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Highlights, IPL 2018, Match 54: Clinical Kolkata Knight Riders beat Sunrisers Hyderabad by 5 wickets, enter playoffs

Chasing a stiff target of 173 to win, Chris Lynn (55) and Robin Uthappa (45) starred with the bat as Kolkata Knight Riders beat Sunrisers Hyderabad by five wickets to storm into the playoffs of IPL 2018.

Reported by: India TV Sports Desk, New Delhi [ Updated: May 20, 2018 0:20 IST ]
LIVE Cricket Score, SRH vs KKR, IPL 2018, Match 54 at
Image Source : PTI

LIVE Cricket Score, SRH vs KKR, IPL 2018, Match 54 at Hyderabad


IPL cricket coverage of the match no. 54 of Indian Premier League 2018 between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Kolkata Knight Riders at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, A convincing win for Kolkata Knight Riders and they have booked their place in the playoffs! They planned their chase superbly against one of the best bowling attacks this season. Sunil Narine gave them a quickfire start while Chris Lynn played yet another responsible knock. He built a 67-run stand with Uthappa which very much took the game in Kolkata's favour. Later on, Dinesh Karthik once again finished things with aplomb. A good win for them while third loss in a row for Hyderabad, something they need to worry about. Like winning, losing is also a habit and they would like to get rid of it as soon as possible. (CRICKET STREAMING - SRH vs KKR) (SCORECARD) (IPL Full Coverage)


23.51 IST: 

23.45 IST: 

23.43 IST: A full toss this time, Karthik pushes it down towards mid on and rushes across for a quick single. That's it, KOLKATA WIN BY 5 WICKETS!  Kolkata Knight Riders (173/5) beat Sunrisers Hyderabad (172/9) by 5 wickets. Lynn 55, Uthappa 45, Brathwaite 2/21

23.41 IST: OUT! Shortish by the West Indian this time, around off, Rana goes for the pull shot but fails to get enough meat behind his shot. Bhuvneshwar Kumar at deep backward square leg takes a simple catch.  Kolkata Knight Riders 172/5 in 19.2 overs vs Sunrisers Hyderabad (172/9)

23.40 IST: FOUR! Brathwaite speeds in from 'round the wicket and serves a very full ball wide outside off, Rana reaches out for it and squeezes it through backward point. Sandeep Sharma rushes across to his left from third man, puts in a dive to stop the ball but fails in his attempt. A boundary signalled after confirming with the third umpire.  IPL Live Score - KKR 172/4 in 19.1 overs

Carlos Brathwaite to bowl the final over. 5 needed more!

23.39 IST: Brilliant over by Bhuvi, just 5 runs from it. Tailing in, looking for a yorker, but it reaches as a low full toss to the batsman, Karthik pushes it out with an angled bat to point. Looks for a run but is sent back as the fielder misses his shy at the striker's end. KKR 168/4 in 19 overs

Bhuvneshwar Kumar returns to bowl the penultimate over of the match.

Nitish Rana is the next man in.

23.30 IST: OUT! Manish Pandey takes it this time! The full ball does the trick. It is on the slower side. Russell once again tries to go big but only hits it high up in the air towards long on. Pandey comes running in and takes it easily. Kaul is pumped as he brings out the chain-saw celebration. Andre's struggle comes to an end. 13 more needed from 14. Kolkata Knight Riders 160/4 in 17.4 overs vs Sunrisers Hyderabad (172/9)

23.28 IST: FOUR and DROPPED! But a tremendous effort by Sandeep Sharma. The short ball almost gets Russell. Kaul bangs it in on middle, Russell once again goes for the pull but gets a top edge towards fine leg. Sandeep makes good ground to his right, dives, tries to catch it with two hands but can't hang on. To add salt to the wound, the ball also goes over the boundary line.  KKR 160/3 in 17.3 overs 

Siddarth Kaul is back on.

23.24 IST: FOUR! Top shot! Another bumper on middle. Karthik gets on top of the bounce and pulls it through mid-wicket for a boundary.  IPL Live Score - KKR 154/3 in 16.4 overs

Andre Russell is the next man in.

23.22 IST: OUT! Brathwaite strikes! A little too late one would feel. Once again the short ball gets the better of Uthappa. How many times have we seen him get out in this manner? A bumper outside off, the bounce gets big on him as he goes for the pull. It takes the top edge and goes towards square leg. Goswami the keeper goes after it and takes a neat catch. End of another good knock by Uthappa and he has brought his team to the brink of victory. Kolkata Knight Riders 149/2 in 16.3 overs vs Sunrisers Hyderabad (172/9)

Strategic break. Carlos Brathwaite to bowl the next over.

23.17 IST: SIX! Thumped! Full flighted ball around off, Uthappa gets down on one knee and smokes it over long on for a maximum.  KKR 146/2 in 15.5 overs

23.16 IST: FOUR! Too full and on off, Uthappa gives it the full whack of the bat and hammers it down the ground to long off for a boundary.  KKR 140/2 in 15.4 overs

23.11 IST: SIX! Off the top edge and it has gone all the way. Back of a length delivery angling down the leg side, Karthik tries to heave it over the leg side but it takes the top edge and clears fine leg.  IPL Live Score - KKR 128/2 in 14.4 overs

Bhuvneshwar Kumar is back on.

Captain Dinesh Karthik walks in next with Kolkata needing 54 off 41 balls.

23.01 IST: OUT! The bowling change does the trick. This is just what Hyderabad needed, this is exactly what Kane Williamson needed. Kaul breaks the 67-run stand. He bowls a full ball on middle, it might be the slower one. Lynn tries to clear long on but he does not get the desired elevation. Manish Pandey runs to his right, takes it but then realizes he is losing balance. He throws it up in the air, comes back in and the catches it. The umpires want to make sure it is clean and they go upstairs. Replays show that the catch is clean as a whistle. Lynn is walking back after playing a good knock. He has done his job here. 54 more needed. Kolkata Knight Riders 119/2 in 13.1 overs vs Sunrisers Hyderabad (172/9)

22.58 IST: 

22.57 IST: FOUR! Kolkata are doing it easily here! 10 from the last two. This is short and outside off, Uthappa waits and then guides it through backward point for a boundary.   IPL Live Score - KKR 112/1 in 11.4 overs

22.56 IST: SIX! Clean as a whistle! Shakib tosses this one up on off, Uthappa lunges and lofts it over the long on fence for a maximum.  KKR 108/1 in 11.3 overs

22.54 IST: SIX! FIFTY! Chris Lynn slams 6th half-century of his IPL career. That's colossal! Lynn camps back inside the crease, fetches a shortish ball from outside off and muscles it big over mid-wicket for a maximum.  Kolkata Knight Riders 100/1 in 11 overs vs Sunrisers Hyderabad (172/9)

22.51 IST: 5 singles from the over. IPL Live Score - KKR 90/1 in 10 overs

Shakib Al Hasan is back into the attack.

22.45 IST: Strategic break. 88 needed off 66 balls and Kolkata will be backing themselves at this stage. Chris Lynn is playing a good sensible knock and Robin Uthappa has also looked steady. Hyderabad need their spinners to leave their mark in the middle overs.

22.44 IST: DROPPED! A floated full ball around off, spinning away a tad, Uthappa kneels for the slog sweep but gets a big top edge. It loops towards mid on, Rashid runs after it himself but fails to take the catch. He never was in position to grab that. A single taken.  KKR 84/1 in 8.5 overs

22.39 IST: SIX! That's high and handsome! A back of a length ball angling into the batsman, on middle and leg, Lynn hops back to make room and swings it mightily over mid-wicket for a biggie.  IPL Live Score - KKR 77/1 in 7.2 overs

22.37 IST: Flighted and full around off from Rashid, Uthappa plants his front leg forward and whips it through mid-wicket for a couple of runs.  KKR 71/1 in 7 overs

Here comes the Afghan - Rashid Khan to roll his arm with a slip in place!

22.32 IST: FOUR! This is one shot that Robin plays really well. Has got out multiple times executing it but still backs himself. Short and around off, Uthappa is on top of the bounce as he nails his pull to the deep mid-wicket fence. The great VVS Laxman used to say that you should always back yourself, doesn't matter if your pet shot is letting you down. You can be a bit cautious but should never stop playing it. Nine out of 10 times you will succeed.  IPL Live Score - KKR 66/1 in 5.5 overs

Siddarth Kaul comes into the attack.

22.25 IST: FOUR! Boom! Kumar once again delivers it full and around off, Lynn makes space and drills it through mid off for a boundary. That went like a rocket. KKR 57/1 in 4.2 overs

22.22 IST: Robin Uthappa comes into bat

22.21 IST: OUT! This time Pandey takes the catch at long on. Shakib does the trick. He serves a flatter delivery around middle, spinning back in, Narine backs away with the same aim to clear long on. Goes through with his shot but not with the same amount of power. It balloons in the air and it's an easy catch for Manish in the deep. Narine, however, has done his job, a quickfire 29 from his bat has set the tone for this chase. KKR 52/1 in 3.4 overs vs SRH (172/9)

22.20 IST: SIX! Banged. Smashed and belted. Up and over Pandey at long on! Flatter and fuller around middle and leg, Narine goes through with his shot and dispatches it over the line. Delightful batting, this. KKR 52/0 in 3.3 overs

22.19 IST: FOUR! Just can't bowl that length. A short one around off, skidding away, Narine swivels on the back foot and pulls it over square leg. No fielder in the deep and it crosses the fence with ease. KKR 46/0 in 3.2 overs

22.16 IST: FOUR! Take that says Lynn! On a length and around off, Lynn backs away and flat bats it over mid off for another boundaries. KKR 40/0 in 2.4 overs

22.15 IST: SIX! This one is from Lynn. A short ball angling into the batsman. Lynn winds up and pulls it over the mid-wicket fence for a biggie. KKR 36/0 in 2.2 overs

22.12 IST: SIX! Maximum! 20 from the over! Once again Narine uses his feet to great effect and tonks it over the bowler's head. The connection was such that the ball has gone all the way. KKR 30/0 in 2 overs

22.10 IST: FOUR! Over the covers once again by Narine. This is on the fuller side outside off. Narine goes over the cover fielder and the ball races away. Kolkata off to a flier here. KKR 22/0 in 1.4 overs

22.08 IST: FOUR! Over the covers and Narine is lucky. The outswinger on off, Narine slices it towards point. The fielder there jumps with a hand stretched out but it evades him and goes into the fence. KKR 14/0 in 1.1 overs

22.06 IST: FOUR! Smashed by Lynn on the backfoot. Once again he makes the mistake of offering width outside off and he pays the price as Lynn cuts him through point for the second boundary of the over. KKR 10/0 in 1 over

22.04 IST: FOUR! Off the mark, Lynn gets some room on the backfoot and cuts Bhuvneshwar short-pitched delivery for a boundary. KKR 4/0 in 0.3 overs

22.01 IST: The Sunrisers fielders are out, Bhuvneshwar to bowl the first over and Chris Lynn and Sunil Narine are out to open. Let's get started with the chase.

22.00 IST: The onus is now on Kolkata's batsmen to chase down this tricky total against Hyderabad's potent bowling unit. Should be fun.

21.57 IST: 

21.56 IST: 

21.51 IST: 

21.49 IST: OUT! Sunrisers Hyderabad score 172/9 in 20 overs against Kolkata Knight Riders in Hyderabad. Dhawan 50, Krishna 4/30

Siddarth Kaul walks out to the middle

21.47 IST: OUT! Two-in-two for Krishna and this over keeps getting better for Kolkata. Another short ball and this time it is outside off. Khan tries to drag his pull but gets a top edge which flies towards third man. Dinesh Karthik calls for it early. Makes good ground towards the ball and takes a tumbling catch. Brilliant from the skipper. Prasidh gets his fourth and just 4 has come off this over. Can he finish it off well? He will be on hat-trick. Sunrisers Hyderabad 172/8 in 19.5 overs vs Kolkata Knight Riders

21.45 IST: Second in the over for Krishna! Once again it is the short ball which gets the better of a Hyderabad batsman. A bouncer on middle, Shakib goes for the pull but is too late onto the shot. He gets a top edge which balloons towards Narine who takes it easily. This has been an excellent last over so far.

21.44 IST: FOUR! But shots like that can surely take you past it! Full and outside off and Shakib makes him pay. He smashes it through covers and the ball races away to the fence. A much-needed boundary for Hyderabad.  IPL Live Score - SRH 172/6 in 19.3 overs vs KKR 

Rashid Khan is the new man.

21.42 IST: OUT! Excellent take by the substitue Rinku Singh and the good passage of play continues for Kolkata. A dipping slower ball, it turns out to be a low full toss in the end. Pandey goes down on one knee and tries to slog. He does not get the desired connection and it goes towards deep mid-wicket. Rinku Singh in the deep runs in, dives forward and takes it inches above the ground. Excellent start to the last over for Kolkata as they get the set Manish Pandey. Can they keep Hyderabad under 180? Sunrisers Hyderabad 168/6 in 19.1 overs vs Kolkata Knight Riders

21.39 IST: FOUR! Shakib has come out all guns blazing! Short and on middle, it is the slower one. Shakib gets on top of the bounce and pulls it over the square leg fielder for a boundary. SRH 168/5 in 18.4 overs

Shakib Al Hasan is the next man in.

21.36 IST: OUT! Another one bites the dust and it is the short ball which does the trick for Kolkata. A bumper outside off, it is at a good pace. Brathwaite is hurried into the pull shot and he gets a top edge which lobs towards the keeper. Dinesh Karthik runs in and takes it. So another big-hitter fails to come to the fore and Kolkata are pulling this back here. Sunrisers Hyderabad 161/5 in 18.1 overs vs Kolkata Knight Riders

Andre Russell to bowl the penultimate over.

21.33 IST: SIX! Wow, that's a good clean strike! Krishna once again misses his yorker mark and ends up dishing out a fuller length ball on middle. Every batsman loves it there. Pandey clears his front leg and muscles his heave over mid-wicket for a biggie.  IPL Live Score - SRH 159/4 in 17.4 overs

21.30 IST: Not out! That's hit the turn before popping out off the boot. Spears in a very full ball around off, Pandey goes very hard at it and gets it away off the inside edge. It hits him on the pads and pops out back to the bowler. Prasidh takes it and appeals for a caught and bowled. The umpires get together before going upstairs. The replays confirm that it hit the surface first and then the boot.

21.28 IST: Appeal for a caught and bowled. Is that a bump ball? The umpires get together before going upstairs...

Carlos Brathwaite comes out to bat.

21.25 IST: OUT! Another one bites the dust! A good passage of play for Kolkata here. Narine strikes in his final over. This is flighted up on middle, Pathan tries to clear long on but only gets height and not the distance. Uthappa there comes running in, settles himself under it and takes it. The big-hitter Pathan walks back without making an impact. Sunrisers Hyderabad 147/4 in 16.2 overs vs Kolkata Knight Riders

Sunil Narine to bowl out.

21.23 IST: PV Sindhu roots for her favourite IPL team; See pics

Second strategic break signalled! Yusuf Pathan is the next man in.

21.16 IST: OUT! Prasidh Krishna strikes on his first ball of his new spell! That is as plumb as it can get. A slower ball on middle, Dhawan swings across the line and misses. It hits him on the pads. The players appeal and the umpire after giving it a though raises his finger. He does ask his partner whether he should review but does not get the approval from Pandey and he starts walking back to the pavilion. Shikhar walks back after reaching to his half ton. Both the set batsmen back in the hut now for Hyderabad, just what Kolkata wanted with five overs to go. Sunrisers Hyderabad 141/3 in 15.1 overs vs Kolkata Knight Riders

Prasidh Krishna is back on.

21.15 IST: FOUR! Full and on off, Manish drives it through covers. Piyush from long off runs to his left, dives but fails to stop it. So 0,0,4,0,0,4 is what this over reads. SRH 141/2 in 15 overs

21.12 IST: FOUR! What a shot! What use of the wrists there. Fuller and on middle, Pandey shuffles across and whips it through mid-wicket for a boundary.  IPL Live Score - SRH 137/2 in 14.3 overs

Andre Russell is back on.

21.10 IST: 

21.09 IST: FIFTY! Shikhar Dhawan hammers 32nd half-century of his IPL career. Comes from 'round the wicket and bowls it short and wide outside off, further spinning away, Dhawan rocks back and slaps it down to long off for a single. Wonderful knock so far by the southpaw and Hyderabad will hope that he lasts the distance and makes a big one.  Sunrisers Hyderabad 132/2 in 13.5 overs vs Kolkata Knight Riders

Manish Pandey walks out to the middle.

21.03 IST: OUT! Stop the press, Williamson is out without scoring a fifty. He though once again has done a tremendous job for his side. Kane will also feel unlucky here as he had struck that really well. On the shorter side again outside off, Williamson hops and cuts it uppishly. It is right off the middle but towards the man at sweeper cover. Russell there runs to his left and takes a good catch. A big wicket for Kolkata as we all know how dangerous can Williamson be. Sunrisers Hyderabad 127/2 in 12.5 overs vs Kolkata Knight Riders

21.01 IST: SIX! Back-to-back biggies. Once again the wrong line to KW. Full and down the leg side. He helps it on its way. This time the fielder is in the ring but once again it would not have mattered as the ball goes over the fine leg fence. SRH 125/1 in 12.3 overs

21.00 IST: SIX! TOP SHOT! Also wrong delivery! From around the wicket, the bowler bowls it down the leg side. Williamson pulls it towards fine leg. There is a fielder in the deep but it does not matter as it clears him. SRH 119/1 in 12.2 overs

20.58 IST: DROPPED! That has gone high up in the air... Sunil Narine is under it and he should gobble this one up. But NO, he drops it. How sloppy have Kolkata been on the field today. A length ball on middle, Dhawan goes for the flick but he gets a top edge which goes up in the air towards short third man. Narine there positions himself under it and tries to take it with two hands but scuffs it. The batsmen already run two but now go for the third, There is a direct hit at the non-striker's end for which the umpire goes upstairs. Replays show he is safe. He moves onto 48 and he would now want to make Kolkata pay with a big score here.

20.56 IST: 6 runs from Narine's over, a good one for the visitors. IPL Live Score - SRH 110/1 in 12 overs

20.51 IST: SIX! WOW! Let me tell you this guy is in some form. What a hit. Kuldeep tosses this one up on middle, Kane picks it is the leg spinner. Goes with the turn and chips it over the mid-wicket fence for a biggie.  IPL Live Score - SRH 101/1 in 10.4 overs Another biggie from the SRH skipper, he's in some form at the moment.

20.48 IST: 8 runs from the over. Dhawan tries to take on the bowler by using his feet. He gets it off the inner half towards short fine leg. The fielder there misfields and concedes an extra run.  IPL Live Score - SRH 92/1 in 10 overs

Piyush Chawla is back on.

20.43 IST: FOUR! Off the mark in style! Poor ball by Kuldeep and a gift first up for Kane. Short and on middle, he rocks back and pulls it with disdain through mid-wicket for a boundary.

Kane Williamson is the next man in.

20.41 IST: OUT! Goswami holes out! End of an entertaining innings and the move to move him right up the order has worked wonders. He once again goes after the bowler as he steps out but does not quite get to the pitch of the ball. he still goes through with the shot but the bat turns in his hands. It lobs towards Russell who accepts an easy catch. Kuldeep provides the much-needed breakthrough as he breaks the 79-run stand. Can Kolkata build on this now? Sunrisers Hyderabad 79/1 in 8.4 overs vs Kolkata Knight Riders

20.39 IST: Decent over from Searles, 6 runs off it. Short and on middle from Javon, Dhawan hits it crisply through mid-wicket. He finds the fielder in the deep and only a single taken.  SRH 76/0 in 8 overs

20.35 IST: Look who's in the house -  

Javon Searles into the attack.

20.34 IST: FOUR! Bad ball and pays the price. Once again it is the last ball which spoils the over. A half-tracker on middle, Dhawan rocks back and pulls it through mid-wicket. Russell from long on runs to his left, dives but fails to stop it. Boundary results.  IPL Live Score - SRH 70/0 in 7 overs

20.32 IST: FOUR! Sit back and admire says Danny Morrison on air. Goswami is making an impact here. He brings out the reverse sweep, connects well and it races through backward point for another boundary.  SRH 65/0 in 6.3 overs

Strategic break signalled! Kuldeep Yadav is on.

20.26 IST: SIX! When Dhawan hits them, they stayed hit. First of the game for him. This is right in his zone. Full and slower through the air. He lines it up and tonks it over long on for a biggie. SRH 58/0 in 5.3 overs

20.24 IST: FOUR! Spoils the over this! 50 up for Hyderabad and in quick time. Dhawan brings out the sweep shot to the ball on the pads. He hits it fine and the ball reaches to the fence quickly.  IPL Live Score - SRH 51/0 in 5 overs

20.22 IST: FOUR! Short and outside off, Goswami rocks back and slaps it towards Uthappa at covers. He takes a step back and tries to collect it on the bounce. But the ball bounces and skids off the turf. Goes through his hands and into the fence. Raining boundaries here in Hyderabad.  SRH 44/0 in 4.2 overs

Another bowling change from KKR, Piyush Chawla is on.

20.20 IST: Good over from Narine, just 4 runs from it. A dot to end! Kolkata needed a tight over and Narine delivers. This is bowled on the stumps, Dhawan plays it onto the ground.  SRH 40/0 in 4 overs

Sunil Narine is introduced into the attack.

20.17 IST: FOUR! 20 from the over! This is excellent placement by Goswami. Things keep getting worse for Kolkata. This is short again outside off, not a good ball with third man up. Goswami guides it through backward point and the ball goes into the fence. Hyderabad off to a flier.  SRH 36/0 in 3 overs

20.15 IST: FOUR! Caressed! Takes full toll of the free hit. He gets a gift. A half-volley outside off. The opener times it through covers and there is no stopping that. He has come out with real good intent here. SRH 28/0 in 2.4 overs

20.14 IST: SIX! Top, top comeback by Goswami! He has picked the bones out of that one. Russell goes for a fuller ball on middle, Goswami makes room and lofts it over covers. The connection is so good that it carries all the way.  SRH 23/0 in 2.3 overs

20.13 IST: NOT OUT! That was right of the badge of Goswami! A pacey bouncer by Russell at 137 Kph. Goswami is beaten by pace as he goes for the pull. It goes off something towards the slip fielder where Rana accepts. The batsmen go for a run while the Kolkata players are appealing. The umpire raises his finger and Goswami reviews it. They take it upstairs and replay show it is right off the helmet. He survives.

20.11 IST: In the air... taken! Goswami has been given out caught but he reviews. He feels he has not hit it. Let us find out.

Andre Russell is on.

20.07 IST: FOUR! Just out of the reach! Would have been a ripper had Uthappa taken that. Short and outside off, Dhawan feeds on such deliveries. He cuts it uppishly towards point. Uthappa dives to his right but can't reach it. The ball races away.  SRH 16/0 in 1.4 overs

20.04 IST: FOUR! So just like the first over, the second over also begins with a boundary! Shorter in length and the bowler offers width. Dhawan says thank you so much and cuts it over the point fielder for a boundary.  SRH 9/0 in 1.1 overs

Prasidh Krishna to share the new ball from the other end.

20.00 IST: FOUR! Right off the middle! Excellent start for Hyderabad. Flatter and on off, it skids through . Dhawan on the up strokes it right off the middle and it races away through covers.  SRH 4/0 in 0.1 overs vs KKR 

19.57 IST: We are all set for the game to get underway. Out come the umpires and the Kolkata players are seen in a huddle. They now make their way onto the field. A new opening pair for Hyderabad, Shikhar Dhawan and Shreevats Goswami and the former will be taking strike. He will be facing Nitish Rana who has the new ball in hand. Here we go...

19.56 IST: 

19.51 IST: 

19.45 IST: India Tv - Kolkata Knight Riders playing xi against Sunrisers Hyderabad in match no. 54

Image Source : INDIATV

Kolkata Knight Riders playing xi against Sunrisers Hyderabad in match no. 54

19.41 IST: Dinesh Karthik says the surface looks like it will turn and he was looking to bat first. Informs they have one change, Piyush Chawla comes in for Shivam Mavi.

19.38 IST: India Tv - Sunrisers Hyderabad playing xi against Kolkata Knight Riders in match no. 54

Image Source : INDIATV

Sunrisers Hyderabad playing xi against Kolkata Knight Riders in match no. 54

19.35 IST: Kane Williamson says the wicket remains pretty true throughout. Mentions he is pleased to be back at home and hopes to do the job in front of their crowd. Informs they have two changes, Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Carlos Brathwaite comes in for Alex Hales and Basil Thampi.

19.32 IST: 

19.30 IST: TOSS - Sunrisers Hyderabad win toss, opt to bat against Kolkata Knight Riders in Hyderabad

19.15 IST: Champion stuff from the KKR skipper - 


19.10 IST: 

19.00 IST: Key man for SRH - 

18.56 IST: 

18.51 IST: 

18.40 IST: 

18.35 IST: 

Brief Preview: Eying a playoff berth, Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) will have their task cut out when they take on already-qualified table-toppers Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) in a crucial Indian Premier League (IPL) game at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad on Saturday. KKR are placed third in the points table with seven wins in 13 matches. The Dinesh Karthik-led side will have to win to inch closer to a knockout spot. 

Along with SRH, second-placed Chennai Super Kings are already in the playoffs. SRH will come into the clash on the back of a 14-run defeat to Royal Challengers Bangalore in a high-scoring match on Thursday night.

Led by Kane Williamson whose rousing 81 off 42 balls -- his eighth fifty-plus score in IPL 2018 -- almost won the game for SRH despite the stiff target of 219 set by Virat Kohli's RCB, the batting clicked last night but their famed bowling took a beating. (Read Full Match Preview)

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