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Highlights, India vs South Africa, 2nd Test: Kohli's hits 254 as India in driver's seat at end of Day 2

Theunis de Bruyn (20) and Anrich Nortje (2) will resume South Africa's innings tomorrow. The visitors trail India by 565 runs.

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New Delhi Updated on: October 11, 2019 17:10 IST
India vs South Africa, 2nd Test Day 2: Virat Kohli's career-best puts Proteas on the mat
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India vs South Africa, 2nd Test Day 2: Virat Kohli's career-best puts Proteas on the mat

Highlights India vs South Africa, 2nd Test Day 2

India vs South Africa, 2nd Test, Day 2: Hello and welcome to our coverage of day two of the first Test between India and South Africa from the Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium. Virat Kohli declared the first innings of Team India at 601/5 with him scoring his maiden 250+ score in Test cricket. After Tea, Kohli and Jadeja shared 225-run stand for the fifth wicket to take Indian to a solid total in Pune on Day. From the starting of third session, both Kohli and Jadeja accelerate the run-rate to score quick runs. In the process, Jadeja missed his second Test century and was dismissed at 91 and instantly Kohli took the decision to declare the innings. Follow live updates of the first IND vs SA Test from Pune here at indiatvnews.com. (Scorecard | When and Where to Watch)

South Africa 36/3 at stumps on Day 2 against India 601/5d

* Stumps it is, 2nd Test, Day 2: South Africa 36/3 at Stumps, trail India (601/5d) by 565 runs in Pune. Umesh 2/16, Shami 1/3

16.57 IST: Excellent over Mohammed Shami as he is producing fire with the ball. 

16.41 IST: Shami to Nortje, Review! Excellent review from the night watchman as he was saved from it.

16.36 IST: Shami to Bavuma, OUT! First ball from Shami and it's OUT! very thick inside edge from Bavuma as South Africa lose three.

Ravindra Jadeja into the attack

16.25 IST: Ishant to De Bruyn, FOUR! Beautiful shot from De Bruyn as he hit straight for the boundary to release some pressure

* King Kohli is back on the field

16.10 IST: Umesh to Elgar, OUT! BOWLED! Outside Edge and bowl hits the stump as the comeback man strike the second time.

16.08 IST: Umesh to De Bruyn, FOUR! It was not a good delivery from Umesh and De Bruyn makes room for himself to hit a boundary.

15.57 IST: Umesh to Markram, OUT! Beauty from Umesh and the comeback man proved his worth right away with his second ball of the match. Good Inswinger and Markram.

* Umesh to bowl from other end

15.53 IST: Ishant to Elgar, DOUBE! Excellent bowling from Ishant as Elgar was in no control to drive that ball. 

* South African openers - Dean Elgar and Aiden Markram are on the pitch and Ishant will start the proceedings with the ball in this innings

* Virat Kohli decides to declare the Indian innings as India score 601/5d against South Africa in Pune. Kohli 254*, Jadeja 91 

15.41 IST: Muthusamy to Jadeja, OUT! In the air and De Bruyn takes an easy catch to stop Jadeja reaching his second Test century.

15.33 IST: Elgar to Kohli, FOUR! What a SHOT! Magneficient effort from Kohli as he reaches his first 250 of Test career with a boundary

15.29 IST: Muthusamy to Kohli, FOUR! Pure class from King Kohli as he finds the gap with ease.

15.23 IST: Elgar to Jadeja, FOUR! Jadeja hits straight down the ground for a boundary. Now the fifth-wicket stand crosses 200-run mark

15.11 IST: Muthusamy to Jadeja, SIX! Ravindra Jadeja takes the aerial route and he cleared the long-on for the maximum.

15.07 IST: Muthusamy to Kohli, FOUR! This time goes through point. Back to back boundaries.

15.07 IST: Muthusamy to Kohli, FOUR! Comes down the track and goes past wide long-on for a boundary.

15.06 IST: Muthusamy to Kohli, SIX! Dances down the track and goes inside out for a six.

15.06 IST: Muthusamy to Jadeja, SIX! Dances down the track and hits it over long-on for a maximum. 

15.03 IST:  Muthusamy to Kohli, FOUR! Another chance goes flying past the slip. Faf fails to grab the chance and Kohli gets another boundary to his name.

15.00 IST: Muthusamy to Jadeja, FOUR! Goes over the bowler's head for a boundary. He is picking up pace now.

14.59 IST: Markram to Jadeja, 50! 12th in Tests for Jadeja. Markram bowls another half-tracker and Jadeja slams it through point to reach his fifty.

14.56 IST: Markram to Jadeja, FOUR!

14.56 IST: Markram to Jadeja, FOUR!

14.55 IST:
Describe this man in one word. Go!

14.51 IST: Muthusamy to Jadeja, FOUR! Insult to injury! Full and wide outside off stump and Jadeja slams it past covers for a boundary.

14.49 IST: Muthusamy to Kohli, NO BALL! Kohli survives! He has overstepped for the second time in an over and this time he will regret it. Kohli edged it and Faf safely catches it but wait! No ball again and Kohli's innings continues.

14.46 IST: Muthusamy to Kohli, SIX! First six of the innings for the Indian captain. Muthusamy pulls it down short and Kohli pulls it over mid-wicket for a six.

14.41 IST: Muthusamy to Kohli, DOUBLE CENTURY! Bowls down the legs, Kohli glances it fine to reach his double century. His 7th in Test cricket. Doesn't celebrate much but what an innings it has been. Also goes past the 7000-run mark in whites.

14.36 IST: Maharaj to bowl from the other end

14.31 IST: Muthusamy resumes for SA. Kohli on strike.

14.29 IST: We are back for the last and final session of the day. How much will India score? Will go Kohli go all-out for a 300? Stay tuned to find out.

14.11 IST: TEA! So, Kohli remains 6 runs off his double century as tea is taken in Pune. Another session which completely belonged to India. Join us in a while for the last session!

14.06 IST: OH NO I WAS WRONG! Maharaj is back from the other end as tea draws near.

14.01 IST: Maharaj gets a break finally. Muthusamy replaces Keshav.

13.53 IST: Maharaj to Kohli, FOUR! Bowls outside off and Kohli sweeps it past mid-on for another boundary.

13.52 IST: Maharaj to Kohli, FOUR! Short and Kohli rocks back and lofts it over mid-wicket for a boundary. Moves into the 180s

13.46 IST: Philander to Kohli, FOUR! Vernon Philander returns into the attack and is greeted with a boundary. Pitches it up and Kohli drives it past him for a four.

13.44 IST: Maharaj to Jadeja, FOUR! Bowls it short and Jadeja rocks back and flicks his wrist and sends it through mid-wicket for another boundary.

13.43 IST: Maharaj to Jadeja, FOUR! Full-toss and Jadeja drives it through covers for a boundary.

13.25 IST: Nortje to Kohli, FOUR! Short and on the leg side, Kohli guides it past short fine leg for a boundary. His 25th boundary of the innings.

13.09 IST: Maharaj to Kohli, FOUR! Once again goes past Faf at slips. Kohli his taking his chances now and going after the bowlers.

13.04 IST: Anrich Nortje back on to replace Kagiso Rabada

13.03 IST: Maharaj to Kohli, FOUR! Once again past Faf for a boundary. This time it was still catchable but a difficult chance nonetheless. 150 up for Kohli!

13.00 IST: Maharaj to Kohli, FOUR!
Slashes and slashes hard and it zips past Faf du Plessis at slips. Another boundary

12.58 IST: Rabada to Kohli, FOUR WOW! On the up, stands tall and drives through covers for a boundary. 400 comes up for India

12.49 IST: Rabada to Kohli, FOUR! Just strays off the line on to his pads and Kohli flicks it through the leg side for a boundary.

12.45 IST: Maharaj to Jadeja, TURN! Maharaj pitches it on the rough and there is considerable amount of turn back in but not enough to smash the wickets.

12.31 IST: Ravindra Jadeja is the next man in ahead of Wriddhiman Saha.

12.30 IST: Maharaj to Rahane, OUT! Finally South Africa have a wicket. Ball pitched on middle with little turn, kissing Rahane's edge on the way and a good catch by Quinton de Kock behind the stumps. India lose their fourth. This was also Maharaj's 100th Test wicket. IND 376/4 from 117.2 overs

12.24 IST: Rabada to Kohli, FOUR!
This one drives through the covers. Kohli is taking Rabada to the cleaners without taking any risk whatsoever. 

12.21 IST: Keshav Maharaj replaces Muthusamy after just one over post lunch

12.18 IST: Rabada to Kohli, FOUR! Copy and Paste! Once again Rabada pitches it up and Kohli does the exact same thing he did two balls ago. Second boundary of the over.

12.16 IST: Rabada to Kohli, FOUR! Copybook on drive. Pitches up and Kohli smacks it down the ground past Rabada for a boundary.

12.11 IST: Kohli to take strike while Muthusamy to start for South Africa in the second session.

12.10 IST: Welcome back for the second session! The players are back on the ground and this should be the moving session.

11:51 IST: Here are the list of records Virat Kohli broke with his 26th Test century - READ FULL STORY

11.32 IST: LUNCH! A session completely dominated by India. Kohli and Rahane looked at ease after the inital 30 minutes when the ball moved around. Post that, runs came easy and both reached individual milestones. Kohli scored his 26th Test century while Rahane brought up his 20th Test fifty. India on top. Join us soon for the second session of the day's play!

11.27 IST: Aiden Markram introduced into the attack ahead of lunch.

11.17 IST: Philander to Kohli, FOUR! That's it! 100 for Kohli. His 26th in Test cricket and 19th as captain. After a flat tour of West Indies, Kohli has roared back to form. Pitched up from Philander and Kohli hit it straight back past the bowler for a boundary.

11.10 IST: Muthusamy into the attack for the first time today.

11.02 IST: Nortje to Rahane, FIFTY! Drops the ball off his hips and takes a quick single to get to his fifty. His 20th in Test cricket.

11.00 IST: Maharaj to Rahane, FOUR! Short and wide, Jinks rocks back and cuts it through point for a boundary. Moves on to 48.

10.45 IST: Nortje to Kohli, FOUR! Once again Nortje bowls the fourth stump line and Kohli edges it but the ball doesn't carry and it goes through the slip cordon for a boundary. Moves into the 90s.

10.42 IST: Maharaj to Rahane, SURVIVES!
South Africa lose a review as ball tracking shows the ball pitched outside leg stump. There was sharp turn and it hit Rahane in the back pad. Umpire gave it not out and that is how it remains.

10.40 IST: Maharaj into the attack.

10.39 IST: Nortje to Rahane, FOUR! Short and wide and cut away through point for a boundary.

10.31 IST: DRINKS! So far, India hade dominated the proceedings. The initial 30 minutes saw some seam and swing and got some edges as well but once the period was over, India have got quick runs with Kohli nearing another Test century and Rahane growing confident.

10.25 IST: Nortje to Rahane, FOUR! Short and wide and that's Rahane's favourite area. Cuts it with ease for a  boundary.

10.23 IST: Rabada to Rahane, FOUR! Second boundary of the over. Pitches around middle and leg and Rahane sends it through the leg-side for a boundary.

10.20 IST: Rabada to Kohli, FOUR! Strays down the leg and Kohli flicks it for a boundary. 300 comes up for India. The hosts are cruising along nicely.

10.08 IST: Nortje to Kohli, FOUR! Short and pulled wide of mid-on for a boundary.

10.06 IST: Anrich Nortje replaces Kagiso Rabada in the attack.

10.01 IST: Philander to Rahane, FOUR! Edged again and miss field in the slips leads to a boundary. Almost carried to Aiden Markram but he fails to stop it from going to the fences.

10.00 IST: Rabada to Kohli, FOUR! Rabada finally pitches one up and Kohli shows the full face of the bat and drives it past the bowler for a boundary. Moves into the 70s

09.47 IST: Philander to Kohli, FOUR! Edged and safe! South Africa have stuck to that line outside off and Kohli finally edges one but it goes through the Quinton de Kock and first sleep. Lucky!

09.43 IST: The commentators inform that DRS is currently down as the camera's are not working. More on this soon...

09.35 IST: Vernon Philander to start from the other end

09.34 IST: A good first over from Rabada. Just one off it.

09.30 IST: Here we go!
Rabada to start for South Africa, Rahane to take strike. Two slips and a gully.

09.15 IST: Rabada is slowly getting back to his best: SA bowling coach Barnes

Rabada was the only Proteas bowler, who made some kind of impact with figures of 3 for 48 in India's 273 for 3 on the first day of the second Test [Read full story]

09.05 IST: 450-500 should be a good score to put pressure on South Africa in 2nd Test: Mayank Agarwal

Coming back to the venue that witnessed his first-class resurgence, Mayank scored 108 runs to not just steady India's ship on the moist Pune track, but also book a berth for a long run as India's primary-choice opener. [Read full story here]

08.50 IST: Kagiso Rabada tried to sledge but I was in my zone: Cheteshwar Pujara

Rabada did say a few words to Pujara after dismissing him for 58, perhaps letting a bit of his frustration out as he was unlucky not to get him out on zero due to a dropped catch. [Read full story here]

08.40 IST: Mayank Agarwal has learnt art of conversion from domestic cricket: Cheteshwar Pujara

Pujara has seen a lot of Agarwal in the domestic arena and believes it is the consistent scores in domestic cricket that has made him what he is today. [Read full story here]

08.30 IST: Weather:

It's 24 degree Celcius now in Pune with cloudy skies with chances of thunderstorms later in the day.

Brief preview:

Opener Mayank Agarwal stamped his authority on a struggling South African attack with a second successive hundred as India cruised to 273 for three on the opening day of the second Test here. Play was stopped in the 86th over due to fading light. The 28-year-old's rich vein of form continued as he looked in complete command for his 108 off 195 balls, having made a sublime 215 in the series opener in Visakhapatnam last week. [Read full preview here]

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