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Highlights, 2nd Test: India beat South Africa by an innings and 137 runs, clinch series 2-0

Following on, South Africa were all out for 189 in their second innings in the final session of day four.

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New Delhi Updated on: October 13, 2019 15:22 IST
India vs South Africa, 2nd Test Day 4, Live Cricket Score
Image Source : AP

India vs South Africa, 2nd Test Day 4, Live Cricket Score

India vs South Africa, 2nd Test Day 4: Follow all IND vs SA updates from Pune

India vs South Africa, 2nd Test, Day 4: Hello and welcome to our coverage of day two of the first Test between India and South Africa from the Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium. India have done it. It was quick after Tea. Once Philander fell, Rabada and Maharaj followed soon and India have managed to win the game by an innings and 137 runs in Pune. Jadeja and Umesh starred with 3 wickets each while Elgar, Philander and Maharaj showed some grit for the visitors. In the end, however, Kohli & Co. turned out to be too much for Faf du Plessis's men and they now lead the three-match series 2-0 with one game to go in Ranchi. (Scorecard | When and Where to Watch)

IND vs SA, 2nd Test, Day 4 from Pune: India (601/5d) beat South Africa (275 & 189) by an inning and 137 runs

15.07 IST: Virat Kohli and Mayank Agarwal starred with the bat, helping India to score a mammoth 601/5d and in reply, South Africa tried twice but still couldn't get over the total India posted. In the end, India beat South Africa by an innings and 137 runs to take an unassailable 2-0 lead in the three-match series. The next match will be played at Ranchi from October 19. That's all from us, join us again for the next game and follow Indiatvnews.com for latest stories and news.

15.02 IST: Jadeja to Nortje, OUT!
Bowls one straight, Maharaj misses the line and wraps him on the pads and it's given. Third wicket for Jadeja. India beat South Africa by an inning and 137 runs.

14.59 IST:
Anrich Nortje is the last man in.

14.58 IST: Umesh to Rabada, OUT! Edged and taken at slips by Rohit. That's 9 down and India are just one wicket away from sealing victory. SA 189/9 (F/O) from 67 overs

14.56 IST: Umesh to Rabada, FOUR!
Pitched up and driven through the covers for a boundary.

14.54 IST: Kagiso Rabada is the new man in.

14.53 IST: Umesh to Philander, OUT! The stand is broken finally and how. Bowls one down the leg side and Philander gets a fine edge and an easy catch to Saha behind the stumps. SA 186/8 (F/O) from 66.1 overs

14.40 IST: Ravindra Jadeja to bowl now in place of Kohli. Just one over from the captain

14.39 IST: Umesh to Maharaj, FOUR! Short and wide and pulled away for a boundary by Keshav.

14.35 IST: Umesh Yadav to bowl from the other end

14.33 IST: Kohli to Philander, FOUR! Full toss outside off and driven through the covers for a boundary.

14.31 IST: We're back again for the last session and look who has the ball for India? VIRAT KOHLI! Yes! He is starting proceedings after Tea. Shami approached him but he was quickly dismissed. Philander to take strike.

14.12 IST: TEA! India have taken 3 wickets in the session and are three wickets away from sealing the series. However, Philander and Maharaj have dropped the anchor again and are looking difficult to be dislodged. India will hope to come back in the last session and take the series with one game to go. Join us soon for the last session!

14.09 IST:
Ravindra Jadeja into the attack now.

14.06 IST: Ashwin to Philander, FOUR! Pitched up and driven through the covers for a boundary.

13.56 IST: Rohit Sharma has been brought in by Kohli... perhaps to change ends for his bowlers

13.47 IST: Ashwin to Maharaj, FOUR! Cut away this time for a boundary. Two from the over

13.46 IST: Ashwin to Maharaj, FOUR! Edged and past slip for a boundary.

13.35 IST: India missed a chance there! Replays show that Philander was out off a Jadeja delivery but India didn't go the review and Philander survives.

13.23 IST: Jadeja to Philander, SIX! Two in two now. This time goes a little wide through long-on. Picked up from where it pitched and clubbed for a maximum.

13.22 IST: Jadeja to Philander, SIX! First of the innings. Gets to the pitch of the ball and straight over Jadeja's head for a maximum.

13.19 IST: Keshav Maharaj is the new man in.

13.17 IST: Shami to Philander, OUT! Comes around the wicket and bowls one around his chin and all he could do is edge it to Rohit Sharma at second slip. South Africa 7 down now. SA 129/7 (F/O) from 44.5 overs

13.10 IST:
Vernon Philander is the next man in

13.08 IST: DRINKS! India have taken two wickets so far in the session with Quinton de Kock palying a horrible shot and Bavuma falling right on the stroke of drinks. India four wickets away just from an innings victory.

13.07 IST: Jadeja to Bavuma, OUT! Now he is a goner! Leans forward to defend, the ball catches the outside edge and a brilliant catch by Rahane to his left. India's catching has been brilliant today. Bavuma goes for a well-played 38. SA 125/6 (F/O) from 43.2 overs

13.06 IST: Jadeja to Bavuma, NOT OUT! INDIA LOSE A REVIEW!
Bavuma looks to sweep but the ball wraps the pads and Pujara catches the ball at slips. India feel there is an inside edge and take a review but there is daylight between bat, glove and ball and it is given not out. 

13.00 IST: Shami to Bavuma, FOUR! Plays with soft hands and just opens up his bat and gets a boundary through gully.

12.51 IST: Mohammed Shami back into the attack

12.47 IST: Jadeja to Bavuma, FOUR! Short and pulled away for a boundary through the vacant mid-wicket area.

12.44 IST: Jadeja to Muthusamy, FOUR! Takes a big stride forward and drives it through covers for a beautiful boundary.

12.41 IST: Jadeja to Bavuma, FOUR! Pitched up and driven through the off-side for another boundary. Positive cricket from Bavuma.

12.36 IST: Ashwin to Bavuma, FOUR! Short and wide and cut away for a boundary by Bavuma. 

12.24 IST: Jadeja to Bavuma, FOUR! Gives the charge, comes to the pitch of the ball and goes over mid-off for a boundary. One bounce and four.

12.16 IST: Senuran Muthusamy​ is the new man in

12.15 IST: Jadeja to De Kock, OUT! Another poor choice of shot! He goes for the big sweep but misses it completely! The ball ricochets of his pads and rattles the stump. Another one bites the dust. SA 79/5 (F/O) from 28.2 overs

12.13 IST: Ashwin to De Kock, slightly full and De Kock plays it with strong hands in a forward-defensive position. The ball finds the edge but the follow-through is strong enough to race it towards the boundary.

12.12 IST: And the players are back for the second session of the play. Ashwin to begin.

11.34 IST: LUNCH! India have once again dominated the session and SA are staring down the barrell. Ashwin has taken two wickets but the session belonged to Saha for his fantastic catching behind the stumps to send Theunis de Bruyn and Faf du Plessis back. SA are now four down with 74 runs on the board and 256 runs behind. Join us in a while for the second session of day four!

11.26 IST:
Quinton de Kock is the next man in

11.25 IST: Ashwin to Elgar, OUT! What was Elgar thinking there? He was the set man for reasons unknown, he went for the big shot, mistimed it and the ball went straight into the air. Umesh backtracks and catches after a fumble. SA 71/4 (F/O) from 25.2 overs

11.17 IST
Temba Bavuma is the new man in.

11.16 IST: Ashwin to Du Plessis, OUT! Another Saha catch. This time he fumbles a bit and ends up catching at silly point. Faf inclines forward to defend, gets a thin inside edge and it needed sharp reflexes to get the wicket and after a few attempts, Saha manages to grab it. SA 70/2 (F/O) from 23.2 overs

11.04 IST: Watch: Virat Kohli's kiss of approval after 'Superman' Saha takes yet another brilliant catch

Wriddhiman Saha made a gigantic leap to dismiss Theunis de Bruyn in the first session of Day 4, and skipper Virat Kohli was mightily impressed! [Read full story here]

11.01 IST: Jadeja to Elgar, FOUR! Ashwin misfields and it goes for a boundary through covers.

11.00 IST: Jadeja on for Shami now, trying to exploit the rough outside Elgar's bat

10.58 IST: Ashwin to Du Plessis, UMPIRES CALL! Du Plessis survives as umpire's call stays. Ashwin looped one around off, Du Plessis missed the sweep and the ball struck him on his pads but umpire says 'Not out'. India review, balls hits the wickets but the on field decision stays.

10.50 IST: Ashwin to Elgar, FOUR BYES! Tosses it up and turns off the pitch and misses everyone behind the stumps for four free runs.

10.36 IST: Shami to Elgar, FOUR! Comes over the wicket this time and extracts the edge and once again goes through the vacant point area for a boundary. How many times have we seen that today?

10.32 IST: DRINKS! An engaging passage of play. Numerous outside edges, a brilliant catch, two wickets, one wrongly adjudged LBW and some classic drives. In the end, India remain on top with 2 important strikes with the new ball after asking South Africa to follow on.

10.29 IST: R Ashwin into the attack, replacing Umesh

10.27 IST:  Shami to Elgar, FOUR! Once again on the fuller side and Elgar gets down on one knee and played on the up for a boundary through covers.

10.25 IST: Shami to Elgar, FOUR! Pitched up this time and driven through the covers for a boundary. 2 in 2.

10.24 IST: Shami to Elgar, FOUR! Short of length and sliced through the vacant point region for a boundary

10.23 IST: Mohammed Shami replaces Ishant Sharma in the attack.

10.15 IST: Ishant to Elgar, FOUR! Starys down the leg from around the wicket and Elgar gracefully flicks it for a boundary through the leg side.

10.01 IST: Faf du Plessis is the new man in. Comes ahead of Bavuma this time.

10.00 IST: Umesh to De Bruyn, OUT! Saha pulls off another stunner and this time down the leg. Umesh goes down the wrong line and De Bruyn flicks it off his hips but Saha moved to his left and pulled off a stunner with his left hand to send the batsman packing. An equally deserving wicket for the keeper. SA 21/2 (F/O) from 5.4 overs

09.55 IST:  Ishant to Elgar, FOUR!
Once again an edge doesn't go to the fielder. Ishant contunues that nagging line and length and this time it goes through the vacant point region for another boundary.

09.54 IST: Ishant to Elgar, SAFE! Edged and safe. This time it doesn't carry again but fantastic bowling from Ishant.

09.52 IST: Ishant to Elgar, FOUR! Same story again. This time Ishant extracts an edge and it goes through the slip cordon for a boundary.

09.50 IST: Umesh to De Bruyn, FOUR BYES! Goes wide from the crease in search of something different and strays down the leg side, wide off Saha and goes for four byes.

09.41 IST: Umesh to De Bruyn, FOUR! Outside edge and it runs away from the vacant point region for a boundary. 9 runs off the over.

09.39 IST: Umesh to De Bruyn, FOUR! DROPPED! Outside edge and Kohli drops it at second slip and the ball runs away for a boundary. Went straight to him and at a catchable height but it flicks his fingers and goes for a four.

09.38 IST: Umesh Yadav to begin from the other end

09.34 IST: Theunis de Bruyn​ is the new man in

09.34 IST: Ishant to Markram, OUT! He goes for a duck. The ball jags back in a lot and wraps him on his pads and the umpire gives him out. The batsmen talk in the middle but decide against the review as time runs out. However, replays show that the ball is missing the stumps. A wicket wasted in the end. South Africa lose their first wicket. SA 0/1 (F/O) from 0.2 overs

09.30 IST:
Ishant Sharma to start for India, Aiden Markram to take strike for SA

09.28 IST: Players are coming out for day four's play

09.17 IST: India have enforced the follow on and South Africa will bat first. India lead by 326 runs.

The pitch remains good to bat on. There are cracks but not that big and deadly and if you are set, runs will come, much like Maharaj and Philander showed.

09.05 IST: Ashwin becomes 4th Indian to scalp 50 Test wickets against South Africa

Ashwin joined an elite list of Indian bowlers who have taken 50 or more Test wickets against South Africa, which includes Anil Kumble, Harbhajan Singh and Javagal Srinath. [Read full story here]

08.50 IST: It dents your ego when lower-order shows how to bat: Temba Bavuma

Bavuma failed to pinpoint why South Africa's top-order save Dean Elgar in the first Test has consistently failed in three successive innings. [Read full story here]

08.35 IST: Virat Kohli will decide overnight on what he should be doing: Ashwin on imposing follow-on

Ashwin, who had the best figures of 4 for 69 in 28.4 overs, lauded the 109-run ninth-wicket stand between Maharaj and Philander, stating that the word "tail-ender is a myth". [Read full story here]

08.20 IST: Weather:

It's 24-degree Celcius now in Pune with cloudy skies with chances of thunderstorms later in the day.

Brief preview:

Tail-enders Keshav Maharaj and Vernon Philander set an example of gutsy batsmanship as South Africa fought hard against a quality attack but could not stop India from taking a massive 326-run lead on the third day of the second Test. While a total of 275 in 105.4 overs is far from India's mammoth first innings total of 601, the 119-run ninth-wicket stand between Philander (44 not out) and an injured Maharaj (72) showed what the top-order could have done had they shown some stomach for the fight. [Read full preview here]

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