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  5. Highlights, 4th Test: Pujara's 3rd century of the series headlines 300-run day for India

Highlights, 4th Test: Pujara's 3rd century of the series headlines 300-run day for India

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India vs Australia, 4th Test, Day 1: India rode an excellent century from Cheteshwar Pujara to post 303 runs on Day 1 of the Sydney Test.

India TV Sports Desk Written by: India TV Sports Desk New Delhi Updated on: January 03, 2019 13:24 IST
India vs Australia 4th Test Match: Pujara raises his bat
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India vs Australia 4th Test Match: Pujara raises his bat after scoring his 18th Test century.

India vs Australia 4th Test Match: Hello and welcome to our live blog of India vs Australia fourth Test at Sydney Cricket Ground. Wonderful session for India. Lost only Mayank Agarwal and accumulated 108 runs in 28 overs. The only positives for Australia were the wicket and the over-rate. Full marks to Cheteshwar Pujara and Virat Kohli. It would have been so easy to get carried away on a nice sunny afternoon and a flat-looking deck. But both batsmen have held their composure and done the basics right. Time now for them to bed in and make this a near-fruitless day for the Aussies. What can the hosts do? Well, just try and be relentless and hope that they get a wicket from somewhere and then try to force a collapse. Looks like another long and tiring session awaits. 38 overs left. Join us back at 10.00 IST. (India vs Australia 4th Test Scorecard) (Read in Hindi)

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India vs Australia 4th Test Match: IND 303/4 at Stumps vs AUS in Sydney

12.38 IST: No swing, then Starc is not the king. He was brilliant in the first over of the match - swinging the ball like a banana - but then it seemed like the fruit salad has disappeared. The Aussies barely found any movement on this benign pitch and the Indians profited. All the Aussies looked tired after a gruelling series and a forgetful year and that showed in their bowling. The pace was up in the first session but after that, the speeds started to go up and down. Tired bodies. Typical Hazlewood pitch, as he picked up 2 wickets on his home ground but the rest, including the never-say-die fighter Cummins, struggled.

12.35 IST: The reaction of Tim Paine after losing the toss said it all. He was frustrated that he could not make the first use of the wicket and opined that the Aussies had two sessions to make the pitch count after being asked to bowl first. Josh Hazlewood started well, getting Rahul cheaply but after that, it has just been another grinding day for them.

12.31 IST: That's Stumps! India 303/4 with Pujara 130*, Vihari 39*. India's day. Lokesh Rahul's wicket on the 9th ball of the morning seems to be a lonnggggg time ago and Pujara has deflated the Aussies again.

12.22 IST: 300 up for India! It's been a mighty effort from the visitors. This is the first time in this series that 300 has been scored on the opening day!

12.16 IST: FOUR! IN THE AIR... FOUR! Cummins nearly strikes first ball! Full and outside off, Vihari pushes at this away from his body but is not able to control it. The cherry flies but there is no one to take it. There is a man at deep point but he barely has time to move. Sweet timing. IND 296/4 in 86.1 overs

12.12 IST: FOUR! That second new ball is fetching runs. Short and outside off, Vihari gets behind the line and punches it behind point for a boundary! IND 290/4 in 85.1 overs

12.08 IST: FOUR! Classic timing! On a length outside off, Vihari punches this behind point and gets a boundary!  IND 286/4 in 84.1 overs

*7 overs left in the day. Pujara on 126*, Vihari 22*

11.54 IST: FOUR! Sensational batting. IND 275/4 in 81 overs

11.50 IST: FOUR! Easy pickings. Half volley and that too, on the pads. Help yourself. Flicked to the mid-wicket fence. IND 271/4 in 80.5 overs

*the artificial lights are on

11.36 IST: FOUR! That is a very poor ball and Pujara takes full toll. A high full toss, around middle, the centurion dispatches it out of his presence with a pull over mid-wicket! IND 254/4 in 76.2 overs

11.33 IST: FOUR! 250 up for India. What a shot! Full on middle, Pujara dances down the track and drives it through mid on for a boundary. IND 250/4 in 75.1 overs

11.26 IST: FOUR! Cheteshwar Pujara scores his 18th Test century. India 239/4 against Australia in Sydney. What an innings from him. Full delivery on leg, Pujara flicks it through square leg where Lyon dives but in vain. It races away to the boundary.

*Pujara is on 96. Here is what Kevin Pietersen has to say about the 'Che-sistance':

11.18 IST: FOUR!Confident shot to get off the mark! Back of a length outside off, Vihari gets on top of the bounce and punches it with beautiful timing through the covers! IND 232/4 in 71 overs

11.16 IST: Hanuma Vihari comes in at number 6, replacing Rahane.

11.14 IST: OUT! Starc removes Rahane for 18. Beauty of a delivery from Mitchell Starc. Ajinkya Rahane departs! First real good delivery today to get a wicket. Outside off, short of a length delivery, it rises of the deck, Rahane looked to fend at it but gets a glove. It goes towards Tim Paine who takes a good catch. Starc gets his first wicket of the day. IND 228/4 in 70.4 overs

11.05 IST: FOUR! Back-to-back boundaries for Pujara. He moves into the 90s. Short outside off, Pujara cuts it through point for a boundary. IND 221/3 in 68.2 overs

11.03 IST: FOUR! Good start to the over. Full on middle, Pujara flicks it through mid on for a boundary. IND 217/3 in 68.1 overs

10.45 IST: FOUR! Tossed up on middle, Cheteshwar comes down the track and flicks it through mid on for a boundary. This is good batting from him. IND 210/3 in 62.3 overs

10.43 IST: FOUR! Good shot from Pujara. Floated on off, Pujara comes down the track and flicks it through mid-wicket for a boundary. Finally, he gets that shot right. IND 206/3 in 62.1 overs

10.40 IST: Pat Cummins to Ajinkya Rahane, Full and outside off, Rahane leans into the drive and eases it wide of mid off, through the covers. Two runs were taken. 200 UP FOR INDIA! Still, 167 balls scheduled for the close.! Pujara completes 400 runs in the series!

*Pat Cummins is back. 13-2-47-0 so far.

10.30 IST: Three maidens in a row from Australia. An impressive effort this to slow down India who seemed to be steamrolling at Tea.

10.20 IST: FOUR! Amazing shot from Rahane. Short outside off, Ajinkya cuts it through point for a boundary. IND 194/3 in 56.4 overs

10.09 IST: FOUR! Poor delivery from Nathan Lyon. Bowls short, Pujara latches onto it and pulls it through mid-wicket for a boundary. IND 184/3 in 53.3 overs

10.06 IST: OUT! Massive wicket for Australia. And it has come in the form of a bonus. Short of a length delivery on leg, Kohli looks to help it through the leg side and a boundary was around the corner. But unfortunately for him, he cannot get it cleanly. The ball hits the lower part of the gloves and goes towards the keeper who dives to his left to take it nicely. So a quick wicket for the Aussies after the break.The 54-run stand is broken.  Hazlewood removes Kohli for 23. India 180/3 in 52.5 overs

10.02 IST: Josh Hazlewood to Cheteshwar Pujara, Length delivery on off, Pujara looks to defend but gets an outside edge past slips. It goes towards third man. The batsmen pick up a couple.

10.00 IST: DAY 1, FINAL SESSION! The Indians are already out in the middle. The Aussies, not quite yet. Eventually, they tread out. It will be Josh Hazlewood to start off proceedings to Cheteshwar Pujara. 13-6-27-1 so far.

*It will be harsh to say that the Aussies did not try hard. They kept the Indians quiet with some relentless short-pitched bowling but the visitors were quite up to the task. And later, when the heat started to get onto the bowlers, the runs came.

09.40 IST: India 177/2 at Tea against Australia in Sydney. Pujara 61*, Mayank 77

09.39 IST: FOUR! FLAMBOYANT! Full and wide outside off, Kohli reaches out and drives it through the covers for a boundary! 50 OF THE PARTNERSHIP COMES UP!

09.38 IST: FOUR! HALF CENTURY FOR PUJARA! His 21st in Tests, 8th against Australia.  Gets a free gift, a long hop, Che rocks back and pulls it over mid-wicket! Another watchful innings and his good form continues...

09.25 IST: FOUR! Beautifully timed by Pujara, he moves up to 44.  A short ball, on middle, Pujara rocks back and pulls it through square leg. 150 UP FOR INDIA!

09.19 IST: FOUR! Not totally convincing. A short ball, around middle, Kohli swivels to pull but is too early into his shot. The cherry goes off his gloves, past Paine and trickles into the fine leg fence. The stand moves to 22.

09.18 IST: A short ball outside off, spinning in, Pujara goes back and plays it against the turn through the covers for a single.

09.12 IST: Natural variation. Tries to bowl the off spin, hits the crack and then straightens past the outside edge of Che's bat as he looks to defend.

09.07 IST: Pat Cummins is back on. 9-1-37-0 so far.

08.48 IST: FOUR! FANTASTIC! Finally, Pujara finds the gap. Tossed up outside off, Che comes down the track and drives it through mid off. Calls Kohli though for a quick single but he need not bother. The fielder dives to his right but misses. The stand moves to 12. IND 138/2 in 38 overs

08.33 IST: FOUR! FABULOUS! Just 4 balls to get off the mark. Too full in length, outside off, Kohli leans and places this beautifully past a diving short extra cover for a boundary to get going. That will boost his confidence, as if he was short of it. IND 130/2 in 34.4 overs

*'BOO! BOO! BOO!' goes the crowd. Any surprises for whom? Indian skipper, Virat Kohli, is in at number 4. He might have a message or two for the ones booing... watch out Australia...

08.31 IST: Nathan Lyon to Mayank Agarwal, OUT! Caught! Greediness... gets the better of Agarwal. This is what confidence can do sometimes. Nathan Lyon has the last laugh. Or shall we say - the GOAT has the last bleat? Having been hit for two sixes in 2 overs so far, Lyon invites Agarwal for another challenge. 'Hit me if you can, again.' Mayank accepts the invitation and jumps out once more. This time though, he is not to the pitch of the ball. Looks to clear long on but gets more height than distance. Mitchell Starc at long on has plenty of time to get underneath it and take the catch comfortably. Agarwal will be disappointed but he played really well. The 116-run stand is broken at last.

08.27 IST: SIX! Top quality shot. Flighted outside off, Agarwal jumps down the track and looks to go over mid off. Does so and clears the ropes with ease as well. IND 126/1 in 33.4 overs

08.24 IST: FOUR! Cracking shot! Short and wide outside off, Pujara rocks back and lashes a cut behind gully! IND 119/1 in 33 overs

08.18 IST: SIX! Attacking the spinner! Flighted outside off, Agarwal is straightaway off the blocks. Gets to the pitch of the ball and sends it sailing over long on. There is Mitchell Starc stationed over there and he tries taking a one-handed leap to his left but cannot even touch the ball. IND 110/1 in 31.1 overs

08.13 IST: FOUR! IND 101/1 in 30.1 overs. 100 up for India!

08.08 IST: FOUR! ELEGANT! Full and outside off, Agarwal leans and drives it through the covers. Substitute Peter Siddle races after it, slides and then returns the ball. But replays show that while trying to push the ball back, his foot touches the ropes. Well played, young Mayank. Looking confident and hungry. Mayank Agarwal scores his second Test fifty. India 92/1 against Australia in Sydney

08.03 IST: Pat Cummins to Mayank Agarwal, A short ball, around the middle, Mayank swivels and pulls it through long leg. The ball races to the fence but Mitchel Starc hares to his right and slides to stop the ball. Just a single.

07.54 IST: FOUR! FIVE WIDES! This is really short, right in the middle of the pitch, Mayank does not even bother ducking. No way Tim Paine could have got to that even with his highest leap. That just took off. IND 83/1 in 26.2 overs

07.50 IST: Mitchell Starc to Cheteshwar Pujara, Lovely shot. Fractionally short of a length outside off, punched behind point. Three runs taken as the ball stops near the ropes. Pujara moves to 20.

*Starc to operate from the other end, 9-0-27-0 so far.

07.44 IST: Pat Cummins to Mayank Agarwal, IN THE AIR... JUST WIDE! Almost into the trap.

07.44 IST: 66 overs left in the day. With the way the Aussies are bowling, reckon that those might not get bowled even with an extended 30 minutes of play at the close. Out come the players. Will Australia continue the short-ball barrage? Stay tuned to find out

07.40 IST: Welcome back to Day 1, Session 2. Pat Cummins to start

07.32 IST: To be fair, Australia have not bowled badly. But this is the difference between the two sides. When there is help from the pitch and weather, both have excelled. When there is none, the Kangaroos have struggled to pick up wickets and today was no different. After swinging the ball prodigiously for the first 30 minutes, the hosts simply could not get any of it for the rest of the session. After conceding a few runs, they resorted to their backup plan - bowl short and restrict the run-scoring. They have succeeded in doing that but Agarwal and Pujara are happy to play with their patience and have not thrown it away yet.

07.30 IST: Clearly a bat-first pitch. Survive the first 2 hours and the next 2 days are yours. Mayank Agarwal is demonstrating the ideal way to see off the new ball while Pujara is showing how comfortable he is getting by bedding in almost every second pitch that he gets. It would have been a terrific session for India had they not lost Rahul but they will take this score for now.

07.14 IST: The first session goes to India then. Can Australia find out ways to break through this batting line-up? Or will run-scoring get easier after Lunch? Join us for the second session at 07.40 IST

07.08 IST: As has always been throughout this series, the first session of a match has been competitive again. Australia started with a bang, India then eased their way out of trouble before the hosts found some method of quietening them down. However, despite a good second hour, the wickets column still reads 0 in that passage.

07.04 IST: That's Lunch on Day 1. India would be very happy to have a well-deserved meal after being 69/1 in 24 overs of testing bowling by the Aussie quicks. We will catch you in 40 mins on the other side of the lunch.

07.00 IST: Josh Hazlewood to Cheteshwar Pujara, A bouncer to end the over, Cheteshwar ducks.

*Well, Pujara signalled towards the dressing room that he was fine but it is a norm these days. The physio runs out, asks you dozens of questions, makes absolutely sure that you are not concussed and then takes the next call.

06.59 IST: Josh Hazlewood to Cheteshwar Pujara, OUCH! On the helmet! Second one of the morning. 

06.56 IST: Josh Hazlewood to Mayank Agarwal, A short ball, down the leg side, helped past leg gully towards long leg for a single. Agarwal moves to 40 now.

06.54 IST: Hazlewood to continue from the other end.

06.51 IST: Nathan Lyon is into the attack for the first time today. 10 mins to go for lunch on Day 1 at SCG. India wouldn't want to lose a wicket now.

06.45 IST: Mitchell Starc to Mayank Agarwal, Interesting. Australia now have a short leg and a silly point for Agarwal. The length is short as expected and Mayank goes deep in his crease to fend it away. Was not a million miles away from silly point.

06.41 IST: Josh Hazlewood to Mayank Agarwal, 3 runs.

*50-RUN STAND! You might look at the run rate and say well, easy going. It has not exactly been that way to be honest.

06.37 IST: FOUR! EDGED, On a length outside off, Agarwal pushes at it and gets a healthy outside edge. Luckily for him, it flies between second slip and gully to the third man fence.  IND 58/1 in 18.2 overs

06.35 IST: Mitchell Starc to Mayank Agarwal, A short ball, around the middle, Agarwal plays that reasonably well, rising with the bounce and then fending it down.

*There seems to be a definite plan from the Aussie quicks - to bounce out the Indians. A stern examination of technique going on for Pujara and Mayank at the moment. 

06.31 IST: Josh Hazlewood to Cheteshwar Pujara, In the air... but safe in the end. IND 53/1 in 17 overs

06.28 IST: Josh Hazlewood returns. 4-1-9-1 so far.

06.21 IST: Pat Cummins to Cheteshwar Pujara, NOT OUT! Waste of a review from Paine and Paine alone. Decent delivery from Cummins, landing on a length outside off and cutting back in off the seam. Pujara looked to play at it but was beaten. IND 51/1 in 15 overs

06.15 IST: Is that caught behind? Tim Paine seems the most confident and the only confident person as he appealed for a caught behind. This review against Pujara is solely his call. No one else is even remotely sure.

*A bit of a break in play as Agarwal gets his helmet and head checked.

06.12 IST: FOUR! EDGED! That is a good quality short ball from Starc! It is around middle and Agarwal cannot help but play at it. He rises, with both his feet in the air and so does the ball. Now, in that pose, you have no control on the shot. Neither does Mayank. Goes through with his attempted defense and the ball bounces high, takes the glove, hits the helmet and rockets over the slip cordon to the third man fence. IND 51/1 in 14 overs

06.07 IST: Mitchell Starc to Mayank Agarwal, IN THE AIR... SAFE! A rare nervy moment for the youngster. A short ball, around leg and middle, Agarwal is caught by surprise and looks to fend. He has no idea where the ball is and it flies off the handle. Luckily for him, there is no leg gully. A single taken. IND 46/1 in 12 overs

05.58 IST: FOUR! here is that push-drive again! Mayank Agarwal is not a tall guy but his strides are really big. On a good length outside off, Agarwal leans and just pushes it. Away she goes to the cover fence. IND 45/1 in 11.2 overs

05.52 IST: FOUR! Jeez, that is just a push! This guy is hungry. And confident. And hence, shots like these are being played. Not a bad ball at all. But this is what quality batting can do. Score off non-bad deliveries. IND 40/1 in 10.2 overs

*Mitchell Starc is back on. 3-0-13-0 so far.

05.46 IST: FOUR! Lovely shot. Full and wide outside off, Pujara leans and drives it behind point. Quick outfield. Pujara moves to 12. His first boundary. IND 35/1 in 9 overs

*Oh dear... problems again for Pujara. Cummins is halfway through his runup but is interrupted. Sight screen issues.

05.42 IST: Josh Hazlewood to Cheteshwar Pujara, Full and around off, CP drives it straight down the ground. Hazlewood gets down and manages to take some sting off it with his right hand. Mitchell Starc gets across from mid-on but cannot prevent the single. There seemed to be a run-out chance as Pujara had to run around the bowler but in the competition of who was slower - Pujara or Starc - the latter won the race. IND 31/1 in 8 overs

05.40 IST: Josh Hazlewood to Cheteshwar Pujara, This particular shot describes Pujara's mental state. Head totally still. Mind not fluxed. No confusion. Knows where his off stump is. Knows which balls to play and which not to. On a good length outside off, coming in, Cheteshwar defends it watchfully.

*Some distraction for Pujara at the sightscreen. Umpire Ian Gould is sorting it out.

05.35 IST: FOUR! CRISP! No stopping this one! Half volley outside off, Agarwal reaches out, gets to the pitch of the ball and drives it through the covers. IND 30/1 in 7 overs

*Australia's shining star in a dark 2018 is here. Pat Cummins replaces Mitch Starc after just three overs

05.30 IST: An excellent over from Hazlewood ends in a maiden. IND 22/1 in 6 overs

05.22 IST: FOUR! IND 19/1 in 4.1 overs

05.15 IST: Mitchell Starc to Mayank Agarwal, Full and around off, swinging in, Agarwal leans and drives it past wide mid off. Three runs taken.  

05.10 IST: Cheteshwar Pujara walks in at number 3, replacing Rahul.

05.08 IST: OUT! Hazlewood removes Rahul for 9. EDGED AND TAKEN! Ball number 9. Wicket number 1. Australia have struck early. Once again, an Indian opening stand has been dislodged cheaply. Rahul's tentativeness outside the off stump continues. He is not sure which balls to play and which ones to leave. His two boundaries came off edges and this one again, he is unsure. The ball lands on a good length outside off and then moves away slightly. Takes the outside edge and is stored into the bucket-like hands of Shaun Marsh at first slip. India 10/1 in 1.3 overs.

05.05 IST: Josh Hazlewood to Lokesh Rahul, FOUR! Well controlled. Full and outside off, Rahul looks to defend but gets an outside edge due to the away movement. However, he plays it with soft hands, hence the edge does not carry. Goes onto the ground and then eludes a diving second slip to the third man fence. IND 10/0 in 1.2 overs

05.00 IST: Mitchell Starc to Lokesh Rahul, EDGED, FOUR! A bit streaky to start from Rahul. Some swing on offer here for the left-arm speedster. Full and outside off, the opener plays a loose shot, away from his body, trying to guide it through third man but gets a thick inside edge instead, wide of a diving Usman Khawaja at gully to the third man fence! IND 4/0 in 0.2 overs

04.58 IST: The players spread themselves out in the middle. Mitchell Starc has the brand new cherry in his hand. Lokesh Rahul and Mayank Agarwal are the openers. The latter to face Starc. Here we go...

*TOSS - Time then for the first international toss of 2019! Tim Paine flips the coin, Virat Kohli calls Heads and it is a Head. INDIA ELECT TO BAT FIRST.

04.52 IST: PITCH REPORT- Brendon Julian doing the pitch report observes that it looks very patchy with plenty of moisture. Predicts that it will start turning from Day 3. However, also forecasts some help for the seamers in the first two sessions today.

04.50 ISTWEATHER REPORT - It is a bit overcast to start off right now, but the forecast is not worrying, at least for today and tomorrow. However, thunderstorms are predicted for Saturday and some showers for Days 4 and 5.

04.45 IST: Good morning! Good afternoon! Good evening! Which part of the world are you in? Does not matter. The first international day of cricket in 2019 is upon us. And it is so hectic that unless you sleep for more than 20 hours, you are going to catch at least some match at some point of time! Australia-India. New Zealand-Sri Lanka. South Africa-Pakistan! Wishing you all, a very happy and prosperous 2019!!!

Brief Match Preview: India's unwavering pursuit of history hit a minor glitch in 11th-hour injury concerns but Virat Kohli's men will still walk in as overwhelming favourites against a faltering Australia in the fourth and final Test starting Thursday. Leading 2-1 in the four-match series, India remain firm favourites to make it 3-1 at the Sydney Cricket Ground despite the injury-forced omission of premier spinner Ravichandran Ashwin and senior pacer Ishant Sharma, who has not been named in the 13-member list. Australia have hosted India since 1947-48, and barring three occasions in 1980-81, 1985-86 and 2003-04 which were drawn the visitors have lost the Test series on seven occasions -- 1967-68, 1977-78, 1991-92, 1999-2000, 2007-08, 2011-12, 2014-15. (Click here to read full match preview)