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Highlights, CPL 2020: Trinbago Knight Riders canter to Caribbean Premier League title

Simmons and Bravo shared a massive 138-run stand to guide Trinabago Knight Riders to fourth CPL title.

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New Delhi Updated on: September 10, 2020 23:51 IST
CPL 2020: Trinbago Knight Riders beat St Lucia Zouks to

CPL 2020: Trinbago Knight Riders beat St Lucia Zouks to clinch record fourth title

Trinbago Knight Riders vs St Lucia Zouks CPL 2020 Final: Simmons and Bravo shared a massive 138-run stand to guide Trinabago Knight Riders to fourth CPL title. Simmons slammed unbeaten 89 off 49 balls while Bravo scored 58 off 47 balls to remain not out. Chasing a 155-run target TKR lose early two wickets but the Caribbean duo shared one of the best partnerships in tournament history to make it easy for TKR. Earlier, captain Kieron Pollard starred with ball for TKR as he picked four wickets to restrict Zouks for just 154 in the big-ticket final.

TKR beat SLK by 8 wickets

11.05 PM | Williams to Bravo: FOUR And TKR are the CPL champions for the record fourth time.

11.01 PM | Scott to Simmons: FOUR! Just 8 needed off 15 balls now.

10.59 PM | Scott to Simmons: SIX! It's raining sixes for TKR, this time Simmons clears the boundary rope with a magnificent shot as TKR smell victory.

10.57 PM | Zahir to Bravo: SIX! BIG OVER! Another six from Bravo, third of the over, this time over deep square leg. 

10.56 PM | Zahir to Bravo: SIX! The spinner is struggling with his line and Bravo slams it straight down the ground for a beautiful six.

10.55 PM | Zahir to Simmons: SIX! CLEAN! Simmons adjusts himself on the backfoot and smashes the ball for a maximum.

10.54 PM | Zahir to Simmons: FOUR! The batsman shuffles a bit and sends the ball for a boundary through deep mid-wicket.

10.44 PM | Williams to Bravo: FOUR! Directionless short ball from Williams and Bravo gives it the perfect treatment by pulling it for a boundary.

10.37 PM | Glenn to Bravo: SIX! Same ball, Same Shot and Same result! Bravo is finally getting into the mood as KKR need 54 runs from 37 balls.

10.35 PM | Glenn to Bravo: SIX! Poor delivery from the spinner as he bangs it short and Bravo dispatches it for a six.

10.27 PM | Williams to Simmons: SIX! Much needed to put the required run rate in check. Poor bowling from Williams.

10.24 PM | Sammy to Bravo: SIX! Finally Bravo gets the chance to free his arms and he does it elegantly to hit the ball for a maximum.

10.15 PM | Nabi to Simmons: SIX! In the slot and Simmons slams it hard for a six. The shot will release some pressure from the duo.

10.02 PM | Williams to Simmons: FOUR! Third boundary from the over as TKR are trying to overcome from the early breakthroughs.

09.59 PM | Williams to Simmons: FOUR! The batsman was all over it smashes it hard straight to put pressure on the bowler straightaway.

09.54 PM | Chase to Bravo: SIX! FLAMBOYANT! Classic shot by Darren as he just effortlessly lofts the ball over long-on to send it into the stands.

09.47 PM | Scott to Seifert: OUT! THICK EDGE! Excellent delivery from Kuggelien as the ball just comes in with extra bounce and the batsman edges to the wicketkeeper. Scot KUggelien is now the leading wicket-taker in CPL 2020 with 17 wickets.

09.45 PM | Scott to Seifert: FOUR! ELEGANT! Little bit of room and Seifert just guides it through gap in sweeper cover region for a boundary.

09.41 PM | Chase to Webster: OUT! Another slog sweep but this time he gets an edge and Williams takes an easy catch. TKR lose their first wicket.

09.38 PM | Nabi to Webster: FOUR! Slog Sweep and Webster gets his first boundary.

09.31 PM | Scott to Simmons: FOUR! Effortless from Simmons as he glances the ball with total ease to start the chase with a boundary.

09.19 PM | Ali to Zaheer: OUT! Ali Khan bowls a toe-crushing yorker to put an end to Zouks innings. SLZ 154 all-out in 19.1 overs

09.15 PM | Pollard to Scott: RUNOUT! The batsmen collide in the midway while completing the second as Pollards runs out Williams

09.11 PM | Pollard to Najibullah: OUT! Pollard gets another one as the dangerous Zadran is back in the pavilion

09.06 PM | Raza to Green: FOUR! Glenn guides it to deep mid-wicket for a crucial boundary.

09.01 PM | Hosein to Sammy: LBW! A quicker deliver from the spinner and Sammy gets plumbed in front of the wicket.

08.59 PM | Hosein to Najibullah: SIX! The batsman generates power and slammed a flat six over deep cover.

08.55 PM | Khan to Najibullah: FOUR! Cheeky from Zadran as Khan bowls a wide yorker and he just opens the face of his bat for a crucial boundary.

08.45 PM | Fawad to Nabi: OUT! Nabi goes for a maximum on his second ball but caught by DJ Bravo at the rope. 

08.43 PM | Pollard to Chase: OUT! Slower one and it works for Pollard as Chase gives an easy catch to Webster. Zouks on backfoot now.

08.41 PM | Pollard to Zadran: FOUR! The bowler pitches it up and Zadran slams it straight down the ground as the ball reaches boundary rope in couple of bounces.

08.38 PM | Pierre to Chase: SIX! In the slot and Chase sends it for a maximum as Zouks also reach 100.

08.30 PM | Pollard to Fletcher: OUT! The batsman tries to put pressure on Pollard but it backfires as Bravo takes a sitter at boundary rope.

08.26 PM | Fawad to Chase: FOUR! Chase founds the gap and the ball races away for a boundary.

08.22 PM | Hosein to Fletcher: Dot Ball! Good over from the spinner as Zouk manage to get only one from it. SLZ 79/2 after 10 overs.

08.17 PM | Fawad to Deyal: OUT! Googly and the southpaw didn't read it and Bravo takes an easy catch.

08.02 PM | Khar to Fletcher: FOUR! POWER! Fletcher once again walks down the pitch and slams a 140.1 kmph ball for a boundary through covers.

08.00 PM | Khan to Fletcher: FOUR! SHEER CLASS! The batsman walks down the pitch and slams the ball through covers for a glorious boundary as Zouks reaches 50

07.51 PM | Raza to Fletcher: SIX! Back to back sixes from Fletcher and this time even bigger as he clears his leg and hit it straight for a biggie.

07.50 PM | Raza to Fletcher: SIX! First six of the game as Fletcher shifts to backfoot and slams the ball over the line for a maximum.

* Sikander Raza comes into attack

07.46 PM | Hosein to Deyal: FOUR! Back to Back boundaries from the southpaw, this time it was on the pads and he sweeps it elegantly for a four.

07.44 PM | Khan to Fletcher: FOUR! On the pads and Fletcher sends the ball to the boundary rope with total ease.

* Pollard accidentally uses the saliva on the ball and the umpire are sanitizing it for safety precautions

* Andre Fletcher is the new man in

07.38 PM | Khan to Cornwall: OUT! Clean Bowled! TKR get an early breakthrough as the big man is back in the dugout. Excellent delivery by Ali Khan, pitched up in the front and Cornwall tries to swing the bat but misses it completely.

* Ali Khan to bowl from other end

07.34 PM | Hosein to Cornwall: FOUR! Rahkeem edges the ball and the ball races away for a boundary over the slip fielder.

07.32 PM | Hosein to Cornwall: FOUR! The big man shuffles across and swings the bat through leg side for the first boundary of the big final.

07.29 PM: Rahkeem Cornwall and Mark Deyal to open the innings for Zouks while Akeal Hosein will start the proceedings with the ball.

07.09 PM: Playing XI of both teams:

07.02 PM: TKR captain Kieron Pollard won the toss and opted to bowl against Zouks

06.55 PM: The epic finale will see two Bollywood stars Shah Rukh Khan (co-owner TKR) and Preity Zinta (co-owner St Lucia Zouks) locking horns against each other.

06.50 PM: The toss will take place at 07.00 PM IST.


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