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Highlights, India vs England, 3rd Test Cricket Match, Day 3: England 23/0 in pursuit of 521 at stumps

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India vs England, 3rd Test Cricket Match, Day 3: Virat hit his 23rd Test ton as India set a target of 521 for England.

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New Delhi Updated on: August 20, 2018 23:25 IST
Live Score, India vs England, 3rd Test Cricket Match, Day
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Live Score, India vs England, 3rd Test Cricket Match, Day 3: Alastair Cook in action

Highlights, India vs England, 3rd Test Cricket Match, Day 3:

India vs England Live Cricket Score, 3rd Test Day 3: Hello and welcome to the live coverage of the third day of the third Test between India and England at the Trent Bridge, Nottingham. Virat Kohli scored a century, while Cheteshwar Pujara and Hardik Pandya contributed with a fifty as India declared their second innings on 352/7 to set England a 521-run target to win in Nottingham. England's misery is over, finally. India have set a gigantic target in front of the home team to win this Test and seal the series. A near impossible task and England will consider themselves lucky if they come out unscathed. Powerful batting show by India yet again. After gaining a handsome lead, their batsmen came out with positive intent and batted with a lot of control. Their openers once again laid a strong platform and then the pair of Cheteshwar Pujara and Virat Kohli swelled the lead with a century partnership. The former missed his ton but the Indian skipper once again displayed his class by notching up his second hundred of the series. One can feel that the tourists delayed in declaring the innings but they still have 189 overs to take England's 9 wickets (Bairstow with a fractured finger is doubtful to bat). (LIVE SCORECARD) (LIVE STREAMING)


22.53 IST: Ravichandran Ashwin to Alastair Cook, Nice! Encouraging stuff for Ashwin. He gets turn and bounce. He floats this up on off, it pitches and the turns away, beating the outside edge of Cook's bat. ENG 22/0 in 7 overs.

22.50 IST: Ashwin has the ball in hand now. This should be interesting.

22.41 IST: FOUR! Bread and butter stuff for! On the pads, he flicks it through mid-wicket and another boundary results. England are doing well here. ENG 20/0 in 4.3 overs.

22.40 IST: Five more overs remaining in the day. India still searching for that wicket.

22.33 IST: FOUR! Dealing in boundaries is Jennings. Back of a length around off, Keaton opens the face of the bat and guides it through third man. He has scored all of England's run so far. ENG 14/0 in 4 overs.

22.31 IST: FOUR! Need not run for those! First boundary of this innings. Bumrah bowls it a touch too full and outside off, Keaton strokes it through cover-point and the ball races away.  ENG 7/0 in 2.2 overs.

22.25 IST: Ishant Sharma has been given the new ball. He will bowl from the other end.

22.24 IST: Bumrah begins with a maiden over. Jasprit Bumrah to Alastair Cook, no run. Well bowled and well played! Another delivery on a length, this one stays a touch low. Cook at the very end, brings his bat down and blocks it. End of a very good first over by Bumrah. ENG 0/0 in 1 over.

22.13 IST: India (329) declare second innings on 352/7 to set England (161) a 521-run target to win in Nottingham. Kohli 103, Pujara 72, Pandya 52*. Adil Rashid to Hardik Pandya, no run. Tossed up fuller on the stumps. Pandya comes forward and turns it away towards the mid-wicket region for a single.

22.10 IST: OUT! Adil Rashid removes Shami for 3. Tossed up on middle. Shami gives this a full swing of the bat, and connects. It looks like it will sail over the ropes but it has been taken at the boundary by the fielder.  India 329 & 349/7, lead England (161) by 517 runs in Nottingham.

22.08 IST: FIFTY! Hardik Pandya hits his 4th Test half-century off 50 balls. India 329 & 349/6, lead England (161) by 517 runs in Nottingham.

22.07 IST: FOUR! Rashid continues and Pandya also continues, smashing him. He is in T20 mode now. Rashid drags this one a bit shorter. Pandya stays back and hits it hard straight down the ground. No chance for the fielder at long on to cut it off. Pandya inches close to his 4th Test fifty.

22.02 IST: SIX! That's huge from Pandya. Rashid tosses this up enticing Pandya to go for the big shot. Pandya obliges and swing hard. Gets enough elevation and power for the ball to sail over the long on fence.

21.59 IST: Mohammad Shami walks in next.

21.58 IST: OUT! Adil Rashid removes Rahane for 29. And India lose their sixth wicket. Rahane goes for the cut to this shorter ball on the off stump. The line was not wide enough and the length not short enough to go for the cut shot. The ball skids and beats his bottom edge and hits the outer part of the off stump. India 329 & 329/6, lead England (161) by 497 runs in Nottingham.

21.55 IST: FOUR! Another one by Hardik Pandya. Pandya on the move. Stokes lands it shorter and wide of off. Pandya unleashes the fierce cut, no chance for the fielder at deep cover to cut this out.

21.54 IST: FOUR! VVS Laxman would been proud of this shot. Length ball angling into Pandya who leans across and flicks this on the up. The ball races to the deep mid-wicket boundary. IND 325/5 in 106.4 overs.

21.52 IST: Stuart Broad comes into the attack.

21.45 IST: FOUR! Pandya getting things moving now. Stokes keeps this full and outside off. It has a bit of away shape. But Pandya plays the perfect lofted cover drive for a boundary.

21.40 IST: Ben Stokes to Ajinkya Rahane, no run. The inswinger this time on off, Rahane pords forward and blocks it.

21.33 IST: FOUR! Intent from Pandya. Rashid gives this a bit more air and keeps it wide of off stump. Pandya gets under the ball and the lofted extra cover drive crosses the boundary in no time. IND 308/5 in 102 overs.

21.28 IST: FOUR! Rahane does not let this one go. Stokes misses his line and length. Lands it a bit short and wide of off. Rahane cuts this one fiercefull and the balls crosses the deep point boundary.

21.20 IST: Ben Stokes is back on.

21.13 IST: FOUR! Nice from Pandya. Anderson ;lands it a bit shorter outside off. Pandya goes back and across and cuts this between covers and point for a boundary.

21.10 IST: Out come one of the groundsmen with the big hammer. David Lloyd (on air) is providing the background music as he runs in to fix the issue near the bowler's landing area.

21.07 IST: FOUR! Anderson starts the over with a delivery straying on Pandya legs. He flicks this elegantly past square leg for a four. IND 286/5 in 96.1 overs.

21.06 IST: Chris Woakes to Ajinkya Rahane, no run. Fuller and just outside off, swinging away, Rahane pokes at it but misses.  IND 282/5 in 96 overs.

21.00 IST: OUT! Anderson removes Pant for 1. And Anderson's persistence on that line and length just outside off does the trick. The ball pitches on a length on off, moves away a bit. Pant tentatively hangs his bat out to defend it. Gets an outside edge and Alastair Cook at first slip takes it easily. India 329 & 282/5, lead England (161) by 450 runs in Nottingham.

20.54 IST: Rishabh Pant is the new man in.

20.53 IST: OUT! Woakes removes Kohli for 103. Umpire's call and that is the end of a magnificent innings from the Indian skipper. He walks off to a standing ovation from the crowd here and he deserves every bit of it. He is dismissed shortly after getting to his ton but his knock has probably batted England out of the game. Coming to the delivery - Woakes bowls the inswinger on off, it tails back in late. Kohli tries to flick but misses to get hit on the pads. The players appeal and the umpire raises the finger. Kohli walks up to his partner and the after a chat goes for the review. Replays roll in and it shows the ball to clipping the leg pole. England strike early after the Tea break, they would now hope to get a few more quickly.  India 329 & 281/4, lead England (161) by 449 runs in Nottingham.

20.43 IST: Virat Kohli hits 23rd Test century off 191 balls. There it is, 100 for Kohli. His 23rd in this format. His second in the tour. He had a forgetful tour of England in 2014 but he is making this one his. Truly a run machine. He does get there with a boundary but it is not convincing but again, he won't care. It is fuller and outside off, Kohli goes for the drive but he gets an outside edge through short third man and into the fence. He has his hands aloft, takes his helmet off and soaks in the applause by the crowd.  India 329 & 279/3, lead England (161) by 447 runs in Nottingham.

20.38 IST: FOUR! EDGED and that has gone through Jennings. Anderson is very, very frustrated and rightly so. The luck just is not going his way. Kohli won't care though as he now moves onto the score he was dismissed for in the first innings. James bowls it full and on off, it swings away late. Kohli tries to drive but gets a thick outside edge towards gully. Jennings there is a touch too close and hence fails to react. The ball goes between his legs and down to the third man fence. Brings up the 50-run stand between the two.

20.35 IST: James Anderson to bowl from the other end.

20.30 IST: Time for the last session... a minimum of 32 overs left in the day. Out come Virat Kohli and Ajinkya Rahane, they will resume their innings. Probably they will be looking for some quick runs. The latter will be on strike and he will face Chris Woakes.

20.14 IST: India 329 & 270/3 at Tea, lead England (161) by 438 runs in Nottingham. Kohli 93*, Pujara 72, Stokes 2/53.

20.09 IST: Another maiden over by Adil Rashid. Adil Rashid to Virat Kohli, no run. Googly to finish the over and the session. Kohli defend the flighted wrong 'un outside his off stump. India lead by 438 and that's Tea on Day 3. IND 270/3 in 89 overs.

20.00 IST: FOUR! Shot! How purely he hit that? Class! Broad bowls a length ball around off and making it to move in. Rahane encounter for the movement and then clips it through square leg. Beautiful timing he gets on it and the ball races to the fence. Elegant!

19.50 IST: Stuart Broad to Ajinkya Rahane, no run. Extra bounce again. Rahane looks to block it but gets hit on his thigh pad after missing the line of it. IND 258/3 in 84 overs.

19.40 IST: James Anderson was seen complaining about the ball to one of the umpires in between the overs. Clearly looking unhappy about something.

19.38 IST: As expected, Stuart Broad to share the second new cherry from the other end. Three slips in place.

19.37 IST: James Anderson to Virat Kohli, 1 run. This one is angled in around off, shaping away a bit after landing, Kohli stays back to play at it with soft hands. Works it in the gap at point and takes a single.

19.33 IST: The second new ball has been taken. The new ball will move but it will be hard and good for stroke making as well. Lead is 422. Joe Root has decided to take the new cherry. James Anderson is handed over the nut. But it seems he is unhappy with it.

19.30 IST: FOUR! Rahane building upon the confidence he earned with an 81-run knock in the first innings. What an incredible shot! It was all about finding the gap. Rahane times his flick exceedingly well and beats mid-wicket to find the fence. Class!

19.28 IST: Joe Root is into the attack again.

19.22 IST: FOUR! Kohli plays his trademark cover drive. Shot of a batsman in prime form! Stokes overpitches it outside off, Kohli strides forward and plays his trademark punchy drive through covers. Right through the gap it goes and reaches the fence in no time.

19.18 IST: FOUR! A leg-spinner landing on the leg stump line, Kohli rocks back and plays a thunderous pull shot over mid-wicket for a boundary. IND 240/3 in 76.3 overs.

19.12 IST: Drinks break. Another hour which has belonged to India, though England managed to see the back of Cheteshwar Pujara. This match has reached that stage where everyone will be thinking about one thing, when will India declare? They already have a lead in excess of 400 and are bossing this game. Virat Kohli is approaching his century and maybe that's the one thing they would like their skipper to achieve before putting England to bat again.

19.09 IST: 400-run lead for India. Four leg byes! Takes the lead past the 400-run mark. Stokes delivers it down the leg side, Kohli fails to flick it but the ball still kisses his pads and runs past the keeper for a boundary at fine leg.

19.08 IST: A fielder on the hook for Virat Kohli.

19.07 IST: Four runs from the over. Adil Rashid to Ajinkya Rahane, 1 run. Quicker through the air on middle, Rahane once again goes on the back foot and works it wide of mid on for a run.  IND 229/3 in 75 overs.

18.55 IST: Ajinkya Rahane walks in next at number 5. Thought India might look to experiment with Hardik Pandya or Rishabh Pant with plenty of runs already on the board. These two can score briskly too. Maybe, the tourists want to keep it plain and simple for now. Fair enough, too much time left in this Test match.

18.53 IST: OUT! Stokes removes Pujara for 72. Finally, England taste some success today. Stokes is the one to provide the breakthrough and break the 113-run stand. He delivers it on a length just outside off and gets it to nip back in with extra bounce. Pujara tries defending it without much footwork and gets a fat outside edge behind. Cook at first slip takes it easily. Pujara is disappointed, there was a century for the taking. Anyway, India are right on top, leading by 392 runs. India 329 & 224/3, lead England (161) by 392 runs in Nottingham.

18.49 IST: FOUR! Well adjudged to hit it across the boundary rope. Rashid has struggled to bowl to a consistent length. This time he bowls it short and gets pulled to deep mid-wicket for a brace.

18.41 IST: Kohli and Pujara complete the 100-run partnership stand. Adil Rashid to Virat Kohli, 1 run. Played to the mid-wicket region by the batsman. One run added to the total.

18.35 IST: Injury update - Jonny Bairstow has sustained a small fracture to his left middle finger. Big blow.

18.32 IST: Chris Woakes to Virat Kohli, no run. Hurls in a length ball in the zone outside off, Virat let it be to end the over.  IND 209/2 in 66 overs.

18.21 IST: Jonny Bairstow is sitting in the dressing room with his fingers taped. He doesn't look too happy.

18.18 IST: News from Asian Games 2018! Vinesh Phogat has won India's first ever gold in women's wrestling. (Read full story)

18.15 IST: Chris Woakes to share the attack.

18.11 IST: The post-Lunch session is about to get underway. The Kohli-Pujara pair is out in the middle to commence their innings. Adil Rashid will bowl the first over after the break. He has a short leg and slip in place for Kohli. 

17.33 IST: 3rd Test, Day 3: India 329 & 194/2 at Lunch, lead England (161) by 362 runs in Nottingham. Pujara 56*, Kohli 54*. Joe Root to Cheteshwar Pujara, no run. Flicks the flighted ball on his pad to the short mid-wicket. India lead by 362 and that's Lunch on Day 3.

17.24 IST: Joe Root comes in for a bowl. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

17.22 IST: Adil Rashid to Virat Kohli, no run. Slowe, loopy, on off, Kohli lunges forward and defends it.  IND 186/2 in 57 overs.

17.14 IST: FIFTY! Virat Kohli hits his 19th Test half-century off 82 balls. Now Kohli gets to his 18th Test fifty as well. Both the batters looking good, well settled and in for a longer innings. He punches this flighted ball to the on side and runs one. He soaks in the applause from the crowd and his teammates. He would love to convert this one into a three-figure one, for the sake of his stats and his team. India 329 & 185/2, lead England (161) by 353 runs in Nottingham.

17.13 IST: FIFTY! Cheteshwar Pujara hits his 18th Test half-century off 147 balls. That's FIFTY for Pujara, his 18th in the longest format and a much-needed one. He flicks this fuller ball to the on side and takes the single to complete the milestone. Coincidentally, the last fifty he scored away from home in the second innings was on this same ground. He would love to take this track back with him, wouldn't he?  India 329 & 183/2, lead England (161) by 351 runs in Nottingham.

17.04 IST: INSIDE EDGE BUT FOUR! Geez, that was so agonizingly close to the off pole. An effort ball from Broad around off. Kohli goes after it with hard hands and gets a thick inside edge. The ball races to the fine leg fence, not convincingly though.  IND 175/2 in 52 overs.

17.02 IST: FOUR! Right from the moment he hit it. Talk about batting beautifully, and look at that shot. A solid extension of arms and the ball races through covers off Kohli's bat. A full ball outside off and it was all too was for him to put away.

16.59 IST: FOUR! Some quick runs from the bat of Cheteshwar Pujara after a long time. Too short and too wide and it has been put away. Easy pickings for a batsman who plays spin really well. Pujara goes back and slaps it through cover-point for a boundary. IND 165/2 in 51 overs.

16.58 IST: Adil Rashid is on.

16.57 IST: Jonny Bairstow's injury update! ECB says that Jonny is going for an X-Ray on his left middle finger. England will hope there is no fracture. Bairstow will be needed big time with the bat in this Test.

16.50 IST: England has taken a review. Virat Kohli is the man in question. It looks to have hit high on his pad.

16.48 IST: FOUR! Clever, very clever from Indian skipper. His eyes lit up as he saw short ball outside off. He calmly opened the face of the bat by getting on top of the bounce. He keeps it down and gets it to third man fence for a boundary. It also suggests that the pitch has slowed down a tad.  IND 156/2 in 48.4 overs.

16.46 IST: Maiden over by Stuart Broad. Stuart Broad to Cheteshwar Pujara, no run. Outside off, Pujara lets it be.  IND 150/2 in 48 overs.

16.33 IST: Stuart Broad comes on.

16.30 IST: Jamie Potter is on the field as a substitute for Bairstow.

16.24 IST: Jonny Bairstow is going off the field now to receive some treatment. The responsibility of keeping will be passed on to Jos Buttler. The advantage of having two keepers in your side.

16.22 IST: James Anderson to Cheteshwar Pujara, no run. OUCH! Anderson lands it on a length around off, Pujara leaves it. It tails back in after passing the batsman. Bairstow fails to collect it cleanly as it rolls towards the leg side. The batsmen run a bye. Jonny is down in pain as it might have hit the top of his finger. Very painful that.

16.18 IST: Another maiden over by Ben Stokes. Ben Stokes to Cheteshwar Pujara, no run. Short now of the slip fielder! Nothing going England's way! Back of a length on off, the ball straightens. Pujara pokes at it and gets an outside edge which falls just short of third slip. IND 145/2 in 43 overs.

16.11 IST: James Anderson to Virat Kohli, no run. A huge shout but not given! The inswinger from outside off, Kohli plants his front foot forward and tries to defend. He gets an inside edge onto his pads.

16.07 IST: Ben Stokes is into the attack.

16.02 IST: CHETESHWAR PUJARA DROPPED! The slip catches has not been great for England in this game, in this series I should say and here is an example. Yes, it was a difficult chance but they need to hang on as they need wickets. Anderson this time induces the edge as he bowls it on off and gets it to straighten. Pujara half-heartedly tries to defend but the ball takes the outside edge and goes low in between first and second slip. Buttler from the latter position puts out his left hand and tries to catch it but can't hang on.

15.53 IST: FOUR! Into the 40s now is Pujara! On his pads, Pujara says thank you so much as he flicks it through mid-wicket and the ball races away.

15.47 IST: The lead is now 300. James Anderson to Virat Kohli, 1 run. Slightly straighter, Kohli goes back and tucks it to fine leg for a run.

15.45 IST: Chris Woakes to Cheteshwar Pujara, no run. On the stumps, Pujara pushes it towards wide mid on. He wants a run but Kohli sends him back. Good early call by the skipper, run outs is not something they would want. IND 131/2 in 35 overs.

15.37 IST: FOUR! First runs today! Woakes tries to ping Kohli on the pads but it is Virat's strong point. He flicks it through mid-wicket and the ball trickles to the fence.  This is also Kohli's 200th boundary in second innings.  IND 128/2 in 32.4 overs.

15.35 IST: Chris Woakes to bowl from the other end.

15.34 IST: IND 124/2 in 32 overs. James Anderson to Cheteshwar Pujara, no run. Slightly outside off, Pujara leaves it. End of a tight first over by Anderson.

15.30 IST: We are all set for the action to begin. Outcome Cheteshwar Pujara and Virat Kohli to resume their innings. The former will be on strike and he will face James Anderson who will start the proceedings. He has three slips in place. 

15.20 IST: "There’s no better feeling than making the ball do all the talking. Dream day yesterday, picking up my first fifer in Test cricket," says Hardik Pandya after a stellar performance on Day 2.

14.30 IST: Hello and welcome to our Live Coverage of day three of the third Test match between India and England from Trent Bridge. Stay tuned as we bring you all the latest updates.

Brief Day 2 Report:

After bowling England out for paltry 161 runs, Cheteshwar Pujara and Virat Kohli led India's charge and took them to 124/2 at stumps, with a lead of 292 runs on the second day of the third Test at Trent Bridge, Nottingham, on Sunday. (DAY 2 HIGHLIGHTS)

Earlier, Hardik Pandya took 5/28 as England lost 10 wickets in one session to be bowled out for 161 before Tea. 

India took a lead of 168 runs into the second innings, having been dismissed for 329 about an hour into day two after losing their last four wickets for six runs. The Indians are 2-0 down in the five-match series. (READ FULL REPORT)

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