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Highlights, IPL 2018, Match 36: Sunrisers win by 7 wickets, Daredevils all but out of tournament

Sunrisers Hyderabad moved closer to the playoffs of the Indian Premier League (IPL) after they defeated Delhi Daredevils by seven wickets on Saturday for their fourth win on the trot, and a victory that drove them back to the top spot.

Reported by: India TV Sports Desk, New Delhi [ Updated: May 06, 2018 0:19 IST ]
Image Source : IPLT20

Cricket Score Live Updates, Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) vs Delhi Daredevils (DD) Vivo IPL 2018, Match 36: Kane Williamson in action


Sunrisers Hyderabad make a statement and give it to all those out there who feel they aren't good while chasing in the match no. 36 of Indian Premier League 2018. They have done it against Delhi Daredevils in a great manner and need to be praised for their effort. Chasing 164, Hales and Dhawan got them off to an electric start in the Powerplay. They added 76 for the opening wicket and that very much set the tone for the chase. Amit Mishra, the experienced campaigner then removed both of them to somewhat gain the momentum back in their favour. Kane Williamson stepped in and looked positive from the word go. He along with Manish Pandey was motoring along well but a few tight overs towards the end, spiced the required rate up. That led to a wicket of the latter and it seemed like the hosts would crumble under pressure. They almost did but Yusuf Pathan, through a reprieve made Delhi pay big time. He played the striker role to his skipper as the duo strung 32 off 16 balls to take their team over the line to extend their winning streak to 4 wins in a row.

Delhi fought well tonight, first with the bat and then in the later stages with the ball. The department that led them down tonight was - FIELDING! The famous saying - 'Catches win matches', fits perfectly to this. It was Glenn Maxwell who dropped Alex Hales on 9 which saw the Englishman adding 36 more while Vijay Shankar handed a life to Yusuf Pathan on a duck and he made the most of it, scoring a match-winning 27 from 12 balls. Hard for all you Delhi fans out there to accept this - if not fully their chances to make it through seemed to have crushed tonight. (CRICKET STREAMING - SRH vs DD) (SCORECARD) (IPL Full Coverage)


23.41 IST: 

23.35 IST: 

23.34 IST: HYDERABAD WIN BY 7 WICKETS! Bowls a full pitch delivery on the stumps, Williamson whips it away to deep square leg, the ball rolls in the gap and they take the winning run. Williamson punches the air in delight as he completes the final run. Goes down to the other end and hugs his partner as the Hyderabad duo celebrate their victory.  Sunrisers Hyderabad (164/3) beat Delhi Daredevils (163/5) by 7 wickets. Hales 45, Williamson 32*, Mishra 2/19

23.32 IST: FOUR!  More runs! And Hyderabad inch closer to a win! Short ball and Pathan sits back as he goes really hard at that one, gets a top edge over Shankar, who is inside the circle. The ball races away to the fence. 2 needed from 3 balls, Hyderabad shouldn't lose it from here.  SRH 162/3 in 19.3 overs

23.31 IST: SIX! High and handsome! Pathan is the man for Hyderabad! Once again he showcases his power, it was a low full toss a tough delivery to put away. He manages to get enough wood on it and clears the long on fence with ease.  SRH 158/3 in 19.2 overs

Delhi managed to score 17 in the final over of their innings. Hyderabad need 14 from 6 balls. Who's your money on? Dan Christian is asked to do the job. Will he be able to defend? Here he comes running in...

23.28 IST: Pacy delivery, low full toss on the stumps, Pathan powers it to long off for a single. Boult conceded 14 runs in that over and Christian who might bowl the final over has 14 runs to play with.  SRH 150/3 in 19 overs

23.25 IST: FOUR! Sliced it away! Nothing wrong with the delivery from Boult, Pathan smartly opens the face of the bat at the last moment and carves it between two men square on the offside. The ball speeds away to the boundary.  SRH 146/3 in 18.3 overs

23.24 IST: NOT OUT! Pitching outside leg and the case shut then and there! Pathan survives to fight another day, successful review for Hyderabad! Full length ball on the leg stump line, Pathan looks to heave that, misses it on the pads.

23.23 IST: Review from Hyderabad. Pathan has been given out LBW by the on-field umpire, and his skipper asks him to take the review.

23.21 IST: SIX! BINGO!! Pathan delivers the decisive blow! Full pitch delivery right in the slot, Pathan muscles it flat over long on fence for a 83-meter hit. SRH 142/3 in 18.1 overs

23.19 IST: Dropped in the deep! Shankar is the culprit! Pathan gets a reprieve! Slower ball on the shorter side, Pathan goes across and heaves to deep square leg, Shankar does well to get there and gets both the hands to it, but just doesn't hold on to it. SRH 134/3 in 17.4 overs

Yusuf Pathan walks out to bat with a job in his hand.

23.15 IST: OUT! In the air and Shaw takes it! It was in the air for quite a while, but the young didn't panic and holds on to a pressure catch! Manish was backing away long way and splices to overs. Shaw runs backwards and takes a smart catch. Sunrisers Hyderabad 132/3 in 17.1 overs vs Delhi Daredevils (163/5)

Liam Plunkett to bowl the 18th over of the chase.

Strategic break!

23.07 IST: SIX! Upper cut and that's six! Williamson hits a six and the crowd erupts! Short ball wide outside off, the batsman jumps on the back foot and smashes it over point. The ball sails over the fence.  SRH 123/2 in 15.5 overs

Avesh Khan is back. Can he bowl a tidy over for Delhi?

23.02 IST: FOUR! Back-to-back boundaries! And Manish finally gives some momentum to the innings! He backs away and exposes his stumps as he square cuts it hard behind point for a boundary.  SRH 115/2 in 15 overs

23.01 IST: FOUR! Oh dear! Confusion between two Delhi fielders in the deep! Finally, Hyderabad score a boundary! Manish chips it down the ground, Roy and Boult both waited for each other to have a go at that one and none of them went for it. Boundary after 37 deliveries.  SRH 111/2 in 14.5 overs

22.58 IST: Plunkett ends his over with a slower ball, Manish checks his shot and defends it back to the bowler. Tidy over from Plunkett, just six runs from it. SRH 102/2 in 14 overs vs DD (163/5)

22.56 IST: 

22.52 IST: Flatter ball from Mishra and Manish works that to deep mid-wicket. Another run collected by Hyderabad pair. Just 4 from the over, another tidy one from the leg-spinner!  SRH 96/2 in 13 overs

22.49 IST: Williamson goes on the back foot and slices this one past the keeper to third man. Another run added to the total, 6 runs from the over. Good one from Plunkett. SRH 92/2 in 12 overs

22.45 IST: 

Manish Pandey walks out to bat.

22.42 IST: OUT! Mishra strikes again! Another important breakthrough for Delhi, Mishra is keeping visitors in the game! Fires it full on middle and off stump line. Dhawan was looking to sweep that one, the ball dips sharply and goes under the bat, as Dhawan misses it. The ball smashes into the base of the middle peg.  Sunrisers Hyderabad 86/2 in 11 overs vs Delhi Daredevils (163/5)

22.38 IST: Good length delivery around middle and leg from Christian, a whippy pull through backward square leg for a single to end the 10th over. 6 runs from the over.  SRH 82/1 in 10 overs

Strategic break! Kane Williamson arrives next to the crease.

22.30 IST: OUT! What a ripper of a delivery from Amit Mishra! My colleague roared saying, it's the ball of the century! Maybe, it reminded him of the ball Shane Warne bowled to Mike Gatting. Well, to add flavor to it, once again it's the Englishman who's at the receiving end. A flatter leg break, pitched around middle and leg and turning square towards off. Hales stays back to defend but the away turn beats the outside edge and disturbs the woodwork behind. Alex can't believe it and slowly trudges back. Missed out on a fifty in his first game against Rajasthan and misses out again tonight. Delhi needed a wicket and they have got one. Can they build on this? 88 needed from 66 balls. Sunrisers Hyderabad 76/1 in 9 overs vs Delhi Daredevils (163/5)

22.26 IST: Four runs off Dan Christian's over, Good length cautions the batsman.SRH 68/0 in 8 overs

22.19 IST: Amit Mishra is brought into the attack and concedes just three off it. SRH 64/0 in 7 overs

22.18 IST: 

22.17 IST: SIX! Massive and Hales is quite explosive at the moment. Avesh has been hammered and taught a lesson for sure and it all started with the no-ball. 27 off the over and perfect end to the Powerplay for the hosts! The crowd is loving it. Poor Avesh Khan, he's having a tough night. Drops it short and outside off, Hales carves it over third man for the third maximum in the over. Mad batting! SRH 61/0 in 6 overs

22.16 IST: SIX! Another one by Hales deep to extra cover. Bang and this guy is hammering away. Up and over! Back-to-back maximums for Alex! This also bring up the 50-run stand between the two. What a show from these two. Gets underneath a fuller delivery and lifts it cleanly over long off for a biggie. SRH 55/0 in 5.5 overs

22.15 IST: SIX! Hales doesn't want to hold back either. Waits back for the short ball and tonks it high and over the deep mid-wicket fence. SRH 49/0 in 5.3 overs

22.14 IST: SIX! A free hit on Avesh's no-ball and Shikhar Dhawan does the needful. A powerful shot to fine-leg. Tad short on middle, sits up to be hit and Dhawan muscles it over deep mid-wicket for half a dozen. Right off the screws! SRH 42/0 in 5.1 overs

22.12 IST: FOUR! 11 runs off the over and Hales is all over the place. SRH 34/0 in 5 overs

22.08 IST: FOUR! Hales does know how and when to play it to fine-leg as it goes over the third-man and to the fences. SRH 28/0 in 4.2 overs

22.07 IST: Boult loses his radar as he slips one down leg. Hales misses his attempted flick shot and Pant behind the stumps dives full length to his left to take it but fails to hold on. They run one on the bye. SRH 19/0 in 2.5 overs

21.59 IST: 10 off Avesh's over. A chance went squandering. SRH 11/0 in 2 overs

21.57 IST: Dropped! Glen Maxwell gets the chance to pick up Hyderabad's first wicket and makes a mess of it. Another short of a length delivery, kicking a bit off the deck and putting Hales into a tangle. Alex still goes after the pull shot and mistimes it high in the air. Maxwell from the deep mid-wicket comes running in, settles under it but fails to hold on. Should have been taken. So a life to Hales early in the innings. SRH 10/0 in 1.4 overs

21.56 IST: FOUR! Another one by Hales and sees that the third man is up and anticipates a short ball. Stays leg side and hits it by opening the face of the bat. The ball races down to the third man fence. SRH 9/0 in 1.3 overs

21.55 IST: FOUR!  A loosener from Avesh Khan! We saw Buttler taking him to the cleaners in the last game and now the other Englishman welcomes him. Short of a length, sliding on leg, Hales pulls it over backward square leg for the first boundary of the run chase. SRH 5/0 in 1.2 overs

21.53 IST: Brilliant over by Trent Boult, just one off the first over as Hyderabad get ready to chase. SRH 1/0 in 1 over

21.49 IST: Welcome back for the run chase. The Hyderabad openers are Shikhar Dhawan and Alex Hales. It will be Trent Boult to steam in first up. A slip in place for the Kiwi. Let's play...

21.35 IST: 

21.33 IST: Slipping this one on the pads and Shankar whips it to deep square leg. Pathan wasn't quick on the ball, and the Delhi pair rushes back for the third run. 164 is the target for Hyderabad.  Delhi Daredevils score 163/5 in 20 overs against Sunrisers Hyderabad. Shaw 65, Iyer 44, Rashid 2/23

21.32 IST: FOUR! Another poor delivery at this stage of the innings. Good length ball much slower in pace, Shankwar sits on the back foot and forces it through point. The ball races away to the fence. 14 from the over so far, how many more can they get? DD 160/5 in 19.5 overs

21.30 IST: SIX! Finally, Shankar breaks the shackles! Slower ball on the stumps, it was right in the slot and the batsman smokes it nicely over long on fence for half a dozen. DD 154/5 in 19.2 overs

Bhuvneshwar Kumar comes to bowl the final over.

21.29 IST: DD 146/5 in 19 overs

21.24 IST: Tight over from Shakib! Christian dances down the track and flicks it to the deep mid-wicket region. They take two more. DD 139/5 in 18 overs 

21.23 IST: 

21.20 IST: Shakib is back into the attack.

Dan Christian is the next man in.

21.19 IST: OUT! No inside edge and we move to ball tracking. Wickets hitting is umpire's call and the on-field decision stands. Flatter ball on the stumps, the batsman was looking to pull that one, misses it on the back leg. Pant heads back. Delhi Daredevils 134/5 in 16.5 overs vs Sunrisers Hyderabad

21.17 IST: Review from Pant. He is adjudged LBW by the on-field umpire.

Vijay Shankar is the new man in.

21.15 IST: OUT! That's horrible! Ojha taps it on to the leg side. He was off for a quick single, Rashid attacks the ball and throws it to the keeper. Ojha simply had no chance of returning back. Bonus wicket for Hyderabad! Delhi Daredevils 133/4 in 16.1 overs vs Sunrisers Hyderabad

21.14 IST: FOUR! Pant just murdered that one, bowler had no chance of getting a hand to it! Full pitch delivery, Pant goes hard at it and clobbers it down the track. He splits the gap to perfection between long on and long off fielder. DD 133/3 in 16 overs 

21.10 IST: 

Strategic break.

21.07 IST: OUT! GONE! Bowling change works for Hyderabad! Kaul provides timely breakthrough for the hosts! Iyer was looking to heave that one, he can't get enough wood on that one and whips it to deep mid-wicket. Dhawan runs in from the deep and pouches it safely. Delhi Daredevils 125/3 in 15.1 overs vs Sunrisers Hyderabad

21.04 IST: FOUR! Oh! That's sloppy from Dhawan! Iyer powers the drive to long off. Dhawan runs across to his right and gets there, he takes his eyes away from the ball and lets it through to the boundary. DD 125/2 in 15 overs 

21.00 IST: Pant sits back and smashes it on the rise to wide long off. He scampers back for the second run. Much better running on this occasion, 8 from the over. DD 118/2 in 14 overs

Bhuvneshwar Kumar comes for the new spell.

20.54 IST: SIX! Massive! That is rubbing salt to the wounds of Rashid! Floated delivery on off, Iyer nonchalantly lifts it over covers for a six. DD 108/2 in 12.4 overs

20.53 IST: DROPPED! Has Saha gobbled an opportunity? Definitely yes! Flatter ball, Iyer waits back to works it on the leg side. He gets an inside edge to the keeper, who fails to gather that. DD 102/2 in 12.3 overs

20.48 IST: 

20.47 IST: In the air.... but no one at mid-wicket to catch that! Flatter delivery on the stumps, Pant hops back and flicks, gets a leading edge towards vacant mid-wicket region. DD 98/2 in 11 overs

Rishabh Pant walks out to bat.

20.42 IST: OUT! Rashid gets a wicket! End of a brilliant partnership between Shaw and Iyer! Floated leg-spinner on the stumps, jumps little extra. Shaw was looking to slog that one. Top edges it to short third man Kaul takes a dolly. Rashid wins the battle of the youngsters. Delhi Daredevils 95/2 in 10.1 overs vs Sunrisers Hyderabad

20.41 IST: Good over from Sandeep, just 6 runs from it. Just short! Short of a length ball, Shaw looks to heave that, can't get enough power behind it. Dhawan runs in from the deep but he gets that one on the bounce.  DD 95/1 in 10 overs

Sandeep Sharma to start a new spell in the game.

20.37 IST: FOUR! What a shot! Fast hands from Iyer. Nothing wrong with the delivery, Iyer waits right back and cuts it behind the man at backward point for a boundary. DD 86/1 in 8.4 overs

20.35 IST: SIX! Wonderful shot! Floated delivery on off, Iyer dances down the track, gets right to the pitch of it and lofts it clean. The ball sails over the long on fence DD 82/1 in 8.2 overs 

20.33 IST: FOUR! This man is seriously talented, he picks up length quite quickly! He got into position quickly and pulls it away to the square leg fence. DD 72/1 in 7.3 overs

20.32 IST: 

20.28 IST: FIFTY! Prithvi Shaw slams 2nd half-century of his IPL career. This has been an entertaining knock from the young lad! Flatter ball on middle and leg, Shaw tucks it to deep mid-wicket for a single. Delhi Daredevils 64/1 in 6.4 overs vs Sunrisers Hyderabad

20.26 IST: FOUR! Finds the gap, will it make it to the fence? Yes it does. Teasing chase for Rashid Khan and the ball wins! Stands tall and punches it sweetly through the covers. Big over for Delhi, 20 runs from it.  DD 60/1 in 6 overs 

20.25 IST: FOUR! This is terrible from Kaul! He is just not getting it right, bowls a friendly delivery down the legside and Shaw gets enough wood on it. The ball speeds away to the fine leg fence. DD 56/1 in 5.5 overs

20.24 IST: FOUR! Whipped away, that shot was indicative of what Shaw is feeling. Don't just bowl me there. He stays back and pulls it nicely over mid-wicket region for a boundary. DD 52/1 in 5.4 overs

20.23 IST: SIX! Well struck, Shaw generated enough power on that one and clears the long off fence quite comfortably! Length ball, stays back and smashes it with disdain. DD 48/1 in 5.3 overs

Siddarth Kaul comes into the attack. Can he provide the breakthrough?

20.21 IST: FOUR! Crisp timing from Iyer! Full pitch delivery on the stumps, Iyer plays a lovely straight drive back past the bowler. The ball races away to the boundary. DD 40/1 in 5 overs

20.17 IST: FOUR! Easy pickings for Shaw! Poor delivery on the pads, and Shaw is happy to put that away. Just uses the angle and swipes it past the man at short fine leg for a boundary. DD 34/1 in 4 overs

20.12 IST: SIX! HUGE!! That was another outrageous stroke from Shaw! Floated delivery outside off, Shaw leans on the front foot and lifts it over the cover boundary for a six. DD 21/1 in 2.1 overs

20.10 IST: FOUR! Don't bother running! Nobody moved a muscle, that was hit with tremendous power! Short of a length ball on off, Shaw slashes hard past backward point fielder for a boundary.

20.08 IST: OUT! Maxwell run out for 2. No, he wasn't quick enough! How unlucky is that? Maxwell will feel robbed! Full pitch delivery on off, Shaw smashes it back to the bowler, who bends down to that one and gets a hand to it. The ricochets on to the stumps, Maxwell can't get his bat down in time. Delhi Daredevils 9/1 in 1.3 overs vs Sunrisers Hyderabad.

20.05 IST: Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Prithvi Shaw, no run. Plays a square drive with the open face of the bat and hits it to backward point. Excellent start from Kumar, he was right on the money. DD 2/0 in 1 over.

20.00 IST: Time for the second game of the evening, umpires are out and they are closely followed by the Hyderabad fielders. For Delhi, Prithvi Shaw has a new partner today in the form of Glenn Maxwell.

19.50 IST: Sunrisers Hyderabad Playing XI: Alex Hales, Shikhar Dhawan, Kane Williamson (c), Manish Pandey, Shakib Al Hasan, Yusuf Pathan, Wriddhiman Saha (w), Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Rashid Khan, Siddarth Kaul, Sandeep Sharma

India Tv - Sunrisers Hyderabad Playing XI

Image Source : PTI

Sunrisers Hyderabad Playing XI

19.45 IST: Delhi Daredevils Playing XI: Prithvi Shaw, Naman Ojha, Shreyas Iyer (c), Rishabh Pant (w), Glenn Maxwell, Vijay Shankar, Daniel Christian, Liam Plunkett, Amit Mishra, Avesh Khan, Trent Boult

India Tv - Delhi Daredevils Playing XI

Delhi Daredevils Playing XI

19.38 IST: Kane Williamson says that the wicket here has been true and doesn't change much throughout the game. Break was welcoming and that was important feels the Hyderabad skipper. Just one change he informs, Bhuvneshwar Kumar is back in place of Basil Thampi.

19.35 IST: Shreyas Iyer feels wicket is bit dry and they have done well batting first. He adds that the head coach, Ricky Ponting has asked team not to be complacent. About team changes, he says, they have got a couple of changes. Colin Munro is back in place of Dan Christian and Shahbaz Nadeem makes way for Naman Ojha.

19.30 IST: TOSS - Delhi Daredevils win toss, opt to bat against Sunrisers Hyderabad in Hyderabad

19.10 IST: In the first match of Super Saturday - 

18.56 IST: 

18.51 IST: Weather Report - 

18.40 IST: 

18.35 IST: 

18.30 IST: 

Brief Preview: The young Delhi Daredevils batsmen, striving hard to keep the team afloat, face a stern test when they face formidable bowling attack of hosts Sunrsiers Hyderabad, in an IPL match at the Rajiv Gandhi International stadium in Hyderabad. Just like previous editions, the Daredevils once again had a stop-start campaign in the ongoing IPL and are standing on the verge of yet another early elimination.

The Delhi outfit is currently placed sixth with just three wins out of nine games and with five more matches remaining this season, the Daredevils cannot afford to slip any further if they wish to make it to the four-team playoffs. But having suffered a string of losses under Gautam Gambhir who stepped down from captaincy on his own, the Delhi side looked in a much better shape under young Shreyas Iyer's leadership. (Read Full Match Preview)

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