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Highlights, India vs South Africa, 2nd Test Day 3: India bowl South Africa out on 275, take 326-run lead

India vs South Africa, 2nd Test Day 3, Highlights: Follow ball-by-ball updates of day two of the second Test match between IND and SA live from the MCA Stadium in Pune.

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New Delhi Updated on: October 12, 2019 17:04 IST
India vs South Africa, 2nd Test Day 3, Live Cricket Score
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India vs South Africa, 2nd Test Day 3, Live Cricket Score

India vs South Africa, 2nd Test Day 3: Follow all IND vs SA updates from Pune

Highlights, India vs South Africa, 2nd Test, Day 3: Hello and welcome to our coverage of day two of the first Test between India and South Africa from the Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium. After some long and hard resistance from Keshav Maharaj and Vernon Philander, India managed to get two wickets in the span of four overs and bowl South Africa out for 275. In the process, India have got a lead of 326 runs and can enforce the follow on if they please on day four. Maharaj registered his career-best score of 72 in Test cricket while Ashwin was the pick of the bowlers for India, returning with figures of 4/69. South Africa 275 all-out, trail India (601/5d) by 326 runs at the end of day three. Follow updates of the first IND vs SA Test from Pune here at indiatvnews.com. (Scorecard | When and Where to Watch)

IND vs SA, 2nd Test, Day 3, Highlights: South Africa (275 all-out) vs India (601/5d), trail by 326 runs. 

16.32 IST: STUMPS! That's it for the day as well. India have a lead of 326 and after a long, long resistance for the ninth wicket, Ashwin got two wickets in four overs and SA folded for 275. Maharaj registered his career-best score of 72 in Test cricket while Ashwin was the pick of the bowlers for India, returning with figures of 4/69. That's all from us today, join us tomorrow for another day of Test cricket.

16.27 IST:
Ashwin to Rabada, OUT! Comes around the wicket, wraps him on his pads and umpire rules him out. Rabada reviews but it's umpires call and it's all over for South Africa. Philander remains not out on 44 and the visitors concede a 326-run lead.

16.14 IST: Kagiso Rabada is the last man in.

16.12 IST: Ashwin to Maharaj, OUT! Finally! India have a wicket. Maharaj loses concentration and plays a flick despite the leg slip being positioned and straight to him. India have their 9th wicket. SA 271/9 from 101.4 overs

16.07 IST: Jadeja to Maharaj, FOUR!
Edged and goes past first slip for a boundary. Maharaj moves into the 70s.

16.06 IST: Philander and Maharaj have now put on 100 runs for the ninth wicket.

15.57 IST: Umesh to Philander, FOUR! Pitched up and driven through the covers in some style. 

15.31 IST: Ashwin to Maharaj, works the ball towards long-on and takes a quick two. Maiden Test fifty for Maharaj! A superb innings, full of grit and patience.

15.28 IST: Ashwin to Maharaj, FOUR! Cuts between point and cover, merely a delivery after Ashwin dropped his catch.

15.20 IST: Ashwin to Maharaj, FOUR! Too full from Ashwin this time, and Maharaj bends and pushes the ball towards long-off. 

15.15 IST: Ishant to Maharaj, FOUR! the ball takes the edge from outside off and races to the point boundary.

15.08 IST: India may be missing the services of Jasprit Bumrah here, as the tailenders have, once again, put on a brave shift here. The two have added 62 runs so far in 165 deliveries.

14.56 IST: Ishant to Maharaj, FOUR BYES! Strays down the leg and Saha can't reach there after it takes a deflection off the batsman's pads.

14.52 IST: Ishant Sharma is back into the attack after a long, long time. First time after being warned for the second time.

14.51 IST: Shami to Philander, FOUR! Wide and Philander just guides it past Point for a boundary.

14.47 IST: The second new ball has been taken and Shami will continue with it.

14.44 IST: Jadeja to Maharaj, FOUR! Cut through point for another boundary. Maharaj moves into his 30s and the 50-run stand comes up between the two.

14.43 IST: Shami to Philander, FOUR! Pitched up and just pushed straight down by Philander for a boundary.

14.37 IST: Jadeja to Maharaj, FOUR! Slaps it through mid-wicket for another boundary.

14.36 IST: Jadeja to bowl from the other end.

14.32 IST: Shami to begin for India, Maharaj on strike.

14.29 IST: Players are coming back on to the field for the final session.

14.10 IST: TEA! India got the wickets of Muthusamy and Du Plessis and gave away just 61 runs but Philander and Maharaj has frustrated the hosts since then and seen the visitors off till tea with the score on 197/8, trailing by 404 runs. Join us soon for the third and final session of the day!

14.02 IST: Shami to Maharaj, FOUR!
Short ball and Maharaj pulls it for a boundary and immediately the physio is seen running into the ground. His shoulder is hurting and he needs some medication.

13.53 IST: Mohammed Shami brought back on by Kohli in search of a wicket

13.52 IST: Jadeja to Maharaj, FOUR! Overpitched and slapped straight past mid-off for a boundary. The pair continues to get runs and frustrate India

13.35 IST: Umesh to Maharaj, FOUR! Short and wide, allows Maharaj to free his arms and he cracks it wide off point for a boundary.

13.31 IST: Umesh to Maharaj, FOUR BYES! Strays down the leg side and too wide of Saha to catch. Four more runs to South Africa

13.09 IST: Ashwin to Maharaj, FOUR!

13.06 IST:
Keshav Maharaj is the next man in.

13.05 IST: Ashwin to Du Plessis, OUT! Bowls a straight one, Faf comes forward and tries to defend but all he could manage is an edge and an easy catch to Rahane at slip. Lovely set up. SA 162/8 from 58.3 overs

12.57 IST: Ashwin to Philander, FOUR!
Overpitched and this time driven past mid-off for a boundary. Second of the over.

12.56 IST: Ashwin to Philander, FOUR! Pitched up and driven through the covers for a boundary.

12.53 IST: Rohit Sharma has been handed the ball by Kohli.

12.47 IST: Jadeja to Philander, FOUR!

12.34 IST: Jadeja gets a warning for running on the danger area. He had earlier got warned for doing the same while batting as well.

12.33 IST: Jadeja to Du Plessis, FOUR! Pitched up and slapped over mid-on for a boundary.

12.23 IST: A delay in the start of play as a fan ran on to the field to touch Rohit Sharma's feet.

12.23 IST: Vernon Philander is the new man in

12.21 IST: Jadeja to Muthusamy, OUT! LBW! Doesn't offer a shot and the ball hits him on his pads. Umpire gives it out after a long thought but Muthusamy goes for a review. Ball shows it's hitting the stumps and since he didn't offer a shot, the impact doesn't matter here. Third umpire sticks to the original decision. South Africa lose a wicket and a review. SA 139/7 from 44.2 overs

12.10 IST:
Welcome back for the second session. Jadeja to begin for India, Faf has strike for South Africa.

11.35 IST: LUNCH! India have dominated the session with 3 wickets. Faf du Plessis and Quinton de Kock did provide resistance but Ashwin's peach got the better of De Kock and SA are now reduced to 136/6 at lunch on day three. Shami, Umesh and Ashwin have grabbed one wicket apiece in the session. Join us soon for the second session of the day!

11.28 IST: Jadeja to Kohli, DROPPED! Muthuswamy flicks off his pads but Kohli fails to grab it despite a full stretch dive to his right.

11.22 IST: Senuran Muthusamy​ is the new man in

11.17 IST: Ashwin to Quinton de Kock, OUT! WOW! Ashwin pulls out a peach of a delivery to get rid of De Kock. Comes around the wicket, pitches on middle and turns a tad to catch his off stump. De Kock falls for 31. SA 128/6 from 38 overs.

11.17 IST: Ashwin to Quinton de Kock, FOUR!
Pitched up and driven straight down the ground for a boundary.

11.15 IST: Jadeja to Du Plessis, FOUR! FIFTY! Back to back boundaries and this time through covers. Also, brings up his half-century, the 21st in Test cricket.

11.14 IST: Jadeja to Du Plessis, FOUR!

11.13 IST: Jadeja to Du Plessis, FOUR!
Edged and goes for a boundary through backward point. Faf moves into his 40s.

11.10 IST: Ashwin to Du Plessis, FOUR! Gets on top of the ball and sweeps it for a boundary.

11.05 IST: Jadeja to De Kock, FOUR! Played through the offside for a boundary. It brings up the 100 for SA on the board.

11.04 IST: Shami to Du Plessis, FOUR! Strays down the leg and flicked off his pads for a boundary. Faf is slowly keeping the scoreboard ticking

10.58 IST: Jadeja to Du Plessis, SIX! Pitched up and sent straight back over his head for a maximum. First of the innings for Faf

10.57 IST: Ravindra Jadeja is back on for India

10.56 IST: Shami to De Kock, FOUR! Another full length ball and De Kock leans forward to drive it through the vacant cover region for a boundary.

10.48 IST: Shami to De Kock, FOUR! Beautifully placed between gully and the slip cordon for a boundary.

10.44 IST: Shami replaces Ishant in the attack.

10.42 IST: Ashwin to De Kock, FOUR! Edged and four. Goes past first slip after the ball flew off his bat following a missed attempt at a cover drive.

10.38 IST: Ishant Sharma has been warned again for stepping on the danger zone in the pitch. He now goes around the stumps to De Kock.

10.31 IST: DRINKS! So far, the session has been India's. 2 early wickets and that has reduced SA to five down and still trailing by over 500. The most experienced batsmen are in the crease now for SA and they'll have to play out of their skins to safe the visitors here.

10.29 IST: Ashwin to De Kock, FOUR! Overpitched from Ashwin and punished through the covers for a boundary.

10.27 IST: Ishant to Du Plessis, FOUR! Edged and another boundary. Ishant manages to extract an edge from Faf's bat but it lands safe and goes through the slips for a boundary.

10.24 IST: Ishant to Du Plessis, FOUR! Pitched up and Faf drives it past point for a boundary. Moves into double figures.

10.20 IST: R Ashwin to bowl for th e first time in this match.

10.12 IST: Ishant Sharma introduced into the attack.

10.09 IST: Umesh to De Kock, FOUR! Pitched up and driven through the covers for a boundary. First runs of the day for him.

10.04 IST: Quinton de Kock is the new man in.

10.02 IST: Umesh to De Bruyn, OUT! Edged and taken again. The ball rises and gets an edge of De Bruyn's bat, who tried to go for a backfoot punch and Wriddhiman Saha dives to his right to take a flying catch. SA 53/5 from 20 overs

09.49 IST: Umesh to De Bruyn, FOUR!
Another classic cover drive from De Bruyn. On the up and driven through covers for a boundary.

09.45 IST: Shami to Du Plessis, FOUR! Caught in two minds, to play or to leave, in the end, it rushed to him and takes an inside edge and goes for a boundary. Close call!

09.44 IST:
Faf du Plessis is the new man in

09.42 IST: Shami to Nortje, OUT! Edged and taken at third slip from Kohli. Bounced higher and Nortje couldn't deal with it. He ended up edging the ball and a good low catch from the Indian captain. SA 41/4 from 17.2 overs

09.36 IST:
Umesh Yadav to bowl from the other end.

09.33 IST: Shami to De Bruyn, FOUR! First boundary of the day. Strays down the leg and De Bruyn clips it for a boundary off his pads.

09.30 IST: The players are out in the middle and we are all set for day three's action from Pune. South Africa are 565 runs behind in their first innings and have 7 wickets in hand. Shami to begin proceedings for India, De Bruyn on strike for SA.

09.10 IST: PITCH REPORT: There are cracks on the pitch surely but the turf is still good for batting and SA can still dig in and score big but there will be a challenge posed by R Ashwin.

08.55 IST: Virat Kohli's ability to find gaps puts pressure on opposition: VVS Laxman

Riding on Kohli's record seventh double century, the most by an Indian batsman, India declared on 601/5 before reducing South Africa to 36/3 at stumps on Day 2. [Read full story here]

08.45 IST: Getting to 250 is no joke: Mayank hails skipper Kohli

Kohli's best-ever Test score of 254 and his 225-run stand with Ravindra Jadeja (91) in only 39.1 overs formed the cornerstone of India's mammoth 601 for five declared. [Read full story here]

08.35 IST: Responsibility of captaincy helps me get big scores: Virat Kohli

Talking about his unbeaten 254, Kohli said thinking about the team helped him play his marathon innings in hot and humid conditions. [Read full story here]

08.25 IST: Weather:

It's 24 degrees Celcius now in Pune with hazy skies and chances of thunderstoms later in the day.

Brief preview: India captain Virat Kohli blended grace with determination to raise his record-breaking seventh double hundred which grinded down a hapless South Africa on the second day of the second Test on Friday. With Kohli scoring a career-best unbeaten 254, India buried the Proteas under a mountain of runs, putting on board a mammoth 601 for five. At stumps, South Africa were reeling at 36 for three as India aim to wrap the series up inside four days. [Read full preview here]

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