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Highlights, IND vs AUS, 5th ODI: Rohit Sharma's masterful knock gives India 4-1 series win

Opener Rohit Sharma slams his 14th ODI hundred to help India thump Australia by 7 wickets in the fifth and final match at Nagpur. Hosts clinch 5-match series 4-1.

Reported by: India TV Sports Desk, New Delhi [ Updated: October 01, 2017 22:01 IST ]
Rohit Sharma celebrates his hundred with Virat Kohli during the fifth ODIPhoto:AP

India beat Australia by seven wickets in the fifth and final ODI at Nagpur to regain the top spot in the ICC one-day rankings. A thumping performance from the Men in Blue. With this victory, Virat Kohli and Co. have won the series 4-1. With a target of 243 in front of them, India started off in the best manner possible. Rohit Sharma and Ajinkya Rahane got their team off to a blazing start. A century stand to set the tone for the game before Rahane departed after scoring a fifty. Rohit (who scored an impressive ton) carried on with his skipper and the duo made a 99-run stand which more or less sealed the game. Jadhav and Pandey came in and added the finishing touches on a stunning chase.

Australia didn't have the best of days today. A lot more was expected from them, especially after how they performed in the previous game. They threw away yet another start with the bat to end up with an under par score on the board, which was courtesy some quality bowling from the Indian spinner. And then, were toothless with the ball. They lacked inspiration and ultimately succumbed to the Indian onslaught they endured. A day to forget for them. (SCORECARD | Live Streaming Info)


21.25 IST: Indian captain, Virat Kohli says he is feeling really good and it was a very convincing series win for them. Adds that they have repeated what they did in Sri Lanka and he is really proud and happy. Further adds that the management is playing a massive role in motivating the players. Feels that they ticked most of the boxes in the series. Also says that Bhuvi and Bumrah were outstanding for them, class apart, and that's been the difference. Has a word of praise for the spinners and terms Hardik Pandya as the biggest positive of the series. On competition within the side, Kohli replies that it's a good headache to have, better to have in-form players than those not up to the mark. Credits the hard work of his boys for all the success.

21.20 IST: Man of the Series, Hardik Pandya says life is pretty good. Further says it's good to bat at No.4 and do good in the series. States there is always scope for improvement in everything he does. Adds by saying he works on his fitness and places a lot of importance on that. Ends by saying the different batting positions aren't what he's used to, so it's a learning experience for him.

21.15 IST: Man of the Match, Rohit Sharma says he is fine, just cramps as the weather is hot here. Adds that he keeps it very simple and that has worked for him. Feels that he still has certain areas to work on and he is aware of his strengths and weaknesses. Also adds that it was tough initially and he decided to get his eye in first. Informs it was more about rotating the strike and he kept talking with his partner. Says that he loves playing against Australia as they are very competitive and that brings the best out of him.

21.10 IST: Australian captain, Steven Smith says he thinks they were probably 30 runs under par. Adds his openers gave his side a good start but lost wickets in clumps later. Is disappointed with result and admits there obviously are a lot of things to work on. Thinks his team needs to get the right balance and put consistent performances on the board. Opines India thoroughly deserved to win the series 4-1. Is staunch when he says a lot of his players have played a lot of cricket in India so can't use 'a lack of experience' as an excuse. Feels they just have to be consistent and play well. States they have to keep a positive frame of mind, take the good things from this series and build on that. Further says his team is going to let this go pretty quickly and focus on the T20Is. Ends saying they want to go home with a trophy.

20.52 IST: 

20.48 IST:

20.45 IST: There it is, Manish Pandey does it! INDIA WIN BY 7 WICKETS AND 43 BALLS TO SPARE! As comfortable as any win could come for them. Outstanding performance. Pandey drills this full ball past the diving mid on fielder and sends it all he way to the boundary line. IND 243/3 in 42.5 overs beat Australia (242/9)

20.43 IST: FOUR! In the slot and Manish Pandey takes full advantage. Although, he didn't hit it cleanly, he won't mind. Fuller ball angling in on off, Pandey skews the slog off the inner half and beats the mid-wicket fielder all the way to the boundary line. India just one hit away from victory.  IND 239/3 in 42.4 overs

20.41 IST: IND 235/3 in 42 overs

20.38 IST: Jadhav has played that off the front foot and into the ground. Just a single from Faulkner's over. IND 232/3 in 41 overs

Powerplay 3 signalled. 5 fielders allowed outside the ring now. India need 12 runs to win with 10 overs still to go.

20.34 IST: FOUR! A long hop from Adam Zampa, Jadhav doesn't waste the chance to cash in on it. He camps back and pulls it powerfully over mid-wicket for a one bounce boundary.  IND 231/3 in 40 overs 

20.32 IST: OUT! Kohli is gone looking to finish it off quickly. It's full and loopy around off, Kohli lofts it attempting to clear long off. He, much like Rohit, doesn't get the distance of it. Straight down the throat of Stoinis who takes it well.  IND 227/3 in 39.4 overs, need 16 runs to win

20.30 IST: FOUR! Shorter from Zampa, Kohli quickly picks the length up. He stays back and pulls it over mid-wicket for a boundary.  IND 227/2 in 39.3 overs

20.29 IST OUT! A terrific innings comes to an end! He was tired, so he just looked to finish it off as fast as he could. And with not many runs required to win, it wasn't much of a risk to take at this stage. Tossed up on middle and off, Rohit Sharma goes for the slog and lofts it over mid-wicket. Doesn't get the distance on it at all and it's taken comfortably by Coulter-Nile out in the deep. The Indian opener departs on 125, a blazing knock has come to an end. IND 223/2 in 39.1 overs, need 20 runs to win  

Adam Zampa back on.

20.25 IST: SIX! So, so comfortable in playing that. Rohit Sharma makes the big hits look so easy. Shorter on off, he stands tall and muscles it over the long on boundary for half a dozen. He's targeted that area quite a lot today. Super hitting. IND 220/1 in 38.3 overs 

20.21 IST: Not out! Seemed safe to the naked eye as well. Faulker from around the wicket angles it down the leg side, Kohli looks to tickle it fine and Wade collects the ball in jiffy. Whips the bails off and there's a stumping appeal. It's taken upstairs and replays show that Kohli is fine. In the process. the TV umpire also checked whether there was an edge, but he found nothing. Wide is also signalled as a result. IND 213/1 in 38 overs

20.20 IST: A stumping appeal against Virat Kohli is referred upstairs by the umpire.  

James Faulkner is called back into the attack.

20.19 IST: FOUR! Nicely done! Half-tracker on the stumps, Kohli swivels and pulls it hard through mid-wicket for a boundary.  IND 212/1 in 38 overs

20.16 IST: SIX! 200 comes up for India in style. That's gone sailing into the crowd! What a hit. Length ball, he stands tall and muscles the slog down the ground. Clears long on with ease and India march closer to victory with that. Only 40 needed off 78.   IND 203/1 in 37 overs

20.15 IST:


20.14 IST: FOUR! He's played that shot a few times before in the innings, has executed it every time to perfection. Back of a length on middle, Sharma moves inside the line and pulls it aerially through backward square leg for a boundary. IND 195/1 in 36.3 overs

20.13 IST: Kohli plays it with the turn, reaches out to it and plays it to point. 2 runs from Finch's over.  IND 189/1 in 36 overs

20.09 IST: HUNDRED! SIX! You wouldn't expect from Rohit Sharma to get to his 14th ODI hundred in any other way. Sensational knock from Rohit Sharma. Back of a length, he picks up the length early and pulls it over mid-wicket. Clears the fence with ease and gets another maximum to his name. It's his 6th ODI ton against Australia.  IND in 187/1 in 35 overs, need 56 runs more to win

20.05 IST: Short and wide outside off from Finch, cut away wide of backward point for a single. 6 runs from the over.  IND 180/1 in 34 overs

Aaron Finch will have a go with the ball now.

20.00 IST: A superb shot on the punch. Rohit Sharma gets on top of the bounce with a firm punch towards the sweeper. 6 runs from the over.  IND 174/1 in 33 overs

Time for a short breather! Meanwhile, Rohit Sharma has completed 6000 runs in ODI cricket.

19.53 IST: SIX! Excellent end to the over! What a shot from Sharma! He comes down the track and launches it over the long on boundary for a biggie. The balance and the composure to play that was superb. India just need 75 runs to win in 108 balls.  IND 168/1 in 32 overs

19.51 IST: Cummins is breathing fire here, just a single from his over. Brilliant stuff from the speedster. IND 158/1 in 31 overs

19.47 IST: Flat and short outside off, pushed away on the off side from the back foot. Another tidy over from Head, 3 runs from it. IND 157/1 in 30 overs

Travis Head back into the attack.

19.44 IST: Good bumper from Cummins to end the over. It's sharp, accurate and well-directed. 3 runs from the over.  IND 154/1 in 29 overs 

19.39 IST: Full outside off from Zampa, Kohli drives it to covers to end the over.  IND 151/1 in 28 overs

19.38 IST: 150 up for India! Well played! Quicker one outside off, Kohli waits for it, plays it really late and runs it past Wade. Runs hard and as a result, manages to come back for the third.  IND 150/1 in 27.4 overs

19.36 IST: Just a single on the last ball of the Cummins over, good one for Australia. IND 143/1 in 27 overs

Pat Cummins is back into the attack.  

19.32 IST: FOUR! Goes inside out, takes the aerial route and gets the desired result! Superb shot from Rohit Sharma. Lofts the full ball over covers and beats the sweeper to the fence. IND 142/1 in 26 overs

19.28 IST: Outside the line of off stump on a good length, hit straight to the point fielder. 3 runs from the over, another tight one from Coulter-Nile. IND 135/1 in 25 overs

19.25 IST: Good delivery to end the over. Nice shape on it as Zampa floats it up there outside off, Sharma comes ahead and defends, 8 runs from the over.  IND 132/1 in 24 overs

19.22 IST: FOUR! Shot! Short and wide outside off, begging to be punished and Rohit obliges. He hangs back and cuts it past the diving point fielder to send it across the rope.  IND 128/1 in 23.1 overs

Adam Zampa to bowl again.

19.21 IST: A successful over from Coulter-Nile comes to an end, 4 runs and a wicket from it.  IND 124/1 in 23 overs 

Virat Kohli walks in at No.3.

19.18 IST: OUT! The on-field decision stays! Finally, a breakthrough for the Australians. But it's come too little too late. Coming back in on middle and leg, Rahane walks across to flick it away. Is caught on the pads and there's a loud appeal. The umpire takes his time and then raises his finger. Ajinkya after speaking to his partner decides to review. Replays show that it's clipping leg and so, he'll have to walk back as it's the umpire's call. Another good knock comes to an end. The partnership of 124 comes to an end.  IND 124/1 in 22.3 overs vs AUS (242/9) 

Ajinkya Rahane is given out lbw. He walks up to his partner, has a chat and then signals for the DRS. It looks touch and go, maybe high. Let's see...

19.16 IST: FOUR! Superb shot! Tailing back in on middle and leg, Rahane takes a walk down the track and swipes it across the line. Through mid-wicket and it's away to the boundary line.  IND 124/0 in 22.2 overs

19.15 IST: Rahane works it off his pads and flicks it on the leg side for a single. With this, Rahane has completed 6000 international runs. The 22nd Indian to do so. A great feat, completely deserved.  IND 120/0 in 22 overs

19.13 IST: Dropped! The look on Faulkner's face says it all. Should have taken that, really. Length ball outside off, Rahane looks to run it to third man but gets a feather behind. Wade can't keep a hold of it as he spills it to his left.  IND 117/0 in 21.4 overs 

19.10 IST: On a good length and just outside off from Coulter-Nile, with an open-faced bat Rahane dabs it to third man. Single to the total and that'll be the end of the over.  IND 115/0 in 21 overs

19.09 IST: 


19.06 IST: FIFTY! 23rd ODI fifty for Ajinkya Rahane!  His 4th consecutive fifty, 8th in his last 11 innings. He's in sublime form. What a way to bring it up too. He gets a full ball which he smashes it right back over the bowler's head for a boundary.  IND 111/0 in 20 overs

James Faulkner returns.

19.01 IST: FOUR! There's no stopping him, is there? He's just toying with the Aussie bowlers here. Back of a length, he walks down the track and heaves it over the mid-wicket area for a boundary. 100 up for India. IND 105/0 in 19 overs 

18.59 IST: FIFTY! 35th ODI fifty for Rohit Sharma! 'The Hitman' continues his assassination of any bowling attack he faces. Receives it on the pads and nudges it in front of square leg for a couple of runs.  IND 99/0 in 18.3 overs

18.57 IST: FOUR! Terrific end to the over for India. Fuller ball outside off, Sharma drives it through the covers for a boundary. All his drives today have been of pure timing rather than power. Been such a treat to watch.  IND 96/0 in 18 overs

18.56 IST: SIX! Rohit Sharma and sixes - still a better love story than Twilight! He gets underneath it and thumps it perfectly. Comes down the track and smokes it over a leaping David Warner at long on for a maximum.  IND 92/0 in 17.5 overs

Drinks are on the field! India are motoring along here far too easily. Australia have kept a defensive field and failed to apply the pressure. Steven Smith needs to take a few risks and get a wicket here, and quick! Otherwise he runs the risk of losing this match quicker than he'd expect.

18.51 IST: Comfortable single to end the over. Rahane offers a solid punch extending his arms and finds sweeper cover. 3 runs from the over. IND 85/0 in 17 overs

Marcus Stoinis comes back on to bowl.

18.46 IST: Just three runs from Travis Head's over. IND 82/0 in 16 overs

18.45 IST: 

18.43 IST:  Short and flat, Ajinkya Rahane has all the time in the world to go back and pulls this to deep mid-wicket for one. 9 runs from the over, good one for the hosts. IND 79/0 in 15 overs 

18.42 IST: FOUR! He's found the gap! Landed short, Rahane waits for the ball to come to him by rocking back. Times the punch all too well and finds the cover boundary.  IND 76/0 in 14.3 overs

18.40 IST: Rohit Sharma has played that off the front foot and into the ground, 5 runs from Head's over.  IND 70/0 in 14 overs

18.37 IST: FOUR! Poor delivery to end the over. Dropped short on middle, Sharma swivels and pulls it through square leg. There is a man out in the deep but he has no chance to stop that.  IND 65/0 in 13 overs

18.35 IST: EDGY FOUR! Feel for the leggie, he's quite unfortunate. Tosses it up nicely on middle and leg and it spins away ever so slightly. Rohit drives but nicks it behind. Goes past Wade and away to the boundary line.  IND 59/0 in 12.3 overs

18.33 IST: 6 singles in the over. All too easy for this opening Indian pair. Worked to square leg comfortably. IND 53/0 in 12 overs

Travis Head to roll his arm over.

18.30 IST: Rahane makes use of his feet again, takes it on the full and hits it to long on this time for a run. 4 runs from Zampa's first over.  IND 47/0 in 11 overs

Powerplay 2 signalled. 4 fielders will be allowed outside the 30-yard circle. And with that, Adam Zampa is introduced into the bowling attack.

18.26 IST: Good comeback from Faulkner after conceding a boundary on the very first ball of the over. 6 runs from the over. IND 43/0 in 10 overs

18.23 IST: FOUR! Welcome to the attack, James! Rahane puts the pressure on him immediately. From around the wicket, it's full and outside off, Rahane drives it through the covers and starts the over off with a boundary. IND 41/0 in 9.1 overs

James Faulkner to bowl now.

18.22 IST: Length delivery just outside off from Stoinis, Rohit stands tall and knocks it into the covers. IND 37/0 in 9 overs

18.20 IST: FOUR! Picked his spot well and executed his shot to perfection. Good awareness shown by Rohit Sharma. Seeing the ball dropped a little short, he moves across his sticks and pulls it along the ground through backward square leg for a boundary. IND 37/0 in 8.3 overs

18.18 IST: FOUR! All about the timing that shot. The bat presentation, the balance, the head position, all absolutely perfect. Beautiful. Full and wide outside off, Rohit leans into the shot and sweetly drives it through the gap in the cover region for a boundary. No stopping that.  IND 32/0 in 8 overs

18.14 IST: Stoinis uses the angle well and turns it on the leg side. Did so by bringing his bat around his pad, 3 runs from the over.  IND 28/0 in 7 overs

Marcus Stoinis is into the attack.

18.09 IST: Kicks off the deck a bit as it's cutting back in from around off, Rahane pushes into the off side from deep inside the crease. IND 25/0 in 6 overs

18.06 IST: FOUR! Wonderfully hit! That's a shot from a man oozing with confidence. Length ball, he gets right on top of it and drives it on the up. Through extra cover and away to the fence for a boundary. With this, he has now completed 200 runs in the series.  IND 25/0 in 5.2 overs

18.05 IST: FOUR! Two in two for Rohit Sharma! Another full ball, this time Rohit takes the aerial route. Lofts it easily over mid off and ends the over in style.  IND 21/0 in 5 overs

18.04 IST: FOUR! Superb way to get off the mark! Cummins keeps it full once more and this time Rohit doesn't miss out. He drives it crisply through mid off and picks up a boundary.  IND 17/0 in 4.5 overs

18.03 IST: That could have been out! Close call for Rohit. Fuller length ball around off, right in the slot so Sharma goes for the big slog across the line. Ends up getting a big inside edge onto his front pad and the ball lobs in the air right next to him. Cummins sees this, runs and tries to catch it, but it falls short of him.  IND 13/0 in 4.4 overs

18.00 IST: Coulter-Nile is bowling beautifully here, he's giving nothing away to the Indian batsmen. IND 12/0 in 4 overs

17.56 IST: On the shorter side of things, Sharma pushes it into the off side from the back foot. 5 runs from the over.  IND 11/0 in 3 overs

17.53 IST: FOUR! That's an excellent shot! Full and right there to be hit, Rahane doesn't miss out as he presents the full face of the bat to this. Drives it sweetly straight back down and finds the fence with ease. Super shot.  IND 10/0 in 2.1 overs

17.52 IST: Shaping back in on middle and leg, Rohit turns it to the right of the mid-wicket fielder.  Tidy over from Coulter-Nile, just a single from it. IND 6/0 in 2 overs

Nathan Coulter-Nile will bowl with the second new ball. Just the lone slip in position.

17.47 IST: Fuller in length and on middle from Cummins, Rohit once again is behind the line as he blocks it towards mid on. 5 runs from the over. IND 5/0 in 1 over

17.45 IST: FOUR! A very good shot to get off the mark! Full in length again, on middle this time, Rahane picks it off his pads and flicks it sweetly through mid-wicket for a boundary. IND 4/0 in 0.3 overs

17.43 IST: Shout for an lbw! Not given by the umpire. Cummins hurls across a length ball around middle, angling in with extra bounce. Rahane fails to defend it from the crease and is hit on the front pad. They put in an unsuccessful appeal. Warner from mid-off signals that it's high. The Hawk Eye confirms the same.  IND 0/0 in 0.1 overs

17.41 IST: Back for the chase! Ajinkya Rahane and Rohit Sharma are the opening pair for India. Pat Cummins to bowl with the first new ball. A slip in place. All set, here we go...

17.01 IST: 

16.58 IST: 

16.56 IST: OUT! ! The off stump goes for a walk! Bhuvneshwar angles in a full ball around off, angling in, Coulter-Nile clears his front leg and swings his bat blindly across the line. Misses the ball completely and the off stump is uprooted.Bhuvneshwar angles in a full ball around off, angling in, Coulter-Nile clears his front leg and swings his bat blindly across the line. Misses the ball completely and the off stump is uprooted. Australia end on 242/9 in 50 overs

Nathan Coulter-Nile walks in next!

16.56 IST: RUN-OUT! Faulkner is run out! A length ball outside off, Faulkner bends his back knee and goes aerially over mid on. Doesn't carry to Hardik this time in the deep. James, however, wants the second run and turns for it. Pandya fires in a flat throw to the keeper and Dhoni takes the bails off quickly. Not even in the frame, Faulkner.  AUS 242/8 in 49.5 overs

Pat Cummins walks in next.

16.52 IST: Dropped by Hardik Pandya! Faulkner aims to go downtown, attempts to clear long on but fails to make proper connection. Pandya although drops a sitter in the deep. A single taken. AUS 238/7 in 49.1 overs

16.51 IST: OUT! End of the Wade show! An 18-ball 20 from him. His little knock was studded with shots from toe end of the bat. A full toss by Bumrah to which Wade swings his blade. It catches the outer half of the bat and Rahane at sweeper cover catches the ball with utmost ease.  AUS 237/7 in 49 overs  

16.46 IST: Run out chance missed! Poor from Bumrah, there. A length ball on off, Faulkner swings it from the lower half of the bat to deep mid-wicket and wants the second run. Wade, however, is not interested. Luckily for Australia, Bumrah fails to collect the throw from the deep and eventually Faulkner makes it safely. Only one added to the total. AUS  233/6 in 48.1 overs

16.45 IST: A low full toss on the pads from Bhuvi, following the batsman down the leg side, James just manages to dig it out through mid on and retains strike with a single. 12 from the over!  AUS 232/6 in 48 overs

16.42 IST: SIX! Wade finally connects one from the middle of the bat. A length delivery outside off, Matthew exercises his arms and sends it packing over long off for a maximum. AUS 226/6 in 47.1 overs

16.41 IST: Slower delivery, on a shortish length around middle, Wade waits and eases it behind square leg for a single. 6 runs from the over. AUS 220/6 in 47 overs

16.37 IST: Full and wide outside off, Wade tries driving through covers but it takes the toe end of the bat and rolls back to the bowler. 3 runs from the over. AUS 214/6 in 46 overs

BhuvneshwarBhuvneshwar Kumar is back on.

16.32 IST: Outside off from Bumrah, Faulkner pushes at it and misses. Dhoni fumbles a bit and they steal a bye. Tremendous over by Bumrah!  AUS 211/6 in 45 overs

16.30 IST: NOT OUT! It has bounced in front. Good length delivery outside off, Faulkner tries to run it down to third man but it takes the outside edge and goes behind. It's dying in front of Dhoni who gets down low to grab it. However, he is not sure that he has taken it cleanly. The umpires come together and refer it upstairs. Soft signal is out. The replays though confirm it just bounced in front of Dhoni's gloves.

16.29 IST: James Faulkner has been caught behind by Dhoni via a tumbling effort. The Indian keeper isn't sure if he's taken it cleanly, so it's taken upstairs to confirm. The soft signal is out.

16.26 IST: OUT! Stoinis has to depart! Bumrah gets a length ball to shape back into the batsman from around off, Stoinis tries playing across the line but misses and is thudded on the pads. They appeal and the finger goes up. Marcus has a chat with his partner who advises him to take the referral. The Hawk Eye shows that the impact is with the umpire's call and it's hitting the stumps. Stoinis has to walk back, like Head, he also misses out on his fifty . AUS 210/6 in 44.2 overs

16.25 IST: Appeal for an lbw against Marcus Stoinis. Up goes the finger. He asks for a TV Review!

Jasprit Bumrah returns to the bowling attack.

16.22 IST: Turning away from the batsman, Wade opens the face of the bat but fails to generate much timing. Rolls to first slip, 5 runs from the over.  AUS 210/5 in 44 overs

16.19 IST: OUT! Bowled 'em! Axar spears in a fuller length ball in the line of the middle stump, Head is caught in two minds, initially shapes up for the sweep shot but then tries to heave it over the leg side. The length is not quite there and also he seems to get beaten by the pace. It sneaks through and goes on to rattle the stumps.  AUS 205/5 in 43 overs

16.15 IST: Fuller in length on middle from Kuldeep, driven back to the bowler. Eventful over, 7 fruns rom it!  AUS 202/4 in 42 overs

16.14 IST: Stoinis survives! Floated full ball on middle and off, Marcus tries to sweep but fails to middle it. He is rapped on the pads, they appeal and the umpire raises his finger after thinking for a while. Stoinis opts for the DRS and the Ultra Edge detects a bottom edge.

Marcus Stoinis is adjudged lbw. He has reviewed it.

16.11 IST: FOUR! 200 up for Australia. Boom! Loopy full ball outside off, spinning back in, Head kneels and slogs it firmly over mid-wicket for a boundary. Long extension of the arms and he fetched it very well from outside off. AUS 201/4 in 41 overs  

16.10 IST: Darts into the batsman, around middle, 90 kph, Stoinis goes back to hit it straight but it takes the inside edge and speeds down to fine leg for a couple of runs.   AUS 195/4 in 41 overs

Powerplay 3 has been signalled. A maximum of 5 fielders will be allowed outside the ring till the end of the game. And with that, Axar Patel is back on.

16.07 IST:  FOUR! 11 from the over! Short by Kuldeep, outside off, Stoinis remains inside the crease and cracks it square of the wicket on the off side for a boundary. AUS 190/4 in 40 overs

16.04 IST: FOUR! Another slog sweep, this time by Marcus Stoinis and he finds the fence. Flatter and fuller on off, Marcus swings and goes over mid-wicket. Big gap there.  AUS 184/4 in 39.2 overs

16.03 IST: Brilliant over from Bumrah, just a single came off it. AUS 179/4 in 39 overs

15.58 IST: Short and way wide outside off from Kuldeep, would have been a wide had Head left it but he chases it and forces it to sweeper cover for a couple of runs.  AUS 178/4 in 38 overs

Drinks break. After a flurry of wickets, the current partnership has steadied things up. The pitch is looking on the slower side, so, Australia should not be aiming too high. 13 overs left in the innings, if both Head and Stoinis last the distance, the visitors can expect at least another 100 to their total. India would have to do better in their death bowling than the last game.

15.52 IST: Good length ball on middle, not much room, Head gets behind the line and keeps it out towards mid on. A sharp single taken.  AUS 173/4 in 37 overs

15.48 IST: Hangs back to a shortish ball and punches it down to long on for a run. Another tidy over from Kuldeep, just three from it. AUS 171/4 in 36 overs

15.45 IST: Fifty-run stand completed between Head and Stoinis. An overpitched ball on off from Bumrah, driven past the bowler and Pandey made a sliding half stop at mid-off. A single taken. AUS 168/4 in 35 overs 

Jasprit Bumrah is back on.

15.40 IST: NOT OUT! Nothing on the Ultra Edge! A flatter delivery, again a googly outside off, Head tries to sweep but misses. Dhoni collects the ball which was a shade low and appeals. Not given and he convinces Kohli to take the DRS. The replays roll in and nothing was found.  AUS 165/4 in 34 overs

15.38 IST: Appeal for a caught behind. Not given and Virat Kohli takes the DRS.

Kuldeep Yadav is back on.

15.35 IST: Short and outside of from Axar, cut through cover-point for a single. 4 runs from Axar's over. AUS 162/4 in 33 overs

15.31 IST: SIX! Just over Rahul (sub) at long on! Loopy full ball on middle, Stoinis runs down the track and thwacks it over the bowler's head for a biggie. Good use of the feet by Marcus!. AUS 156/4 in 31.3 overs.

15.29 IST: FOUR! Quicker one fired down the leg side, Head played a well-controlled sweep shot past short fine leg for a boundary. AUS 149/4 in 31.2 overs

15.28 IST: FOUR!  Streaky! This has happened for the second time. Lovely loopy delivery, drifting into the batsman, landing full on middle and curling away. Stoinis tries to defend off the front foot but it takes the outside edge and sneaks through the gap between first slip and keeper. Marcus is very lucky!. AUS 145/4 in 30.6 overs. 

15.25 IST: 3 off Jadav's over as Australia take it slow after losing wickets on a quick succession. AUS 139/4 in 30 overs

15.20 IST: FOUR! Flighted full ball outside off, Head plays a crunching cover drive, finds the gap and fetches himself a boundary. AUS 136/4 in 29 overs 

15.14 IST: FOUR! First boundary after 52 balls for Australia, going has been really tough for them.   Head dances down the track to a full ball and drills it straight back past the bowler for a crunching boundary.  AUS 123/4 in 26 overs 

15.12 IST: Another watchful front foot defensive shot by Marcus to end an exceptional over. A wicket and a run from it. AUS 119/4 in 25 overs

Marcus Stoinis is in next to bat.

15.09 IST: OUT! Another one bites the dust! Australia are falling apart now and the Nagpur crowd is dancing up and down. Patel serves it a shade quicker through the air, it's flat and full around off at 91 kph, turning away, Handscomb goes down on one knee to attempt the cross-batted shot over mid-wicket but it catches the outside edge and loops behind the keeper. Rahane runs back from first slip and grabs it safely. 50th international wicket for Axar! AUS 118/4 in 24.2 overs

15.07 IST: Shortish and on off from Jadhav, Handscomb moves back and hits it firmly past the diving mid-wicket fielder for a run. 4 runs from the over.  AUS 118/3 in 24 overs

Travis Head arrives.

15.01 IST: OUT! Warner holes out! He finds the fielder with surgical precision. A flighted full ball outside off, turning back in a bit, Warner jumps out of the crease and tries to chip it over mid-wicket. But he ends up hitting it too well. The ball goes towards long on where Pandey is perfectly placed. He accepts the catch gleefully and it's a body blow to Australia. They once again appear to be losing the plot after a good start. Over to their middle order which has been pretty inconsistent.   AUS 112/3 in 22.2 overs

14.59 IST: Full flighted ball outside off from Jadhav, it's driven down the ground to long off for a single. The extra cover fielder put in a fancy dive but to no avail.  AUS 111/2 in 22 overs

14.56 IST: Loopy full ball on off from Axar, Peter walks forward and knocks it down to long on for a run. 3 runs from the over.  AUS 106/2 in 21 overs

14.53 IST:  Handscomb goes on the back foot and punches it to long on for a single. A successful over for India. 5 runs and a wicket from it. AUS 103/2 in 20 overs

Peter Handscomb walks in next.

14.51 IST: OUT! Trapped in front! Jadhav, the golden-arm man, strikes again for his side. I don't know how I get wickets, Jadhav said in an interview. Well, as long as you picking it, no one cares. It's a massive breakthrough as well. The Australian skipper walks back, dejected.  As far as the delivery is concerned, it's a straightforward one, landing full and around middle, not doing much, Smith tries to play the sweep shot but misses. He is rapped on the pads, they appeal and the finger goes up. Kedar is all smiles and is mobbed by his teammates. AUS 100/2 in 19.3 overs

14.49 IST: Fifty for Warner, his 17th in ODIs! Another fine knock from the Australia vice-captain. A flatter shorter ball on off, Warner rocks back and smashes it past extra cover for a single. He needs to keep on batting and get a big one!  AUS 100/1 in 19.2 overs

14.47 IST: Loopy and full outside off, Smith drives it down to long off for another run in the over.  AUS 98/1 in 19 overs

Axar Patel to begin proceedings after the break, he replaces Kedar Jadhav.

Time for Drinks! It's been good going for Australia. They started extremely well after opting to bat but the introduction of spin and the fall of Finch's wicket have slowed things up a bit. Important passage of play coming up now...

14.41 IST:  A touch short and outside off from Jadhav, Warner rocks back and cuts it through cover-point for a single.  AUS 94/1 in 18 overs

14.38 IST: FOUR! That's a very good shot! Too full in length on this occasion, giving plenty of room, Warner spots that and drills it through covers for a cracking boundary. AUS 90/1 in 17 overs

14.34 IST: Slower this time, full and on middle, Smith flicks it with nice timing to mid-wicket where Kohli makes a diving stop. 4 runs from the over.  AUS 82/1 in 16 overs

14.32 IST: Tossed up ball on middle and off, turning away a bit, Warner tries to defend but it takes the inside edge and rolls in front of square leg. A single taken. End of another fine over by Kuldeep.  AUS 78/1 in 15 overs

14.28 IST: Good over from Jadhav, just three came off it. AUS 74/1 in 14 overs

Kedar Jadhav come in to bowl.

14.24 IST: MAIDEN from Kuldeep Yadav! Smith defends it off the front foot by the batsman presenting the full face of the bat.   AUS 71/1 in 13 overs 

14.20 IST: FOUR! That's some way to get off the mark! Fuller in length and outside off, Smith leans forward and caresses it through covers for a glorious boundary. AUS 70/1 in 11.4 overs

Skipper Steven Smith walks in next.

14.18 IST: OUT! Finch falls! Pandya strikes and the Nagpur crowd erupts. Finch tries to go over the cover region but fails to get the timing right. It balloons in the air, Bumrah moves swiftly across to his left to take the catch in multiple attempts. In fact the replays after showing that it was not a no ball also showed that Jasprit just somehow hung on to the catch. The Indian team is celebrating and a dejected Finch walks back to the pavilion. AUS 66/1 in 11.3 overs

14.15 IST: Warner advances down the track to take it on the full and forces it down to long on for a run. 3 runs from the first over of spin.  AUS 63/0 in 11 overs

Kuldeep Yadav comes into the attack. He against David Warner will be a contest to watch out. The Chinaman so far has got the better of Warner. A slip in place.

14.12 IST: FOUR! Seems like a deliberate edge, not too sure, at least Finch made it look so. Back of a length delivery outside off, Finch remains inside the crease and pushes inside the line. It takes the outside edge and hurries down to the third man fence. AUS 60/0 in 10 overs

Hardik Pandya is the first bowling change.

14.08 IST: Short in length and outside off from Bhuvi, Finch stands tall inside the crease and hits it on the up. The extra cover fielder puts in a dive to take the pace off the ball. Rahane cuts it from mid-off after that and they cross for a single.  AUS 54/0 in 9 overs

14.06 IST:


14.04 IST: FOUR! Fifty-run stand completed between Warner and Finch. That's a very nice shot! Back of a length delivery on middle and off, Warner stays back to create some room and punches it sweetly through the cover region for a boundary. The placement was the key. 50 up for Australia!  AUS 52/0 in 8.1 overs

14.04 IST: FOUR! Best of the lot. There is something very delightful about boundaries down the ground. A leg stump half-volley by Bumrah, missing the yorker mark by a few inches. Finch brings down a straight bat and caresses it past the left side of the mid on fielder.  AUS 48/0 in 8 overs

14.02 IST: FOUR! Back-to-back boundaries for Finch! A pitched up delivery and angling into the pads of the batsman, Aaron clips it off his pads and it races through. Kedar Jadhav runs across to his left from deep mid-wicket but to no avail.  AUS 44/0 in 7.3 overs

14.01 IST: FOUR! It beats short fine leg and is always a boundary after that. Full in length and on middle, angling in, Finch closes the face of the bat and flicks it past the diving Axar Patel. AUS 40/0 in 7.2 overs

14.00 IST: Angling into the batsman, on middle, Finch brings down a straight bat and eases it to mid on. Good over by Bhuvi, just two runs from it. AUS 35/0 in 7 overs

13.56 IST: FOUR! No half measures this time! Back of a length delivery outside off, from around the wicket, Warner camps back and packs a punch through covers for a powerful boundary. Runs coming thick and fast for Australia, 12 from this over.  AUS 33/0 in 6 overs

13.55 IST: FOUR! Up and over! A short-arm jab by Warner to a shortish ball angled into him, he gets it from the middle of the bat and it just goes over Rohit Sharma at mid-wicket. Heart in mouth stuff for the Aussie fans.  AUS 29/0 in 5.5 overs

13.51 IST: FOUR! That's a great shot, plenty of bottom hand involved. Back of a length delivery just around off, Warner goes back and plays a half-pull, half-flick shot. Timing is good and the outfield does the rest. It races away in front of square leg and crosses the fence in no time. Suddenly, there is a flurry of boundaries for Australia. AUS 21/0 in 5 overs

13.46 IST: FOUR! This is lightning quick outfield. Bumrah is once again on the shorter side, Finch drags it from outside off and still times his pull shot quite decently through mid-wicket. It just races through this outfield and the deep square leg fielder fails to cut it off. AUS 14/0 in 4 overs

13.45 IST: FOUR! Finch takes the calculative risk and breaks the shackles. Short in length around off, Aaron reads the length early, sits back and pulls it nicely over mid-wicket for a boundary.

13.41 IST: Shout for an lbw! Good length ball in the line of the stumps, Warner stays back to hit it across the line but misses and is hit high on the back pad. They appeal and the batsmen cross as the ball travels to third man. Too high to be given out, shows the replay. Also, it's given as a run. Maybe, some inside edge. 

13.40 IST: Bumrah starts with a maiden over! AUS 2/0 in 2 overs

13.33 IST: Edged but safe! A little bit of away movement off the seam, just outside off, Warner feels for it and edges it behind. Rohit dives across to his right and stops it on one bounce. Seems to have hurt his hands in the process. AUS 2/0 in 1 over

13.29 IST: It's time to get underway. The in-form openers of Australia, David Warner and Aaron Finch stride out to the middle. India are beginning with the pace and swing of BhuvneshwarBhuvneshwar Kumar. A false start first up as Warner saw some disturbance near the sightscreen. But all set now. sightscreen. But all set now. Two slips in place...

13.25 IST: National anthem time. The players from both sides are out in the centre.

13.15 IST: Captain's Corner 

Virat Kohli: All we need to do is get the processes right. We've done really well in the series, capitalizing in the first three games and coming back hard. In the last game I thought we played a good game of cricket but I thought Australia did better. Incentives are plenty, every time we step onto the field, we get an opportunity to do well. We need to focus on every game and come back hard. The pitch looks very hard, we would've batted first as well but it shouldn't change much through the game. It is a relaid surface so there wouldn't be much of wear and tear. The last time we played here we chased down 350, so happy memories of the ground for us. Three changes - Umesh, Shami and Chahal are out Bhuvneshwar, Bhuvneshwar, Bumrah and Kuldeep are in.

Steve Smith: We are going to have a bat. It looks pretty dry, hopefully it would slow on as the game goes by and we can post a good total. It was nice to win the last one, I thought we batted pretty well to get 300 on the board; we'd like to replicate that today and get a big one. We have one change, Kane Richardson is sick and James Faulkner comes back in.

13.10 IST: Playing XIs

India: Rohit Sharma, Ajinkya Rahane, Virat Kohli (C), Hardik Pandya, Kedar Jadhav, Manish Pandey, MS Dhoni (wk), Axar Patel, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Jasprit Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Jasprit Bumrah, Kuldeep Yadav

Australia: David Warner, Aaron Finch, Travis Head, Steven Smith(C), Peter Handscomb, Marcus Stoinis, Matthew Wade (WK), James Faulkner, Pat Cummins, Nathan Coulter-Nile, Adam Zampa

13.00 IST: TOSS! Australia win toss, opt to bat vs India

Brief Preview: On the batting front, KL Rahul may get a game as he remains the only batsman in the squad to not have played in the series so far. 

The team management will have to reassess their plans for the remaining game as both sides would want to end the series on a high and carry the momentum into the three T20s contest beginning in Ranchi in October.

Indian openers Rohit Sharma and Ajinkya Rahane had set up a perfect platform in Bengaluru with a second straight century partnership but the middle order could not capitalise on that. 

Hardik Pandya being promoted to four in the batting order worked brilliantly in Indore but did not yield a similar return on Thursday. 

Pandya's promotion led to MS Dhoni being dropped to number six and the former captain hardly got time to get his eye in before going ballistic, something he prefers doing nowadays with his big hitting power on the wane.

Coming to bat ahead of Dhoni, Pandya and Kedar Jadhav got enough time to close out the game but they were unable to do the finishing job.

Pressure is mounting on Manish Pandey who is yet to score a half-century in the series. He got out at the wrong time at him home ground and Dhoni was left to do all by himself towards the end of the chase. (Read Full Preview Here)

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