUR! Opens the face of the bat to push it over third man region for another boundary.

17.48 IST: Tyagi to Padikkal FOUR! The left-hander plays it fine over fine leg for his first boundary of the day.

17.45 IST: Gopal to Padikkal TWO! Gopal brings RR back in the game with just five runs in the over.

17.43 IST: Gopal to Finch OUT! Finch fails to convert a good start into big innings after he miscues it directly to Uthappa.

17.41 IST: Archer to Finch SIX! Aftre three dots, Finch finishes the over with another lofted shot off a 151.6 kmph delivery.

17.39 IST: Archer to Finch SIX! Finch smashes it hard for a 100-metre six over cow corner.

17.38 IST: Gopal to Padikkal SINGLE! Just six runs from the over for RCB with both the batsman taking time to adjust.

17.33 IST: Archer to Finch TWO! Archer gives away just 4 runs in the first over.

17.26 IST: RR have surely put themselves in a favourable position in the game with a 177/6 in their 20 overs. The decision to push Uthappa up the batting order paid a dividend with his 22-ball 41 and a 50-plus stand with Ben Stokes for the opening wicket. RR skipper Steve Smith is also back among runs with a fighting 57. Although, some smart bowling from Chris Morris (4/26) and Yuzvendra Chahal (2/34) certainly stopped RR from scoring bigger and give Smith-led side a feeling that they could be 10-15 runs short against an inform RCB batting line-up that boasts names like Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers.

17.15 IST: Morris to Archer OUT! Archer is caught plumb lbw by Morris off the last ball; The South African swings the momentum in RCB's favour with just four runs off the over while he picks two wickets in it.

17.08 IST: Morris to Smith OUT! Shahbaz takes a blinder at deep cover region after Smith fails to clear the boundary off a low full toss.

17.06 IST: Udana to Tewatia FOUR! The left-hander scoops it over fine leg region for a boundary; 14 runs come from the over for RR.

17.03 IST: Udana to Tewatia SIX! Tewatia unleashes himself with a six over deep square leg.

17.00 IST: Chahal to Smith FOUR! Another boundary off a no-ball by Smith; Chahal seems uncharacteristic in his last over.

16.59 IST: Chahal to Smith SINGLE! Just a run off the Free hit as Morris catches the ball on the boundary.

16.58 IST: Chahal to Smith FOUR! Smith hits a boundary over the long-on region; more misery for Chahal as it is declared no-ball as well while Smith celebrates his 50.

16.57 IST: Chahal to Smith FOUR! Smith paddle sweeps Chahal for a boundary over deep point region. Brings up 2000 runs as captain in IPL.

16.53 IST: Udana to Smith SINGLE! Udana chips in with just six runs in the 17th over.

16.49 IST: Morris to Tewatia SINGLE! Tewatia is off the mark straight away with a single of the last delivery of 16th over.

16.48 IST: Morris to Smith FOUR! Smith plays it fine over the third-man region to take some pressure off RR after Buttler's wicket.

16.45 IST: Morris to Buttler OUT! Buttler miscues a slow delivery into the hands of Saini at mid-off region; Umpire signals time-out.

16.42 IST: Morris to Smith SIX! Smith welcomes Morris back in the attack with a huge six over deep-square region.

16.41 IST: Udana to Smith SINGLE! Smith takes a sensible single to finish the over with 11 runs of it.

16.40 IST: Udana to Smith FOUR! Smith reaches out a high but slow bouncer over the third-man region for back-to-back fours.

16.39 IST: Udana to Smith FOUR! Smith reaches out a high but slow bouncer over the third-man region for back-to-back fours.

16.38 IST: Udana to Smith FOUR! Smith whacks Udana's slow delivery over point region for a boundary.

16.36 IST: Saini to Smith SINGLE! Boundaries have dried up for RR as last two overs saw no big hit while Saini gave away just five runs off the last.

16.31 IST: Sundar to Smith, SINGLE! Smith takes a quick single to ensure 7 runs come off the over.

16.29 IST: Sundar to Buttler, SINGLE! RR reaches 100-run mark with the single in 12.2 overs.

16.28 IST: Chahal to Smith, SINGLE! RR see out another Chahal over safely with just four runs off it.

16.24 IST: Shahbaz to Buttler, SINGLE! Buttler finishes the over with one run as the over earns RR 11 runs.

16.23 IST: Shahbaz to Buttler, SIX! Buttler changes stance with a six over long-off.

16.21 IST: Chahal to Smith, DOT BALL! RR batsmen unwilling to take risks against Chahal as the over produces just three runs.

16.17 IST: Shahbaz to Buttler, DOT BALL ! Good comeback by Shahbaz as he bowls back-to-back dot balls for just seven runs off the over.

16.15 IST: Shahbaz to Buttler, FOUR! Buttler finds gap over deep mid-wicket region for his first boundary of the match.

16.13 IST: Chahal to Smith, DOT BALL! Chahal finishes off the over with a dot ball as Steve Smith sees out the hat-trick delivery.

16.10 IST: Chahal to Samson, OUT! Chahal on a roll as he picks back-to-back wickets. Poor shot selection by Samson as he gets caught by Chris Morris on long-on.

16.08 IST: Chahal to Uthappa, OUT! Chahal strikes after Uthappa fails to clear the fence over deep mid-wicket.

16.06 IST: Chahal to Samson, SIX! Samson welcomes Chahal with a 94-metre six over long-on.

16.05 IST: Saini to Uthappa, DOT BALL! Nevertheless a productive over for RR after first jolt with 10 runs off it.

16.04 IST: Saini to Uthappa, FOUR! Back-to-back boundaries from Uthappa as he enters 40s.

16.01 IST: Saini to Uthappa, FOUR! Uthappa runs down the pitch to hit it over cover boundary.

15.59 IST: Morris to Uthappa, SINGLE! A good over for RCB with just five runs and a wicket from the over.

15.57 IST: Morris to Stokes, OUT! Stokes edges Morris's bouncer to AB de Villiers behind the stumps.

15.53 IST: Navdeep to Stokes, CATCH DROPPED! Virat Kohli drops a dangerous-looking Uthappa at 31 while running backwards over long-on.

15.53 IST: Navdeep to Stokes, CATCH DROPPED! Virat Kohli drops a dangerous-looking Uthappa at 31 while running backwards over long-on. 

15.51 IST: Navdeep to Stokes, FOUR! The Englishman keeps the scoreboard ticking with a boundary over square leg.

15.48 IST: Udana to Stokes, SIX! Uthappa finishes off the over with a six as 17 runs come off the over.

15.43 IST: Udana to Stokes, FOUR! The southpaw danced down the ground but gets a thick edge that races away for a boundary.

15.42 IST: Sundar to Uthappa, FOUR! Back of the length delivery as Robin punishes it toward backward square leg for a boundary.

15.39 IST: Sundar to Uthappa, FOUR! Too full from the bowler and Robin drives it through extra covers for a boundary.

15.38 IST: Morris to Stokes, DOT BALL! Another good over for RCB, only three runs from it and this time it was Chris Morris who was right on money.

15.32 IST: Sundar to Uthappa, DOT BALL! Excellent first over from the off-spinner, only two runs from it.

* Washington to start the proceedings with new ball.

* SUPRISE, new opening pair for RR - Robin Uthappa and Ben Stokes

15.07 IST: Playing XIs of both teams are out

Royal Challengers Bangalore (Playing XI): Aaron Finch, Devdutt Padikkal, Virat Kohli(c), AB de Villiers(w), Gurkeerat Singh Mann, Washington Sundar, Chris Morris, Shahbaz Ahmed, Isuru Udana, Navdeep Saini, Yuzvendra Chahal

Rajasthan Royals (Playing XI): Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler(w), Steven Smith(c), Sanju Samson, Robin Uthappa, Riyan Parag, Rahul Tewatia, Jofra Archer, Shreyas Gopal, Jaydev Unadkat, Kartik Tyagi

15.00 IST: Rajasthan Royals skipper Steve Smith wins toss and elects to bat first against Royal Challengers Bangalore.

14:45 IST: The last time RR and RCB played each other, Devdutt Padikkal and Virat Kohli led RCB to a convincing victory -- and the RCB captain kickstarted a brilliant run of form which continues till date..

14:30 IST: Hello and welcome to the live coverage of the match Rajasthan Royals vs Royal Challengers Bangalore on indiatvnews.com. While RCB stand third in the table, RR face a must-win game to keep their chances for a playoff qualification alive.

Brief Preview: Royal Challengers Bangalore's campaign faced a minor setback on Thursday when the side faced an 8-wicket defeat to the bottom-placed Kings XI Punjab in IPL 2020. Scoring 171/6 in 20 overs, the RCB bowlers failed to step up as former RCB players KL Rahul and Chris Gayle steered the Punjab side to a much-needed victory. The RCB will now be taking on the Rajasthan Royals on Saturday in their first match of the double-header weekend. The RR batsmen were outclassed by Delhi Capitals in their previous match and face a must-win game today, as a loss could seriously deter their chances to make the playoff stage in the tournament. [BRIEF PREVIEW]

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