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Highlights, 3rd Test: India end Test series with dramatic 63-run win vs South Africa in Johannesburg

India won the third Test against South Africa by 63 runs after bundling out the hosts for 177 in their second innings on the fourth day in Johannesburg.

Reported by: India TV Sports Desk, New Delhi [ Updated: January 27, 2018 21:53 IST ]
Image Source : AP Mohammed Shami celebrates with teammates after dismissing South African batsman during day 4 at Wanderers

Magnificent victory for India. Terrific scenes around. Kohli takes a moment to make a bow to the crowd and then sets off to celebrate with his mates. Guess that bow was to silence the partisan Jo'burg crowd which seemed to be supporting only one team today. A tremendous turnaround. At 124/1 and chasing 241, it seemed an easy victory for the Proteas. The pitch was suddenly looking to behave well but a soft dismissal set things rolling for India. Amla chipped one to short mid-wicket and then, South Africa started to choke. They lost their last 9 wickets for just 53 runs and handed an improbable victory to the visitors. The second innings hero, Mohammed Shami, was the key for India. Only a wicket in the first innings but 5 in the second. He got reverse swing going and the Protea tail was wiped out pretty quickly. Throughout the day, the Indian bowlers toiled hard and eventually, their efforts borne fruit. (SCORECARD) (DAY 3 HIGHLIGHTS)


21.00 IST: Series-winning captain Faf du Plessis says that India completely outplayed them in this Test. Blames the chances being put down as the reason for the loss. Further degrades the performance as being average, after the one in Centurion. Praises Elgar and Amla for their fight but then is also disappointed that the others could not take the team home. On a larger aspect, Faf is very happy to have won the series 2-1. Says that India are a fantastic team and South Africa have played very well to win the series against a strong team. On the upcoming series, Faf says that India are a very strong one day team and Australia are a very strong Test side but SA would take a lot of positives from this win.

20.56 IST: VERNON PHILANDER is the MAN OF THE SERIES. Says that he is happy with his bowling performance. Is proud of his team's batting display though it could not come well in this one. Would have taken a win on his 50th Test but credits India for being a better team. On his immediate future, he says he will take some rest now, then resume training, then play a few domestic games before preparing for the Australia series.

20.55 IST: BHUVNESHWAR KUMAR has been named the MAN OF THE MATCH. Says that he is very happy with his bowling performance and also because it came at the right moment. On his batting, he says that he always works hard on that aspect. Adds that the pitch was tough to bat on, there were a few awkward balls but overall it was not a difficult pitch to play.

20.51 IST: Victorious Indian skipper Virat Kohli says that the Indian team needed some character to be shown but his side showed great guts and determination and took it down with a lot of challenge. Says that not many felt that batting first was a bad choice but his team proved everyone wrong. On being asked his feeling during the Elgar-Amla stand, Kohli admits that he was a touch nervoius, but he expected this from South Arica as they are the home soide. But he was also sure that one wicket would change things as new batsmen found it tough to score. Praise shis bowlers for not conceding runs. On India's perfomance this series, he says bowlers were the biggest positive and also admits that the batsmen will look at their faults and improve from those.

20.43 IST: 

20.42 IST: OUT! There is a deflection and that ends the game! Ngidi is caught behind. On a good length outside off, Ngidi tries a repeat of the previous stroke and to be honest, nothing is heard initially. The slip cordon goes up in an appeal again but this time, Dinesh Karthik straightaway convinces his skipper to go for the review after taking the catch. Replays indicate a noise and the Snickometer shows a spike when the ball passes the bat. A 63-RUN WIN FOR INDIA!


20.41 IST: This time India go for the review! Is this the end of the game?

20.40 IST: SIX! Ahh... well, surprising. Elgar decides to go for the boundary rather than the single. A length ball outside off, Elgar heaves it over mid-wicket and clears the ropes with ease! Good shot but that gets the number 11 on strike from the first ball to Shami. SA 194 & 177/9, need 64 runs to win

20.38 IST: FOUR! Nice shot. On a length outside off, Elgar waits for the ball to come to him and opens the face of the bat to guide it to third man! SA 194 & 171/9 

20.35 IST: FOUR! PUMMELED! A length ball outside off, Ngidi blasts it down the ground for a boundary past the stumps at the other end! SA 194 & 167/9, need 74 runs to win vs IND (187 & 247)

20.33 IST: ANOTHER DIRECT HIT WOULD HAVE ENDED THE MATCH. The Indians are smiling, laughing rather. Not sure about Kohli. Elgar squeezes this very full ball towards point and sets off for a quick single. He stutters in between and so does Ngidi after a start. But then they go through for the single and once again, Hardik Pandya is in action. He sees three stumps but prefers to take extra two seconds, then runs across and misses the sticks with his throw. He could have even run in and taken the bails off. Ngidi was nowhere in the frame and had also lost his bat before the crease.

20.30 IST: DIRECT HIT WOULD HAVE ENDED THE MATCH. Elgar pushes this towards mid on and takes a quick single. It is Ishant Sharma over there and he charges in, bends low, slides and under-arms a throw at the bowler's end but misses it by a verrrrrrrrry small margin.

Lungi Ngidi is the last man in. How long can he last?

20.23 IST: OUT! Perfect delivery! This is the ball to be bowled to a tail-ender as opposed to softening him up with short stuff. A searing yorker, right on middle, Morkel is late in getting his bat down and the ball crashes into the stumps. India just a wicket away now.. SA 194 & 161/9, need 80 runs to win vs IND (187 & 247)

20.20 IST: 

Morne Morkel is the new man in.

20.18 IST: OUT! Number 8 goes for the hosts. Full and outside off, tailing in just a little bit, Rabada looks to drive but is beaten by the movement and gets a thick outside edge straight to Cheteshwar Pujara at first slip. First wicket for Bhuvi. SA 194 & 160/8, need 81 runs to win vs IND (187 & 247)

20.15 IST: Who is next to face the music? Kagiso Rabada for now.

20.13 IST: Bowled! Second wicket in the over and this game could be done in the next 5 overs. Full and outside off, Phehlukwayo looks to drive but gets a thick inside edge onto his pads, then crashes onto the stumps. Superb reverse swing bowling, cleaning up the tail. SA 194 & 157/7, need 84 runs to win vs IND (187 & 247)​

Andile Phehlukwayo walks in at number 8, replacing Philander.

20.08 IST: OUT! Dragged on! Well, when you live by the sword, you die by it too. Philander was looking to counter-attack and has paid the price for it. A short ball outside off, Philander looks to pull but gets a thick inside edge onto his stumps. Too loose. India hot favourites now.. SA 194 & 157/6, need 84 runs to win vs IND (187 & 247)​

20.07 IST: FOUR! SA 194 & 157/5, need 84 runs to win

Mohammed Shami into the attack now.

20.06 IST: NOT OUT. Nothing on the Snicko. India lose a review but it is worth the punt. It could have been Elgar's wicket here. On a length outside off, Dean looks to push but there is a massive deviation once the ball passes the bat. Kumar appeals and so does Karthik but then the latter quietens down. The entire slip cordon asks Karthik but he says no to the review. Kohli still goes for it but Snickometer shows nothing when the ball goes past the bat.

20.04 IST: Is that gone? The Indians seem confident that Elgar has nicked one behind. Dinesh Karthik says do not take the review but Kohli does exactly the opposite.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar is back on.

20.00 IST: OUCH! Another one on the gloves. Back of a length outside off, Vernon looks to defend but the ball nips back in, then bounces and hits him hard on the gloves. Luckily for him, the ball goes just past the stumps. Philander is in pain again. SA 194 & 151/5, need 90 runs to win

19.57 IST: Good shot from Philander. On a length outside off, he punches it past point and gets a couple. SA 194 & 149/5

19.51 IST: Full and outside off, swinging in, Vernon looks to drive but perhaps the reverse on that makes the ball tail in and go off the inside edge through mid on. Gets off the mark. This could be all over pretty quickly. South Africa's lower order against a reversing ball on a defensive pitch SA 194 & 146/5

Vernon Philander walks in at number 7, replacing de Kock.

19.46 IST: OUT! Dead plumb. India all over South Africa now. All the hard work done by Elgar and Amla is going to waste. On a length outside off, comes back in sharply, de Kock comes half forward to defend but misses and is hit right in front of the stumps. Bumrah appeals and umpire Ian Gould does not take much time to raise his finger. That is so plumb that de Kock does not even bother taking a review. Hitting leg stump, says Hawk Eye. South Africa need a MASSIVE 96 RUNS now, only 5 wickets left.. SA 194 & 145/5, need 96 runs more to win vs IND (187 & 247)

19.43 IST: That would have hurt. Comes back in from a length, Elgar is forward to defend but gets a thick inside edge onto his ribs. SA 194 & 145/4, need  96 runs more to win

19.38 IST: On a good length outside off, Elgar looks to defend but gets a thick inside edge onto his pads. Bumrah starts to appeal but the umpire has spotted the edge.

Quinton de Kock walks in now.

19.34 IST: BOWLED! Ishant has roared India back into this Test! Oh boy, the ball is talking. The pitch is showing its true colours now. Nothing Faf could do about this. The ball is landed on a length outside off and Faf comes forward to defend. But the ball comes back in, stays low, goes on to hit the front pad and then onto the stumps! Ishant is roaring in fury. Boy, have India waited for such things to happen since last night. Faf du Plessis is on his haunches and smiles. Starts to walk back now. 3-0 might just have gone out of the window now.. SA 194 & 144/4, need 97 runs more to win vs IND (187 & 247)

19.30 IST: 

19.29 IST:  On middle and leg from Bumrah, Faf du Plessis works it through square leg and takes a comfortable couple. Gets off the mark. SA need 98 more to win.

19.26 IST: MAIDEN! SA 194 & 141/3

Ishant Sharma to continue from the other end.

19.22 IST: Elgar tucks it down the leg side through backward square leg, calls for two and gets two. SA 194 & 141/3, need 100 runs more to win

19.18 IST: The Indians are back out in the middle with renewed vigour. Jasprit Bumrah to start off proceedings for the session. Elgar to face. Meanwhile, Parthiv Patel has not taken the field. DINESH KARTHIK has taken the gloves as a substitute. Apparently, Parthiv has a broken finger. When did he break, no idea. Here we go...

... DAY 4, SESSION 3 ...

19.03 IST: After that, Bumrah bowled a peach of a delivery which bamboozled de Villiers. Having said all that, South Africa still hold the advantage. Credit to Elgar and Amla for playing brave knocks on a tricky pitch. India, on the other hand, will believe that a couple of more breakthroughs can make the Protea camp very jittery. Still 42 overs are left in the day and it is possible to get a result today itself. Will South Africa stand tall and hold their nerves? Or will the tourists trigger a collapse to register a brilliant win? An absorbing final session awaits us.

19.00 IST: Session Highlights - 29 overs, 67 runs, 2 wickets. India are right back into the contest with a roar. Two quick wickets right before Tea has opened the door for the visitors. Their bowlers bowled decently throughout but were not getting the results as Amla and Elgar were battling on even after getting hit on the body a few times. However, Amla's dismissal gave India a renewed confident that they can surge a fightback.

18.57 IST: Landed outside off, du Plessis shouldered arms. TEA ON DAY 4, South Africa need 105 runs, India need 7 wickets!​

18.52 IST: FOUR! Ahh... the play-leave-edge shot. On a good length outside off, Elgar comes forward to defend, but then decides to withdraw his bat. Is late and the ball goes off the outside edge past second slip to third man. Lokesh Rahul runs after it, gets to the ball with a dive, pulls it back in but while doing so, the cherry hits his body and rolls back on to the fence. 106 more needed for a win now. Elgar moves to 60.

18.51 IST: Skipper Faf du Plessis walks in now. 6 minutes to Tea. South Africa in a mini-collapse.

18.49 IST: OUT! Bumrah removes AB de Villiers for 6. SA 194 & 131/3, need 110 runs more to win vs IND (187 & 247)

18.42 IST: FOUR! Wrong line from Ishant, gets too straight, de Villiers clips it past the keeper to the fine leg fence. SA 194 & 130/2, need 111 runs to win vs IND (187 & 247)

18.37 IST: MISFIELD FROM KOHLI! Full and outside off, de Villiers reaches out and drives it through mid off. Virat Kohli gets across to his left and dives but the ball goes through. Two runs to get AB de Villiers off the mark. SA 194 & 126/2

AB de Villiers walks in at number 4, replacing Amla.

18.35 IST: OUT! What has happened? Stop the press. A wicket has fallen out of nowhere. After 44 overs of toil, India have finally struck today. That too, of a nothing delivery. A gentle half volley on the pads, Amla flicks it away but straight to Hardik Pandya at short mid-wicket! The Indians rejoice. Kohli roars. The visitors have got an opening. 117 runs, 8 wickets.. SA 194 & 124/2, need 117 runs more to win vs IND (187 & 247)

18.31 IST: That would have hurt to Amla. On a good length outside off, Amla looks to fend but the ball goes off the gloves and lands on the off side.

Ishant Sharma comes back on.

18.28 IST: 

18.26 IST: FIFTY! There it is! 38TH TEST FIFTY FOR AMLA! What an innings this has been. On a difficult pitch, he has stood tall. Managed to keep the Indians at bay so far. SA 194 & 123/1, need 118 runs more to win vs IND (187 & 247)​

18.20 IST: On a length around off, coming in, Amla works it wide of mid-on. Ishant Sharma gets to the ball as it stops near the fence. Three runs taken. Just breaks the shackles a bit. SA 194 & 116/1, need 125 runs to win

18.15 IST: MAIDEN! Brilliant stuff from Bhuvneshwar but the hosts' batsmen are showing equal determination to survive. SA 194 & 114/1, need 127 runs to win

18.08 IST: Some more inconsistent behaviour from this pitch. On a length outside off, Amla gets across, shoulders arms, but the ball kicks off and hits the gloves, landing short of the keeper. SA 194 & 112/1

Bhuvneshwar Kumar is back on.

18.04 IST: 

18.02 IST: FIFTY! FOUR! Lucky runs but that is the definition of not only this innings but mostly every knock from Elgar. Half the time he looks like he will get out but then ends making a big score. A lovely ball from Pandya, keeping it in the corridor of uncertainty and planting that seed of doubt in Elgar's mind. The southpaw comes forward to defend but at the last moment, thinks about withdrawing his bat. Is late and the ball goes off his gloves, past first slip, through the massive gap between first and third slip and races to the third man fence! Also brings up the 10TH TEST FIFTY FOR ELGAR. SA 194 & 112/1, need 129 runs more to win

18.00 IST: Full and outside off, driven through the covers where substitute Ravindra Jadeja makes a good stop. Maiden from Shami to start with after drinks! SA 194 & 108/1

17.53 IST: DRINKS BREAK. Another good passage of play for the Proteas. Since Lunch, they have upped the ante, scoring 39 runs in 16 overs. India have not been able to get that magic ball to earn a wicket. They might slightly get worried, with the runs required now coming down to 133. Amla and Elgar have grown in confidence. Still, India will believe - one wicket and that can change the momentum.

17.49 IST: Pitches this a touch fuller, gets Amla in a tangle as he shuffles across, induces a leading edge but the ball does not carry to gully. 

17.46 IST: 

17.45 IST: FOUR! The 100-RUN STAND IS UP! A short ball around off, Elgar pulls it through mid-wicket and gets a boundary! SA 194 & 107/1, need 134 run to win

17.41 IST: Outside off, Elgar runs it down to third man where Ishant Sharma dives to his right and saves the boundary. Two runs taken.

17.40 IST: Short of a length on leg stump from Shami, Elgar gets back and tucks it through mid-wicket. The call is for two but Ishant from mid-on got to it quickly. 100 up for SA and the crowd react to it with a loud round of applause. SA 194 & 100/1, need 141 runs more to win vs IND (187 & 247)

17.34 IST: There comes the hit. OUCH. Hardik lands it on a good length on middle, Elgar looks to duck, then tries to fend. Is hit on the chest. Hardik gives a stare, Elgar doesn't care.

17.32 IST: Walks across his stumps and Shami bowls it down the leg side, Amla misses his flick again. That was not too far from the stumps. SA 194 & 96/1, need 145 runs to win

Double change. Mohammed Shami to bowl from the other end.

17.28 IST: WIDE. A bouncer, banged in the middle of the pitch, Amla ducks and Parthiv has to leap to collect. The umpire stretches his arms. The stand is worth 90 now. SA 194 & 95/1 

Hardik Pandya into the attack now.

17.25 IST: 

17.23 IST: Good running again. 6 runs from the over, without much risk. Hashim just works it through fine leg, calls for two and gets two. 148 more needed to win now. SA 194 & 93/1, need 148 runs more to win vs IND (187 & 247)

17.18 IST: Outside off, Amla cuts it behind point and comes back for the second. SA 194 & 89/1

17.15 IST: FOUR! PLUNDERED! Where has that come from? A length ball around off, Elgar, who has been pushing and prodding, suddenly goes bang. Swings hard and gets it over square leg for a boundary! The partnership moves to 82. SA 194 & 87/1, need 154 runs to win vs IND (187 & 247)

17.14 IST: FOUR! Full on middle, a bit too straight, Amla flicks it through mid-wicket and finds the boundary. 158 more to win now.​ SA 194 & 83/1

17.10 IST: Another close shave! Boy, is Amla playing with his luck or what. Once again, he shuffles across his sticks and Ishant bowls it around off. Gets the ball to hit the batsman on the pads, goes up in an appeal as well but then quickly realizes that there is an inside edge before that. A single taken. SA 194 & 79/1, need 162 runs to win vs IND (187 & 247)

17.00 IST: 

16.56 IST: On a good length outside off, Hashim gets across to flick but the ball goes off the inside edge onto his pads. Lobs in the air but gully cannot get to it. SA 194 & 77/1, need 164 runs more to win

16.51 IST: Excellent fielding. Bumrah applauds his fielder and Rahane smiles. Short and outside off, Amla flashes hard and gets a thick outside edge. The ball lands just in front of Ajinkya Rahane at gully who throws himself to his left and half-stops it with one hand. The batsmen take a single. Amla moves to 30.

16.48 IST: A little bit of a leg cutter there, landed outside off, Amla pushes at it but then the ball moves away past the outside edge. The speed gun shows 139 kph, but doubt that was 139.

Ishant to continue his marathon.

16.45 IST: FOUR! On the thigh pads from Bumrah, Elgar gets across and comfortably tucks it to the fine leg fence! Moves to 33 and South Africa need another 167 for a win. SA 194 & 74/1

16.40 IST: Not much has happened for India so far today. With the sun beating down, will the cracks open up? Would the dampness have dried out? The answer will be clearer in this session. Jasprit Bumrah to Hashim Amla first up...

... DAY 4, SESSION 2 ...

16.12 IST: 

16.10 IST: Attritional session. Just 52 runs in 19.3 overs but not a single wicket lost. South Africa will take this very happily and with the sun beating down now, hope that more good stuff will come. India started off rather waywardly, probably trying too hard but the dampness in the pitch did not make the ball move as much as they would wanted it to. The runs started to come quickly initially but then India pulled it back nicely.

India have managed to cut down the runs which means that scoring has become even more difficult for the Proteas. But apart from one loose shot from Elgar which went over the slips, both the batsmen have looked calm. Plenty of plays and misses for each, but none getting a wicket.

The visitors will be slightly worried with that first session, not picking up a wicket and also the ball getting softer now. But this pitch is such that a wicket could suddenly open the floodgates. South Africa are still 172 runs behind, which is a lot on this track. Join us back at 1310 local (1110 GMT) for the second session.

16.03 IST: On a length on middle. Elgar hops and then crouches to defend, don't ask me how but he has managed to survive an entire session. Along with Amla. Elgar is straightaway walking fast to the dressing room. He needs a break. LUNCH ON DAY 4, SOUTH AFRICA NEED 172 RUNS, INDIA - 9 WICKETS!​

16.00 IST: Full and straight from Ishant, Amla gets across and eases it wide of mid on for a quick single.

Ishant Sharma to bowl the last over before lunch. 

15.56 IST: 6 runs from the over. SA 194 & 67/1

15.55 IST: FOUR! A rare bad ball, on a length around off, Amla gets across and tucks it fine, past the keeper and to the fence behind. The stand moves to 60 now and South Africa need another 176 runs. SA 194 & 65/1, need 176 runs more to win vs IND (187 & 247)

15.52 IST: A change-up from Ishant, bowls the off-cutter, takes the pace off, Elgar pushes it to mid-off. SA 194 & 61/1, need 180 runs more to win

15.42 IST: FOUR! Nearly! A short ball on middle, Amla swivels and pull, uppishly, almost straight to Ajinkya Rahane at leg gully who has been placed for that shot. But somehow, the ball eludes that fielder and races to the square leg fence! Amla moves to 20. SA 194 & 60/1, need 181 runs to win vs IND (187 & 247)

15.36 IST: FOUR! Fifty partnership comes up between Elgar and Amla. Edged and lucky! Full and outside off, Elgar throws his bat at that, pretty far from the body and gets a thick outside edge which flies over the slip cordon to third man! SA 194 & 56/1

15.33 IST: Full and outside off from Ishant, Elgar pushes it through the covers and takes a quick single. Virat Kohli gets to the ball from mid off and has a wild throw at the bowler's end, almost knocking off Ian Gould. Kohli seems to be frustrated and angry. SA 194 & 51/1, need 190 runs more to win vs IND (187 & 247)

15.28 IST: Elgar works it down the leg side to pick up a single. SA 194 & 49/1

15.25 IST: Seems like umpire Aleem Dar does not like chats or sledging. He is immediately into Virat Kohli's ear who straightaway gives it back, complaining about something. Not sure what but Dar seemed to agree.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar is back on.

DRINKS are on the field now. The first 45 minutes has been negotiated nicely by the Proteas. No wicket lost, 31 runs scored and 11.3 overs seen off.

15.20 IST: Just a single from Ishant's first, he has been on the money so far. Brave leave! On a length outside off, DE initially looks to defend but then, at the very last moment, takes his bat away! The ball misses the glove by just a few centimetres. SA 194 & 48/1, need 193 runs to win 

15.18 IST: Few words exchanged between India captain Virat Kohli and Proteas opener Dean Elgar.

Ishant Sharma to bowl now

15.11 IST: Full and outside off, Dean looks to drive but gets a thick outside edge which goes on the bounce to Ajinkya Rahane at third slip who fumbles and concedes a single. Elgar moves to 20. SA 194 & 47/1, need 194 runs more to win vs IND (187 & 247)

15.07 IST: Full and around off frin Bhuvi, Amla pushes it down the ground and takes a quick single. SA 199 more to win now.

15.03 IST: Back to back Maidens for India! SA 194 & 41/1, need 200 to win

14.59 IST: Caught behind? Parthiv seems extremely confident. So does Lokesh Rahul. But the umpire is unmoved. No review. Another fine delivery, landed on a length outside off, Dean looks to play at it but the ball just holds its line instead of coming in and whizzes past the outside edge. Also the angle of the bat coming down makes it that much difficult for the batsman to play it down as he gets it from off to leg. There is a noise as the ball goes past and Parthiv instantly runs towards his bowler in celebration, along with Lokesh Rahul from one of the slips. But when the umpire turns it down and the Indian skipper asks about the review to his players, Parthiv calmly says no! What a piece of acting, brilliant.

14.56 IST: 

14.55 IST: Elgar shows the full face of the bat and defends the ball off the back foot. Just a single from Bumrah's over. SA 194 & 41/1, need 200 runs more to win vs IND (187 & 247)

14.49 IST: FOUR! AWESOME! Full and outside off from Bhuvneshwar, Elgar leans and drives it through the covers for a boundary! SA 194 & 40/1, need 201 runs to win vs IND (187 & 247)

14.47 IST: FOUR BYES! Not the best bit of keeping by Parthiv. On a length outside off, Elgar pushes at it but misses. SA 194 & 36/1, need 205 runs to win vs IND (187 & 247)

14.42 IST: That has kicked off a length. Pitched around leg, Elgar looks to defend but the ball keeps on rising and whizzes past his vizor. Just a single from Bhuvneshwar's over. SA 194 & 31/1

Bhuvneshwar Kumar into the attack now.

14.38 IST: FOUR! This is through the covers! Shami is again short and Amla crunches this through the covers. Kohli now has fielders protecting the boundary! SA 194 & 30/1, need 211 runs to win vs IND (187 & 247)

14.35 IST: FOUR! MURDERED! Short and wide outside off, Amla crashes it behind point for a boundary! SA 194 & 26/1, need 215 runs to win vs IND (187 & 247)

Mohammed Shami to bowl from the other end.​

14.32 IST: FIVE WIDES! That has come out of nowhere. Very first ball of the day. It is a bouncer, yes, but the ball pitches and then shoots towards the sky. Poor Parthiv has no chance even with a leap. SA 194 & 22/1, chase 241 to win

14.30 IST: Okay! We are ready for the game to begin. The conditions are fairly overcast as Hashim Amla and Dean Elgar make their way out to the middle. They are smiling as of now, only time will tell for how long will they keep smiling once the pitch starts to misbehave. Jasprit Bumrah to complete his pending over from last evening.

14.10 IST: 

13.56 IST: Update - The umpires have had a look and are okay with a 2.30 PM (IST) start. Lunch has been pushed back by half an hour while Tea will be extended by 15 minutes. The final session too, will be of 135 minutes, not to forget, the extra half hour available.

13.42 IST: Mike Haysman informs us that there is some dampness on the pitch and on the outfield as well. Plenty of sawdust is sprayed on the field and the ground staff has its work cut out. Haysman adds that no one is sure when the game will start either. But he has a positive comment to end the topic - the forecast is clear for the rest of the day.

13.34 IST: A DELAYED START. Not because of what happened last evening but because of the early morning shower. The umpires will have an inspection at 1030 local (0830 GMT). Let us wait then.

13.30 IST: There were some showers early in the morning following which, the pitch was covered but now, that cover has been removed, which should enable a timely start.

13.23 IST: First things first. WE ARE PLAYING. There was a lot of talk regarding the pitch and plenty of uncertainty surrounded the future of this Test. But as of now, the official word is that PLAY WILL START ON TIME and the umpires will continue monitoring the pitch closely for any signs of further deterioration. Let's talk cricket then.

13.10 IST: PITCH REPORT - Shaun Pollock has a close look at the good length area where the cracks have gone wider. The grass cover is still there which is why the unevenness is present. Also, the divots around the cracks are deviating the ball in wild directions. He spots plenty of such divots in the areas between good and short lengths. Plenty of movement is predicted and a lot of hard work is desired from the batsmen. Also, majority of the hard work has to be done when the ball is new because once it gets softer, it will be easier to play.

12.44 IST: 

12.39 IST: Sunil Gavaskar lambasted the wicket at New Wanderers and something quite interesting to say about the SPICY WICKET AT JOHANNESBURG. 

12.20 IST: The BCCI asks, What do you reckon this pace trio is thinking at the moment?

On Day 3, Indian batsmen were not afraid to take blows on their bodies on a difficult Wanderers pitch, offering dangerous bounce, even as match officials called off third day's play of 3rd Test when South Africa batted in similar conditions later on Friday.The fate of the match is still unknown but courageous batting by the Indians has put them in a strong position. Chasing a stiff 241, the hosts ended the day three 17 for one in 8.3 overs. They lost opener Aiden Markram (4), caught behind off Shami.

Ajinkya Rahane, whose exclusion from the first two Tests led to severe criticism of team's selection policy, showed what Indian team missed out earlier in the series with his dogged 48-run knock. The diminutive batsman was not perturbed after being consistently hit on his arms and dismissal of skipper Virat Kohli (41) as he raised a match-defining 55-run stand with Bhuvneshwar Kumar (33). (Read full story)

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