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India vs New Zealand 4th T20I: Opportunistic India beat New Zealand via Super Over again

Live Cricket Score, India vs New Zealand 4th T20I: Follow by ball updates of the fourth IND vs NZ T20I live from Sky Stadium in Wellington here at

India TV Sports Desk Written by: India TV Sports Desk New Delhi Updated on: January 31, 2020 16:42 IST
Live Cricket Score, India vs New Zealand 4th T20I: India
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Live Cricket Score, India vs New Zealand 4th T20I: India aim to test bench strength


India vs New Zealand 4th T20I Live: Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the penultimate T20I of the India vs New Zealand five-match T20I series from the Sky Stadium in Wellington. After a bright start by KL Rahul, India lost wickets at regular intervals and slipped to 88/6 but Manish Pandey batted brilliantly with the lower order and took India to a fighting total. Pandey scored his third T20I fifty and remained not out on 50 as India posted 165/8 from their 20 overs. Follow IND vs NZ live cricket score and all the latest India vs New Zealand T20 match cricket score today here at [Scorecard | Live Streaming 4th IND vs NZ T20I]

INDIA VS NEW ZEALAND 4TH T20I LIVE: NZ 165/7 (20 overs) vs IND (165/8) in Wellington. SUPER OVER -- NZ 13/1 (6 BALLS) vs IND 16/1 (5 BALLS)



16.39 IST:
Sanju Samson is the next man in




16.31 IST: Tim Southee to bowl for New Zealand once again. KL Rahul and Virat Kohli have come out to bat.

16.29 IST: 
New Zealand have scored 13 runs, India need 14 to win the tie in Wellington.







16.21 IST: Bumrah to bowl for India. Colin Munro and Tim Seifert are the batters for NZ.

16.17 IST: Another Super Over. New Zealand have choked it once again and couldn't score 7 off the last over and 2 off the final ball. This is a sensational come back by India.

16.16 IST: SUPER OVER! New Zealand get only one run and another Super Over will now decide the winners of the game.

16.14 IST: Scott Kuggelijn is the new man in

16.11 IST: Thakur to Mitchell, OUT! 2 off 1 now

16.11 IST: Thakur to Santner, SINGLE!
2 off 2 now.

16.10 IST: Mitch Santner is the new man in and on strike

16.09 IST: Thakur to Mitchell, OUT! Goes for a wild swing and misses it but Rahul gets hold of the ball and Rahul throws straight to the stumps and Seifert is short of his ground. Crucial wicket for India.

16.08 IST: Thakur to Mithcell, FOUR! Full, in the slot and Mitchell slogs it over covers for a boundary. 3 to get off 4 now.

16.07 IST:
Daryl Mitchell is the new man in and on strike.

16.06 IST: Thakur to Taylor, OUT! Full and straight, Ross Taylor goes for the maximum but skies it and Iyer takes a stunning diving catch to send the veteran back. 

16.05 IST: New Zealand need 7 to win off 6 balls and Shardul Thakur to bowl

1.56 IST: Bumrah to Seifert, FOUR! FIFTY! Once again wide outside off and Seifert crunches it through point for a boundary to reach his fifty as well. A good one from him in the absence of Kane Williamson.

15.50 IST: Thakur to Taylor, FOUR! Short and wide and slapped through point for a boundary. NZ edging closer to victory.

15.46 IST: Bumrah to Seifert, FOUR! Went for the yorker but ended in a full-toss and Seifert guides it through the vacant slips fine for a boundary.

15.44 IST: Jasprit Bumrah back into the attack.

15.42 IST: Chahal to Taylor, FOUR! Once again pitched up and Taylor goes for the slog sweep and finds the gap between mid-wicket and deep square leg. Big over this. 17 off it.

15.39 IST: Chahal to Seifert,  DRPPED! This time Bumrah is the culprit. Seifert reverse sweeps it to Bumrah, who was diving forward but in the end, drops it despite getting both hands to it.

15.39 IST: Chahal to Seifert,  DRPPED and SIX! Thrown wide and Seifert gets down his knee and slog sweeps it for a six. It goes straight to Navdeep Saini but running sideways, he makes a mess of it and the ball goes for a six.

15.31 IST: Dube to Seifert, SIX!

Ross Taylor is the new man in.

15.26 IST: Chahal to Bruce, OUT! Did Bruce just lap-sweep a leg-break against the spin? That was a poor shot, and he completely misses the line. The ball hits the wickets and the Kiwis have now lost a couple of quick wickets.

15.20 IST: Dube to Munro, OUT! WOW! That is a terrific piece of fielding from Virat Kohli! A direct hit from the Indian captain results in Colin Munro departing for a well-made 64 off 47 deliveries.

15.19 IST: Shivam Dube into the attack.

15.17 IST: Saini to Munro, FOUR! Smashing shot towards covers. A slower delivery from Saini and Munro waits, before delivery a perfect timing.

15.14 IST: Saini to Seifert, FOUR! Late footwork from Seifert, lofts the ball over the short third-man towards deep backward point.

15.11 IST: Sundar to Munro, FOUR! Brilliant cut shot from Munro! Good footwork as he smacks the ball towards the midwicket boundary.

15.10 IST: Sundar to Munro, FOUR! Fifty for Munro.

15.05 IST: Chahal to Seifert, SIX! Seifert goes big! He has tonked the ball towards the cow-corner.

15.04 IST: Sundar to Munro, SIX! That was a gift. Munro had stepped back, but it seemed the ball slipped off Sundar's hand. A brilliant hit!

15.02 IST: Sundar to Seifert, FOUR! Short and wide and cut away for a boundary.

15.01 IST: A good first over from Chahal. Just 4 off it.

14.58 IST: Yuzvendra Chahal is the new bowler for India

14.53 IST: Thakur to Munro, FOUR! Another boundary. Down the leg and Munro flicks it through mid-wicket for a boundary. 14 runs off the first three balls.

14.53 IST: Thakur to Munro, FOUR! This time he gives the charge and lofts it over the in-field for a boundary.

14.52 IST: Thakur to Munro, SIX! Another loose ball and Munro punishes it in style. A big swing and it files over mid-wicket for a maximum. Good start to the over.

14.49 IST: Tim Seifert is the new man in.

14.48 IST: Bumrah to Guptill, OUT! Banged in short, Gup till went for the pull but only gets a top edge and it went really high but KL Rahul called for it and in the end, grabbed it safely. New Zealand lose their first wicket. New Zealand 21/1 from 4.2 overs

14.42 IST: Saini to Munro, SIX! Pushed straight and up and Munro flicks it off his hips for a maximum. First of the innings for Munro

14.36 IST: Jasprit Bumrah now into the attack. 

14.31 IST: Saini to Munro, FOUR! Pitched up and Munro plays it on the up past mid-on for a boundary. First of the innings for him and New Zealand.

14.29 IST: Navdeep Saini to bowl from the other end.

14.28 IST: A solid first over from Shardul. Just 4 off it.

14.22 IST: Players are back in the middle. Shardul Thakur will start for India, Martin Guptill on strike for India.

14.12 IST: A third T20I fifty from Manish Pandey helps INDIA POST 165/8 from 20 overs. Pandey along with Shardul and Saini helped India have at least a respectable total after a flurry of wickets in the middle stages. The Kiwi spinners tightened the screws but Pandey and the lower-order hit some blows to give India a fighting chance.

14.06 IST: Kuggeleijn to Pandey, FOUR! Crunched! Pandey slaps it past point for a boundary. Taylor was staioned deep but he had no chance to get there. Pure timing!

14.04 IST: Bennett to Saini, FOUR! Pitched up and was the knuckle ball but Sainia clears his front leg and drives it past covers for a boundary. Second boundary for him and India go past 150!

14.02 IST: Bennett to Saini, FOUR! Goes for a wild swing and it flies over point for a boundary. 

14.00 IST: Navdeep Saini is the next man in.

13.59 IST: Southee to Chahal, OUT! Cheeky dismissal. He tried to do the right thing by guiding the ball down to third man and get Pandey back on strike but in the end, he gets a thick edge and straight to the keeper. India lose their 8th. India 143/8 from 17.5 overs

13.54 IST: Bennett to Pandey, FOUR! Short ball and Pandey backs away to slap it past mid-on for a boundary. Good innovation and shot from the Karnataka batter.

13.54 IST: Yuzvendra Chahal is the next man in.

13.53 ISTBennett to Thakur, OUT! The knuckle ball and Shardul doesn't pick it. He is way early into the shot and only manages to get a top-edge and Tim Southee grabs it with both hands. India 131/7 from 16.3 overs

13.50 IST: Bennett to Thakur, FOUR! Short and Thakur crunches it through the vacant mid-wicket area for a boundary. Jeez! That was a good shot.

13.46 IST: Southee to Pandey, FOUR! Clever from Pandey. Opens the face of the bat, gives himself little room and guides it past point through third-man for a boundary.

13.45 IST: 15 overs gone and India will be eyeing a score of at least 150 from here on. Following a bright start, the NZ spinners kept the scoring at bay and the wickets followed. New Zealand would be the happier team at this point.

13.35 IST: Sodhi to Thakur, FOUR! Short and wide and Thakur cuts it away past cover for a boundary. Important runs for India these

13.32 IST: Shardul Thakur is the new man in.

13.31 IST: Santner to Sundar, OUT! Another one bits the dust. Turns a little and Sundar looks to push it for a single but only manages to get an inside edge and the ball crashes on to his stumps. India are now six down. India 88/6 from 11.3 overs

13.26 IST: Washington Sundar is the new man in

13.26 IST: Sodhi to Dube, OUT! New Zealand fielders are colliding and Indian wickets are falling. Dube looks to hit a six on the longest side of the boundary but can only hit till long-on, where Tom Bruce completes a catch despite colliding with Daryl Mitchell. India lose their 5th wicket. India 84/5 from 10.2 overs

13.20 IST: Manish Pandey is the next man in.

13.19 IST: Sodhi to Rahul, OUT! Sodhi can't believe it. It was a short ball and could have been anywhere but Rahul hits it straight to to the fielder at deep mid-wicket and guess who it is? Santner again! Rahul is out for 39. India 75/4 from 8.4 overs

13.16 IST: Sodhi to Rahul, FOUR! Little short and wide and Rahul cuts away fiercely for a boundary. Excellent batting from Rahul

13.14 IST: Kuggeleijn to Dube, FOUR! Another short ball but this time directed into Dube's body but he makes the adjustment and cuts it past point for a boundary. Good batting from the youngster here.

13.13 IST: Kuggeleijn to Dube, FOUR! Short ball again and Dube gets lucky here with an edge which flies for a boundary.

13.12 IST:  Kuggeleijn to Rahul, FOUR! Short outside off, Rahul gets on top of the bounce and plays a fine square-cut. Munro at point tries to stop it with right hand but fails.

13.08 IST: Shivam Dube is the new man in.

13.07 IST: Sodhi to Iyer, OUT! Turn and bounce and Iyer gets a big edge and Seifert completes a brilliant catch behind the stumps. Shreyas departs for just 1 as India lose their third. India 52/3 from 6.3 overs

13.05 IST: Ish Sodhi into the attack

13.04 IST: END OF POWERPLAY! Just one run off the sixth over and India finish the powerplay on a mixed note.

12.57 IST: Shreyas Iyer is the new man in.

12.56 IST: Bennett to Kohli, OUT! Eventful first few balls here. After two boundaries, Kohli gets a leading edge and it goes straight to short-cover, where Santner takes a flying catch to send Kohli back. Virat falls for just 11. India 48/2 from 4.3 overs

12.55 IST: Bennett to Kohli, FOUR! Masterful from Kohli.

12.55 IST: Bennett to Kohli, FOUR!
Drifts into his legs and Kohli clips it off his pads for an easy boundary.

12.54 IST: Hamish Bennett into the attack.

12.49 IST: Santner to Rahul, FOUR! This time he goes through the ground. Another full and wide ball, allowing Rahul to open his arms and KL obliges by walking away and clobbering it through the covers for a boundary.

12.47 IST: Santner to Rahul, SIX! Short and Rahul smashes it over mid-wicket for a maximum. That's bad bowling from someone of Santner's experience.

12.45 IST: Mitchell Santner introduced into the attack

12.43 IST: Kuggeleijn to Rahul, SIX! Full, wide and Rahul backs away to slap it over the covers for a maximum. Class shot from KL Rahul once again.

12.41 IST: Virat Kohli is the new man in

12.40 IST: Kuggeleijn to Samson, OUT! Kuggeleijn gets his man after being smashed for a six. Little short and Smason looks to pull it for a six but gets a leading edge and it goes way up into the sky and after a mix-up, Santner finally latches on to it. Samson falls for 8. India 14/1 from 1.3 overs

12.37 IST: Kuggeleijn to Samson, SIX! WOW! What a shot from Samson! Pitched up and he just lifts it over mid-on, who is inside the circle for a maximum of 94 metres. Pure timing.

12.36 IST: Scott Kuggeleijn will bowl from the other end.

12.35 IST: A decent start to the innings for India. 7 coming off it from Southee.

12.30 IST: Southee to Rahul, WIDE! The New Zealand captain starts with a wide.

12.27 IST: Players are out in the middle. KL Rahul will take strike for India, Tim Southee has the ball for India

12.15 IST: Playing XIs:

India: Sanju Samson, Lokesh Rahul (WK), Virat Kohli (C), Shreyas Iyer, Manish Pandey, Shivam Dube, Washington Sundar, Shardul Thakur, Yuzvendra Chahal, Jasprit Bumrah, Navdeep Saini

New Zealand: Martin Guptill, Colin Munro, Tom Bruce, Ross Taylor, Tim Seifert (WK), Daryl Mitchell, Mitchell Santner, Scott Kuggeleijn, Tim Southee (C), Ish Sodhi, Hamish Bennett

12.05 IST: TEAM NEWS! India have rested Rohit Sharma and drafted in Sanju Samson, who will also open the batting for India. Washington Sundar and Navdeep Saini also get a game.

12.02 IST: TOSS: Tim Southee has won the toss and New Zealand will bowl first.

11.50 IST: UPDATE: KANE WILLIAMSON OUT OF 4TH T20I: Kane Williamson has sustained a shoulder injury and will not play in the 4th T20I

11.45 IST: PITCH REPORT: It's a windy day in Wellington and sunny. It will be a beautiful wicket to bat on. It is hard despite little grass cover. Batsman will have a good time batting here and loads of runs will be scored with the boundaries being relatively short. Win toss, bat first.

Brief preview: With their tails up after a thrilling Super Over win over hosts New Zealand, India would be looking to surge further ahead in their quest for perfection and go 4-0 up in the series when they play the fourth T20I here on Friday. [Read full story here]

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