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Highlights, 2019 World Cup, Match 20: Finch, pacers shine as Australia beat Sri Lanka by 87 runs

Clinical Australia dominate the match in the Oval to outclass Sri Lanka in every department to register 87- runs win to climb to top of the points table.

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New Delhi Updated on: June 15, 2019 23:35 IST
Live Score, Sri Lanka vs Australia, 2019 World Cup, Match
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Live Score, Sri Lanka vs Australia, 2019 World Cup, Match 20: Starc double-strike put Sri Lanka on backfoot

Sri Lanka vs Australia, 2019 World Cup: Hello and welcome to our coverage of Sri Lanka vs Australia, 2019 World Cup Match 20 from Kennington Oval, London. Stay tuned for updates and ball-by-ball commentary fro the SL vs AUS clash. Aaron Finch reached his 14th century in ODIs in style, as he continues to steer the Aussie innings, alongside Steve Smith. The Australian skipper looked in great touch from the beginning, timing the ball brilliantly on the off side. However, Finch might want to accelerate the Aussie innings now, as Usman Khawaja, who was sent at 3 instead of Smith, fell at 10.  Follow all the score and updates from Sri Lanka vs Australia match here. (Match scorecard | Live stream SL vs AUS)

Highlights, World Cup 2019, Match 20: Australia beat Sri Lanka by 87 runs

Kangaroos have quietened the Lankan Lions! It was a roaring beginning from the Sri Lankan openers and they set the perfect platform for this big run chase. Dimuth Karunaratne and Kusal Perera dominated the Australian pacers in Powerplay 1 and pushed the defending champions on the back foot.

22.34 IST: Pat Cummins to Nuwan Pradeep, OUT! There is the final wicket! Australia have finally managed to take it. Cummins is the man who does so. Pradeep, like he has been doing, makes room again. Cummins bowls it full and follows him. Nuwan looks to go downtown but the ball kisses the outside edge and goes into the hands of the keeper.

22.28 IST: Kane Richardson to Dhananjaya de Silva, FOUR! Just over! Dhananjaya once again looks to paddle. It is outside off and he ends up dragging it just over the man at short fine leg for a boundary.

Dhananjaya de Silva has played an uppish shot towards short fine leg. Pat Cummins stationed there goes down low to catch the ball but then shakes his head. He's not sure whether it carried to him or not. The two umpires get together and then refer it upstairs.

Kane Richardson is back into the attack. Can he finish things off in this over?

22.21 IST: Mitchell Starc to Nuwan Pradeep, Good length and on off, Pradeep guides it down towards third man but no run taken. So no fifer for Starc but still a brilliant spell by him. He finishes with figures of 10-0-55-4.

22.18 IST: Mitchell Starc to Dhananjaya de Silva, This time the run is taken! So Starc has one ball to get his fifer. Full and on off, de Silva looks to drive but gets an outside edge down to third man for one.

Nuwan Pradeep is the last batsman for Sri Lanka.

22.13 IST: Kane Richardson to Lasith Malinga, OUT! Three-for for Richardson. 9 down now Sri Lanka. Richardson goes very full and on middle, Malinga ends up slicing it straight to Khawaja at covers.

22.12 IST: Kane Richardson to Lasith Malinga, Malinga makes room and Richardson follows him. Malinga looks to work but gets an inside edge onto the pads. He does not know where the ball is and sets off for a run but then realizes it has not gone far away and goes back in the crease.

22.08 IST: Mitchell Starc to Dhananjaya de Silva, A dot to end! Malinga now will face the start of the next over. Full toss on off, Dhananjaya hits it to mid off.

Powerplay 3 has been signaled! Australia can now have 5 fielders outside the ring. Don't think they would like to take that option at this moment.

22.05 IST: Kane Richardson to Isuru Udana, OUT! Udana is out of here! A terrific catch by Finch. Length and around off, this one bounces a touch more and it is also the slower one. Udana looks to flat-bat it but mistimes it high up in the air behind mid off. Finch runs backwards and takes a very good catch. Not easy when you have to run like that and also, the sun might have just been in his eyes. Two wickets away now Australia from winning this one.

22.03 IST: Kane Richardson to Isuru Udana, FOUR! Up and over! Shorter and outside off, Udana slashes hard, it flies over point and the ball races to the boundary. Consecutive boundaries.

22.01 IST: Mitchell Starc to Dhananjaya de Silva, FOUR! Fine shot! Starc delivers it on a length around off, de Silva presents a straight bat and times his shot beautifully. Warner tries his best to stop it with a dive at mid off but fails.

21.58 IST: Mitchell Starc to Dhananjaya de Silva, Eyes a yorker but ends up serving a reverse swinging full toss on off, Dhananjaya plays it with an open-faced bat square of the wicket on the off side for one.

21.55 IST: Mitchell Starc to Kusal Mendis, OUT! Caught-behind! Starc with the older ball is a different beast! He steams in and slants across a good length delivery outside off at 140 kph. Mendis stays back to throw his bat at it but only manages a thin outside edge behind. Alex Carey makes no mistake and Starc hunts down his fourth victim. He's on a hat-trick now. Can he get it and the fifer?

21.49 IST: Mitchell Starc to Thisara Perera, OUT! Six, single and out! Perera does not last for long and he probably takes Sri Lanka's hopes of chasing this down along with him. Not clever, you can't keep going after Starc and expect to get away every time. Mitchell dishes out a full one on middle, Perera once again looks to find the boundary. He tries to go over mid on but does not get under the delivery. He ends up hitting it too flat and Warner takes a tumbling catch. An over with two wickets in it comes to an end. Probably the over which turns the tide completely into Australia's favour. 118 needed off 78 balls.

21.47 IST: Mitchell Starc to Thisara Perera, SIX! That is some way to get off the mark! WOW! Starc goes short ad Thisara is up for the challenge. He pulls it high and handsome, over the backward square leg fence.

21.45 IST: Mitchell Starc to Milinda Siriwardana, OUT! BOWLED 'EM! Micthell Starc knocks Siriwardana over. His second of the night and all of a sudden, Sri Lanka have half their side back in the hut. This is slightly fuller and it is at 143 KPH. Tails back in. Too good for MS. He looks to flick but misses, the ball hits the pads and crashes into the stumps.

21.39 IST: Pat Cummins to Angelo Mathews, OUT! Down the leg, Mathews wanted to pull it but edges it to Alex Carey, who takes an impressive stretch! That's really poor from Mathews, who is having a World Cup to forget.

21.37 IST: Mitchell Starc to Kusal Mendis, FOUR! The pull shot has been nailed! Top over for Sri Lanka. 11 from it. Short and on the body, Mathews may have been ready for it. He is quickly onto the back foot and then pulls it throughs quare leg for a boundary.

21.32 IST: Mitchell Starc to Kusal Mendis, SIX! Take that, Mitchell Starc! That is some shot. Not many batters do that to Starc. Full and on off, Mendis slams it over the bowler's head and it goes all the way. Need to keep going do Sri Lanka.

21.24 IST: Kane Richardson to Dimuth Karunaratne, OUT! CAUGHT! Heartbreak for Karunaratne. He misses out on a well-deserved ton! The Australians are elated because this is a huge wicket. Richardson strikes. Not the best of deliveries bowled by him but he won't care. It is short and outside off, Dimuth cuts it nicely but straight towards Maxwell at point. He takes a sharp catch. Pin-drop silence in the stadium as the Lankan fans can't believe it. A standing ovation for Karunaratne as he walks back. Australia firmly on top now. 149 more needed in 107.

21.21 IST: Glenn Maxwell to Kusal Mendis, SIX! Down he comes and it's a lovely clean hit from Kusal Mendis. Maxwell bowls it full and just outside off, Kusal wears his skates and lofts it nonchalantly over the bowler's head for a biggie at long off. Under 150 needed now!

21.06 IST: Jason Behrendorff to Dimuth Karunaratne, one run. The run-rate has gone significantly down since the fall of Thirimanne. Karunaratne is slowing towards his century.

20.54 IST: Kusal Mendis is the new man in. 

20.50 IST: Jason Behrendorff to Lahiru Thirimanne, OUT! EDGED AND TAKEN! Jason Behrendorff has the last laugh. His first World Cup wicket and a much-needed one for him. He wasn't bowling that well but this should make him feel a lot better. Poor shot from Thirimanne. This is bowled in the 5th stump channel. It keeps coming in with the angle. Thirimanne looks to guide it through point but the ball is too close to play that shot. It kisses the edge and goes into the hands of Carey. Thirimanne walks back after a very uncomfortable stay.

20.49 IST: Jason Behrendorff to Lahiru Thirimanne, FOUR! Thirimanne finally gets to release his hands a bit. A bit short and wide, and Thirimanne smacks at to midwicket!

20.29 IST: Glenn Maxwell to Dimuth Karunaratne, FOUR! Poor ball and Karunaratne makes Maxwell pay. Short and outside off, Dimuth plays it late and gets it between backward point and point for the ball to race away. Spoils the over. 8 from it.

20.25 IST: Mitchell Starc to Dimuth Karunaratne, Direct hit and Thirimanne was a goner! Karunaratne works it towards mid-wicket and the batters go for a run. Khawaja gets to the ball, dives forward and underarms it towards the keeper's end but misses. Australia need to take the half chances at the moment.

DRINKS BREAK! Sri Lanka have made a rollicking start and now it's all about capitalizing from here onward.

20.18 IST: Glenn Maxwell to Lahiru Thirimanne, A dot to end another terrific over by Maxwell. He fires it into the pads, Thirimanne works it to mid-wicket.

Lahiru Thirimanne is the new batsman.

20.12 IST: Mitchell Starc to Kusal Perera, OUT! Timberrrrrrr... Slogging Starc is not always easy. The Aussie speedster keeps his line very straight and darts it in on the fuller length. Perera winds up for a big heave across the line but is beaten for pace. It goes right through him to light the stumps. Finally, Australia have a breakthrough and they are looking relieved. The century stand is broken. The replays show that the ball tailed in a hint also. 220 needed off 207 balls.

20.08 IST: Mitchell Starc to Kusal Perera, Well bowled and well played! A yorker on middle, Perera jams it out on the leg side and takes one. Brings up his fifty. His 13th in ODIs and it has been a wonderful knock so far. He has take the attack to the bowlers right from the word go. Still needs to continue though.

20.05 IST: Mitchell Starc to Dimuth Karunaratne, Good length and on the stumps again, Karunaratne defends it onto the ground.

20.03 IST: Glenn Maxwell to Dimuth Karunaratne, A single to end another good over from Maxwell. Karunaratne walks down the track and works it through square leg for one.

20.00 IST: Kane Richardson to Dimuth Karunaratne, FOUR! Crunched! Short and outside off, Karunaratne drags it past the mid-wicket fielder and the ball races away to the fence. Gets to his fifty in style and what a started the skipper has provided. Leading from the front here. Needs to continue though.

19.57 IST: Glenn Maxwell to Dimuth Karunaratne, A couple to end but still a very good over by Maxwell. This is on middle, Dimuth works it through square leg for two. Just the 4 from this one. Australia need to bowl a few more tight overs.

Powerplay 2 begins. Maximum of 4 fielders allowed outside the inner circle till the 40th over. Glenn Maxwell comes on to bowl.

19.53 IST: Kane Richardson to Kusal Perera, NOT OUT! Australia have lost their review in Powerplay 1 itself. Desperate to be honest. It was more in hope. Richardson bowls this outside off, Perera looks to guide it down to third man but misses. Carey takes it and appeals. Richardson puts in a very confident one. The umpire turns it down though. Kane convinces his captain to go for the review and Finch does so. Replays roll in and they show absolutely nothing.

Big moment in the game! Australia have reviewed right at the end as an appeal for a caught behind was turned down. Nobody seemed confident, it may have been one in desperation. By the look of things, there seems to be day-light between bat and ball and there is nothing on snicko as well.

19.50 IST: Kane Richardson to Kusal Perera, FOUR! Stand and deliver! Perera stands tall and smashes this short ball over the mid-wicket fielder. Boundary.

19.47 IST: Jason Behrendorff to Kusal Perera, FOUR MORE! This is a tremendous start for Sri Lanka. This is on the pads, Perera works it fine on the leg side and it races to the fence. Huge over, 18 from it. Only 256 more needed.

19.45 IST: Jason Behrendorff to Kusal Perera, SIX! Outrageous! That shot had so much of Sanath Jayasuriya in it. Jason bowls this full and outside off, Perera lifts it over covers and the connection is such that it goes all the way.

19.42 IST: Kane Richardson to Dimuth Karunaratne, FOUR! Serves it on the pads and Karunaratne clips it fine past short fine leg for a boundary.

19.39 IST: Jason Behrendorff to Dimuth Karunaratne, FOUR! Streaky! Behrendorff cannot believe his luck. He does well here to force an inside edge but it has missed the stumps and gone to the fine leg fence. Fullish and outside off, Karunaratne tries to drive but fails to middle his shot. This time the ball speeds away past the left side of the short fine leg fielder. SL 53/0 in 7 overs

19.36 IST: Jason Behrendorff to Dimuth Karunaratne, FOUR! These two openers have picked the length beautifully. Short in length and on middle, Karunaratne picks it early, gets into the position and pulls it past the right side of the diving short fine leg fielder for a boundary.

19.33 IST: Pat Cummins to Dimuth Karunaratne, EDGY FOUR! A boundary is a boundary. The scorecard never tells how the batsman got it. Cummins delivers it on a length close to off stump, Karunaratne sticks back to block but it takes the inside edge and runs past the stumps to the fine leg fence.

19.32 IST: Pat Cummins to Dimuth Karunaratne, FOUR! Sri Lanka have found boundaries with relative ease! Cummins goes short and around off, Dimuth stands back to fetch it from there and pulls it in front of the square leg fielder. He runs across to his right but fails to stop the ball as it races to the fence.

19.29 IST: Jason Behrendorff to Dimuth Karunaratne, A loud shout but not given! This one is angled into the batsman and comes in a little more. Karunratne fails to adjust to the movement and gets hit high on the thigh pad. An appeal but it is turned down. Too high.

Jason Behrendorff is introduced into the attack. Smart thinking from Aaron Finch, it's always good to give him the ball when it's fairly new.

19.26 IST: Pat Cummins to Dimuth Karunaratne, Three to end the over! Full and around off, Karunaratne manages to drive it square on the off side. Maxwell from point hares after it. The ball slows down as it gets to the ropes and three is taken.

19.23 IST: Mitchell Starc to Dimuth Karunaratne, Another shorter one but this does not bounce as much as Starc wanted it to. Karunaratne looks to flick but misses to get hit on the pads. A better second over from Starc.

19.21 IST: Mitchell Starc to Dimuth Karunaratne, A couple now! Not off the middle but Sri Lanka won't mind as long as they keep coming. Length and around off, Karunaratne plays inside the line, the ball goes off the outer half through backward point for two.

19.19 IST: Pat Cummins to Kusal Perera, FOUR! Short again and Cummins pays the price again! Shortish and on middle, Perera is quickly onto the back foot and pulls it over the square leg fielder for another boundary. Cummins too starts off expensively.

19.17 IST: Pat Cummins to Kusal Perera, FOUR! Hammered! The Lankans dealing in boundaries at the moment. Shortish and around off, KP picks the length early and pulls it hard through mid-wicket.

Pat Cummins to bowl from the other end with the second new ball.

19.15 IST: Mitchell Starc to Dimuth Karunaratne, FOUR! 12 from the first over. Excellent start for Lanka. Poor delivery to end the first. Short and wide outside off, Dimuth cuts it to the left of point this time and bags a boundary.

19.13 IST: Mitchell Starc to Kusal Perera, FOUR! Off the mark in style is Kusal Perera. Slightly fuller this time and there is width on offer. Perera just uses the pace of the bowler and guides it past cover-point. No stopping it once it beats the fielders in the ring.

19.10 IST: Mitchell Starc to Dimuth Karunaratne, Sri Lanka are underway! A length ball by Starc to begin with and it is outside off. Karunaratne hangs his bat out. The ball flies off the outside edge down to third man for one.

We are back for the chase! The Australian players stride out to the middle. They are followed by the Sri Lankan openers, Kusal Perera and Dimuth Karunaratne. A change for Australia as to who is going to start the bowling. It was Pat Cummins who did so in the last game and even in the one previously. This time it is Mitchell Starc who has the first new ball in his hand. Here we go...

The Lankan bowling wasn't entirely up to the mark. They were cold in Powerplay 1 but then pulled things back a bit in the middle phase. The ploy to choke the flow of runs worked as the managed to remove David Warner and Usman Khawaja quite cheaply.

Winning the toss and putting Australia to bat didn't go according to the plan for the Asian team. The Aussie openers started cautiously and then capitalized. David Warner didn't contribute much but his partner, Aaron Finch, was in scintillating form. After the fall of two quick wickets, Finch joined forces with Steve Smith and together they hammered a 173-run stand in quick time. That put Australia on track for a massive total although they failed to go past the 350-run mark in the end in spite of a 25-ball 46 cameo by Glenn Maxwell.

18.40 IST: Thisara Perera to Glenn Maxwell, FOUR! Maxwell gets a boundary at last! Perera is not able to end the over well. Still not a bad last one though, 10 came from it. Also, this is not a very bad delivery, it is a low full toss outside off. Maxwell manages to whip it through mid-wicket, away from the fielder in the deep for a boundary. AUSTRALIA END WITH 334!

18.30 IST: Isuru Udana to Glenn Maxwell, Up and just out of the reach of the backward point fielder. A length ball on off, Maxwell tries going hard at it but the ball comes on slowly and he ends up slicing it in the air. Mathews runs back a bit, then stretches his right hand out but fails to catch it. The ball rolls behind and the sweeper cover does well to boot it out just before the rope. Saves two for his side.

18.29 IST: Isuru Udana to Glenn Maxwell, OUT! Another wicket for Sri Lanka. Carey is given out, run out on the field. Brilliance from Udana. What agility shown by him there. He bowls a slower yorker on the leg pole which Maxwell jams to the right of the bowler. The batters feel it will go past him and they set off for a run but Isuru dives full stretch to his right, fields the ball. Seeing that Maxwell turns back. Carey too has to do so but Udana turns and then hits the stumps at his end. Carey tries to dive and make it but he is well short. Australia losing their way completely here.

18.27 IST: Lasith Malinga to Glenn Maxwell, Another single to end! This is magnificent stuff from the veteran. Very full on middle, Maxwell jams it out towards cover for one. Just the 15 from the last three.

Alex Carey walks in next at number 7.

18.21 IST: Isuru Udana to Shaun Marsh, OUT! Marsh holes out. This could well be a blessing in disguise for Australia as Marsh just could not get away. Once again the slower one does the trick for Udana. It is on a length and around off. Once again there is spongy bounce. Marsh looks to smash it over mid-wicket but only manages to hit it high up in the air towards deep mid-wicket where Siriwardana takes it nicely.

18.19 IST: Isuru Udana to Glenn Maxwell, Lovely delivery! The slower yorker and it dips on the batsman at the very end. Maxwell initially looks to go big but in the end tries to jam it out. Misses and the ball just about kisses the leg pole.

18.12 IST: Nuwan Pradeep to Glenn Maxwell, FOUR! Over the keeper! You can't set a field for that! 22 from the over. Short and on middle, Maxwell looks to slap it but gets a top edge over the keeper's head for a boundary. 300 up for Australia. 5 overs still to go. Also, that is the end of Pradeep tonight. A day to forget for him, 10-0-88-0.

18.09 IST: Nuwan Pradeep to Glenn Maxwell, FOUR! Maxwell is playing with the field here. They have mid on up so he hit over that fielder, they now have square leg up so he hits a boundary through there. Full and on the pads, Maxwell flicks it in front of square. The fielder in the deep runs to his right but stands no chance despite a dive. 14 from the over, two balls to go.

18.08 IST: Nuwan Pradeep to Glenn Maxwell, SIX! Almost the same spot but this goes all the way! Poor bowling. Pradeep is just asking to be hit. It is a slower one and on middle, it is short, sits up to be hit. Maxwell powers it over mid on and it goes all the way.

18.06 IST: Nuwan Pradeep to Glenn Maxwell, FOUR! Another Pradeep over starts with a boundary! He bowls it short. Maxwell clears his front leg and flat-bats it over mid on.

Surprise, surprise... it's Shaun Marsh to bat next and not Alex Carey who has been in amazing form in this World Cup. Hmm...

18.02 IST: Lasith Malinga to Steve Smith, OUT! BOWLED 'EM! That is a top, top nut by Malinga to get rid of Smith. Vintage Malinga there. He bowls a corker of a yorker on middle from around the wicket. Smith looks to jam it out but the ball sneaks under the bat and hits the stumps behind. Another excellent innings comes to an end by Smith. Both the set batters are out of here. Sri Lanka have a chance to finish strongly.

17.59 IST: Glenn Maxwell is the new man in.

17.57 IST: Isuru Udana to Aaron Finch, OUT! In the air... taken! End of a brilliant, brilliant innings by Aaron Finch. He walks off to a standing ovation and a well-deserved one.

17.54 IST: Lasith Malinga to Steve Smith, SIX! COLOSSAL! This one has gone into the crowd at mid-wicket. Smith gets across the stumps, fetches a length ball from outside off and launches it across the line. High and handsome. 14 from the over, 32 in the last two overs. Australia on the charge!

17.50 IST: Lasith Malinga to Aaron Finch, FOUR! 150 for Aaron Finch! Second score of 150 or more for Aaron Finch this year! A length ball angling into the batsman, Finch lines up the delivery and heaves it over mid-wicket for a boundary.

17.47 IST: Nuwan Pradeep to Aaron Finch, FOUR! 4th boundary in the over! Pradeep is not sure where to bowl. He has gone, full, length, short and is hit for a boundary on each of that length. This time it is a bumper. Finch goes back and pulls it through square leg for a boundary.

17.46 IST: Nuwan Pradeep to Aaron Finch, FOUR! Slapped! Into the 140s now Finch. Third boundary of the over. Short and on off, it sits up to be hit. Finch makes room and smashes it over covers for a boundary. 250 is up.

17.45 IST: Nuwan Pradeep to Steve Smith, FOUR! Back-to-back boundaries! This is class form Smith. The last one was full and he hit it for a boundary. This is short, he still manages to hit it for a boundary. It is on off, Smith guides it very fine on the off side. No chance for third man.

17.44 IST: Nuwan Pradeep to Steve Smith, FOUR! What a shot! This is very full and on middle, Smith somehow manages to squeeze it in the gap between fine leg and backward square leg for a boundary. Pressure on the bowler now as this is a poor start to the over.

17.41 IST: Thisara Perera to Aaron Finch, FOUR! FOUR MORE! It was uppish but wide of the fielder! Short and outside off, Finch cuts it past the diving point fielder and it races away. 11 from 3 balls now.

17.40 IST: Thisara Perera to Aaron Finch, SIX! Not off the middle but the result is the one he wanted. Outside off, Finch looks to drag it over the leg side. It does not come off the middle but he has so much of power, that he clears the square leg fence with ease. This is the last over of Powerplay 2, Finch would want to make use of it. 7 off the first two balls.

17.35 IST: Nuwan Pradeep to Steve Smith, FIFTY! Fifty for Smith! His 8th fifty in his last 10 World Cup innings. his love affair with the World Cup continues. 22nd in ODIs. He gets there by working it through square leg for one. He still has time to get a ton here.

*Nuwan Pradeep into the attack

17.33 IST: Thisara Perera to Steve Smith, FOUR! That has gone to the fence like a tracer bullet! too much width on offer and it is short. Finch goes back and slaps it through point. No chance for the fielder in the deep.

17.30 IST: Isuru Udana to Aaron Finch, FOUR! That's literally slapped! Udana goes for the slower one but it's very short and wide outside off. Finch has plenty of time to wait for it on the back foot. When it arrives, Aaron is ready to hammer it to the deep cover fence.

17.14 IST: Thisara Perera to Steve Smith, FOUR!​ STREAKY! Australia won't care though. 200 up for the Aussies and still 14 overs to go after this. Sri Lanka may be staring down a big score here. Length and outside off, Smith looks to punch it through covers but gets a thick outside edge which goes down to the third man fence.

*DRINKS! 15 overs left and the launching pad is set for Australia. They can really go hammer and tongs from hereon. Two set batsmen in the middle and the likes of Glenn Maxwell and Alex Carey yet to come. The Aussies really will be targeting a score close to 350 at the moment. For Sri Lanka, they bowled well in the middle phase but have lost the plot in the last few overs. It will be all about minimizing the damage for them now.

17.17 IST: Isuru Udana to Aaron Finch, FOUR! Despite Perera getting a hand to that one, he could not stop it from going to the fence. That is how firmly it was struck. Full and on off, Finch powers it to the left of mid off. Thisara there, dives and does get a hand to the ball but fails to stop it.

*Thisara Perera called upon by Sri Lanka

17.10 IST: Milinda Siriwardana to Aaron Finch, SIX! HUNDRED! What a way to get to a ton! One of the most beautiful shots played to get to his hundred. His 14th in ODIs. He missed out on one twice in this tournament so far and finally gets his first. He gets to the milestone by effortlessly lofting this over the long off fence. Went with the turn so the risk was minimal. Takes his helmet off and raises his bat. 

17.04 IST: Lasith Malinga to Steve Smith, FOUR! Another gift! Sri Lankan bowling has been very poor in the last few overs. Malinga starts with a full toss on off, Smith gently strokes it through extra cover and a boundary results.

17.00 IST: Milinda Siriwardana to Steve Smith, FOUR! Easy pickings. It's short and sliding down the leg side, Smith stands back inside the crease and nudges it fine down the leg side for a boundary.

*Milinda Siriwardana introduced into the attack

*Lasith Malinga back into the attack

16.52 IST: SIX! BOOM! Finch has taken de Silva to the cleaners in this over. Another one over the fence. Flighted and very full on middle, Finch just extends his arms and tonks it over the long off fence. 16 from the first 3 balls of this over and 20 from the last 4 balls of the game. Finch 11 short of a ton.
16.52 IST: SIX! 
All the way! A boundary followed by a biggie! This is right in Finch's zone. Full and turning back in. He goes with the turn so the risk is minimal. Clears the long on fence with ease.
16.52 IST: FOUR! 
Consecutive boundaries for Australia. Very poor delivery again! Short and down the leg side. Finch will not miss out, he pulls it past short fine leg and the ball races away.

16.51 IST: Isuru Udana to Steve Smith, FOUR! Once again Udana's last ball spoils the over! He offers a lot of width outside off and it is very full. Smith plays it late and guides it past point for a boundary.

16.43 IST: Isuru Udana to Steve Smith, FOUR! A gift for Smith, it still has to put away and he does so. Full toss, Smith flicks it through mid-wicket and the ball races away. First for him and expensive start to Udana's new spell.

16.37 IST: Nuwan Pradeep to Aaron Finch, SIX! Should release all the pressure that was building! Pradeep goes short and this time Finch might have been ready for it. He rocks back and pulls it way over the square leg fence. First of the game and spoils the over.

*Steve Smith is the new man in

16.32 IST: Dhananjaya de Silva to Usman Khawaja, OUT! Khawaja holes out! Dhananjaya strikes again and he is delighted. A flatter full ball on off at 90 kph, skidding in after landing, Khawaja stretches forward and tries to slog sweep over the leg side. But he doesn't get the desired connection and it flies in front of square leg. Isuru Udana in the deep moves across to his left and goes down low to complete the catch easily.

16.20 IST: Nuwan Pradeep to Usman Khawaja, EDGY FOUR! A welcome boundary for Australia. It has come after Powerplay 1. Nuwan Pradeep goes even wider this time and the length is fuller. Khawaja throws his bat at it but the ball flies off the outside edge and races to the third man fence.

16.13 IST: Thisara Perera to Aaron Finch, FIFTY! 24th ODI fifty for Aaron Finch! Good length delivery in the zone outside off, Finch stays back and plays it with an angled bat past the point fielder for a run. His form has been critical for Australia at the top of the order.

*Usman Khawaja is the new man in

*DRINKS! Wicket of Warner followed by a break. Sri Lanka needed that desperately. This is their chance now to regroup. Australia have the upper hand currently and Aaron Finch has looked in sublime form.

16.08 IST: Dhananjaya de Silva to David Warner, OUT! TIMBER! De Silva strikes! A much-needed wicket for Sri Lanka. A poor shot by Warner though. De Silva is getting the ball to drift in and does so once again. Also, the length is fuller. Warner stays leg side of the ball and looks to cut but the line is a little too close and the length is also not the right one to play that shot. Warner misses and the stumps behind are disturbed. So Sri Lanka have got the reward for the pressure they have built after Powerplay 1. They now need to capitalize on this.

*Dhananjaya de Silva is introduced into the attack. There's a slip in place.

15.50 IST: Thisara Perera to Aaron Finch, NOT OUT! It was pad first but the impact is umpire's call! Finch survives a close call. Could have gone either way that. A good review by Lanka and they haven't lost it. Perera bowls it on a good length and around off, it comes in late. Finch defends it outside the line. It hits both, bat and pad but not sure what it hit first. Perera appeals but the umpire shakes his head. Lanka review at the very end. Replays roll in and they confirm it is pad first. However, the impact is umpire's call.

15.41 IST: Thisara Perera to Aaron Finch, FOUR! Width on offer again and Finch pounces on it. Finch goes back and guides it through cover-point. 50 up for Australia. A solid start for them.

15.40 IST: Thisara Perera to Aaron Finch, FOUR! Finally, Finch breaches the fielder on cover. A strong shot, but an equally poor ball. Too much width from Perera.

15.40 IST: Thisara Perera replaces Nuwan Pradeep.

15.37 IST: Both the Aussie batsmen are playing it slow at the moment. Finch is looking in good touch and is timing the ball brilliantly, but straight to the fielder on the covers. Nevertheless, a steady start.

15.28 IST: Lasith Malinga to Aaron Finch, FOUR! Misfield! Malinga comes from around-the-wicket but bowls it on the off-side. Finch pushes it towards the mid-off, where the fielder fails to collect the ball.

15.26 IST: Lasith Malinga to Aaron Finch, FOUR! Straight back past the bowler! On the stumps again, Finch keeps his balance and creams it past the bowler. No stopping those.

*Isuru Udana has left the field with the physio.

15.14 IST: Nuwan Pradeep to Aaron Finch, FOUR! This outfield is lightning quick! This is angled into the pads, Finch works it nicely past the right of mid-on. Udana gives it a chase and tries to pull it back in with a dive. Does get a hand to it but the ball rolls onto the fence. Udana seems to be in pain here. He is down on the ground holding his shoulder. 

15.11 IST: Lasith Malinga to David Warner, maiden over from Malinga.

15.06 IST: Nuwan Pradeep to Aaron Finch, FOUR! WHAT A SHOT! A bit fuller this time, and Finch simply pushes it straight towards the boundary.

15.04 IST: Nuwan Pradeep to Aaron Finch, FOUR! Stand and deliver! What a shot to get off the mark! Not a very bad delivery, it is on a length and around off. Finch stands tall and punches it past mid off. The ball races away to the fence.

15.02 IST: Lasith Malinga to David Warner, FOUR! Warner is underway with a boundary and so are Australia. Gets very straight does Malinga this time. Easy pickings for Warner, he flicks it nicely between mid-wicket and mid on and the ball races away.

15.00 IST: Done and dusted with the National Anthems! The Australian openers, Aaron Finch and David Warner make their way out to the middle. Lasith Malinga has the ball for Sri Lanka

14.54 IST: Time for the National Anthems! Both the sides make their way out to the middle. We are not away from the first ball being bowled now.

14.40 IST: Playing XIs:

Australia: Aaron Finch (C), David Warner, Steven Smith, Usman Khawaja, Shaun Marsh, Glenn Maxwell, Alex Carey (WK), Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc, Kane Richardson, Jason Behrendorff

Sri Lanka: Dimuth Karunaratne (C), Kusal Perera (WK), Lahiru Thirimanne, Kusal Mendis, Angelo Mathews, Dhananjaya de Silva, Thisara Perera, Isuru Udana, Milinda Siriwardana, Lasith Malinga, Nuwan Pradeep

14.35 IST: Captains at toss:

Aaron Finch:
Still haven't managed to win a toss. I would have bowled first. A bit of cloud cover. Will swing around initially and we will have to bat well to see that phase through. We haven't done too well particularly with the bat. We have done well in patches, but it hasn't come together. We need to be disciplined against the new ball. NCN is stiff and sore, and Behrendorff will be replacing him.

Karunaratne: We'll bowl first. It has been rainy, so the moisture will help seamers initially so we need to take advantage. Pradeep is fit to play, he's been playing really well and has recovered. Siriwardene will play instead of Lakmal. We have trained harder since it has been frustrating with all our games getting rained out. Training hard. That's all we can do.

14.32 IST: TOSS - Sri Lanka have won the toss and will bowl first

Brief preview
: When Sri Lanka last played in the Cricket World Cup, the French Open was at the quarterfinals stage, the NBA Finals were 1-1, and Chris Froome was training in Tenerife. When the Sri Lankans pop back on the tournament radar in London on Saturday, it will have been a long 11 days since their last completed match. In that time, their opponent at the Oval, Australia, has overcome the West Indies, lost to India, and held off Pakistan. Australia captain Aaron Finch acknowledged the advantage was theirs. [Read full preview here]

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