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Highlights, India vs England, 4th Test, Day 1: India 19/0, trail England by 227 runs at stumps

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The Indian openers, Shikhar Dhawan and KL Rahul have seen off the tricky phase (20-odd minutes) to head back unscathed to their dressing room.

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New Delhi Updated on: August 30, 2018 23:40 IST
Live Cricket Score, India vs England, 4th Test, Day 1:
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Live Cricket Score, India vs England, 4th Test, Day 1: Jasprit Bumrah celebrates a dismissal

India vs England, Highlights, 4th Test Day 1 at Rose Bowl: 

India vs England, 4th Test Match, Day 1: The Indian openers, Shikhar Dhawan and KL Rahul have seen off the tricky phase (20-odd minutes) to head back unscathed to their dressing room. It has been a day which has been dominated by the Indian bowlers. When the ball was new, the trio of Jasprit Bumrah, Ishant Sharma and Mohammed Shami exploited it to perfection, breaking the backbone of the hosts. The Englishmen were reeling at 86/6 but the pair of Moeen Ali and Sam Curran put in a rearguard effort. They put the bad balls away and kept the scoreboard ticking, adding 81 runs together in the process. India must have thought they can deflate the morale of the home side by bowling them out cheaply but the young Curran in particular shored things up for his team. He stitched a breezy 63-run stand in 57 balls along with Stuart Broad, staging a great comeback. Having said all this, India still hold the aces. Agreed that the ball is moving around but if you apply yourself, runs can be scored on this track. The first hour of the second day will be important from the point of view of both the sides. If England pick up a few quick wickets, it can lead to a collapse while India will know that if they bat well in the initial phase, they will further strengthen their position. (SCORECARD)


23.10 IST: Safely Negotiated! The Indian openers, Shikhar Dhawan and KL Rahul have seen off the tricky phase (20-odd minutes) to head back unscathed to their dressing room. It has been a day which has been dominated by the Indian bowlers. When the ball was new, the trio of Jasprit Bumrah, Ishant Sharma and Mohammed Shami exploited it to perfection, breaking the backbone of the hosts.

23.00 IST: That's Stumps! India 19/0 at stumps, trail England (246) by 227 runs in Southampton, Rahul 11* Dhawan 3*

22.58 IST: FOUR! Byes. On a length outside off, KL Rahul leaves it alone. The ball swings away as Buttler dives to his right but the ball brushes his gloves and rolls behind. Cook chases it and puts in a slide to keep the ball in play. It is referred upstairs. The replay shows that Cook's leg was in contact with the ropes when he had the ball in his hand. IND 15/0 in 3.3 overs.

22.56 IST: FOUR! Streaky runs! On a length around off, Rahul plays it with soft hands but gets it off the outer half of the bat past the gap between the slip cordon and gully. Another boundary results. IND 10/0 in 3 overs.

22.52 IST: IND 4/0 in 2 overs. Stuart Broad to Lokesh Rahul, Wide.

22.48 IST: Stuart Broad to share the new ball from the other end.

22.46 IST: Anderson starts with a maiden over. James Anderson to Shikhar Dhawan, no run. Well played but not in the gap! Fractionally overpitched outside off, driven nicely to the man at point. Anderson begin with a maiden.

22.34 IST: India bowl England out for 246 in first innings in Southampton. Bumrah 3/46, Curran 78. Sam Curran OUT! Bowled 'em! Tossed up ball on middle and off, Curran clears his front leg and tries to slog it across the line but misses to get his stumps shattered. A top knock from him though.

22.22 IST: FOUR! A STAND AND DELIVER SHOT. Straight as an arrow! Full ball on middle, Curran lifts it over the bowler for a boundary. ENG 244/9 in 74.3 overs.

22.21 IST: James Anderson is the last man in.

22.20 IST: OUT! Bumrah removes Broad for 17. The change of bat has led to doom for Broad! Jasprit Bumrah has provided the much-needed breakthrough for India and he lets out a grunt. He steams in from around the wicket and bowls a good length ball around off. It hits the deck and comes with the natural angle as Broad is late to bring his bat in time and is hit in front of the wickets. The visitors appeal in unison and the umpire raises the dreaded finger. Stuart was beaten for pace there.  England 240/9 in 74 overs vs India in Southampton.

22.18 IST: Hardik Pandya has something to advice to Bumrah. Meanwhile, there is a change of bat for Broad.

22.15 IST: FOUR! WHAT A SHOT! Going from bad to worse for India! Their shoulders are drooping. Short and asking for trouble, Curran stands tall and slaps it behind point for a rocketing boundary.

22.13 IST: Jasprit Bumrah returns.

22.03 IST EDGED BUT FOUR! Streaky but they all count! Broad leans ahead to defend but gets an outside edge. Rahane at first slip is a bit late to react and the ball goes past him to the fence. ENG 221/8 in 71 overs.

22.02 IST: Stuart Broad Not Out! Yes, the impact has saved Broad. Coming in with the arm, Stuart comes ahead to defend it but misses to get pinged on the pads. Ashwin appeals vociferously but the umpire thinks otherwise. The keeper is convinced and Kohli listens to him to signal the 'T'.

22.01 IST: Time for the review! It is regarding an LBW appeal against Stuart Broad. Pant is really confident and suggests his skipper to take the review which he agrees to. The point of impact might save the batsman.

21.55 IST: Double change. Hardik Pandya is back for a burst.

21.53 IST: FOUR! More quick runs for England. These are handy runs for England. Coming in with the arm, Curran clears his front leg, lines it up and drags his heave through mid-wicket to find the fence.

21.52 IST: FIFTY! Sam Curran hits his 2nd Test half-century off 109 balls. SIX! What a way to get to his second Test fifty! This young lad certainly packs a punch and has a matured head on his young shoulders. Kneels to the tossed up ball and whacks it over long on for a maximum. He has helped England make a comeback, being the chief architect behind it. The 200 also comes up for England. England 200/8 in 68.2 overs vs India in Southampton.

21.50 IST: Meanwhile, Ravichandran Ashwin comes back for a bowl.

21.49 IST: Drinks! Last one off the day.

21.43 IST: FOUR! That shot shows his confidence. SHOT! Curran moves to 47! The young teen once again taking the game away from the Indians. Sharma corrects his length by bowling it too far outside off. Curran uses his fast hands and cuts it through point for a boundary.

21.42 IST: FOUR! BYES! Pant hides his face. bad line from Sharma. Bowls this down the leg side again, to far for Curran to flick it. Pant runs and dives to his right. And just like before, to no-avail.

21.36 IST: FOUR! BYES! Make that 18 byes for the innings. Another one of those full pitched ball down the leg side. Curran is late is getting his bat down and losing his complete balance. Pant jumps to his right but the ball evades him. Has a smirk on his face as he knows he can't do anything about it. ENG 183/8 in 65.4 overs.

21.29 IST: Stuart Broad is the new man in.

21.28 IST: OUT! Ishant removes Adil Rashid for 6. Ishant gets his man! No reviews left for England and Rashid has to walk back. Ishant serves this full on middle and leg. The ball moves in the air and comes in after pitching. Rashid is caught on his back foot trying to flick the ball. Misses it and gets hit on his pads. The Indians appeal and the umpire takes his time in raising his finger. Sadly for England, the replay shows that would have gone to miss the leg stump.  England 177/8 in 64.3 overs vs India in Southampton.

21.21 IST: Jasprit Bumrah in for another spell.

21.20 IST: Ishant Sharma to Sam Curran, no run. Pitches it up again. Outside off. Curran plays it with soft hands towards mid off and thinks of the run. A loud NO from his partner and they decide against it.  ENG 174/7 in 63 overs.

21.15 IST: Ravichandran Ashwin to Adil Rashid, no run. Full and on the pads, flicked away to square leg.

21.05 IST: Adil Rashid comes out to bat. We all know he has the ability. Can he support Sam Curran and take England past 200?

21.04 IST: OUT! Ashwin removes Moeen Ali for 40. Finally! India break the 81-run stand and get closer to wrapping up England. Ashwin tosses this up around off. Ali gets low on one knee and looks to sweep this away. Ends up getting a top edge to it. The ball balloons towards square leg where Bumrah runs in from the deep and takes a good forward catch. Ali misses a 50 but gets his team to a respectable total. England 167/7 in 59.3 overs vs India in Southampton.

20.58 IST: Change. Ishant Sharma has been called back into the attack.

20.56 IST: FOUR! Curran finds the gap here. Brilliant from Curran! The pitch has eased out now and Curran is making the most of it. Short ball outside off, sits up nicely for Sam who cuts it through point for a boundary.

20.53 IST: FOUR! BYES! What is Pant supposed to do with that? Nothing. Shami comes in from round the wicket and lands this on the leg stump. It pitches and swings away with the angle. Ali leaves it alone, Pant dives to his right but can't get anywhere close to it. The ball runs to the fine leg boundary.

20.48 IST: Review time! Kohli has taken an LBW decision up. Looks like it's going wide.

20.46 IST: Mohammed Shami to Sam Curran, 1 run. A bit short outside off, Curran reaches for it and cuts it through point to retain the strike.  ENG 152/6 in 55 overs.

20.41 IST: SIX! Ali smashes another six. Huge! Full of confidence is Moeen! Reads the ball from Ashwin's hand. Steps down the track to this off leg spinner and smokes it over mid on for a biggie. ENG 151/6 in 53.4 overs.

20.40 IST: With 59 runs, Curran and Ali surpass previous best partnership stand for the seventh-wicket at The Rose Bowl, Southampton. Ravichandran Ashwin to Sam Curran, 1 run. Hangs back and milks this through mid on for a easy single.

20.36 IST: Mohammed Shami to bowl from the other end.

20.32 IST: The players walk out after a warm cup of tea. The two left-handers in Moeen Ali and Sam Curran, who just crossed the fifty run mark will look to bat for as long as possible. India will continue with Ravi Ash. A slip and short leg for him. Let's go!

20.14 IST: England 139/6 at Tea against India in Southampton. Shami 2/38, Ali 30*, Curran 27*. Mohammed Shami to Moeen Ali, 1 run. England's intensity is on show here. It's the last ball before the tea break and what do they do? take a cheeky single. Shami keeps it just back of a length around off, Ali defends it from the crease and calls for a run. Curran responds well and they complete a good single to end the session.

20.10 IST: 50-run partnership stand up for Moeen Ali and Sam Curran. Mohammed Shami to Sam Curran, 1 run. Chance of a run out for India? Shami bowls it fuller on the middle stump line. Curran stays back and defends with a straight bat and takes off. The ball goes towards the Ashwin at mid off who runs in, picks up cleanly and underarms it to the non-strikers end, but misses the stumps as Curran is seen diving inside the crease. Replay shows he was just inside the crease as the ball passes the stumps.

20.08 IST: Shami is back for the final over before Tea.

19.58 IST: SIX! Ali makes the maximum out of the bouncer! Ali goes for the hook and gets rewarded with a maximum. They say luck favors the brave and Ali and Curran are playing some brave cricket here. Bumrah bangs this one short, Ali goes back, swivels and goes for the hook. The ball gets the top edge and flies towards the fine leg region. The fielder at fine leg is a bit square but it would not have mattered as the ball sails over the ropes. These are some important runs for the hosts.  ENG 132/6 in 46.5 overs.

19.54 IST: Ravichandran Ashwin to Moeen Ali, no run. A bit wider of off, Ali shoulders arms.

19.48 IST: Jasprit Bumrah to Moeen Ali, no run. An jaffa! A short of a length ball going away from Ali. He looks to have a go at it from his crease but gets beaten. The slip cordon is showing some excitement but Bumrah has a smirk and he nods in disagreement. Brilliant over from the youngster once again.

19.38 IST: Ashwin comes back into the attack.

19.37 IST: Jasprit Bumrah to Moeen Ali, no run. Beaten! Peach from Bumrah. Lands this one on a length around the middle and off line, Ali is tempted to poke at it. The ball moves away on landing and beats Ali's outside edge. A wonderful ball to end the over. ENG 120/6 in 41 overs.

19.35 IST: FOUR! Bumrah misses his line and length by a bit and Ali pounces on it. Keeps this a bit shorter and a bit wide of off. Ali cuts it and cuts it superbly to find the gap in the point region. Third boundary of the over as England look to fight back.

19.28 IST: FOUR! Consecutive boundaries give England a boost. Brilliant batting by Curran. Pandya over-compensates and lands it very full. Curran comes forward, leans a bit and drives it straight down the ground past the bowler's right. The ball goes past the boundary and Curran adding some vital runs for the home team.

19.27 IST: FOUR! Curran too joins the party. Cracked! Pandya lands this one short and wide outside off. Curran rocks back and cuts this one in the gap between covers and point. The timing is exquisite and the ball races across the fence. ENG 105/6 in 39.1 overs.

19.24 IST: FOUR! Ali hits a boundary to take England past 100. Streaky! But as they say, It's not how, but how many in cricket. Shami keeps it a bit shorter of a length around off, Ali stands within his crease and pushes at it tentatively, the ball pitches and moves away taking the thick outside edge of Ali's bat and the ball flies through the vacant gully region to the boundary. England's 100 comes up.

19.18 IST: Hardik Pandya is back.

19.17 IST: A maiden over by Shami. Mohammed Shami to Moeen Ali, no run. That was so risky! Shami can't believe it that it missed the off pole. Coming in sharply from outside off, Moeen lets it through and it just misses the stumps. Mohammed has his hands on his head and a wry smile on his face. ENG 89/6 in 37 overs.

19.12 IST: Time for Drinks!

19.05 IST: Sam Curran comes out to bat. Can he deliver on his return?

19.04 IST: OUT! Shami removes Stokes for 23. It's Three Reds and there goes England's sixth wicket. Shami's consistent line and length gets rewarded. He lands this one on a length just outside off, angling in from around the wicket. Stokes gets across and tries to keep it away but the ball pitches and sharply nips into the southpaw. The ball beats the inside edge and raps the front pad. India appeal and the umpire obliges. Stokes though feels he has a chance to get away with this one. He decides to go for the review. Relay shows the ball is hitting in line and crashing into the stumps. Stokes is a dead duck and what's more, England also lose their review. England 86/6 in 34.4 overs vs India in Southampton.

19.03 IST: A review for LBW is taken by England. The man in question is Stokes. It looks very close.

18.59 IST: Good to see Mohammed Shami back on the ground and raring to go.

18.55 IST: Mohammed Shami to Ben Stokes, 1 run. Shami attacks the line of the stumps and keeps it a bit fuller. Stokes turns it around towards mid-wicket and picks up a single.  ENG 83/5 in 33 overs.

18.44 IST: Four Byes! That one moved a long way away! Outside off, Stokes lets it go. Pant dives full length ball but he has no chance to stop it. Pujara had to get out of the way as it was coming at a very brisk pace and he was not expecting it.

18.42 IST: FOUR! Bumrah should have done better there. Fullish ball, too straight on this occasion. Stokes flicks it towards square leg. Bumrah stationed there dives lazily and allows the ball to roll past him and to the fence.

18.37 IST: Ben Stokes Edged! Just short of third slip. Sharma lands it a bit fuller around off and shaping away. Stokes comes forward to block, gets a thick outside edge which goes straight to ground and on a bounce to Kohli at third slip. Stokes must have had his heart in his mouth a couple of times in this innings, but the important thing is, he's still out there and England desperately need him to be.

18.26 IST: Ishant Sharma is back on.

18.23 IST: Moeen Ali walks in next.

18.22 IST: OUT! Shami removes Buttler for 21. Kohli takes a sharp one at third slip. England has lost half their side. Shami continues to land it in the corridor of uncertainty. Gets the ball to move away on pitching. Buttler, stuck in his crease, reaches out at the ball and goes for a drive on the up. This results in him getting the outside edge and the ball flies towards third slip at head height and the India captain is alert and sharp enough to catch it fingers pointing upwards. He made a difficult catch look easy, a mark of a good fielder. It should also be noted that after the four on the first ball of the over, Kohli removed the man at covers and got him in the gully position. The gap in the covers region tempts Buttler to go for the shot and the visitors are rewarded for some good thinking and better execution.  England 69/5 in 26.3 overs vs India in Southampton.

18.19 IST: FOUR! A boundary to conclude the over. Stokes takes full toll of this lose one from Ashwin. He lands it a bit shorter outside off. Stokes rocks back and across and punches it off the back foot through he cover region. Finds the gap and the ball crosses the fence. 

18.17 IST: Ashwin will bowl from the other end.

18.15 IST: FOUR! Streaky! That's the line Shami should hit consistently. Lands it a bit fuller on a length, it was on the middle stump line with some movement away. Buttler tries to push at it and gets squared up. The away movement takes the leading edge and the ball goes towards the backward point region for a boundary.

18.10 IST: We are about to get the post-lunch session underway. The players and umpires are out in the middle. Mohammad Shami to start the new session for India. Let's see what's in store in this session.

17.33 IST: England 57/4 at Lunch against India in Southampton. Bumrah 2/21, Buttler 13*, Stokes 12*. Jasprit Bumrah to Ben Stokes, no run. Stokes again gets behind the line of the length ball to keep it out. That's Lunch on Day 1.

17.25 IST: Jos Buttler Dropped! A difficult one but it will counted as a drop. Buttler survives once again, two chances in two tests and Pant is the man again who gives him a reprieve. Shami digs this outside off and angles it in to the Buttler. He looks to leave it at the very last moment but the ball goes off the bottom half of the bat. Pant behind the stumps looks to get up with the bounce but the edge does him bad. It dips and goes on a full to him. It hits him low on his leg and goes to the ground. Will Buttler make India pay once again?

17.21 IST: Jasprit Bumrah comes back on.

17.20 IST: Mohammed Shami to Ben Stokes, 1 run. Takes a couple of steps down the track and seeing the short of a length, lets it pass. The ball swings in late and evades diving Pant even though he dived to his right. A bye taken in the end.

17.13 IST: Back-to-back boundaries bring up 50 for India. FOUR! Another one. Two in two. A shortish ball in line of the stumps, Buttler clips it through square leg and the ball manages to cross the fence just in time.

17.12 IST: FOUR! Buttler finds the gap. Drives and drives it nicely. A full length with some width on offer. Buttler's feet stays in his crease but his bat goes after it away from his body. The ball beats the covers fielder and races to the boundary.

17.06 IST: A wicket and four runs from the over. Hardik Pandya to Ben Stokes, 1 run. An inswinging length ball in line of the stumps, Stokes looks to defend but gets an inside edge to the fine leg region. A leg bye stolen. ENG 40/4 in 18 overs.

17.01 IST: OUT! Hardik Pandya removes Cook for 17. Boom! Gone! Cook looks to fish around off and gets burned. Pandya is the man this time, the star of Nottingham, gets his name in the wicket's column in Southampton as well. A short of a length ball outside off, Cook looks to cut it through backward point off the back foot but ends up guiding to Kohli at third slip. Kudos to Kohli who stayed low, crouches further down and takes a good catch to end Cook's gritty innings. Cook will be disappointed as England are reeling at 36/4 now, just under 18 overs. Jos Buttler will be coming in to bat next.  England 36/4 in 17.1 overs vs India in Southampton.

17.00 IST: Just two runs from the over. ENG 36/3 in 17 overs.

16.57 IST: Mohammed Shami comes in for a spell.

16.52 IST: FOUR! Shot! Played with such ease by Stokes. He gets a full ball on leg and flicks it from his crease. The connection is right and it goes through the vacant mid-wicket region for a boundary.

16.43 IST: In comes Ben Stokes at number 5. Also, Hardik Pandya comes on for a bowl.

16.42 IST: OUT! Bumrah removes Bairstow for 6. Bairstow can do nothing against this peach of a delivery from Bumrah. He lands this one on a length just outside off. Bairstow, after doing well in leaving these ones until now, is drawn into a defensive shot, may be because of Bumrah's angle and also the fact that this one is just that bit closer to the off stump. The ball pitches and holds it's line more than anything else, the slight change in line gets the outside edge. It flies to Pant who pouches it and throws it high up in the air with delight. Bairstow has to take the long walk back.  England 28/3 in 13 overs vs India in Southampton.

16.35 IST: Drinks. A good start by India picking two English wickets, including their skipper. The ball is moving but the Indian opening pace attack of Bumrah and Ishant have done well to keep majority of the deliveries in the corridor of uncertainty. The batsmen never looked settled.

16.33 IST: Ishant Sharma to Alastair Cook, no run. Cook lets this length ball outside the off stump go behind. ENG 26/2 in 12 overs.

16.22 IST: Ishant Sharma to Jonny Bairstow, no run. Goodness me, what a cracker. Sharma is looking so threatening, making the ball move so viciously. This one cut Bairstow in half. It lands on a back of a length and nips back in sharply. Bairstow is on the front foot and looks to play it with a lot of gap between bat-pad. The ball goes through the gap and over the sticks. Pant behind makes under diving stop with one hand to his left. Sharma can't believe it missed everything.

16.15 IST: FOUR! Cook does not miss out on this full toss wide of off stump, Cook reaches out and gets enough bat on this one, the ball races through the gap between gully and point and crosses the fence. ENG 21/2 in 8.3 overs.

16.09 IST: Jonny Bairstow is the next batsman in.

16.08 IST: OUT! Ishant removes Root for 4. India do get the English skipper. Bumrah must be a relieved man. Sharma continuing to bowl a bit fuller lands it just outside off. The ball hits the deck and nips back in. Root comes forward tentatively to block it out. Ishant's natural angle and the inward movement beats Root's inside edge and raps him, in what seems to be in front of the wickets. Kumar Dharmasena has no hesitation in giving it out. Root has a chat with Cook and decides to go for the review. Replay shows ball hitting in line and there is no problem with the height as well as the ball is seen crashing into the stumps. What a wicket to have as your 250th Test scalp.  England 15/2 in 7.1 overs vs India in Southampton.

16.06 IST: England this time take the review. Again it's Root the man in question.

16.03 IST: FOUR! Cook shows the ball direction to get some quick runs. Bumrah errs in line and Cook make him pay. He bowls a back of a length ball on the pads and Cook flicks it easily to the fine leg boundary for his second boundary.  ENG 15/1 in 7 overs.

16.00 IST: Ishant Sharma to Alastair Cook, no runs. Cook shoulders arms to this length ball wide outside off.  ENG 10/1 in 6 overs.

15.58 IST: FOUR! That's the first boundary for England. Sharma keeps it a bit fuller and a bit wider of off. Cook leans forward and square drives this past the point fielder. The ball races across the boundary.

15.53 IST: Jasprit Bumrah to Joe Root, No ball. Bumrah does it again! He lands the ball on a length just outside off. Root comes forward looking to defend it. The ball pitches and seams in, beats Joe's bat and raps him dead in front. The Indians appeal but the umpire is unmoved. India, confidently go for the review. But but but, the first replay shoes Bumrah's has overstepped. The decision stays and Root survives a close close call. Further replays also show that, with three reds, Joe would have been a goner. Bumrah's dreaded front foot again!

15.51 IST: Review taken by India. Joe Root is the man in question.

15.49 IST: Another maiden over by Ishant Sharma. Ishant Sharma to Alastair Cook, no run. Again around off, Cook leaves it for Pant behind the stumps. ENG 3/1 in 4 overs.

15.41 IST: Joe Root walks out to the middle.

15.40 IST: OUT! Bumrah removes Jennings for 0. What a Jaffa! Boom Boom Bumrahhh! Dream start for India as they draw first blood. He lands this one on a length just outside the of stump. Jennings expecting the ball to continue with the angle, shoulders arms to let it go behind. But the ball pitches and moves in prodigiously. Hits Jennings in the inside part of his front foot. The Indians appeal loud and the umpire has no hesitation in given this out. A big judgement error has cost the southpaw his wicket. Bumrah will now have his tail up.  England 1/1 in 2.1 overs vs India in Southampton.

15.35 IST: Ishant Sharma will bowl from the other end.

15.34 IST: Just one run after the over. Ishant Sharma to Alastair Cook, no run. Cook goes back to this short of a length ball on off and keeps it out.

15.30 IST: Right, so the fourth Test of this series is about to get underway. The players and umpires walk out to the middle. Alastair Cook and Keaton Jennings stride out. The former will face the music first up. Three slips and a gully for Jasprit Bumrah, who will open the bowling for the tourists. 

15.20 IST: Virat Kohli says that he wanted to bat first as well. He reckons that the pitch looks like a good batting track. Implies that the deck looks hard and in the first 20-25 minutes, we should get hard on it to extract something out of the pitch. Further adds that for the first time in a long time they are playing with an unchanged squad. Asserts that there are some niggles but those have been neglected. Further says that Ashwin is fit so there was no need to make any changes. Asserts that the players are waiting for the opportunities rather than being unaware of them. Ends by saying that his team is experienced as compared to the one in 2014 and will look to work hard even more and put in a good performance.

15.10 IST: Playing XIs

India: Shikhar Dhawan, Lokesh Rahul, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli (C), Ajinkya Rahane, Hardik Pandya, Rishabh Pant (WK), Ravichandran Ashwin, Ishant Sharma, Mohammed Shami, Jasprit Bumrah

England: Alastair Cook, Keaton Jennings, Joe Root (C), Jonny Bairstow, Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler (WK), Moeen Ali, Sam Curran, Adil Rashid, Stuart Broad, James Anderson

15.06 IST: Captain's Corner

Virat Kohli: Would have batted first as well. Good grass covering, nice and even, probably the best pitch of the series. Good thing about it is that it's hard. We have an unchanged XI. First time in a long time. Rightly so as well. Don't think we need to change looking at the conditions. Ashwin is ready to go as well. He was 70% in the last game. We've all gained so much experience, we've played four years of Test cricket from the last time. Guys are waiting for opportunities. Last time we couldn't capitalize on important moments. Key is working even harder than Nottingham.

Joe Root: We're going to bat first. Looks a good pitch. Sun out here at the moment. Two changes, Woakes is unfit so Curran comes in, straight swap. To win a five match series you have to rely on the whole squad. Opportunity for Moeen to come back in and prove the form he's had the last couple of weeks. Obviously a fine player. Bairstow will be fine at four. Class player himself. Message after Trent Bridge is to stay calm.

15.00 IST: TOSS! England win toss, opt to bat against India in Southampton

14.50 IST: With England set to play two spinners in the fourth Test at The Rose Bowl, Southampton, former India opener and IndiaTV cricket expert Virender Sehwag has suggested captain Virat Kohli to play Ravindra Jadeja as an extra spinner in the crucial match, starting Thursday.

"England are playing with two spinners that means there will be some assistance for the spinners in pitch. England can judge the wicket better than us, no matter which format they play," Sehwag told IndiaTV during the show 'Cricket Ki Baat' on Wednesday.

"If Kohli decides to stick with the same team, there will be four fast bowlers. England, on the other hand, are playing three fast bowlers and one spinner. If the wicket turns out to be spin-friendly, India might miss an extra spinner. They can bring Ravindra Jadeja in as he can bat as well," he explained. (READ FULL STORY)

14.45 IST: Meanwhile, England captain Joe Root has said that comeback-man Ben Stokes is not fully fit to carry out his complete bowling responsibilities, which has prompted the side to bring in Moeen Ali for the fourth Test against India starting in Southampton on Thursday.

"There are two changes to the team from last week. Sam Curran comes in for Chris Woakes - he's not fit to play this time around - and with Ben not being 100 per cent in terms of the amount he can bowl and the balance of the side, Moeen comes in for Ollie Pope," Root said in the pre-match press conference. (READ FULL STORY)

14.40 IST: India captain Virat Kohli hinted at making no changes to the Playing XI.

"Everyone is fit to start tomorrow. Ashwin has recovered nicely. He had a good practice session yesterday. He is good to go," Kohli told reporters.

"It has not always been the case of (making random) changes. There have been injuries as well, which have not been taking in to consideration. It has been a mix of both. Seeing the way things are right now we don't feel we need to change anything." (READ FULL STORY)

14.35 IST: Here's a look at the pitch at Rose Bowl

14.30 IST: Hello and welcome to our Live Coverage of the fourth Test between India and England at Rose Bowl, Southampton. Stay tuned as we bring you all the latest updates.


Trailing the five-match series 1-2, Virat Kohli-led India will look to increase their stranglehold on England to draw parity when the No.1-ranked Test team takes on the mighty hosts in the fourth Test at The Rose Bowl, Southampton, starting Thursday.

After a couple of morale-crushing defeats in the first two Tests (31 runs at Edgbaston) and (innings defeat at the Lord's), Virat Kohli's men produced a splendid all-round performance to win the third Test in Nottingham by 203 runs. 

There are fears for England that Kohli's team might just emulate Sir Don Bradman's Australia that won the 1936 Ashes after being 0-2 down. (Read Full Report Here)

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