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Highlights, IPL 2019: Pant, Dhawan guide Delhi to 6 wicket win over Rajasthan

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Ajinkya Rahane's ton went in vain as Rishabh Pant's unbeaten 78 and Dhawan's fifty guided Delhi to a comfortable 6 wicket win over Rajasthan Royals in Jaipur.

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New Delhi Updated on: April 23, 2019 0:03 IST
RR vs DC, Live Score, IPL Live Cricket Match: Shaw, Pant
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RR vs DC, Live Score, IPL Live Cricket Match: Shaw, Pant build after quick wickets in 192 chase

Rajasthan Royals vs Delhi Capitals, Match 40 Live from Jaipur: Starting with Ajinkya Rahane proving his critics wrong by smashing his second IPL century, RR posted a competitive total of 191/6 after being put to bat. But Delhi's chase became comfortable with Shikhar Dhawan (54) and Prithvi Shaw (42) giving the visitors a base to start on. Once Rishabh Pant came on after skipper Shreyas Iyer fell early, the swashbuckler did what he does best and that his smash away. Misfielding, dropping catches and leaking runs was Delhi's bigger advantage as Rajasthan failed restrict Delhi. Pant smashed an unbeaten 78 to help Delhi win by 6 wickets and sending DC to the top of the table.  (IPL Full Coverage) (Match Scorecard)

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IPL 2019, MATCH 40: DC (193/4) BEAT RR (191/6) BY 6 WICKETS


23.28 IST: Jofra Archer to Rishabh Pant, Comey of errors there! Very costly, very costly at this stage of the game. Rajasthan can't afford this. Archer bangs this short and it is the slower one. Pant looks to pull but only manages a top edge which goes high up in the air but lands in no man's land in the mid-wicket region. They take one but then Binny who runs in from mid-wicket, slips as he tries to pick the ball up. The batsmen take two. Then however, the ball slips out of Stokes hands who does the mopping up job giving the batsmen another run.

23.25 IST: Dhawal Kulkarni to Sherfane Rutherford, OUT! This time Rutherford holes out! He throws it away. Not sure though if this was needed by him. A good delivery by Kulkarni. It was the slower one and outside off, also, the length was shorter. Rutherford looks to flat-bat it over long off. That is never easy on such deliveries as all the power needs to be generated by the batsman. He fails to do so and Parag there, makes no mistake. 13 runs from the over but a wicket. Rajasthan still hanging in there.

23.24 IST: Dhawal Kulkarni to Sherfane Rutherford, FOUR! Rutherford shows what he is made of here! Excellent shot. Kulkarni bowls it full and wide outside off, this time SR holds his shape and then clobbers it through covers. Runs needed below 20 now.

23.21 IST: SIX! Just over the ropes! Excellent effort though from the substitute Chopra. A slower ball and it is shorter in length. Rutherford pulls it hard towards the mid-wicket fence. Chopra there runs to his right and then dives with a hand stretched out but the ball evades him and goes for a maximum. 23 in 16. DC 169/3 in 17.2 overs

23.18 IST: OUT! Caught! Shaw holes out. One might feel it was unnecessary but with Pant going on so well at the other end, it must have been difficult for Shaw to hold himself back. Delhi Capitals 161/3 in 16.4 overs

23.15 IST: FREE HIT AND FOUR! Pant is hammering away here at Jaipur. Raw power! Full on middle, Pant just chips this down to long on but so powerfully is it chipped that it bullets to the fence! DC 160/2 in 16/1 overs

23.14 IST: FOUR AND A NO BALL! DC are being handed runs here! Oh dear... that has slipped out of the hands. A massive high full toss, outside leg, Pant swings hard, with his left hand coming off the bat. The timing is excellent and the ball almost makes it to the backward square leg ropes, beating a desperate dive from the fielder running to his left. DC 156/2 in 16 overs

23.12 IST: FIFTY! Rishabh Pant scores his 10th IPL half-century. What a shot! Brings up his 50 in style. A very good innings this, he has played with responsibility and with a lot of determination. Needs to be there till the end though. He plants his front foot across and then with the angle, flicks it over the square leg fence. Delhi Capitals 150/2 in 15.4 overs

23.05 IST: FOUR! Pace on the delivery and once again Pant hits it for a boundary. Smith is not happy as this is not what he wants his bowlers to bowl. It is also short and on the body, Pant manages to pull it over short fine leg and a boundary results. DC 137/2 in 14.2 overs

23.00 IST: FOUR! FIfty partnership up for Shaw and Pant and the latter is leading Delhi in the chase. Seam up delivery and Kulkarni pays the price. Pant goes down on one knee and lofts it over the short fine leg fielder. A very important one as the two joined association when they lost two quick wickets. They need to carry on though, the job is still not done. DC 130/2 in 13.5 overs

22.59 IST: Dhawal Kulkarni to Rishabh Pant, NOT OUT! And that is why he was relaxed. He was well in. Pant works this through mid-wicket and calls for two straight away. He goes for it. The substitute, Prashant Chopra runs in, picks the ball up and scores a direct hit. An appeal follows and the umpire takes it upstairs. Replays show that Pant is fine.

22.55 IST: Jaydev Unadkat to Prithvi Shaw, SIX! WOW! He has got plenty on that one! Shaw has nailed that. Full and on middle, Shaw whips it and it sails into the wide long on stand. This is turning out to be another expensive over here. 12 from it with a ball to go. DC 120/2 in 13 overs

22.51 IST: Jaydev Unadkat to Prithvi Shaw, FOUR! In the gap and welcome boundary for Delhi. It is short and on the body of Shaw. He pulls it towards the mid-wicket fence. The fielder there runs to his right and dives but fails to stop it.

* Jaydev Unadkat is back on!

22.49 IST: Gopal to Pant, SIX! Smashed and that's the Pant we know. Another big over! 15 from it and 27 from the last two. This is right in the slot for Pant. Full and on middle, he tonks it over the long on fence. 84 needed in 48. The game is excellently poised at the moment. DC 108/2 in 12 overs

22.46 IST: FOUR! Lovely shot! The placement here is the key. Shaw uses his feet but does not get to the pitch of the ball. He though still manages to stroke it past cover and away from long off for a boundary. Ideal start to the over. DC 97/2 in 11.1 overs

22.45 IST: FOUR! Not learning is Parag here. He bangs it short again, Pant rocks back and hammers it through mid-wicket. It is in the gap and it is the second boundary of the over. DC 93/2 in 10.5 overs

22.44 IST: FOUR! Well timed! This time he pays the price for bowling short. Pant is down on one knee and he pulls it through backward square leg for a much-needed boundary. Delhi would hope, this gets Pant going. DC 87/2 in 10.3 overs

22.39 IST: Jofra Archer to Rishabh Pant, A great delivery by Archer. A back of a length delivery on off, coming in for Pant. Pant was in double mind in this. At first he looks to cut it but then decides to guide it towards the third man but is very late to decide. He fails to connect and is beaten.

* Rishabh Pant is the new man in!

22.36 IST: Riyan Parag to Shreyas Iyer, OUT! Straight to the man! Two wickets in quick succession for the hosts and they are back on top now. The in-form Delhi skipper is walking back without making much of an impact. A nothing delivery to be honest this. It is short and on off, Iyer once again looks to pull but does not get the desired connection. He hits it flat and straight down the throat of Ben Stokes at the mid-wicket boundary. He takes a dolly. Delhi Capitals 77/2 in 8.5 overs

* Shreyas Iyer comes out to bat!

22.30 IST: Gopal to Dhawan, OUT! Deceived and stumped! Dhawan walks back after a blistering fifty. Gopal is the man who provides Rajasthan the breakthrough. How many times have we seen him delivering for his captain this season? Clever stuff from him. He sees Dhawan come down the track so he fires it at 92.5 KPH and wide outside off. Dhawan fails to put bat on ball as he is a touch late in the shot. Samson behind, collects the ball and whips the bails off. Gopal waves bye as Dhawan walks back. An excellent innings though from him, he has got Delhi off to a very good start. Rajasthan though now have a chance to get things under a bit of control. DC 72/1 in 7.3 overs

22.27 IST: FOUR! Poor ball and put away! Short and on middle, Shaw goes back and pulls it through square leg. It is in the gap and they get the boundary they need every over. DC 66/0 in 6.4 overs

* Strategic break has been signalled! A much-needed break for the hosts to be honest. They have been battered in the Powerplay, the crowd here has gone quiet and the dropped catch in this over has not helped.

22.21 IST: Kulkarni to Dhawan, FOUR! Consecutive boundaries and third in the over. Slightly short on middle and Kulkarni picks the length early. He pulls it hard through mid-wicket and you need not run for those. DC 58/0 in 5.5 overs

22.21 IST: Kulkarni to Dhawan, FOUR! Innovation and it comes off. Shuffles right across the off pole. Kulkarni bowls a low full toss outside off. Dhawan still manages to scoop it in the fine leg region for a boundary. DC 54/0 in 5.4 overs

22.18 IST: Dhawal Kulkarni to Prithvi Shaw, DROPPED! Ashton Turner is the culprit. He is having an edition to forget. First a duck on the very first ball and now a dropped catch when Rajasthan needed a wicket. Yes, it was a skier but it should have been taken. Kulkarni bangs it short, this one is quicker than the last ball. Shaw goes for the pull again but does not get on top of the bounce. A top edge is produced and it goes high up in the air towards mid-wicket.

22.14 IST: Dhawal Kulkarni to Prithvi Shaw, FOUR! Make that 4 overs in a row that has begun with a boundary. Shaw finally gets hold of one. It is on the shorter side, Shaw stands tall and pulls it over mid-wicket. DC 41/0 in 4.1 overs

22.11 IST: FOUR! Up and over the bowler's head! 10 from the first two balls. Dhawan dances down the track and gets to the pitch of the ball. He lofts it over the bowler and bags another boundary. DC 32/0 in 3.2 overs

22.10 IST: Shreyas Gopal to Shikhar Dhawan, SIX! All the way! A boundary to begin the over. Pressure on the bowler now. Dhawan brings out his favorite sweep shot. The ball though takes the top edge but it flies over the fine leg fence. It was the quicker one from Gopal and hence, it went all the way. DC 32/0 in 3.1 overs

22.09 IST: Jaydev Unadkat to Shikhar Dhawan, FOUR! Welcome into the attack! Dhawan going straightaway after a man who is low on confidence to dent it further. Dhawan steps down the track and it is a length ball. He smashes it past mid on and a boundary results.

22.07 IST: Dhawal Kulkarni to Shikhar Dhawan, FOUR! First boundary too comes from Dhawan's bat. Kulkarni bowls it short and it has been put away. Shikhar stands tall and pulls it. It is not off the middle but still has enough to get to the mid-wicket fence.

22.06 IST: Dhawal Kulkarni to Shikhar Dhawan, FOUR! First boundary too comes from Dhawan's bat. Kulkarni bowls it short and it has been put away. Shikhar stands tall and pulls it. It is not off the middle but still has enough to get to the mid-wicket fence.

22.04 IST: Dhawal Kulkarni to Shikhar Dhawan, SIX! Terrific from Dhawan. First of the innings! He shuffles across once again and Kulkarni bowls it where the batter wanted him to, on the pads. Shikhar picks it over the mid-wicket fence for a biggie.

* We are back for the chase! Shikhar Dhawan and Pritvi Shaw are the openers for Delhi. The right-hander will take the strike. Stuart Binny will start the proceedings for Rajasthan. Here we go....

21.42 IST: BOWLED! Timber and that's it!  A wicket of a yorker earlier and now a wicket off a full toss. Rabada just continues to take wickets. Not the best of balls but it is too quick for Parag who was trying to back away and smash it over cover. But he was done in by the 151.7 kph full toss, lost it completely and the leg stump was sent for a walk. RAJASTHAN FINISH ON 191/6!

21.35 IST: FOUR! Clean hitting. Morris goes length and that too, at the death. Punished. Binny whips it from middle and leg over mid-wicket and gets a boundary. A fine last over from Morris, apart from that final ball but take a look at his figures - 4-0-41-1. He has taken a beating. RR 183/4 in 19 overs

21.34 IST: Kagiso Rabada to Ajinkya Rahane, IN THE AIR BUT SAFE! Rabada bowls a short of a length delivery, Rahane looks to pull but gets a top edge. It goes towards mid-wicket where it falls in no man's land. Rabada runs to his right and does not get there. The batsmen take a run in the process.

21.28 IST: FOUR! Binny has a crack and that's a boundary. Off the top edge, but Rajasthan will take it. A short ball, outside off, Binny looks to pull but the ball comes on too quickly for him. Takes the top edge and goes over the keeper. Pant and short third man hare after it, but in vain. RR 172/4 in 17.3 overs

* Stuart Binny walks in at number 6, replacing Turner.

21.24 IST: Ishant Sharma to Ashton Turner, OUT! Caught! 5TH CONSECUTIVE DUCK FOR TURNER IN THE T20 FORMAT! Full and outside off, Turner comes forward and chips it away, but straight to Sherfane Rutherford at short extra cover! He cannot buy a run, this Aussie..

21.20 IST: Ishant Sharma to Ajinkya Rahane, There it is! CENTURY FOR RAHANE! His second in the Indian T20 League. Just a few days ago, there were some people who were questioning Rahane's position in the team. Tonight, their questions might have been answered. A century in just 58 balls. So no time wasting. 11 fours, 3 sixes. Gets there with a gentle flick through mid-wicket and charges back for the second.

21.18 IST:  OUT! Caught! Stokes has holed out to a full toss. And he cannot believe it. It is a bit of a high full toss and hence perhaps Ben mistimed it. The ball barely carried towards long on where Shreyas Iyer took it comfortably, almost 15 yards inside the boundary line. RR 157/3 in 15.5 overs

21.17 IST: Chris Morris to Ajinkya Rahane, FOUR! Soft delivery from Morris but what timing from Rahane. Square leg was up in the ring and Morris offers a hit-me ball, bowling it on a length on the pads. All Rahane has to do is use his wrists and guide it over square leg. Still, the timing was excellent. RR 157/2 in 15.3 overs

21.10 IST: Ishant to Rahane, FOUR! Beautiful, just beautiful! Rahane moves to 87. Full and outside off, Rahane leans and carves it over cover for a boundary! RR 149/2 in 14.5 overs

21.08 IST: Ishant to Stokes, FOUR! Punched down the ground and Stokes is off the mark. That is important for Rajasthan - momentum cannot afford to dip. Full and outside off, Stokes comes down the track and powers it past mid off for a boundary! RR 144/2 in 14.2 overs

* Ishant Sharma is back on. 2-0-12-0 so far.

* Ben Stokes walks in at number 4, replacing his skipper.

21.02 IST: OUT!  Smith holes out! He was two runs short of 2000 Indian T20 League runs. Coming to the ball, it was fired up flat outside off, Smith came down the track and looked to go over the top. Unfortunately for him though, the ball hit the toe end of the bat. Still, it looked to clear the man stationed there.. RR 135/2 om 13.1 overs

21.00 IST: FIFTY! Steve Smith scores his 8th IPL half-century. Back-to-back 50s for Steven Smith. Excellent innings from him. Full on off, Smith drives it towards mid off for a run. Rajasthan Royals 135/1 in 13 overs

20.59 IST: Morris to Rahane, FOUR! RR 133/1 in 12.3 overs

20.59 IST: Morris to Rahane, SIX! Rahane is on fire! Improvisation! Unbelievable batting continues from both these batsmen.Full and outside off, Rahane gets down and across and then scoops it over short fine leg. It goes all the way! RR 129/1 in 12.2 overs

20.56 IST: Rutherford to Smith, FOUR! Hat-trick of boundaries! Full and wide outside off, Smith leans, opens the face of the bat and guides it between point and backward point! RR 120/1 in 11.4 overs

20.55 IST: Rutherford to Smith, FOUR! Back to back boundaries. Another off cutter and punished! A slower short ball, around off, Smith pulls it wide of mid on and gets a boundary! RR 116/1 in 11.3 overs

20.54 IST: Rutherford to Smith, FOUR! Poor ball. Down the leg side, tickled past the keeper to the fine leg fence. RR 112/1 in 11.2 overs

20.52 IST: Amit Mishra to Steven Smith, OOPS! What has happened there? Tossed up on middle, Smith comes down the track and plays it back towards Mishra. Now, here is the drama. Mishy collects the ball and throws it at the keeper's end but because Smith is in the way, the throw is wayward. Now, spare a thought for Rishabh Pant. He is blinded with Smith in the way but still tries to stop it with his left glove. It pings him hard and he immediately takes his glove off. Smith asks him whether he is fine and Pant does not look too happy.

20.46 IST: Amit to Smith, FOUR! SMASH! As a bowler, Mishra did nothing wrong. But as a batsman, Smith was 200 percent excellent. Unbelievable shot. Tossed up, around middle, Smith comes down the track and whips it against the spin, over mid-wicket for a boundary. RR 104/1 in 10.3 overs

20.46 IST: Amit to Smith, FOUR! Brilliant batting by Smith! SMASH! As a bowler, Mishra did nothing wrong. But as a batsman, Smith was 200 percent excellent. Unbelievable shot. Tossed up, around middle, Smith comes down the track and whips it against the spin, over mid-wicket for a boundary. RR 100/1 in 10.2 overs

20.43 IST: Amit to Rahane, FOUR! Wonderful batting. Rahane continues to takes runs off Axar. Fractionally short, around middle, Jinx gets down on a knee and pull-paddles this, past short fine leg. RR 92/1 in 9.4 overs

20.43 IST: Amit to Rahane, FOUR! Timing and precision! Rahane is on fire here. Full and outside off, Rahane comes down the track and lofts it over cover for a boundary! RR 86/1 in 9.2 overs

20.38 IST: Amit Mishra to Steven Smith, FOUR! STUPENDOUS! This is called toying with the bowling. One of the toughest shots to play. That is why, he is also called Precocious. The batsman here has to first come down the track and get to the pitch of the ball. Then with his wrists, maneuver the ball against the spin. Too difficult. But Smith makes it look too easy and whips it to the mid-wicket fence. 'Asian wrists' says Murali Kartik on air. RR 81/1 in 8.3 overs

20.36 IST: Chris Morris to Steven Smith, FOUR! Poor bowling. Full and down the leg side, on the pads, Smith says thank you very much and flicks it through mid-wicket. The ball races away to the fence. 12 from Morris' first.

20.34 IST: FOUR! SLAUGHTERED! FIFTY FOR RAHANE! What has Rahane had for a snack in the evening? A 32-ball 50 for the former skipper! Short and outside off, Rahane pounces onto the length and pulls it over mid-wicket, over the fielder, who for some reason, is standing 15 yards in. One bounce and into the ropes. Had he been back, Rahane would have been back as well - to the dugout.

20.30 IST: Amit Mishra to Ajinkya Rahane, 50 partnership between Ajinkya Rahane and Steven Smith. Flighted delivery on middle, Rahane flicks it towards mid-wicket. The batsmen get two runs.

20.25 IST:  Kagiso Rabada to Steven Smith, On a good length on off, Smith plays it to point. 14 runs have come from the over. Rajasthan are 52/1 after 6 overs. A decent Powerplay for the visitors.

20.24 IST: Rabada to Rahane, FOUR! A 153.4 kph ball has been sent to the fence! Fired in on middle, Rahane gets across and just tickles it past short fine leg for a boundary! RR 50/1 in 5.3 overs

20.23 IST: Rabada to Rahane, SIX! Just WOW! Smashed by Rahane. No respect. A length ball outside off, Rahane comes down the track and smashes it over long off! RR 45/1 in 5.2 overs

* Kagiso Rabada to bowl the final over of the Powerplay.

20.20 IST: Axar to Rahane, FOUR! TOP EDGE again! Rahane is leading a charmed life. RR 36/1 in 4.4 overs

20.19 IST: Axar to Rahane, SIX! Up, up and away! There comes the first six of the game. Full and around middle, Rahane comes down the track and sends it sailing over the sightscreen! RR 32/1 in 4.3 overs

20.19 IST: Axar Patel to Ajinkya Rahane, IN THE AIR... BUT DROPPED! Oh Ishant, Ishant, Ishant... what have you done? A chance missed for Delhi to get another early wicket which has now been squandered. Full and around middle, Rahane gets down and looks to sweep. It goes off the top edge a bit and straight to Ishant Sharma at short fine leg. But the ball goes in and then out! Put down...

20.16 IST: Ishant to Smith, FOUR! He dives, he flies and ALMOST GETS THERE! Who is that? An alien? An earthling? In Alan Wilkins' words, he is 'Abra ca Dabra, Kagiso Rabada!' What an effort. Take a bow. RR 22/1 in 3.4 overs

20.15 IST: Axar Patel to Steven Smith, Tossed up on middle, Smith comes down the track and flicks it through mid-wicket for a run. 8 runs have come from the over.

20.11 IST: Axar to Rahane, FOUR! Shot! Over the covers and sails away for a boundary. Nicely done again. Third boundary for R and R. Meaning, Rajasthan and Rahane. Jinx steps down the track, gets to the pitch of the ball and just uses his wrists to flick it over mid-wicket for a boundary! RR 14/1 in 2.2 overs

20.07 IST: Rabada to Rahane, FOUR! BRILLIANT! Rahane is up and running. Full and outside off, Rahane leans and drives it past the mid off fielder for a boundary! RR 9/1 in 1.3 overs

*Captain Steven Smith walks in at number 3, replacing Samson.

20.06 IST: OUT! Confusion and Samson is gone! Run out! Oh dear... what a bonus for Delhi. A communication breakdown between Samson and Rahane. On a length, around off, Rahane works it to the leg side and initially sets off for a single. Samson responds but then Rahane stops as he sees Rabada charge to the ball to his right. However, Samson does not see Rahane stopping initially.. Rajasthan Royals 5/1 in 1.1 overs

20.00 IST: Ishant to Rahane, FOUR! A beautiful shot played by Rahane! The first boundary of the innings and well played. Not a bad ball to be honest. Outside off, on a length, Rahane comes forward, gets to the pitch of the ball and just eases it between cover and point. RR 4/0 on 0/2 overs

19.58 IST: We are all set to begin. The Delhi players are out in the middle. Ajinkya Rahane and Sanju Samson will open the batting for Rajasthan. Ishant Sharma will start the proceedings for Delhi. Let's get started!

* PITCH REPORT - Graeme Smith doing the pitch report says it is a very big playing surface. Adds there is a little bit of dryness on this track and there will be carry for the seamers. Also says there is a bit of grass and the length is going to be the key for the bowlers. Smith ends by saying that the team which wins the toss should bowl first and chase under lights.

Delhi Capitals Playing XI: Prithvi Shaw, Shikhar Dhawan, Shreyas Iyer(c), Rishabh Pant(w), Colin Ingram, Chris Morris, Sherfane Rutherford, Axar Patel, Kagiso Rabada, Amit Mishra, Ishant Sharma

Rajasthan Royals Playing XI: Ajinkya Rahane, Sanju Samson(w), Steven Smith(c), Ben Stokes, Riyan Parag, Ashton Turner, Stuart Binny, Shreyas Gopal, Jofra Archer, Jaydev Unadkat, Dhawal Kulkarni

19.30 IST: Delhi Capitals win toss, opt to bowl against Rajasthan Royals in Jaipur

18.20 IST: A northern derby in the cards today! Who will come out on top?

Hello and welcome to our live blog of Match 40 of the Indian Premier League as Rajasthan Royals take on Delhi Capitals live at the Sawai Mansingh Stadium in Jaipur. The TOSS will take place at 7.30 PM IST while play will commence from 8.00 PM IST. Catch all the live IPL coverage here at IndiaTV.

Brief Preview: Having secured a much-needed victory against Mumbai Indians, Rajasthan Royals will look to continue with the winning momentum against an in-form Delhi Capitals (DC) when the two teams meet at the Sawai Mansingh Stadium on Monday. (Read Full Preview Here)

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