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Highlights, World Cup 2019: Clinical New Zealand beat Afghanistan to go top on table

The 89-run stand between Taylor and Williamson for the third wicket in the moderate 173 chase guides New Zealand to 7 wicket win over Afghanistan.

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New Delhi Updated on: June 09, 2019 1:39 IST
Live Cricket Score, Afghanistan vs New Zealand, World Cup
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Live Cricket Score, Afghanistan vs New Zealand, World Cup 2019, Match 13: Williamson and Taylor are leading the NZ run chase.

AFG vs NZ, World Cup 2019: Hello and welcome to our coverage of Match 13 of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 between Afghanistan and New Zealand in Taunton. New Zealand are heavy favourites against Afghanistan to make it three in a row. Their bowlers are relishing the English conditions, especially Matt Henry who has 7 wickets in two games. He has been their best as for now. The others too have been very good and that is probably going to be Afghanistan's problem as their batting has been extremely poor. Only Najibullah Zadran has shown some kind of form. They have been dealt a blow as well, Mohammad Shahzad has been ruled out of the World Cup. The player yet did not make an impact in this event but he is an impact player so he will be missed. Once again they will be highly dependent on their spinners against a New Zealand side which is not very good against spin. Also, if they somehow manage to get through the Kiwi top four early, they would probably then stand a chance as the middle order seemed fragile in the last game. That is one area the Kiwis would want to address. It is almost a must-win game for the Afghans as a loss here will dent their chances of making it into the knockouts. Will we have an upset in Taunton? (Scorecard | When and where to watch)

New Zealand beat Afghanistan by 7 wickets

Comprehensive win for the Kiwis. The result was never in doubt once the Afghans folded for 172 but losing Guptill and Munro inside Powerplay 1 would have given them some nervous moments in the dressing room. However, the 89-run stand between Taylor and Williamson for the third wicket allayed all fears. Job well done.

00.50 IST: Aftab Alam to Kane Williamson, A single to finish the game! Williamson gets one on his body, he works it fine on the leg side and gets to the other end. The customary handshakes take place as NEW ZEALAND WIN BY 7 WICKETS!

00.45 IST: Hamid Hassan to Kane Williamson, Doing it in singles! On the pads, Williamson tucks it around the corner and gets to the other end.

00.42 IST: Aftab Alam to Kane Williamson, Angled into the batsman, Williamson looks to work it on the leg side. The ball goes off the leading edge towards point. They think of a run but then seeing the fielder misfield. The go for it and complete it.

00.39 IST: Hamid Hassan to Kane Williamson, FOUR! Raining boundaries now! Full and on the pads, easy pickings for Kane. He flicks it through mid-wicket and the ball races away to the fence.

00.35 IST: Gulbadin Naib to Kane Williamson, FOUR! Slapped! Short and wide outside off, Williamson goes back and hits it hard through covers for a boundary. 150 up.

00.32 IST: Aftab Alam to Tom Latham, A huge appeal but not given! The bowler can't believe it but he can't do anything about it as Afghanistan do not have a review left. Good length around the leg stump. Latham looks to defend but misses to get hit on the pads. A huge shout but the umpire shakes his head. Seems to have pitched outside leg and also there was a doubt whether it was pad first or bat. Difficult to judge by the replays.

00.30 IST: Gulbadin Naib to Tom Latham, This is angled into the batter, Latham works it nicely through square leg and takes one.

Gulbadin Naib is back!

00.27 IST: Aftab Alam to Tom Latham, FOUR! A freebie to get off the mark! A full toss, Latham shows the full face of the bat and strokes it down to the long on fence. So 10 runs and a wicket from the over, an action-packed one. 39 more needed.

Tom Latham walks out to bat.

00.22 IST: Aftab Alam to Ross Taylor, OUT! TIMBER! Alam has his revenge! Not the best of balls to get a batsman though. Taylor has been cleaned up off a full toss. It is on off, Taylor plays outside the line, the ball sneaks between the gap of bat and pad and hits the off pole.

00.21 IST: Aftab Alam to Ross Taylor, FOUR! Another misfield! Just sums up their performance in the field today. Short and on the body, Williamson pulls it towards fine leg. The fielder there moves to his right and then lets it through his legs.

00.18 IST: Mohammad Nabi to Kane Williamson, A couple for Williamson to get to his half ton. His 38th in ODIs. It has not been a trademark innings from him. Has struggled to find the games and has gone about things quite slowly. His fifty comes up in 77 balls. He cuts this through point and takes a brace. New Zealand 124/2 (25 overs) vs Afghanistan (172)

The ball is lost. So we have a box of replacement balls coming out.

00.14 IST: Mohammad Nabi to Ross Taylor, SIX! That has gone all the way! First biggie of the innings! Taylor may have decided to attack the offie. He shuffles across and goes with the turn. Connects well and it goes over the mid-wicket fence. NEW BALLS PLEASE! That has gone out of the stadium.

00.12 IST: Rahmat Shah to Kane Williamson, FOUR! A drag down and Williamson puts it away. A rare bad delivery from Shah. Kane goes back and pulls it behind square, away from the fielder in the deep and a boundary. 60 more needed now.

00.08 IST: Gulbadin Naib to Ross Taylor, EDGED AND OVER! FOUR! New Zealand continue riding their luck today! Short and outside off, Taylor looks to get on top of the bounce and guide it down to third man but fails to do so. The top edge is taken and it goes over the keeper for a boundary.

Rahmat Shah is doing a terrific job. He has rarely bowled a bad ball. Even Rashid Khan slips in the odd loose delivery but Rahmat has been mighty consistent and accurate.

00.06 IST: Rahmat Shah to Kane Williamson, Thrown up around off, milked down to long on for one. 100 UP FOR NEW ZEALAND. 73 more needed.

00.05 IST: Rahmat Shah to Kane Williamson, Tossed up around middle, pushed down to long off for a single. Williamson moves to 40.

00.03 IST: Gulbadin Naib to Kane Williamson, FOUR! Williamson gets this through point! Short and asking to be hit, there is also width on offer. KW cuts it through point for a boundary.

00.01 IST: Rahmat Shah to Ross Taylor, Edged but short! Played that with soft hands did Taylor. This is on off, it once again turns away. Taylor plays inside the line with soft hands but the ball goes off the outside edge and on the bounce to first slip. Good over by Shah.

23.58 IST: Rahmat Shah to Ross Taylor, BEATEN! Good delivery that! Lands it on off and Taylor plays the original trajectory. The ball pitches and spins away. Beats the outside edge.

23.55 IST: Gulbadin Naib to Kane Williamson, Kane misses out! Generally so good through that region but struggling to find the the gap today. Short and outside off, he cuts it but finds point.

23.51 IST: Gulbadin Naib to Kane Williamson, FOUR! The New Zealand skipper smashes it brilliantly towards the midwicket boundary. 

23.38 IST: Rahmat Shah to Ross Taylor, FOUR! Thick edge of the bat and the ball sails towards the boundary line. Naib instantly places a slip.

23.28 IST: Gulbadin Naib to Kane Willaimson, FOUR! Cuts off the front foot this time. 

23.22 IST: Mohammad Nabi replaces Aftab Alam.

23.22 IST: Maiden over from skipper Gulbadin Naib.

23.14 IST: Aftab Alam to Ross Taylor, FOUR! Ross Taylor and pull shot = better love story than _____? Fill in the blanks with whatever suits you best.

23.12 IST: NOT OUT! Huge gap between bat and ball. Review wasted, and the Afghanistan players don't look happy with Gulbadin.

23.12 IST: Gulbadin Naib to Kane Williamson, appeal for caught-behind, but umpire gives it not out. INSTANT REVIEW from Naib!

23.11 IST: Gulbadin Naib to Kane Williamson, FOUR! 

23.04 IST: Aftab Alam to Colin Munro, OUT! Lofts it over to third man and caught! Alam bowls around the wicket and keeps it short, offering huge amount of width. And the tactic worked perfectly for the bowler, as Munro simply hands it straight to the third man.

23.03 IST: Aftab Alam replaces Hamid Hassan.

22.59 IST: Gulbadin Naib to Kane Williamson, FOUR! It had been a good over for Naib before this delivery. Offers width, and Williamson punches it gracefully towards the gap between cover and point. 

22.58 IST: Gulbadin Naib replaces Aftab Alam.

22.54 IST: Hamid Hassan to Kane Williamson, FOUR! Thick inside edge and races towards the fine leg boundary. 

22.46 IST: Hamid Hassan to Colin Munro, FOUR! Right off the middle! Risky shot though. He looks to play it on the up with two slips and a gully in place. Gets it off the middle though and it races through cover for a boundary.

22.41 IST: Aftab Alam to Colin Munro, FOUR! Punched towards mid-off, and the fielder fails to stop the ball.

22.34 IST: Aftab Alam to Colin Munro, FOUR! Consecutive boundaries! Short and outside off, Munro punches it through the covers for a boundary again!

22.33 IST: Aftab Alam to Colin Munro, FOUR! Bash. Full and outside off, Munro hammers it down the ground for a boundary!

22.31 IST: Aftab Alam to Martin Guptill, OUT! WHAT A START! A wicket first ball! Superb start for Afghanistan. A length ball, around off, coming in, Guptill looks to tuck it to the leg side but the ball takes the inside edge, hits the pads and lobs to backward point. Simple catch for Najibullah Zadran. Afghanistan appeal and the umpire raises his finger!

22.30 IST: The two New Zealand batsmen have arrived at the crease.

22.00 IST: Lockie Ferguson to Hashmatullah Shahidi, OUT! Afghanistan have been bowled out.

21.46 IST: Trent Boult to Hashmatullah Shahidi, FOUR! Boult attempted a yorker but it ends up being a full toss. An easy flick for Shahidi.

21.42 IST: Lockie Ferguson to Hashmatullah Shahidi, FOUR! 50 for Shahidi.

21.39 IST: Trent Boult to Hashmatullah Shahidi, FOUR! Shahidi attempts a pull but the ball finds an outside edge. It goes over the keeper's head and crosses the fence.

21.38 IST: Lockie Ferguson to Hamid Hassan, FOUR! A yorker-length delivery, but slightly full. Hassan drives it towards the leg side. Huge cheer from the Afghanistan fans!

21.35 IST: Lockie Ferguson to Aftab Alam, OUT! Another top-edge, but this time the ball fails to travel the distance. Wicketkeeper Tom Latham gives it a chase and manages to catch it. 9th wicket down!

21.34 IST: Lockie Ferguson to Aftab Alam, FOUR! Off the top edge this time!

21.33 IST: Lockie Ferguson to Aftab Alam, FOUR! Pulls it towards the midwicket this time.

21.27 IST: Lockie Ferguson to Aftab Alam, FOUR! Alam has come up with an attacking mindset here. Hits the very first delivery towards the cover boundary.

21.21 IST: Lockie Ferguson to Rashid Khan, OUT! Onto the helmet and then onto the stumps! That is a brutal delivery. And poor Rashid Khan. He looks totally non-plussed.

21.18 IST: Colin de Grandhomme to Ikram Ali Khil, OUT! Clever from Grandhomme. He bowls slow to Ikram, premeditating that the batsman would want to hit him. And it worked! Ikram hits it but the ball fails to travel the distance. Easy catch for the point fielder.

21.12 IST: Lockie Ferguson replaces James Neesham, who finishes his spell with a mightily impressive figure. 10-1-31-5.

21.01 IST: Matt Henry to Hashmatullah Shahidi, FOUR! INSIDE-EDGE! Shahidi is lucky here. The batsman wanted to drive the ball towards cover, but the ball finds a thick inside-edge and travels past the stumps.

20.53 IST: Matt Henry to Hashmatullah Shahidi, FOUR! A brilliant cover drive from Shahidi, and the ball races towards the fence. Needless to say, Afghanistan need a lot of them.

20.43 IST: The play resumes and James Neesham strikes twice almost immediately. The Kiwi pacer sends Mohammad Nabi and Najibullah Zadran in quick succession as pressure is mounting on Afghanistan.

20.09 IST: Bad news. The rain has arrived again and the play has been stopped for the second time in the first innings.

20.06 IST: James Neeshan to Hashmatullah Shahidi, FOUR!

20.00 IST: The players are back on the field.

And it's raining at Taunton. The clouds were hovering ever since the beginning of the season, but the rain has finally arrived, with heavy winds. It's all grey over the ground.

19.27 IST: Colin de Grandhomme to Hashmatullah Shahidi, FOUR! Nicely cut behind point!

19.16 IST: Maiden over by Ferguson. Kept Nabi quiet with a few short-pitched deliveries.

* Mohammad Nabi walks in at number 6, replacing his skipper.

19.08 IST: Jimmy Neesham to Gulbadin Naib, OUT! Caught behind! Indeed a massive spike and this is a real waste of a review from the captain. A length ball outside off, moving away, Naib swings hard and the ball deflects behind to the keeper. It is pretty hard to say from the naked eye but umpire Aleem Dar raises his finger! Naib immediately takes the review but Ultra Edge detects a spike when the ball passes the toe end of the bat. He has to go. Afghanistan 70/4 in 14.1 overs

Naib has been adjudged caught behind! But he is not going anywhere. He has immediately taken the review. Seems like a massive movement. Was it just swing? Oh dear... there is a spike. This might be a waste of a review.

19.00 IST: Neesham to Hashmatullah, FOUR! IMPERIOUS! A length ball, around off, Naib hammers it straight back over mid on and finds the boundary! 4/2 in the last 2 overs! AFG 70/3 in 13 overs

* Gulbadin Naib walks in at number 5, replacing Rahmat.

18.58 IST: Jimmy Neesham to Rahmat Shah, OUT! Leading edge and taken! On a good length outside off, coming in, Rahmat looks to defend but gets squared up. The ball goes off the leading edge and Martin Guptill takes it easily to his left at backward point. Afghanistan 66/3 in 12.3 overs.

18.54 IST: Hashmatullah Shahidi is the new man in.

18.49 IST: Lockie Ferguson to Noor Ali Zadran, OUT! Afghanistan have lost their second wicket! Ferguson kept it short but down the leg, and Zadran attempts to brush it past the keeper. However, he couldn't reach the ball in time and edges it. A simple catch for Tom Latham.

18.49 IST: Rahmat Shah is the new man in.

18.45 IST: James Neesham to Hazratullah Zazai, OUT! Straight to the man! Pretty needless but that is how he plays. He has done the hard work, seen off the new balls and then thrown it away with a soft dismissal.

18.43 IST: James Neesham to Noor Ali Zadran, FOUR! Wow. What a shot. Afghanistan have been red-hot with the bat today. Full and outside off, Noor Ali drives this straight down the ground and beats mid off!

18.42 IST: James Neesham replaces Matt Henry.

18.40 IST: Lockie Ferguson to Noor Ali Zadran, FOUR! Majestic! Ferguson keeps it full this time and Zadran drives it brilliantly between point and cover.

18.39 IST: Lockie Ferguson to Hazratullah Zazai, FOUR! Poor bowling. Down the leg side, fuller in length, Zazai tickles this to the fine leg fence!

18.38 IST: Lockie Ferguson replaces Trent Boult.

18.36 IST: Matt Henry to Hazratullah Zazai, FOUR! He is timing them well now. Fractionally short, outside off, Zazai slams this over cover and gets a boundary. 50 UP FOR AFGHANISTAN. That is a solid start.

18.33 IST: Matt Henry to Hazratullah Zazai, SIX! HUMONGOUS! That is a Zazai special. He has announced himself. A short ball, around off, Hazrat swings and deposits this into the mid-wicket stands for half a dozen! And he has forced the umpires to get a new ball because this one is gone.

18.25 IST: Matt Henry to Noor Ali Zadran, FOUR! Poor length from Henry. Bowls straight on his pads and Zadran flicks it brilliantly.

18.16 IST: Matt Henry to Noor Ali Zadran, FOUR! Straight drive from Zadran this time on a half volley.

18.04 IST: Matt Henry to Hazrat Zazai, FOUR! Hammered! This is right off the middle. Short and on middle, Zazai hangs back and powers the pull past mid-wicket and the ball races away. Three in a row!

18.03 IST: Matt Henry to Hazratullah Zazai, FOUR! Back-to-back boundaries! Fortunate one. Length and outside off, Zazai hangs his bat out but the ball flies off the outside edge and goes over the first slip fielder for a boundary.

18.02 IST: Matt Henry to Hazratullah Zazai, FOUR! Off the mark in style is Zazai! Short and on the body, Zazai helps it on its way to the fine leg fence. First of the game. Poor delivery after two good balls.

17.59 IST: The players are taking the field. 

Afghanistan (PLAYING XI) - Hazratullah Zazai, Noor Ali Zadran (IN FOR MOHAMMAD SHAHZAD), Rahmat Shah, Hashmatullah Shahidi, Mohammad Nabi, Gulbadin Naib (C), Najibullah Zadran, Ikram Alikhil (WK) (IN FOR MUJEEB UR RAHMAN), Rashid Khan, Aftab Alam (IN FOR DAWLAT ZADRAN), Hamid Hassan.

New Zealand (UNCHANGED PLAYING XI) - Martin Guptill, Colin Munro, Kane Williamson (C), Ross Taylor, Tom Latham (WK), James Neesham, Colin de Grandhomme, Mitchell Santner, Matt Henry, Lockie Ferguson, Trent Boult.

17.39 IST: New Zealand has won the toss and will bowl first. Kane Williamson will field an unchanged side.

17.38 IST: Hello and welcome to the live blog of the game between Afghanistan and New Zealand.

Brief preview: New Zealand will start as clear favourites against Afghanistan after registering a tight win in their last encounter, when the two sides meet for a World Cup clash on Saturday. Kane Williamson's side is at the top of the standings as they have a better net run-rate than Australia after achieving two contrasting victories. The Black Caps cruised to a 10-wicket victory over Sri Lanka in their opening game, but had to toil hard for a two-wicket victory against Bangladesh on Wednesday at The Oval in London. [Read full preview]

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