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Highlights, 2nd Test, Day 4: Lyon bowls Australia close to a series-leveling win in Perth Read In Hindi

Australia the firm favorites to win and bring the series back to level, but this new India is unlikely to go down without a fight.

Reported by: India TV Sports Desk, New Delhi [ Updated: December 17, 2018 16:10 IST ]
Live Cricket Score, India vs Australia, 2nd Test, Day 4
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Live Cricket Score, India vs Australia, 2nd Test, Day 4 Live: Lyon snares Kohli to deepen India's woes

India vs Australia, 2nd Test, Day 4: The home team have come alive and how! They first batted almost more than half the day to get to 243 and then have scalped 5 wickets of the Indians. The Indians need 175 runs to win and the Aussies need 5 wickets. And considering the frailty of the Indian tail, the hosts have a massive upper hand in the game. Hanuma Vihari and Rishabh Pant are the last recognized batting pair at the crease. The pitch is responding beautifully to Lyon and there is also variable bounce for the pacers. India will be wondering where they went wrong, some indecision, some poor shots, and some times you just had to give it to wonderful bowling by the hosts. (IND vs AUS 2nd Test Match Scorecard | Read in Hindi

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Highlights, India vs Australia, 2nd Test, Day 4 from Perth: 

15.25 IST: STUMPS! Australia have dominated yet another session and are closer to victory after the end of day four. India (283 & 112/5) against Australia, need 175 more runs to win.

15.20 IST:
Last over of the day and it will be bowled by Mitchell Starc.

15.09 IST: FOUR! A short ball on the leg side, Vihari just turns it around the corner, doesn't get the best connection but nevermind, it still has legs on it to run away fine to the fine leg boundary. Nice shot from Hanuma. India (283 & 105/5) against Australia, need 182 more runs to win.

15.06 IST:
Mitchell Starc back on for Australia.

14.59 IST: Rishabh Pant is the next man in.

14.58 IST: OUT! What a waste of a wicket! Rahane has hit it straight down Head's throat at point. Hazlewood bowls this one outside off at a length and the ball was there to be hit. Rahane goes for the cover slash and times it beautifully. But the ball goes straight to point. India (283 & 98/5) against Australia, need 189 more runs to win.

14.44 IST: WIDE! 
The ball is too high. A bouncer on middle and off, goes over Rahane's head. The umpire signals wide and one for the over. India (283 & 97/4) against Australia, need 190 more runs to win.

14.41 IST: FOUR! Full and on middle, Vihari drives it gorgeously down the ground for a boundary.

14.33 IST: FOUR! That was close. Seeing Rahane give the charge, Lyon fires it outside off. But, the batsman somehow manages to get his bat to it and the ball goes to the third man fence off a thick edge. India (283 & 86/4) against Australia, need 201 more runs to win.

14.30 IST: Bumper angling down leg, Jinx takes on the pull but the bounce gets too big on him. It just whiskers past his gloves.

14.23 IST: Again the extra bounce out of a good length from Hazlewood. Hanuma was ahead to defend and gets it on the top of the blade.

14.19 IST: FOUR! The paddle sweep this time. Flatter on middle and leg, Vihari comes forward and paddles it fine of Starc at fine leg for another boundary. India (283 & 75/4) against Australia, need 214 more runs to win.

14.16 IST: FOUR! 
Swept away behind square for a boundary. The ball was flighted generously outside off and Hanuma comes well ahead and sweeps it away.

14.08 IST: DRINKS! The hosts will surely need it. India in a fair bit of trouble for sure. Wickets of Kohli and Vijay are big ones and Lyon was the one to provide them both. Rahul before them was dismissed cheaply again by Starc and the hosts are in a commanding position as things stand.

14.01 IST: SIX! Ajinkya Rahane is taking the Aussie quicks on here! Short ball outside off, Rahane just throws his bat at this. It takes a thick edge and it flies towards Mitchell Marsh (sub) positioned there. He leaps but it's just over his head. India (283 & 61/4) against Australia, need 228 more runs to win.

13.59 IST: Hanuma Vihari is the next man in.

13.58 IST: OUT! Nathan Lyon getting the job done for his side yet again. Using the rough outside that off stump to good effect. Lands it there and it spins in sharply, Vijay comes forward to defend with a fair amount of gap between bat and pad. The ball takes the inside edge and crashes into the leg stump. Vijay's poor form continues, another failure for him. He'll be disappointed too after getting his eye in.  India (283 & 55/4) against Australia, need 232 more runs to win.

13.53 IST: FOUR!
Had room to free his arms and took it. Rahane cuts this length ball over cover-point and clears the infield. Finds the fence with ease. India (283 & 52/3) against Australia, need 235 more runs to win.

13.46 IST: Ajinkya Rahane is the next man in.

13.45 IST: OUT! Kohli falls.  Who else but Nathan Lyon? You need to get the big fish and it obviously has to be him to strike. Superb delivery. The Australians celebrate because they know the importance of this wicket. Lyon tosses it up outside off, draws Kohli forward who plays for the turn when there isn't any. It goes on straight, takes the edge and flies into Khawaja's hands who takes a sharp, low catch. India (283 & 48/3) against Australia, need 239 more runs to win.

13.40 IST:
Starc is back on for Australia.

13.39 IST: Kohli and Vijay have settled in pretty well after tea but runs have come far and wide for the visitors. India (283 & 47/2) against Australia, need 240 more runs to win.

13.22 IST:
Lyon has been called on by Tim Paine.

13.20 IST: FOUR! That is bread and butter. You bowl there and those wrists will flick it away to the boundary all day long. Full and at the pads, easily flicked away through the gap in the mid-wicket region for four runs. India (283 & 41/2) against Australia, need 246 more runs to win.

13.15 IST: FOUR! 
What a shot from Vijay! Just a mere punch or a push. It has come bang off the middle of the bat, as shown by the Hotspot. Rushes through the covers all the way for four.

13.12 IST: Kohli and Vijay have managed to play the bowlers pretty well after tea but on a track that is so uncertain, you never know how long they can go on. India (283 & 30/2) against Australia, need 257 more runs to win. 

13.01 IST: FOUR! This is full and outside off, Vijay takes a good stride forward and drives it wide of mid off for four. Good shot that.

12.59 IST: FOUR! Pulled away. Short of a length on middle and leg, Virat Kohli swivels away and pulls it for four runs. Empty outfield there and fine leg has to go and pick the ball up from outside the fence. India (283 & 22/2) against Australia, need 265 more runs to win. 

12.56 IST: Hazlewood to share the ball with Cummins.

12.52 IST: Third session underway. Kohli on strike for India, Cummins has the ball for Australia.

12.42 IST: With half an hour to go for Tea, the Indian openers came out to bat. But it just took four balls for KL Rahul to walk back to the dressing room. He was cleaned up by Starc but that wasn't it. What followed was what they would cherish even more, the wicket of Pujara. 6 overs of hostile bowling was what it was. Virat Kohli and Murali Vijay at the crease now. Can they survive this attack in the last session of Day 4 on a minefield of a pitch or are we going to see India crumble? The third session in just a bit.

12.35 IST: If the first session today was a passenger train, moving slow, then this second session was a bullet train, blowing away everything on its way with its speed. Tim Paine departed on the sixth ball of the session and what followed was a procession of sorts.

12.33 IST: TEA! What a session! Eight wickets in all. Six for Australia and two for India. Chasing 287 to win, the visitors are 15/2 and in all sorts of trouble. India (283 & 15/2) against Australia, need 272 more runs to win. 

12.28 IST: WIDE! 
Banged in short but it's too short, wide called by the umpire. Good take by Tim Paine behind the stumps. Head to leap really high.

12.24 IST: Virat Kohli is in.

12.23 IST: OUT! Australia have their second and the celebrations are huge. It is the huge wicket of Cheteshwar Pujara. The ball is on a good length outside off and climbs onto Pujara who was looking to fend it off towards cover. India (283 & 13/1) against Australia, need 274 more runs to win.

12.20 IST: FOUR! Edged and four! The ball is on off and Pujara looks to defend it straight back. The ball takes his edge but the good thing is that the batsman has played it with soft hands. Goes wide off a diving Shaun Marsh in the slips. There is no third man and it is the 2nd boundary in three balls.

12.18 IST: FOUR! Using the pace of the bowler here. Served up outside off on a length and Vijay just pushes it in the gap wide of point. The ball races away to the fence. Good shot, should give the out of form opener a lot of confidence India (283 & 9/1) against Australia, need 278 more runs to win.

12.15 IST: FOUR BYES! 
Absolute ruckus here from the pitch! The ball rares off a good length outside off, Vijay decides to leave it. The ball bounces way too much and beats a jumping Tim Paine behind the wickets and goes for four byes.

12.10 IST: Cheteshwar Pujara is the next man in.

12.19 IST: OUT! Timberrrr. Australia draw first blood without a run on the board for the visitors. Rahul has failed once again and not gotten off the mark. There was a lot of doubt in his head and this is what happens when you are out of form. Just outside off and Rahul who was looking to play, is uncertain and decides to leave the ball very late. The decision is really late and the ball goes off his inside edge and onto the off stump. Just the start the hosts would've liked!

12.05 IST: The players are out in the middle. Starc has the ball for the hosts, Rahul to face for India.

12.02 IST: Earlier, it was Khawaja (who scored a fifty) and Paine who got most of the work done. Saw the morning session out with ease and threaded a neat fifty-stand between them, which set the foundations up. The collapse obviously didn't help, and Shami and Bumrah were responsible for that. The former ended with a 6-fer, while the latter bagged 3 of his own.

11.59 IST: So India finally manage to wrap up the Australian tail but this final pair might have just enough damage to the Indians. Whatever the visitors ate for lunch, it certainly worked as the Indian pacers were breathing fire the moment the second session began. From 192/4, the hosts were reduced to 207/9. India would have felt confident, but Starc and Hazlewood managed to add 36 important runs between them in just 38 balls. Could prove to be all the difference in the end.

11.57 IST: OUT! Bowled 'em! That's it. AUSTRALIA ARE BOWLED OUT FOR 243. Bumrah comes back and gets a wicket off the second ball. Starc backs away too far and Bumrah bowls it nice and full on off stump. The left-hander goes for a defensive push on the off side but misses the ball completely. The ball knocks the off stump. Bumrah has his third. Mitchell Starc and Josh Hazlewood run off the field to quickly get their pads off before coming back to bowl. Australia (326 & 243) against India (283). India need 287 to win. Not going to be easy.

11.53 IST: Bumrah is back on for India.

11.52 IST: FOUR! The ball is outside off and Starc pushes at it lazily. The ball takes the edge and goes wide of second slip. Kohli dives to his left but can only get a hand on it. The ball runs away for four. The lead is 285 now.

11.50 IST: WIDE! Too high and the ball is well above Hazlewood's head who sways out of the way of this bouncer on middle. The Perth crowd loves the umpire's decision.

11.49 IST: Umesh Yadav replaces Shami in the attack.

11.45 IST: FOUR! Excellent. He's played that shot well so far. Uses Sharma's pace and just steers it behind point for a boundary.

11.42 IST: FOUR! Another boundary, this has been an excellent over for Australia. Too straight in line as Shami bowls it full, Hazlewood flicks it through square leg to send it across the boundary line. All these are bonus runs for the Aussies. Australia (326 & 227/9), lead India (283) by 270 runs

11.40 IST: FOUR! 
Better. Much better. This is a good shot from Hazlewood. Him and Starc are putting on vital runs for Australia. Back of a length outside off, Hazlewood with an angle blade steers it past gully for a boundary. 

11.38 IST: FOUR BYES! Sharma angles this down the leg side, Starc looks to flick but misses and so does the keeper. It goes away to the fine leg fence for a boundary.

11.35 IST: Ishant Sharma introduced into the attack.

11.32 IST: DRINKS! What an hour of play here! Just what Test cricket is all about. The Indians have stormed their way back into the match. 23 runs scored and 5 wickets lost. Can't wait to see what is in store now. The pitch has become a minefield and the visitors have their work cut out, whenever they come out to bat that is. Also, Ishant Sharma is into the attack now. Australia (326 & 213/9), lead India (283) by 256 runs

11.31 IST: FOUR! 
Any pure batsman would be proud of that shot. Cleanly hit. Full and just outside off, Starc stands his ground and lofts it over mid off for a boundary.

11.21 IST: OUT! Lyon is dismissed next ball. Shami gets his man, his sixth of the innings. He is all smiles. Back of a length and it's angling in on middle and leg, Nathan Lyon backs away and is cramped for room once more. He looks to cut it over point, does so but hands an easy enough catch to Hanuma Vihari coming in from the deep. Lyon departs for 5. Australia (326 & 207/9), lead India (283) by 250 runs

11.20 IST: Whoa! That's got to hurt! Shami comes charging in and pounds it in hard, Lyon looks to pull but the ball has too much pace on it. He misses and cops a blow on the helmet. Virat Kohli and some more Indian players walk up to him to see if he's okay, looks to be alright but it's good to make sure.

11.15 IST: FOUR! Boundary for Nathan Lyon and the crowd goes wild. Short and wide outside off, he stands tall and cuts it well over point to find the fence. Australia's lead goes past 250. Australia (326 & 207/8), lead India (283) by 250 runs.

11.06 IST: FOUR LEG BYES! Length delivery down the leg side, Lyon looks to glance it away but it goes off his thigh pad. It races away to the fine leg fence for a boundary.

11.03 IST: OUT! This one has kept really low. Can't say what will happen on this surface now. Bumrah bowls a length ball in line of the stumps, instead of rising like the other ones, it keeps low and Cummins is done in by this. No chance of keeping it out as it goes under his bat. The stumps are rattled and that's another wicket down. Australia (326 & 198/8), lead India (283) by 241 runs.

10.58 IST: OUT! The match may have just turned on it's head here! Shami has five wickets in the innings. His fourth five-wicket haul in Test cricket and the second in this year. The ball is on a short length and rares up out of nowhere. Khawaja is really taken aback by the ball and gets a glove as he tries to fend it off. Pant collects another easy catch behind the stumps and Khawaja is gone for a good innings of 72. Australia (326 & 198/7), lead India (283) by 241 runs.

10.54 IST: WIDE! Short ball but it's too high and down the leg side, wide signalled.

10.45 IST: India have taken the second new ball.

10.42 IST: Bumrah to bowl from the other end.

10.40 IST: OUT! Two in two! Excellent from Shami! Welcomes Aaron Finch with a short of a length skidder on middle and leg. Finch looks like he is two minds here, also a little worried about his finger. He goes for the flick and gets a feather off his glove. It is gleefully accepted by Pant down the leg side. The Indians celebrate and Australia are suddenly 192-6 from 192-4. Finch departs for 25. Australia (326 & 192/6), lead India (283) by 235 runs in Perth.

10.39 IST: OUT! What a ripper! An absolute brute of a delivery and the Aussie captain has to go. This is a bouncer and Paine has nothing he can do. It is aimed straight at his head and he tries to fend it off. The ball comes off his glove and lobs up for a simple catch to Virat Kohli at second slip. But Paine has done his job here, one would say. A great start to the session though for India.

10.33 IST: The players and umpires are making their way back onto the ground. Should be a really interesting passage of play this. Usman Khawaja takes strike on the first delivery. It will be bowled by Mohammed Shami.

10.00 IST: A very slow session but could be a match-defining one. 30 overs, 58 runs and no wickets lost. The lead has swelled up to 233. The Aussies firmly in the driver's seat now. They can step up the gas and go on overdrive mode once they are back, and look to score as many quick runs as possible. With the declaration on the back of their mind, Tim Paine and co. would like to bat India out of the game and also ensure they have enough time left to bowl out the visitors in the fourth innings. The Indian pacers have toiled hard since morning, even beat the outside edges on numerous occasions but the rub of green was in Australia's favour, although it would do well not to take anything away from the way the two batsmen out in the middle have played.

09.54 IST: LUNCH! The hosts have dominated the session and have largely looked untroubled. With a lead that big, the game is 80-20 in Australia's favour. With the new ball due in two overs, India would hope to strike back as soon as the second session starts. Australia 190/4, lead India (283) by 233 runs.

09.50 IST: Ishant to bowl the last over before lunch.

09.42 IST: FOUR! Well outside off and Paine drives this beautifully in the gap wide of deep cover. All too easy for the hosts now.

09.34 IST: FOUR! Short and a rank poor ball well outside off. Paine cuts and cuts hard to the right of third man. He had no chance of cutting that one. Australia 181/4, lead India (283) by 224 runs.

09.32 IST:
Shami back on for India.

09.28 IST: Tim Paine and Virat Kohli are having go at each other but Chris Gaffaney is not happy about it and asks them to just play the game.

09.17 IST:  It's gone the wrong way a bit actually. Hanuma lands one around off and spins off the crack with some extra bounce, Paine is beaten completely.

09.14 IST: Yorker! Almost had him there. Paine is surprised by this one and is saved from being plumb LBW by a thick inside edge. Loud appeal from the Indians but the umpire has spotted the ball going off the willow there. Australia 163/4, lead India (283) by 206 runs.

09.11 IST: Bumrah back on for India.

09.09 IST: Hanuma Vihari introduced into the attack. Australia 161/4, lead India (283) by 204 runs.

09.07 IST: WIDE!
Too short and well above the head of the batsman. Pant jumps and stops this one. Very athletic.

09.03 IST: 14th Test fifty for Usman Khawaja. A solid knock. He's been tested in his stay in the middle, but he's battling it out. Showed good temperament and grit. He works this ball in front of square leg and comes back for three runs. Australia 157/4, lead India (283) by 200 runs.

08.57 IST: Short of a length ball from Umesh and it has come off a crack once more. It bounces out of nowhere and Paine is not ready for this one. He gets hit on the glove. Has a surprised look on his face.

08.48 IST: DRINKS! This has been quite a slow-moving hour of play but Australia will be really happy about not losing a wicket so far. The sun is also out contrary to the forecast which was for it to be cloudy. Batting hasn't looked difficult so far. Australia 151/4, lead India (283) by 194 runs.

08.41 IST: The pitch is doing a bit. Some balls are keeping low while some are bouncing but Khawaja and Paine have looked untroubled thus far.

08.29 IST: Change from the other end as well. Ishant Sharma has the ball now. Australia 143/4, lead India (283) by 186 runs.

08.24 IST: Umesh Yadav replaces Bumrah.

08.19 IST: Khawaja and Paine have looked settled and have hardly been troubled. Runs haven't come but the pair has looked to hang in there.

08.16 IST: So close! A run-out opportunity. The ball is a short one aimed at the head, Khawaja fends it off on the leg side and runs through for a quick single. Bumrah on his followthrough chases the ball, picks it up, turns and has a shy at the non-striker's end. The ball misses the stump and the batsman survives. Was a goner had the ball hit.

08.05 IST: Oooh! An edge again but again soft hands and the ball doesn't carry to second slip. Good over from Shami. Maiden.

08.01 IST: FOUR! It is edged but Paine takes his bottom hand off the blade and the ball doesn't carry to second slip. Instead it goes to his right and he dives but can't reach it. It runs away all the way to the fence for four runs.

07.54 IST: Mohammed Shami to share the ball with Bumrah.

07.50 IST: The batsmen, fielding team and the umpires walk out to the middle. We are all set to go. Tim Paine to take strike on the first ball of the day from Jasprit Bumrah.

07.46 IST: Michael Vaughan with the pitch report points out that the cracks on the wicket have widened even more than yesterday. Also adds that the rough patch outside the right-handed batsmen's off stump has become all the more prominent due to Indian seamers bowling around the wicket to the left-handers of Australia, feels Nathan Lyon should be licking his lips waiting to bowl on this. Ends by saying it was a wonderful year for Test cricket as there have been good pitches with an even contest between bat and ball and it has been no different here at Perth.

07.40 IST: Here's the pitch for the fourth day of the game.

07.38 IST: The visitors will look to restrict Australia to anything under 220-230 as a score in excess will surely be difficult to achieve while batting fourth, especially against a Nathan Lyon who is in red-hot form at the moment. That said, India do have Virat Kohli in their team and as Michael Clarke said on air, you give them an extra 30 runs when you have him. So, it all boils down to this! Surely by the end of the day, we will have a little more clarity as to whether it is going to be 0-2 or 1-1. Join us for action which begins in a while.

07.35 IST: It will be safe to say that, even though the hosts have their noses slightly ahead in the game, it is pretty much delicately poised and can be back to even should India get early wickets. The weather forecast for today says that it should be partly cloudy which will be a relief for the players as there will be pleasant playing conditions. Thus there is a chance that the ball might do things in the air and with it already moving square off the wicket, it won't be easy to bat today.

07.32 IST: Good news for Australia! Aaron Finch has been cleared to bat.

07.30 IST: WEATHER UPDATE: It's 23 degree Celsius in Perth with a humidity of 48 per cent and there is zero percentage of precipitation.

Brief Report: Captain Virat Kohli became the second fastest to 25 Test centuries before India's pacers made Australia labour for an overall 175-run lead, leaving the second match evenly poised on Sunday. Earlier, the Indian skipper scored 123 runs off 257 balls. It was his sixth Test hundred on Australian soil, joining boyhood hero Sachin Tendulkar, and he became the second-quickest batsman in Test history to score 25 Test hundreds (in 127 innings) after Sir Donald Bradman's 68 innings. (Read Full Report)

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