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  5. Highlights, IPL 2019, Match 13: Curran claims hat-trick as KXIP hold their nerves to beat DC by 14 runs

Highlights, IPL 2019, Match 13: Curran claims hat-trick as KXIP hold their nerves to beat DC by 14 runs

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Delhi Capitals collapsed from 144/3 to 152 all-out to lose the match against Kings XI Punjab by 14 runs. Hattrick man Sam Curran claimed 4/11 while Indian paceman ended with 2/27 figures.

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New Delhi Updated on: April 02, 2019 0:19 IST
Highlights, IPL 2019, Match 13: Curran claims hat-trick as
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Highlights, IPL 2019, Match 13: Curran claims hat-trick as KXIP hold their nerves to beat DC by 14 runs

Highlights, Kings XI Punjab vs Delhi Capitals, Match 13 from Mohali:

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of Match 13 of the Indian Premier League as Kings XI Punjab lock horns with old rivals Delhi Capitals at the PCA Stadium in Mohali. Both the franchises have won two encounters and lost one respectively but today, that will change. When two batting heavy sides collide, runs are expected in plenty as well. From the Gaylestorm to Rahul's hammering, to Rishabh Pant going berserk, today's clash will not disappoint. It's an action-packed day so don't miss out on any of it as Kings XI Punjab host Delhi Capitals in Mohali. Get all the live scores and match updates along with ball by ball commentary of KXIP vs DC at IndiaTV Sports. (Updates of KXIP vs DC in Hindi Here) (Match Scorecard)

Highlights, Kings XI Punjab vs Delhi Capitals, Match 13: KXIP win by 14 runs

* Whoosh! What happened there? Am I in a dream? Should I pinch myself? 144/3, needing 24 from 21 balls. End up losing by 14 runs. 7 wickets, 8 runs in 17 balls. The mother of all collapses. Oh Delhi... a heart-pounding effort throughout the game, only to end in a heartbreak.

11.50 IST: Sam Curran to Sandeep Lamichhane, OUT! PUNJAB WIN BY 14 RUNS!  What a turnaround in this match! Curran is screaming in joy. The Punjab players are running celebration. Great scenes here in Mohali. Terrific to watch. Sam delivers a perfect delivery. It's very full and around off, Lamichhane tries making space and drive it through the line but misses and the off stump goes cartwheeling.

11.48 IST: OUT! Curran removes Rabada for 0. DC 152/9 in 19.1 overs

11.45 IST: FOUR! A full toss and a much needed four for Delhi! 15 needed in 7 deliveries!  The crowd goes quiet. They are so much involved. Electric atmosphere. DC 152/8 in 18.5 overs

11.43 IST: OUT! Stumps shattered! You miss buddy and I hit! Shami just keeps it in the line of the stumps at 144.8 kph, Vihari tries to heave it over the leg side but swings his blade early. It goes right through his defense and clatters the stumps. 19 needed off 9 balls.

11.40 IST: OUT! Two wickets in the last over, two wickets in this one and Punjab have made a roaring comeback in this match. Curran, you beauty boy! A back of a length ball on middle and off, Patel winds up for a big shot across the line over the leg side but gets a thick outside edge behind. KL Rahul makes no mistake and Delhi are reeling.

11.36 IST: OUT! Colin Ingram holes out! This game has turned on its head! Curran delivers a full ball outside off, Colin tries to power it over long off but ends up skying it high in the air towards wide long off. Karun Nair (sub) moves across to his right, stretches his hands and completes the catch. Curran is pumped up. Punjab are ecstatic. 20 needed off 14 balls with two new batsmen in the middle. Curran removes Ingram for 39. DC 147/6 in 17.4 overs

11.30 IST: OUT! Morris is run out, not even in the frame! Punjab can still believe. A pitched up ball outside off has been sweetly driven to wide mid off. Morris attempts for a run but before he can reach the other end Ravichandran Ashwin has scored a direct hit at the bowler's end. The umpire takes no chance and goes upstairs. Morris has to go, no other option. Morris run-out for 0. Delhi Capitals 144/4 in 16.4 Overs

11.28 IST: OUT! The middle stump goes for a walk! Shami bounces back with a length delivery on middle at 144.4 kph. Pant swings his bat across the line but is beaten for pace here. Shami removes Pant for 39. Delhi Capitals 144/4 in 16.4 Overs

11.26 IST: SIX! Pant takes the flight mode! 84 metres gone! DC 144/3 in 16.3 overs

11.25 IST: Strategic break. 30 needed from 24 balls. Heading into the Delhi-Kolkata match category. Surely not another Super Over? 34 were needed there. 30 are needed here in the last 4 overs... Mohammed Shami returns. 2-0-16-0 so far.

11.19 IST: SIX! Slammed and none other than Pant on Ashwin's delivery. Pant has sent this one packing into the stands! He skips down the track to a delivery in the line of the stumps and heaves it with immense power over mid-wicket.  DC 135/3 in 15.2 overs

11.18 IST: FOUR! A batsman of Pant's class won't miss every time. Mujeeb goes short again outside off, Rishabh camps back and slaps it through the gap at backward point for a cracking boundary.

11.16 IST: SIX! High and handsome! Flighted this time, full and on middle, Ingram shimmies down the track and powers it over the bowler's head for a biggie. DC 124/3 in 14.3 overs

* Mujeeb Ur Rahman is brought back on to bowl now.

11.14 IST: FOUR! That was a scorching drive! A flighted ball outside off, driven by Ingram through the left of cover. There is no stopping that ball. Long off is a mere spectator. DC 116/3 in 13.5 overs

11.09 IST: NOT OUT! Yes indeed! That was landing outside leg and it did look the same to the naked eye. Ingram survives! A length ball outside leg, going straight on, catches Ingram in front of the stumps. Viljoen appeals and the umpire's finger goes up. Ingram reviews straightaway! There is no inside edge on the replays but the ball is seen landing well outside leg. Not out will be the decision as the on-field umpire changes his.

* OUT! LBW! Was it pitched outside leg? Ingram wants to have a second look...

11.04 IST: FOUR! Sliced away by Ingram! No stopping this one! Fuller one outside off, Colin Ingram reaches out and hits this slightly aerially but in the gap. The ball goes for a boundary. DC 105/3 in 12.4 overs

11.03 IST: Brilliant running! A length ball on middle, pushed through cover for a couple of runs. Pant forces his partner to come for the second run and gets back easily in the end. He is really quick, this young Delhi lad.

11.00 IST: FOUR! That is a good smart shot! A flatter one on the pads, Ingram gets on his knees and sweeps it over fine leg for a boundary. DC 97/3 in 11.5 overs

10.55 IST: FOUR! That is some way to answer the appeal on the previous ball. Wide outside off, cut away through backward point for a boundary by Ingram. DC 89/3 in 10.3 overs

10.52 IST: Loud appeal but the umpire is unmoved! A quicker one on middle and sliding down with the angle. Ingram misses his flick and gets hit on the front pad first and then on the back pad. There is a huge appeal.

10.50 IST: OUT! Dhawan is out of here! Ashwin has got the big fish. A flatter one on middle and sliding down with the angle. Shikhar does not get out of the way as he looks to make room and cut. Gets caught as the ball raps his pad. The appeal is made and the umpire's finger goes up almost immediately. Ashwin removes Dhawan for 30. Delhi Capitals 82/3 in 9.5 Overs

10.49 IST: A misfield allows the single. Cut by Pant as this ball is wide outside off. The point fielder fails to stop the ball cleanly and a run can be stolen.

10.44 IST: FOUR! Pant announces himself. A flighted delivery and Pant plays a sloggish sweep to square leg and the ball hits the ropes. Rishabh Pant trademark. DC 74/2 in 8.3 overs

10.43 IST: Overthrows! Unnecessary from Punjab. A length ball outside off, Pant looks to cut the ball but gets an inside edge onto the pads. The ball rolls to cover and the batsmen set off for a quick single. The fielder there picks the ball and throws the ball to the keeper's end in an attempt to make a direct hit. He fails and ends up conceding an extra run.

10.40 IST: FOUR leg byes! Hardus strays onto the pads, Pant looks to flick but misses the ball. The ball goes off the pads and runs fine on the leg side for a boundary. It is signalled as leg byes by the umpire.

* Rishabh Pant walks out next.

10.38 IST: OUT! Hardus is pumped! What a comeback after being hit for a boundary on the previous ball. A length ball outside off, well wide and Shreyas lazily pushes at it from the crease. He gets an inside edge and the ball knocks his middle and off stump. Viljoen has the last laugh and has a few words to say as well. That does not matter though. He has got the big wicket and brings the 61-run stand to an end. Viljoen removes Iyer for 28. Delhi Capitals 61/2 in 7.2 Overs

10.36 IST: FOUR! That is crisp. A juicy half volley on off, Shreyas Iyer just leans forwards and beautifully drives it through the covers region for a boundary.  DC 61/1 in 7.1 overs

10.34 IST: FOUR! Dhawan gets going and plays a beautiful cut shot. DC 57/1 in 6.5 overs

* Mujeeb Ur Rahman to bowl after the Powerplay.

10.33 IST: Dabbed down towards the third man region for a single by Iyer. He will keep strike for the next over. Delhi are 49/1 at the end of the Powerplay. Punjab were 54/2 at the end of their 6.

10.28 IST: FOUR! A superb shot played by Iyer! Crunched away over point! A short length ball on middle, Shreyas is too talented to be troubled by that ball. He backs away and rocks his cut over the head of point. The second boundary of the over! DC 48/1 in 5.4 overs

10.27 IST: FOUR! Shot! Dhawan looks in the zone here tonight. A fuller length ball outside off, Shikhar is off the blocks and runs down the track before lifting the ball over mid off's head. The ball goes to the fence on a couple of bounces. DC 43/1 in 5.3 overs

10.24 IST: FOUR! Two in a row! A short length ball on middle, Iyer swivels and pulls it away fine on the leg side. The ball goes to the fence on a couple of bounces. Delhi going well after the early setback. DC 39/1 in 4.2 overs

10.23 IST: FOUR! This guy is talented or what! A length ball outside off, maybe a tad short. Shreyas just pushes it off the back foot and finds the gap behind point. The outfield does the rest. That is just class batting. DC 35/1 in 4.1 overs

10.20 IST: Another quick single! This is good rotation of the strike. A short length ball, it is punched off the back foot towards mid on and the batsmen exchange strike.

* Mohammed Shami to bowl now.

10.16 IST: FOUR! That is a top-class drive! Really full outside off, Dhawan just has to find the gap there and he does so easily. The rest is taken care of by the timing and the turf. DC 26/1 in 2.5 overs

10.14 IST: That was tight! Iyer flicks the ball off his pads and sets off for a quick single. The fielder at square leg picks up the ball and has a shy at the keeper's end. He misses by a whisker. That could have been close had the ball hit the stumps.

10.13 IST: FOUR! Bowls this on a slower pace outside off, Iyer opens the face of the bat and finds the gap between short third man and point. The ball races off the turf and runs to the fence.

10.11 IST: Curran starts with a fuller length delivery on middle and off, Dhawan pushes it to mid on

*Sam Curran to bowl from the other end.

10.10 IST: FOUR! On a shorter length this time outside off, Dhawan dabs it fine. He beats the short third man fielder and that means the ball will race to the fence.

* Shreyas Iyer walks in at number 3.

10.01 IST: OUT! Gone first ball! Ashwin has removed last match's hero for a zero here! After a lot of confusion though! A flatter arm ball outside off, actually more like a seam up delivery going straight on after landing outside off. Shaw pushes at it lazily and gets a very thin nick on it. Rahul behind the wickets takes the catch, whips the bails off as well and appeals to both umpires. Ashwin is already celebrating as he knew that was a catch!

The players are back out in the middle. It will be spin to start off proceedings. Prithvi Shaw and Shikhar Dhawan are the openers for Delhi. Prithvi to face. Here we go...

* That is a shame for Punjab. 117/3 in 13 overs. Just 49 in the last 7. That is what wickets can do.

21.48 IST: Kagiso Rabada to Mandeep Singh, SIX. 10 from the final 2 balls! Mandeep ensures Punjab finish on a high. A length ball, outside off, Singh charges down slightly and lofts it over long off! PUNJAB FINISH ON 166/9!

21.47 IST: Kagiso Rabada to Mandeep Singh, FOUR. Full and outside off, Mandeep lofts it over mid off and gets a boundary!

21.46 IST: Kagiso Rabada to Mohammed Shami, OUT run out (Kagiso Rabada). Mohali have lost their ninth wicket.

21.43 IST: Kagiso Rabada to Murugan Ashwin, OUT! A collision but a gentle one only, no one is hurt. Rabada flashes a smile. Back of a length ball on middle and leg, at 140.3 kph, Murugan top edges his attempted pull shot towards short third man. Pant moves swiftly to his right from his position, Avesh Khan runs forward from backward point, no calling whatsoever and they both go for the catch. It pops out once from Avesh's hands but then he recovers to catch it back. Ideally the keeper should always call for it but it seems nothing like that happened there.

* One Ashwin goes, another comes. Murugan Ashwin at the crease.

21.42 IST: Chris Morris to Ravichandran Ashwin, OUT! Timber! A 141.4 kph low full toss on off, Ashwin clears his front leg to hit it through the line but fails to make any connection. The off stump is tickled.

* Skipper Ravichandran Ashwin walks in next.

21.34 IST: Kagiso Rabada to Hardus Viljoen, OUT! One more returns in the pavilion. A back of a length ball on off, Viljoen stays back to play a lofted shot but mistimes it towards extra cover. Morris moves across to his right and grabs the catch with ease. KXIP 146/6 in 17.3 Overs

21.32 IST: Kagiso Rabada to Mandeep Singh, FOUR! Misfield in the deep from Ayappa (sub)! Shortish delivery has been pulled powerfully over mid-wicket. It lands just inside the bounce and the substitute fielder fails to deal with the bounce. Goes through his hands and touches the rope.

* Kagiso Rabada to bowl from the other end.

21.28 IST: Chris Morris to David Miller, OUT! Now, this is a body blow to Punjab considering the timing of this wicket. Morris has removed his countryman with a well-disguised off-cutter. He bowls it wide outside off and Miller tries to slog it across the line without accounting for the chance in pace. He ends up top edging it behind to the keeper and Rishabh Pant takes the skier safely. A good knock from David but his team needed his killer batting to kill the death overs. KXIP 137/5 in 16.2 Overs

* Chris Morris is back on to bowl at the death. Kagiso Rabada has also two left. David Miller is also there with the bat. It's turning out to be an all South African affair in the Indian T20 League.

21.25 IST: Harshal Patel to David Miller, FOUR! Feeding full tosses to David Miller is never a good idea. This is the second time in a row the South African has received such ball and he shows no qualms in sending it to the wide long off fence. KXIP 134/4 in 15.4 Overs

21.22 IST: Avesh Khan to David Miller, FOUR. Yet another boundary on the last ball of an over, this has happened for the third time in the last five overs. A low full toss on off at 139 kph, Miller needs no second invitation there as he lifts it over extra cover and easily finds the fence.


21.17 IST: Avesh Khan to David Miller, That's a very rash shot attempted by Miller. Avesh bowls a slower short ball on off, angling away, Miller speeds down the track and swings his bat blindly at it. Fails to make any contact.

* Strategic break. Six overs left in this innings and the onus is now on David Miller to do the bulk of scoring. Delhi will be delighted to see Sarfaraz' back but still they need to keep the same intensity going in the field. They have already given one life to Miller and will be hoping that it doesn't come back to haunt them. Avesh Khan to bowl after the mini-break.

21.14 IST: Sandeep Lamichhane to Mandeep Singh, Pushed to the cover region by the batsman. They pick up a single. Just 4 from the over along with the prized scalp of Sarfaraz. Sandeep Lamichhane has bowled out also, 4-0-27-2!

* Mandeep Singh is the new man in.

21.12 IST: Sandeep Lamichhane to Sarfaraz Khan, OUT! The 62-run partnership has been broken and Lamichhane has struck gold in his final over. To lose Sarfaraz at this stage is a big setback for the Punjab.

21.07 IST: Harshal Patel to David Miller, FOUR! Off the outside edge. Consecutive boundaries for Miller.

21.07 IST: Harshal Patel to David Miller, FOUR! Poor line, hardly any pace. Short and on middle, Miller swivels and pulls it past short fine leg for a boundary!

* Harshal Patel is back on.

21.00 IST: Sandeep Lamichhane to David Miller, SIX! 100 comes up for Punjab in 12 overs! Lamichhane goes flat and quick at 90.4 kph, Miller advances down the track and hoists it over wide long on for a maximum. Once again the last ball spoils the entire over for Delhi.

20.56 IST: Hanuma Vihari to Sarfaraz Khan, FOUR! Brilliantly played by Khan. Too full in length outside off, Sarfraz brings down an angled bat and squeezes it out through point for a glorious boundary. Spoils a fine over from Hanuma.

* Hanuma Vihari into attack

20.53 IST:  Harshal Patel to David Miller, Wide! Returns to over the wicket for the left-hander now but slips a full ball down the leg side. David tries flicking but misses. How many the extra ball will fetch?

20.52 IST: Harshal Patel to David Miller, SIX! This one has disappeared! Harshal pushes his luck a little too much by bowling a slower full ball wide outside off. Miller picks it very early and launches it over covers for a biggie.

* Strategic time-out! In spite of losing wickets, Punjab are going at a decent rate. They though cannot afford to lose any more wickets and the current pair will have to bat out maximum overs, of they want to reach anywhere close to 175.

20.47 IST: Avesh Khan to Sarfaraz Khan, FOUR! Not quite where he intended. A delivery in the line of the stumps, Sarfaraz tries playing the paddle scoop over the keeper but it takes the outer half of his blade and flies down to third man for a boundary.

20.45 IST: Avesh Khan to Sarfaraz Khan, FOUR! That's a lovely shot! Avesh delivers it wide outside off, on a shortish length, Sarfaraz camps back and steers it through backward point for a boundary.

* Avesh Khan returns to attack

20.41 IST: Harshal Patel to David Miller, Five wides! Patel comes from 'round the wicket for the southpaw and sprays his delivery way down the leg side. Miller fails to get any bat behind it and the keeper also fails to get around it. Bonus runs for Punjab!

* David Miller is the new batsman.

20.38 IST: Harshal Patel to Sarfaraz Khan, OUT! A run out at the non-striker's end, no a Punjab batsman has not been Mankaded, it's courtesy a direct hit from Shikhar 'Gabbar' Dhawan at the bowler's end in a flash. KXIP 58/3 in 7.1 Overs

20.30 IST: Chris Morris to Sarfaraz Khan, FOUR! 50 up for Punjab! Morris over-corrects his line and ends up bowling it too straight at 142.4 kph.

20.28 IST: Chris Morris to Sarfaraz Khan, FOUR! This time Sarfaraz threads the gap on the off side. He reaches out for a length delivery outside off and crunches it past the left side of the cover fielder. No stopping this one.

* Physio is out! Hopefully, nothing is serious with Mayank Agarwal. He has been in amazing form of late and his presence is vital for the hosts. Seems fit to continue now. Meanwhile, Chris Morris is back on.

20.27 IST: Kagiso Rabada to Mayank Agarwal, Direct hit but Mayank Agarwal is declared safe by the square leg umpire! Back of a length ball on middle, Agarwal glances it off his hips in front of square leg and scampers back for the second run. A direct hit from the deep fielder but Mayank is in. He though seems to have hurt his hamstring while stretching for the run.

20.24 IST: Kagiso Rabada to Sarfaraz Khan, FOUR! Rabada returns and is welcomed with a boundary. Wrong line from the South African speedster. He is on the pads and Khan flicks it behind square leg for a boundary.

* Kagiso Rabada switches ends.

* Sarfaraz Khan walks in at number 4, replacing Curran.

20.20 IST: Sandeep Lamichhane to Sam Curran, OUT! Plumb in front! Lamichhane roars back to dismiss Curran. He delivers a leg spinner in the flatter trajectory and lands it around middle and leg. Sam should have been forward to this but decides to play it across the line from the back foot. But the ball spins back in slightly to catch him on the pads. KXIP 36/2 in 3.5 Overs

20.18 IST: Sandeep Lamichhane to Sam Curran, SIX! High and handsome! Sam Curran is doing his job efficiently. This time he runs down the track to a googly and hammers it over the bowler's head for a maximum.

20.16 IST: Avesh Khan to Sam Curran, FOUR! The change in angle won't work if you keep providing width outside off. Curran drives again, nicely through the line and threads the gap between mid off and extra cover. Khan under immense pressure. KXIP 27/1 in 2.5 Overs

* Colin Ingram is miked up. Says that the plan is not to bowl just one length consistently, probably try mixing the lengths. Adds that Avesh is probably not bowling short because square leg is up. Smiles on being asked about the Super Over the other night and says that he will remember that game for a long time...

20.14 IST: Avesh Khan to Sam Curran, FOUR! Two in two. This is why Sam Curran is sent up the order. Khan offers width yet again. It's outside off and this time Curran goes aerially over covers for a boundary. KXIP 23/1 in 2.3 Overs

20.13 IST: Avesh Khan to Sam Curran, FOUR! Lovely shot! Avesh feeds some room to Sam and he punches onto it outside off. Plays a rocketing extra cover drive for a cracking boundary.

* Avesh Khan is into the attack, replacing Kagiso Rabada.

* Mayank Agarwal is the number 3 batsman.

20.09 IST: Chris Morris to Lokesh Rahul, OUT! It's clipping leg! A very unfortunate dismissal for KL Rahul as it's a 50-50 decision from the umpire. Morris gets a full ball to angle down from the middle stump line. Rahul tries flicking but misses and wears the ball on his pads. They appeal and the finger goes up. Rahul quickly takes the DRS thinking it's missing the stumps but to his dismay, the replays show that the umpire's call will stand. A big breakthrough for Delhi as KL was looking in a dangerous mood. KXIP 15/1 in 1.5 Overs

20.07 IST: Chris Morris to Lokesh Rahul, SIX! Rahul getting into the act here! Morris digs in a short ball around leg, KL immediately gets back to ride the bounce and pulls it massively over fine leg. Last time it was a quiet beginning from Rahul but this time he has started in a brisk manner.

20.04 IST: Chris Morris to Lokesh Rahul, FOUR! Great timing from KL! Morris drifts down the leg side, Rahul picks it off his pads and delightfully flicks it in front of square leg. Once again the ball speeds away to the fence in no time.

* Chris Morris comes into attack

* Who will share the bowling attack from the other end? A spinner or a pacer?

20.02 IST: Kagiso Rabada to Lokesh Rahul, FOUR! Rahul is away with a fine shot! The line is very straight from Rabada, Rahul just uses the pace and gently directs his flick shot through mid-wicket. Harshal Patel gives the race but the outfield is very quick and the ball crosses the rope. KXIP 4/0 in 0.3 Overs

20.01 IST: Kagiso Rabada to Lokesh Rahul, Starts with an inswinger. Lands it on a good length and outside off. Rahul shoulders arms and Pant collects it on one bounce.

19.58 IST: Time to play the game! KL Rahul and SAM CURRAN are the openers for Punjab. Delhi are beginning with the fiery pace of Kagiso Rabada. All in readiness. Here we go...

19.49 IST: Punjab's skipper, Ravichandran Ashwin feels that the two games won by them have been complete team efforts and he is pleased with how his boys are playing. He reckons that conceding 40 runs in the last 4 overs is not a lot, also says it is something that he would take every single time and not be too worried about.

19.47 IST: Delhi's skipper, Shreyas Iyer says that he thinks the wicket is a really good one to bat on and hence wants to chase, especially with the firepower in his side. Informs us that there is a single change to his team with Avesh Khan coming into the side in place of Amit Mishra. He reserves special praise for Kagiso Rabada who was the star with the ball in the Super Over last time around. Also states that he is excited about the talent that Sandeep Lamichhane possesses and expects him to continue performing well like he did in the previous match.

19.43 IST: PITCH REPORT - Ian Bishop is the pitch expert and he says firstly that there is a good covering of grass which will provide nice pace and bounce here in Mohali. He mentions that the ground is not equal in dimensions on both sides and one side is much bigger than the other. He mentions that the usage of the short ball against Gayle will be important to get him out. States that Kagiso Rabada holds the key and has to make the big Windies opener hit towards the longer part of the boundary, whilst also mixing up his lengths.

19.39 IST: BIG NEWS - Chris Gayle is not named in Punjab's Playing XI! Andrew Tye is also sitting out. These are the two changes for the home team. Mujeeb Ur Rahman and Sam Curran are making a comeback.

19.38 IST: Delhi Capitals line up is out and only one change in their squad, Avesh Khan comes in for Amit Mishra.

19.33 IST: Battle between the two skippers is on:

19.30 IST: Delhi Capitals skipper Shreyas Iyer win the toss and opts to field against Ravichandran Ashwin's Kings XI Punjab

19.15 IST: 

18.30 IST: Delhi Capitals skipper Shreyas Iyer is looking forward towards the clash! Here's what he had to say.

18.00 IST: Hello and welcome! We're a few hours away from the exciting clash! Who are you supporting today?

Hello and welcome to our live blog of the Kings XI Punjab clash with Delhi Capitals. The TOSS will take place at 7.30 PM IST, while play will commence from 8.00 PM IST.

Brief Report: After bagging morale-boosting wins in their previous encounters, both Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) and Delhi Capitals (DC) will look to continue their ascendancy when they lock horns in an Indian Premier League (IPL) clash on Monday. Punjab returned to winning ways with a comfortable eight-wicket victory over Mumbai Indians on Saturday as K.L. Rahul played the role of a sheet anchor to perfection. (Read Full Report Here)

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