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HIGHLIGHTS Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Sunrisers Hyderabad IPL 2020: SRH win by 5 wickets

Here you can find all the updates of RCB vs SRH live cricket match from Sharjah Cricket Stadium in Sharjah

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New Delhi Updated on: October 31, 2020 22:47 IST
Live Score Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Sunrisers
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Live Score Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Sunrisers Hyderabad IPL 2020: RCB look to bounce back

HIGHLIGHTS  Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Sunrisers Hyderabad IPL 2020 

Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Sunrisers Hyderabad IPL 2020: That is all from our live coverage of RCB vs SRH live IPL match from Sharjah. Both sides will be eyeing the playoffs with Virat Kohi's men placed slightly better off than the Sunrisers. Bangalore presently stand second with 14 points from 12 games and hence need only a win to assure themselves of a place in the playoffs. Sunrisers Hyderabad stand sixth with four points less from as many games. They need to win both their matches to find a place in the next round. Here you can follow all the updates of RCB vs SRH live IPL match from Abu Dhabi. (LIVE SCORECARDLIVE STREAMING

HIGHLIGHTS Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Sunrisers Hyderabad IPL 2020: SRH win by 5 wickets

22:44 IST: SRH win by 5 wickets. Another big win. This will affect RCB's NRR while SRH's NRR will improve once again. They need one more win to assure themselves of a playoffs berth. 

22:42 IST: Saini to Abhishek, OUT! Looked in a hurry and went for another big one. Finds the fielder at cover. 

22:41 IST: Saini to Abhishek, SIX! Short and Abhishek makes use of the pace of the bowler to pull it behind for a six. 7 needed now

22:38 IST: Saini to Holder, SIX! Angled across to the leg side. Holder flicks it over midwicket for a six. Follows it next with a leg-side yorker. Holder gets his bat onto it and drifts it behind for a boundary. SRH need 15 more off 39 balls. 

22:34 IST: Udana to Holder, SIX! Length and outside off, Holder pulls it powerfully over cow corner for a six. 

22:31 IST: Udana to Williamson, OUT! Punches the outside iff delivery straight to Kohli at cover. Similar fashion in which Kohli was dismissed. 

22:29 IST: SRH need 34 more to win from 48 balls. 

22:24 IST: Chahal to Saha, OUT! Drew him forward, left him stranded and De Villiers did his work. Saha walks back for 39

22:20 IST: Chahal to Saha, FOUR! Punished!!! Little uppish, in his slot and Saha shimmies down the track to smack it through midwicket for a boundary

22:14 IST: Udana to Saha, FOUR! Full toss outside off and Saha slashed it through covers. 

22:12 IST: Another superb over from Chahal. 2 overs, 5 runs, 1 wicket, and six dot balls. 

22:07 IST: JUST SAVED!! Saha punches back the ball towards Chahal. The bowler dives to save the run and gets his fingertips on it. Williamson, meanwhile, is out of his crease, set for the single. It's a run-out? Review taken and the third umpire is inconclusive. NOT OUT!! Chahal is absolutely convinced that he had got the fingertips. OHH....IT WAS NOT OUT AFTERALL. Williamson had made his way back. 

21:58 IST: Chahal to Pandey, OUT! Absolutely needless shot! Goes for the big one, but skies it high. Morris takes it at mid-on. This was RCB's best bowler and their job was only to negate him with the asking rate around 4. But Pandey wanted to take that risk. 

21:57 IST: Two singles in the first two balls of the 7th over and fifty partnership up for Pandey and Saha.

21:52 IST: Siraj to Saha, SIX! Short-pitched but Saha hooks it brilliantly towards long leg boundary. The ball sails over the stadium - a first after 26 overs in Sharjah, surprisingly.

21:49 IST: Siraj to Saha, FOUR! Saha takes the risk and it pays off. Not a bad ball but with mid-on inside the circle, Saha decides to go for the aerial shot.

21:46 IST: Morris to Pandey, FOUR! Wanted to flick it but finds a thick inside edge. The ball sails towards deep fine leg.

21:41 IST: Morris to Pandey, FOUR! Slower delivery and Pandey waits before flicking it over midwicket. 

21:36 IST: Sundar to Saha, FOUR! Sweeped it towards long leg boundary. No fielder at the position, good use of powerplay by both the batsmen after early setback.

21:33 IST: Saini to Pandey, SIX! Brilliant pick-up shot from Pandey. Short-pitched delivery and Pandey pulls it towards deep midwicket for six.

21:31 IST: Saini to Pandey, FOUR! Comes down the track and slams it straight of mid-on for four.

21:26 IST: Sundar to Warner, OUT! A similar delivery but slower on pace, and it does the trick for Sundar. Warner attempts a similar shot but fails to generate the power. Caught at mid-off.

21:26 IST: Sundar to Warner, SIX! Length ball and Warner as pulled it away majestically towards deep midwicket.

21:19 IST: David Warner and Wriddhiman Saha to begin the chase for RCB. Chris Morris to start.

21:05 IST: RCB finish their innings on 120/7. Good bowling from SRH on a sluggish wicket, but RCB will surely be disappointed with their batting performance tonight. Some poor stroke-playing all around.

20:58 IST: Holder to Udana, OUT! Second wicket in the over. Slower one from Holder and Udana intended to clear the covers. Finds an upper edge and Williamson gets another easy catch.

20:56 IST: Holder to Morris, OUT! Falling like a pack of cards here, RCB. The ball finds the bottom of the bat and David Warner takes an easy catch at long on.

20:52 IST: Natarajan to Gurkeerat, FOUR! Lucky boundary. FIrst boundary for Gurkeerat and much-needed for him, he has struggled in this innings so far. Wanted to play the lap shot but an outside edge sends the ball to third man instead.

20:50 IST: Natarajan to Sundar, OUT! CAUGHT & BOWLED! Never an easy wicket for a fast bowler but Natarajan just manages to hold on to the ball with his elbows after he fails to grab it with the fingers.

20:42 IST: Rashid to Sundar, FOUR! Sundar goes inside out to a flighted delivery. Rashid came around the wicket for this delivery which made it simpler for Sundar to loft it over the covers.

20:36 IST: Holder to Sundar, FOUR! Holder offers width, length delivery and Sundar cuts it towards deep backward point.

20:32 IST: Timeout! RCB were looking at a rebuild when AB de Villiers and Josh Philippe were batting. However, both the players were dismissed within two overs and the pressure is now on Washington Sundar and Gurkeerat. 

20:23 IST: Rashid to Philippe, OUT! Two in two for SRH! Wasn't the best of choices to go for a lofted shot against Rashid when you've just lost AB de Villiers in the previous over. Manish Pandey takes an easy catch at midwicket.

20:19 IST: Nadeem to de Villiers, OUT! BIG BLOW! Just when AB looked to start on a rampage, he has given his wicket away. Outside off, AB plays a lofted drive over covers but is caught on the deep cover boundary.

20:17 IST: Nadeem to de Villiers, SIX! A little short and AB hits it straight on the backfoot! Incredible shot from Mr.360.

20:13 IST: Rashid to de Villiers, FOUR! First boundary for AB on his 18th delivery. Pulls Rashid Khan towards deep midwicket.

20:09 IST: Strategic timeout! A slow wicket and even AB de Villiers is struggling to middle the ball here. Good bowling from Hyderabad so far, though. 

20:08 IST: Nadeem to Philippe, FOUR! Pitched a little full but Philippe made space for himself and opens his hands. Sends the ball towards the long on boundary for four.

20:01 IST: Nadeem to Philippe, FOUR! Gets down on one knee and sweeps it towards deep fine leg. 

19:51 IST: Sharma to Kohli, OUT! Sandeep gets Kohli again! Warner's decision to give Sandeep an extra over pays off. Virat goes for a drive but finds Kane Williamson at silly mid-off. Trouble brewing for RCB.

19:47 IST: Holder to Philippe, FOUR! A similar boundary to his previous one. A short pitched delivery and Philippe slams it over mid-off.

19:41 IST: Sharma to Padikkal, OUT! BOWLED! Cleaned up. Padikkal attempts a glory hit -- plays it across without any feet movement and pays the price, thanks to the ball marginally swinging in. First wicket for SRH.

19:40 IST: Sharma to Philippe, FOUR! He was deceived by a slower ball here but this would give him confidence. Outside off but little short and Philippe lofts it over mid-off.

19:37 IST: Holder to Padikkal, FOUR! First boundary comes on the final ball of the second over. A little outside off and Padikkal pushes it past mid-off.

19:28 IST: Josh Philippe and Devdutt Padikkal to open the innings. Sandeep Sharma to bowl the first over.

19:17 IST: Watch the toss, as SRH opted to bowl:


Royal Challengers Bangalore (Playing XI): Josh Philippe, Devdutt Padikkal, Virat Kohli(c), AB de Villiers(w), Gurkeerat Singh Mann, Washington Sundar, Chris Morris, Isuru Udana, Mohammed Siraj, Navdeep Saini, Yuzvendra Chahal

Sunrisers Hyderabad (Playing XI): David Warner(c), Wriddhiman Saha(w), Manish Pandey, Kane Williamson, Abdul Samad, Jason Holder, Abhishek Sharma, Rashid Khan, Shahbaz Nadeem, Sandeep Sharma, T Natarajan

19:05 IST: Navdeep Saini is back for RCB against SRH, while Isuru Udana replaces Dale Steyn.

19:01 IST: TOSS UPDATE! Sunrisers Hyderabad win toss, opt to bowl against Royal Challengers Bangalore in Sharjah

18:52 IST: If RCB wins tonight, they will secure a berth in the playoffs.

18:31 IST: Welcome, welcome! We start with a small update on the DC vs MI. Delhi suffer their fourth-straight defeat and fall below KXIP in points table. 

Brief Preview: SRH have been successful in reaching the playoffs in all seasons since 2016, but have blown hot and cold throughout 2020, winning only five games in 12 matches. RCB, on the other hand, have failed to reach the playoff since 2016, finishing at the bottom end in each of the last three seasons. But in 2020, they have been a more balanced side, although they did lose their last two games. Can a confident SRH upset Kohli's men to stay afloat in the contest? 

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