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India vs Australia U19 World Cup Semifinal Highlights: India beat Australia by 96 runs; reach final

India Under-19 vs Australia Under-19 LIVE Score Updates, U-19 World Cup 2022: Get all updates, latest scorecard, commentary and score of IND U19 vs AUS U19 semi-final 2 match from Coolidge Cricket Ground, Antigua. India opt to bat first.

India TV Sports Desk Reported by: India TV Sports Desk New Delhi Updated on: February 03, 2022 1:41 IST
India U19 spinner Vicky Ostwal (far right) took the team's

India U19 spinner Vicky Ostwal (far right) took the team's third wicket of the match in Campbell Kellaway.


  • India Under-19 eye ticket to the U19 World Cup final against England.

LIVE India U19 vs Australia U19 Live Score, Super League Semi-Final 2 Latest Updates

India beat Australia by 94 runs That's it, folks!  A direct hit by Hangargerkar ends Australia's innings at 194 in 41.5 overs. Tom Whitney (18) was the last wicket to fall as he was run out at the non-striker's end.

Australia 178/9 in 39 overs OUT! Lachlan Shaw falls right after reaching his half-century. Ravi Kumar clean bowled him after a wild swing of the bat.

Australia 167/8 in 36.4 overs OUT! Kaushal Tambe joins the party by having Jackson Sinfield stumped. The tailender entertained the crowd with a quickfire 20 while adding 42 runs for the eighth wicket with Shaw, who is closing towards a consolatory half-century. He will be now joined by No.9 Tom Whitney.

Australia 125/7 in 32 overs OUT! Ostwal picks his third wicket of the night in Tobias Snell, who could only score four runs before Ostwal found top of the off stump.

Australia 119/6 in 30 overs OUT! Another soft dismissal as Ostwal caught and bowled Salzmann for 7. The asking rate has soared up to 8.67 now as Australia now need to score 171 off the last 20 overs. Tailender Tobias Snell now joins Lachlan Shaw in the middle.

Australia 101/5 in 24.5 overs OUT! Wickets are falling thick and fast now as Nivethan is played down by ever-reliable Nishant. The left-arm orthodox bowled it wider for a chase by the batter, who bottom-edged it onto the stumps. India are now just five wickets away from reaching the final.

Australia 83/4 in 20.5 overs OUT! It's all India now as Oz skipper Connolly departs after scoring just 3. Nishant Sindhu oversees his dismissal as Connolly makes a miserable sweep attempt while not accounting for the bounce off the surface; taking top edge of his bat to Rasheed at backward square leg. N Radhakrishnan is the new man in at No.6

Australia 73/3 in 17.3 overs OUT! Aussie batters are showing reluctance to leave the pitch against Indian off-spinners and are paying a heavy price. This time it's the other set batter in Kellaway (30) who falls to newly-introduced Vicky Ostwal with a very soft dismissal. Kellaway made a half-hearted attempt to block a good length delivery on the backfoot; nudging it to Nishant Sindhu at deep mid-wicket for an easy catch. That's two wickets in space of six balls and both were the set batters. Australia have just pressed the self-destruction button, one reckons.

Australia 71/2 in 16.3 overs OUT! Angkrish provides the breakthrough to India with a soft dismissal of well-set Miller (38). The part-timer bowled a slider that hit the pads of the southpaw plum in front of the middle and leg stump. Skipper Cooper Connolly is the new man in at No.4.

Australia 65/1 in 15 overs India introduce their fifth bowler in left-arm orthodox Angkrish Raghuvansi, who gives away six runs. 

Australia 56/1 in 13 overs Some pace to Australia's chase as Miller hits two boundaries off Bawa in the over to take Australia past 50 while also bringing up the 50-run stand with Kellaway.

Australia 38/1 in 10 overs Indian skipper Yash Dhull decides to shuffle the bowling line-up as he brings in seamer Raj Bawa and spinner Kaushal Tambe into the attack. The required rate continues to climb for Australia and making India feel they have this match in their control. 

Australia 21/1 in 7 overs Kellaway and Miller are taking their time to settle in after losing their in-form opener Wylie early. Just two boundaries while they have been selective with their shots in facing the aggressive bowling lengths of the Indian pace duo. This however is not reflecting well on the required rate, which is above 6.30 now.

Australia 9/1 in 4 overs Ravi and Hangargekar are exerting themselves on Aussie top-order with different approaches and have really contained the batters. Hangargekar, bowling mostly short of the length, is testing Miller and Kellaway with a heavy dose of pace while Ravi is bowling fuller outside the off-stump with the assistance of wind on the offer.  

Australia 2/1 in 1.1 overs: OUT! Ravi Kumar hands big blow to Australia! removes the in-form Wylie for just 1. Bowling round the wicket, the left-arm pacer outfoxed the right-handed opener with a late full inswinger that hits Wylie plum on the pads. Corey Miller is the new man in at No.3.

Australia 2/0 in 1 over Chasing 291Teague Wylie and Campbell Kellaway have opened Australia innings; facing speedster Rajvardhan Hangargekar with the new ball.

Australia U19 need 291 runs to win the semifinal against India Under19.

India 290/5 in 50 overs After Yash and Rasheed departed in quick succession, other players chipped in a few runs with the bat enabling INDU19 to post a total of 290 runs at the end of their innings. Tom Whitney witnessed a highly expensive last over as he leaked 27 runs from it.   

India 237/2 in 45 overs Some rich overs for India as the Yash and Rasheed have dominated the Australian bowlers with the bat. Besides, India U19 skipper Yash Dhull has smashed his patiently built up 100 and then turned to the fearless big hits to up India's score. 55 runs gathered from the last five overs. Can India reach the 300-run mark total? 

India 182/2 in 40 overs India are shifting gears now as both the batters have reached individual fifty. Ten overs left in the innings and India will be looking to add 100 more runs to the total with eight wickets in hand. Australia's Jack Sinfield completed his 10 overs while Cooper Connolly is on the mark to bowl his last. 

India 152/2 in 35.5 overs 50! Rasheed reaches his 50 (78 balls) with a risky single as Australian bowlers continue to get milked for runs. A professional batting effort by the two Indians, who took their time to settle in and have added 52 runs in the last eight overs to direct India towards a huge total.

India 137/2 in 33 overs Dhull and Rasheed, who has entered the 40s, bring up the the100-run stand for the third wicket at the end of the over. While Dhull led from the front -- six boundaries -- in the stand, Rasheed played the second fiddle with two fours to his name.

India 118/2 in 30.4 overs Dhull brings up his half-century in style as he pumped a bouncer by Whitney through the mid-wicket for a boundary. The skipper has been the dominant figure in the stand that is nearing the 100-run mark now. With the Australian pacer back in the attack, Dhull has stepped on the gas as boundaries are coming off every over.

India 108/2 in 29 overs Dhull and Rasheed have bailed India out of trouble here as Connolly returned to pacer Whitney to break the stand. Dhull welcomes him back with a boundary through the cover region to enter the 40s.

India 100/2 in 28 overs With Connolly and Sinfield failing to stop the two Indian batters, ambidextrous spinner N Radhakrishnan was introduced for the first time into the attack. Proved ineffective, as he concedes seven runs in the over that included a cheeky late cut by Dhull behind the stumps to bring up India's 100 runs.

India 87/2 in 25.1 overs Rasheed chips it for a single at the beginning of the over to bring up the 50-run stand for the third wicket in 79 balls. The partnership had some luck on its side as Rasheed was dropped at the end of 23rd over by Teague Willey at the cover. It was a full stretch for a catch by the fielder but probably mistimed his jump as the ball touched his fingertips and bounced off.

India 74/2 in 22 overs In a battle of skippers, Dhull slams Connolly for a boundary through the gap between the sweeper and long-off; that was his first of the day. Indian run rate has improved slightly with a couple of fours and maths suggests at this rate it will take them to 170-odd runs. However, with the firepower down the order, 200 seems realistic and if achieved, will be the first of the tournament at this venue.

India 63/2 in 19 overs Australia have finally introduced spin to the attack from 17th over onwards. In fact from both ends, including skipper Connolly with his left-arm orthodox; allowing Indian batters to deal in singles with more comfort. Also, the first boundary in 50 balls arrived through the bat of Rasheed, who punished a poor shot delivery by right-arm off spinner Jack Sinfield through the square leg.

India 51/2 in 16 overs India cross 50-run mark with Rasheed and Dhull dealing in singles while Aussies remain persistent with their three pacers in Whitney, Salzmann, and Nisbet. In case you are wondering where are the boundaries, well we haven't seen one in last six overs. 

India 41/2 in 14 overs (DRINKS BREAK) Two right-handers are first time on the pitch for India in Dhull and Rasheed. Skipper Dhull seems a bit impatient at the start of his innings as he has been throwing his bat around in search of boundaries but Salzmann and Nisbet have only made him look insensible. Still won't call it a disciplined bowling effort as the three pacers have combined to bowl nine wide deliveries.

India 37/2 in 12.3 overs: OUT! Harnoor is gone! Miserably fails to hook a bouncer by Nisbet. Got to credit Aus skipper Cooper Connolly, who re-introduced Nisbet into the attack with a change of ends in the 11th over. The lanky pacer brought the pressure back on India with a maiden and then got a set Harnoor caught behind for 16. All eyes are now on captain Yash Dhull, who walks into bat at No.4.

India 34/1 in 10 overs Harnoor and Rasheed eased off the pressure of the wicket fall with three boundaries. Two of those came in this over as Harnoor took Salzmann for runs towards the end; a healthy 10 runs off it and India's biggest so far.  

India 16/1 in 7.4 overs: OUT! The change in bowling pays dividends immediately as Salzmann clean bowled Angkrish with a peach of an inswinger. The opener has failed for the first time in the tournament with a pretty pedestrian six-run innings on the day. Shaikh Rasheed will join Harnoor in the middle at No.3.

India 15/0 in 7 overs Nisbet is probing Indian openers with his line and length accuracy. The pacer has troubled Harnoor the most as twice his deliveries took a thick edge off his bat but fortunately didn't carry to first slip. The other pacer Whitney, on the other hand, is not sharp enough as he was at the beginning of the spell and is being taken off for pacer William Salzmann.

India 10/0 in 4 overs Whitney has been impressive with the new ball as he is finding some bounce off the surface but couldn't stop Harnoor from slotting India's first boundary -- timing an overpitched delivery perfectly through the square leg -- of the match in the third over. Both openers are sensibly seeing out the early movement by cautiously picking their shots. 

STAT ATTACK In the last 10 years, India have won 30 of their 34 matches at the U19 World Cup and three of them were during the knockout stages; including the last edition's final loss to Bangladesh.

India 2/0 in 1 over Indian openers Angkrish Raghuvanshi and Harnoor Singh are up against some quality pace bowling for the first time in the tournament as Tom Whitney looked dominant with the new ball. Just two runs off it. Pacer Jack Nisbet to bowl from the other end. 

India U19 have won the toss and elected to bat first against Australia U19. 

India U19 (Playing XI): Angkrish Raghuvanshi, Harnoor Singh, Shaik Rasheed, Yash Dhull(c), Nishant Sindhu, Raj Bawa, Kaushal Tambe, Dinesh Bana(w), Rajvardhan Hangargekar, Vicky Ostwal, Ravi Kumar

Australia U19 (Playing XI): Campbell Kellaway, Teague Wyllie, Corey Miller, Cooper Connolly(c), Lachlan Shaw, Nivethan Radhakrishnan, William Salzmann, Tobias Snell(w), Jack Sinfield, Tom Whitney, Jack Nisbet

@5:45 PM: INDIA ROARS! India U19 opener Angkrish Raghuvanshi ranks fourth in the list of most runs scored by a player in the ongoing ICC Under-19 World Cup 2022.

@5:30 PM: The rivals- Australia Under 19, however, booked their playoffs berth as they thrashed Pakistan Under 19 in the quarter-final. In the league matches, the Kangaroos managed to win two of their three games.

Australia's route to the semis 

Group D – Beat West Indies by 6 wickets
Group D – Lost to Sri Lanka by 4 wickets
Group D – Beat Scotland by 7 wickets
Quarter-final – Beat Pakistan by 119 runs

@5:15 PM: The Boys in Blue would be riding high on the confidence as they are coming into the semifinal are convincingly winning all their (three) league matches and the quarter-final against Bangladesh Under 19 colts. 

India's route to the semis 
Group B – Beat South Africa by 45 runs
Group B – Beat Ireland by 174 runs
Group B – Beat Uganda by 326 runs
Quarter-final – Beat Bangladesh by 5 wickets

@5:00 PM: To progress from U-19 to first-class level, we need to put in double effort, says India captain Yash Dhull

Virat Kohli rose through the ranks and successfully led the Indian team while Unmukt Chand failed to place his foot in the Indian cricket even after clinching the Under-19 World Cup for the Boys in Blue. Even after stellar stints as the Indian skipper in the prestigious U19 tournament, cricketers have to put in hard yards in domestic cricket and prove their mettle.   

The story of star junior cricketers of their times, all hailing from India's capital city, unfolded very differently and Yash Dhull is completely aware about the assortment of examples that's there in front of him.

@4:45 PM: India U19 skipper Yash Dhull tells how VVS Laxman is guiding the boys in blue and preparing them for the playoff games lined-  up.

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India U19: Angkrish Raghuvanshi, Harnoor Singh, Shaik Rasheed, Yash Dhull(c), Siddarth Yadav, Raj Bawa, Kaushal Tambe, Dinesh Bana(w), Rajvardhan Hangargekar, Vicky Ostwal, Ravi Kumar, Manav Parakh, Nishant Sindhu, Aneeshwar Gautam, Aaradhya Yadav, Garv Sangwan

Australia U19: Campbell Kellaway, Teague Wyllie, Corey Miller, Cooper Connolly(c), Lachlan Shaw, Aidan Cahill, William Salzmann, Tobias Snell(w), Tom Whitney, Jack Sinfield, Jack Nisbet, Harkirat Bajwa, Joshua Garner, Isaac Higgins, Nivethan Radhakrishnan