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Highlights, IPL 2018, Match 32: Delhi Daredevils beat Rajasthan Royals by 4 runs in rain-marred thriller

 Captain Shreyas Iyer and stumper Rishabh Pant struck rollicking half-centuries to keep Delhi Daredevils' playoff hopes alive in the Indian Premier League (IPL) after the hosts pipped Rajasthan Royals by four runs by D/L method in a rain-truncated clash at the Feroz Shah Kotla on Wednesday.

Reported by: India TV Sports Desk, New Delhi [ Updated: May 03, 2018 1:51 IST ]
Image Source : IPLT20

Delhi Daredevils players celebrate victory against Rajasthan Royals at Feroz Shah Kotla

IPL 2018, DD vs RR Highlights

LIVE INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE (IPL) 2018 MATCH 32, DELHI DAREDEVILS vs RAJASTHAN ROYALS: Hello and welcome to our live ipl cricket coverage of the match no. 32 of Indian Premier League 2018 between Delhi Daredevils and Rajasthan Royals at the Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi. Faced with an imminent danger of losing the race to the IPL playoffs, bottom-placed Delhi Daredevils now face an uphill task of treating each game as a virtual knockout as they prepare to host an inconsistent Rajasthan Royals. After the resignation of Gautam Gambhir, the struggling Daredevils, under new skipper, Shreyas Iyer received a ray of hope when he blasted a 40-ball 93 to power Delhi to a 55-run win over Kolkata Knight Riders at their home ground. But Monday's 13-run loss to Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in Pune almost dashed all hopes of a comeback as Delhi succumbed to their sixth loss in eight games and now need to win all their remaining matches to salvage any hopes of staying alive in the tournament. (CRICKET STREAMING - DD vs RR)

On the other hand, Rajasthan Royals have experienced a topsy-turvy campaign and find themselves on fifth in the table with six points from seven matches. With the IPL, entering its business end, skipper Ajinkya Rahane will expect his team to get their act together and aim for consistency. In their previous match, Rajasthan fell short of Sunrisers Hyderabad's modest target of 152 by 11 runs. It was despite Rahane scoring a 65 and young Sanju Samson hitting a 40 as they didn't get support from other batsmen. (SCORECARD) (IPL Full Coverage)


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00.37 IST: Gowtham can't do this for RR this time! Trent Boult holds his nerves. Been a terrific over from the Kiwi. Keeps it outside off on a full length, Gowtham lofts it over covers. Just the single and that's it. DELHI WIN BY 4 RUNS!

00.36 IST: DROPPED and FOUR! Rajasthan can still win this. Need one big hit. Full and in the slot, Gowtham lofts it high over mid-wicket. Iyer out in the deep, gets under the ball, tries to take it but spills it. One bounce and over the rope. Can Gowtham put this away? RR 145/5 in 11.5 overs, need 6 runs to win vs DD

00.35 IST: OUT! Tripathi is run out. All but over now? Surely? Or is there still a twist in the tale? Full outside off, Tripathi swings and misses and both batsmen once again take off for the run. Pant throws it back to Boult who takes the bails off at his end with ease. RR 141/5 in 11.4 overs

Trent Boult to bowl the final over. He has 14 runs to defend.

00.29 IST: SIX! Krishnappa Gowtham is keeping the fight alive! What a hit, my man. He picks up the length early, it's a little shorter in length, so he swivels and pulls it over mid-wicket and sends it sailing into the stands. RR 136/4 in 11 overs

00.27 IST: FOUR! Lucky runs but it's all the same. Short of a length, Gowtham swings and gets a top edge over the vacant slip cordon for a boundary.

00.26 IST:  FOUR! Finds the fence. Excellent placement. Short ball angling in on the body, Tripathi with a little swivel pulls it over backward square leg for a boundary. RR 125/4 in 10.2 overs

00.22 IST: OUT! After a struggle, Short departs, but he's at least given his side a chance here. Full on the stumps, he tries to go on the leg side and clear mid-wicket. Gets a leading edge which spoons up at short third man. Avesh Khan there takes a simple catch. RR 118/4 in 9.4 overs, chase 151 to win (DLS method) vs DD (196/6)

00.21 IST: SIX! Three in three! Well, well, well... Is this the over Rajasthan pull things back? Short ball outside off, Short camps back and smacks this over the wide long off fence for a maximum. RR 118/3 in 9.3 overs

00.20 IST: SIX! 12 in the first 2. Short finally finding his groove? Full and right in his arc, Short skips down and smokes it over long on for a flat biggie. RR 112/3 in 9.2 overs, need 39 runs to win vs DD

00.19 IST: SIX! Perfect start to the over for Rajasthan. Short ball on middle, Short slogs it high and handsome over square leg for half a dozen. RR 106/3 in 9.1 overs, need 45 runs to win vs DD

Glenn Maxwell back on.

00.16 IST: OUT! No Stokes' show tonight. Full toss on the stumps, Stokes has no option but to go big. Attempts to clear the mid-wicket fence but can only get it as far as Avesh Khan in the deep who takes it safely. Rajasthan need 51 to win in 18 deliveries. RR 100/3 in 9 overs, chase 151 to win (DLS method) vs DD (196/6)

00.14 IST: FOUR! RR 99/2 in 8.4 overs

00.11 IST: OUT! Trent Boult removes the dangerous Sanju Samson. Comes from around the wicket and bowls a cutter on middle and leg, Samson lofts it over mid-wicket. Lot of height, clearly not enough distance. Colin Munro comes running in from the deep and takes a superb catch. It was swirling in the air, needed to judge it well. Nicely done. RR 92/2 in 8.1 overs

00.08 IST: SIX! Short finally fires and does it in style. His first boundary in the innings and gets the shot he has been trying to play for so long. Hammer's Plunkett's last ball of the over for a maximum to deep mid-wicket. RR 92/1 in 8 overs

00.04 IST: Sanju Samson walks into the middle next. He's going to have to start firing from the get-go. No time to waste.

00.03 IST: OUT! Mishra gets the all-important breakthrough. Buttler steps out to go big again, swings hard but misses as Mishra just holds the length back a touch. Past his bat and Pant does the rest. A fiery knock from Buttler comes to an end. RR 82/1 in 6.4 overs

23.58 IST: SIX! Smashed! And the unachievable might become achievable. Buttler is making it rain sixes and Delhi has seen quite a lot of that right from the start of the match. Right off the meat. Back of a length, Buttler throws his front leg out of the way and muscles the pull over the mid-wicket boundary. Right into the stands. RR 79/0 in 6 overs

23.56 IST: FOUR! Sails down for a boundary and Buttler is doing all the taking at the moment. A full toss from Avesh Khan and the Englishman is not missing out. Buttler backs away a little bit and then off the inner half, slogs it through backward square leg for a boundary. Knew where the fielders were, executed the shot to perfection. RR 72/0 in 5.2 overs

23.52 IST: SIX! Welcomes Mishra with a maximum. 2nd Indian T20 League fifty for Jos Buttler. It's the fastest for Rajasthan overall in this League. Loopy full toss on the stumps, Buttler premeditates the reverse sweep and launches it over deep backward point. The move to send him up the order is paying dividends. RR 64/0 in 4.1 overs

23.49 IST: FOUR! Shot to fine leg and Pant falls just short of taking one of the best catches but goes for four runs. Unlucky that's gone all the way. Nice attempt from Rishabh Pant. Buttler makes room and Plunkett follows him with a short ball. Jos pulls, gets it off the glove and past the diving keeper for a boundary. RR 57/0 in 3.4 overs

23.47 IST: SIX! Buttler is hammering away and there is no stopping him! RR 51/0 in 3.1 overs

23.45 IST: FOUR! This is quite an expensive over! Three sixes and a boundary. Buttler is having his way at the moment. Finds the gap! Clever batting, this. Short and wide, Buttler flashes and flashed hard. Between point and cover-point for a boundary. RR 45/0 in 3 overs

23.44 IST: SIX! Another one and Buttler is hammering away. The only way to chase down this target is to go ariel. Third of the over! Take a bow, Jos Buttler! Showing no mercy. Just behind a length around off, Buttler swings hard across the line and heaves it over the mid-wicket fence for a biggie. RR 40/0 in 2.4 overs

23.43 IST: SIX! Another one and Buttler scoops this one. 12 off the first 2 balls. This is unreal batting from the Englishman. Length delivery outside off, Buttler shuffles a long way across and scoops it over short fine leg for a biggie. RR 34/0 in 2.2 overs

23.42 IST: SIX! Avesh Khan comes into the attack and is welcomed by a big one from Buttler. Stand and deliver stuff from Jos Buttler! Full and right in the slot, Buttler stands tall and hammers it over long on for a maximum. RR 28/0 in 2.1 overs

23.41 IST: NOT OUT! Short survives! Good decision, at least he realizes where it's gone off from. Back of a length going down leg, D'Arcy looks to help the pull over short fine leg and there's a noise as the ball goes past him behind to the keeper. Loud shout and the finger goes up. Short reviews and the replays show that it went off the elbow.

23.40 IST: Wide! Boult pounds in another short one but it's too short this time. Buttler can't connect as he makes room for the pull. Wide called.

23.38 IST: FOUR! Bit of extra pace on the ball, D'Arcy Short loves it and punishes that. Full outside off, he creams the drive past the diving mid off fielder for a boundary. RR 19/0 in 1.2 overs

Trent Boult to bowl from the other end.

23.35 IST: SIX! A maximum to follow the boundary. This is excellent batting from Jos Buttler. Tossed up, he kneels down and sweeps it cleanly over the backward square leg. RR 13/0 in 0.5 overs

23.32 IST: We are back for the run chase. It will be D'Arcy Short and Jos Buttler to open the innings. Smart move, given Rajasthan, have to go bang bang from ball one. Shahbaz Nadeem will have the new ball first up. Here we go...

23.28 IST: 


23.25 IST: So the news is that, Maxwell's wicket was the last of Delhi's innings. Play will resume at 2330 and the match will be a 12-over game.

23.15 IST: Good news folks! The covers are now coming off slowly and rain has stopped for now. We will keep you posted of further details.

23.10 IST: 

23.01 IST: 

22.58 IST: So, Maxwell has been given out and the covers are on. The rain is back to ruin all of our nights. Expect the innings break to declared shortly.

22.57 IST: OUT! Archer removes Maxwell for 5. Delhi Daredevils 196/6 in 17.1 overs vs Rajasthan Royals

22.56 IST: A review for LBW has been taken up. Maxwell is the man concerned but he think he has got an inside edge to it as he straight away opts for the review.

22.52 IST: OUT! Unadkat gets his third wicket! Another slow ball does the trick. Rolls his fingers to this around off, Shankar tries to go over long off but finds Rahul Tripathi who takes another catch. Delhi Daredevils 191/5 in 16.2 overs vs Rajasthan Royals

22.51 IST: FOUR! Length down leg from Unadkat, Shankar nudges it fine to the fine leg region for a boundary. DD 191/4 in 16.1 overs

22.47 IST: SIX! Shankar continues from where he left. Pulls this short ball over mid-wicket for a maximum. DD 181/4 in 15.3 overs

Vijay Shankar is the new man in.

22.44 IST: OUT! Unadkat removes Rishabh Pant for 69. Delhi Daredevils 172/4 in 15 overs vs Rajasthan Royals

22.42 IST: SIX! He now becomes the leading run scorer of this season. Wickets falling but Pant goes with his shots. Short ball, Pant pulls this over mid-wicket for another maximum. DD 172/3 in 14.4 overs

Glenn Maxwell strides out to bat next.

22.40 IST:  OUT! 50 and out for Iyer. Tries to up the scoring and holes out. Full ball outside off from Jaydev, Iyer lofts it but does not get enough connection. The ball goes past the inner circle where Gopal manages to stick onto the catch. The 92-run stand comes to an end. Delhi Daredevils 166/3 in 14.3 overs vs Rajasthan Royals

22.39 IST: 

22.38 IST: FIFTY! Shreyas Iyer slams 10th half-century of his IPL career. Delhi Daredevils 161/2 in 14.1 overs vs Rajasthan Royals

22.36 IST: SIX! Pant's on fire! Full ball outside off, pant reaches for it and lofts it over point for a biggie! DD 160/2 in 14 overs

22.35 IST: 

22.34 IST: FIFTY! Rishabh Pant hits 6th half-century of his IPL career. Delhi Daredevils 151/2 in 13.3 overs vs Rajasthan Royals

22.32 IST: FOUR! Boundary to end the over. Pitched up ball outside off, Pant gets low and drives it superbly through that region. A good over for Delhi, 20 from it. DD 145/2 in 13 overs

22.31 IST: Wide! Another one! 3 free runs from Kulkarni. This one too is full outside off. The umpire has signalled a wide.

22.27 IST: SIX! What a shot this is from Pant! He does this so often and never fails to impress. Shot ball from Dhawal down leg, Pant shuffles across and hooks this over the fine leg boundary for a huge biggie. DD 134/2 in 12.3 overs

22.25 IST: FOUR! Innovation now from Pant. Reverse sweeps this ball to the fine leg region for back-to-back boundaries. 125/2 in 12 overs

22.23 IST: 

22.21 IST: SIX! Big! Loopy ball on middle, Shreyas gets behind the ball. He hits it through the line over mid-wicket for a huge maximum. DD 116/2 in 11.2 overs

22.18 IST: FOUR! Short ball on middle and leg, Pant shuffles and hooks this fine to the fine leg boundary. DD 104/2 in 10.2 overs

22.17 IST: SIX! Short ball outside off, Pant gets behind the ball and slogs it over mid-wicket for half a dozen. DD 99/2 in 10 overs

22.15 IST: 

22.14 IST: FOUR! Drags his length back outside off, Shreyas back away and slices it to the third man region away from the fielder. DD 92/2 in 9.3 overs

Jofra Archer brought back on.

22.12 IST: FOUR! That spoils what could have been a good over! short of length ball, this time Pant manages to put some bat on it and smashes the pull to wide long on for a boundary. DD 88/2 in 9 overs

22.07 IST: SIX! Pant is off and running with a maximum! What a way to open your account! That one was right in his zone and he doesn't need the second invitation. Floated delivery on off, gets on the front foot and mauls it over long on fence for a six. DD 80/2 in 8 overs

22.04 IST: OUT! In the air and taken! Caught and bowled by Gopal! Shaw misses out on a deserving half-century! Floated delivery on off, the batsman mistimes the drive back to the bowler, who holds on to a return catch. Delhi Daredevils 74/2 in 7.2 overs vs Rajasthan Royals

22.03 IST: SIX! Another biggie from the bat of Shaw. Gopal bowls a floated delivery outside off, plays a lofted inside out stroke, the ball clears the fence quite comfortably. DD 74/1 in 7.1 overs

22.02 IST: Good over from Stokes! There is a direct hit at the bowler's end, but Shaw is comfortably in! short of length ball, Iyer dabs it square on the offside, and sends his partner back in time, Shaw was backing up, but he turns around quickly and gets back in time. DD 68/1 in 7 overs

Ben Stokes introduced to have a go with the ball.

21.57 IST: SIX! And again, Iyer smacks 12 from the last two balls. Big over for Delhi, just the kind of over they needed right now. Faster on the stumps, sits back and clouts it over wide long on for a six. DD 62/1 in 6 overs

21.56 IST: SIX HUGE! Iyer decides to take the aerial route! flatter ball on the stumps, that one was dragged short by Gopal and Iyer heaves it over long on fence for a big six ! DD 56/1 in 5.5 overs

Strategic break. Shreyas Gopal is into the attack.

21.53 IST: 

21.52 IST SIX! Another hits miles up in the air, just manages to clear the ropes at long off fence. Shaw has taken off in this over! Length ball on off, just swung his bat through the line and picks up six runs. DD 48/1 in 5 overs

21.51 IST: FOUR! Shaw continues to score runs at a brisk pace, it was a pickup shot, lunges on the front foot and punches it over mid off region for another boundary. Eight runs from 2 balls! DD 44/1 in 4.5 overs

21.49 IST: FOUR! Lofted drive from Shaw, the ball went miles up in the air, just manages to clear the man at mid-on, it was a completely mistimed stroke, but still races away to the fence DD 40/1 in 4.4 overs

Jaydev Unadkat is brought on.

21.46 IST: FOUR! Goes square this time on the off side, not in total control but still had enough on it. Fuller outside off, Iyer slices it over point and finds the fence. DD 32/1 in 3.5 overs

21.44 IST: FOUR! Superb timing. Right through the gap and that's gone all the way. Short and flat outside off, Shaw camps back in a flash and crashes it through the covers for a superb boundary. Good balance on that, got the placement down to perfection. DD 27/1 in 3.2 overs 

Krishnappa Gowtham comes on to bowl.

21.43 IST: FOUR! Back of a length ball on off, Shaw stays back and slaps it over covers. The ball races away.  DD 22/1 in 3 overs

21.41 IST: SIX! Another one! This looked like it would have landed somewhere in the ground but it has gone even further than the previous six. Fuller ball again on leg, Shaw gets under it and flicks it once again over the mid-wicket region for a biggie.  DD 18/1 in 2.3 overs

21.40 IST: SIX! Huge! Just a flick of the wrist and the ball sails away. Full ball on middle and leg, Shaw flicks it away over mid-wicket for a maximum.   DD 12/1 in 2.1 overs

21.38 IST: FOUR! First of the night! Strays down leg once again, Iyer helps it on its way to the fine leg region for a boundary.  DD 6/1 in 1.4 overs 

Jofra Archer will bowl from the other end.

21.33 IST: OUT! Gone for all money is Colin Munro. Dhawal Kulkarni strikes in his very first over. Serves this a bit full on the fourth stump line, it nips in a bit after pitching. Munro tries to drive this to the off side but gets stuck in the crease without any feet movement. He manages an inside edge to it and the ball goes towards Pant who dives to his right and takes a good low catch. Delhi Daredevils 1/1 in 0.4 overs vs Rajasthan Royals

21.30 IST: Rajasthan are done with their team hurdle and give the new ball to Dhawal Kulkarni. We hope the rain stays away for the course of the night. For now, let's get to the cricket.

21.25 IST: We are ready to get the game underway. The players along with the umpires have made their way out in the centre. Delhi openers - - Prithvi Shaw and Colin Munro look up to the night sky and walk out in the middle. 

21.15 IST: Yessssssss!!!! So the game will begin at 21.30 local time. It will be an 18-over a side game, so just 2 overs lost. This is great to see.  

20.45 IST: Good news prevails finally. The word is in that the inspection will be at 2110 local time. Fingers crossed for more positive news.

20.43 IST: 

20.35 IST: UPDATE - The rain has lessened out, the Super Soppers are doing its thing. And the moment all this was going on, there was a BIG FLASH OF LIGHTNING. So, some good and some bad news simultaneously. Let's hope the good takes over.

20.15 IST: 

20.10 IST: UPDATE -  Don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but it is coming down heavier than before now. Remember, last time these two teams faced off, it was a rain-hit affair as well. Only 6 overs were played. Needless to say, we might be in for a long wait.

19.56 IST: Oh dear, we have some sorry news for you! Something that even we do not like to hear but... The covers have come on and covered the 22 yards. It is not raining heavily but there is a slight drizzle. We hope it is just passing showers and play begins soon. My mate here is a Liverpool fan and wants to go home early to watch them get knocked out.

19.45 IST: A lot will depend on his Shaw's young shoulders - 

19.42 IST: India Tv - Delhi Daredevils Playing XI against Rajasthan Royals at Feroz Shah Kotla

Image Source : INDIATV

Delhi Daredevils Playing XI against Rajasthan Royals at Feroz Shah Kotla

19.40 IST: India Tv - Rajasthan Royals playing XI against Delhi Daredevils at Feroz Shah Kotla

Image Source : INDIATV

Rajasthan Royals playing XI against Delhi Daredevils at Feroz Shah Kotla

19.38 IST: Shreyas Iyer, the Delhi skipper, states that it will be easier to bat in the first innings and reckons that dew won't be coming in during the latter stages of the game. He says that they have learned a lot from the last game and are positive for today. Ends saying that Shahbaz Nadeem comes in for Rahul Tewatia.

19.35 IST: Ajinkya Rahane, the Rajasthan skipper, states that the wicket looks good and won't change during the match. He also adds that they back their bowlers to do good. Reckons that they are playing good cricket and the mood in the camp is good. Opines that the boys are ready for the game and ends by saying he has made two changes in his team - D'Arcy Short and Shreyas Gopal come in for Ish Sodhi and Mahipal Lomror.

19.32 IST: 

19.30 IST: TOSS - Rajasthan Royals win toss, opt to bowl against Delhi Daredevils at Feroz Shah Kotla

19.15 IST: 

19.10 IST: Tips from the legend - 

18.56 IST: 

18.51 IST: Good record for the visitors - 

18.40 IST: Key for the hosts - 

18.35 IST: Weather Report - 

18.30 IST: 

Brief Preview: After Gautam Gambhir quit captaincy of Delhi Daredevils, new skipper Shreyas Iyer displayed tremendous grit and led one of the most inconsistent sides to a massive 55-run win over Kolkata Knight Riders to brighten their hopes of a turnaround. The celebration didn't last for long and Delhi lost to Chennai Super Kings by 13 runs in the subsequent match. Iyer-led Delhi will have to treat each IPL game as a virtual knockout, starting with their clash against Rajasthan Royals at the Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi, on Wednesday.

It was an awful mix-up which ended Iyer's innings yesterday and it proved to be the turning point of the match as despite a 45-ball 79 from Rishabh Pant and an unbeaten 31-ball 54 from Vijay Shankar, Delhi fell short by 13 runs against Chennai's 211/4.(Read Full Match Preview)

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