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  5. Highlights, 4th ODI: Boult's fifer powers New Zealand to 8-wicket win over India

Highlights, 4th ODI: Boult's fifer powers New Zealand to 8-wicket win over India

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India vs New Zealand, 4th ODI: Catch all the Match Highlights between IND vs NZ from Seddon Park, Hamilton at India TV Sports

India TV Sports Desk Written by: India TV Sports Desk Hamilton (New Zealand) Updated on: January 31, 2019 12:00 IST
4th ODI: Boult's fifer leaves India in shambles as New
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4th ODI: Boult's fifer leaves India in shambles as New Zealand win by 8 wickets

Highlights, 4th ODI, India vs New Zealand: It was a walk in the park for the New Zealand batsmen in the second innings chasing an under-par score of 93. Guptill started the innings with a six and followed that up with two consecutive more boundaries. He was dismissed in the 4th ball of the first over. India got the wicket of Kane Williamson but it was just a mere consolation as Henry Nicholls and Ross Taylor did a professional job and finished off the game.  (Full Scorecard) (Read in Hindi

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India vs New Zealand, 4th ODI

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  • 11:02 AM (IST)


    New Zealand (93/2) beat India (92) by 8 wickets in Hamilton. India lead the 5-match series 3-1. Boult 5/21

  • 10:56 AM (IST)

    SIX! Back to Back!

    Two in two. This is tossed up on middle, Taylor gets on one knee and slogs it over mid-wicket again for another maximum. Ross doesn't want to go for lunch here. Seems like he has other plans. NZ 79/2 in 14 overs vs IND (92)

  • 10:55 AM (IST)


    That's a massive one! Flighted on middle and leg, Taylor heaves it over the mid-wicket fence for a maximum. Ross doesn't want to go for lunch here. Seems like he has other plans.

  • 10:49 AM (IST)


    CRISP! A perfect cover drive. Full and outside off, Nicholls takes his front foot towards the ball and then times it through covers. It went right off the middle and it races to the fence. NZ 64/2 in 12 overs vs IND (92)

  • 10:45 AM (IST)


    Starts with a real lose delivery. Full toss on the pads, Ross loves the on  Nside and won't miss out on that one. He flicks it away through square leg for a boundary. NZ 55/2 in 11.1 overs vs IND (92)

  • 10:41 AM (IST)


    Length delivery pitching on leg, the ball goes away after pitching. Nicholls looks to flick but it flicks off his pad. The Indian player all go up in appeal. They have a brief discussion but Pandya was not sure and they decide to opt against the review. NZ 51/2 in 10 overs vs IND (92).

  • 10:35 AM (IST)

    Score Update

    NZ 50/2 in 9 overs vs IND 92 all out

  • 10:29 AM (IST)


    Pandya to Nicholls, SIX! Effortless! Full on the pads, Nicholls flicks it uppishly and elegantly over the square leg for a maximum.​ NZ 45/2 in 7.4 overs

  • 10:29 AM (IST)

    First bowling change

    Hardik Pandya is on.

  • 10:28 AM (IST)

    LBW appeal!

    Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Ross Taylor, Good ball. Length delivery pitching outside off, the ball jags back in after pitching. Taylor looks to flick but misses. The ball hits the back pad. There is a huge appeal from the Indian players but the umpire turns it down. Kumar is not too keen to review it and walks walks back.

  • 10:26 AM (IST)

    Score Update

    NZ 39/2 in 7 overs

  • 10:22 AM (IST)


    Bhuvi to Williamson, OUT! Williamson is a goner. Back of a length delivery. The ball swings away just a tad after pitching. Williamson tries to defend it but gets an outside edge. The ball goes behind to Dinesh Karthik who takes a very simple catch.​ NZ 39/2 in 6.2 overs

  • 10:18 AM (IST)


    Ahmed to Nicholls, FOUR! Shorter in length, Henry rocks onto his back foot and pulls it powerfully through mid-wicket. The ball races away to the fence. Just 54 more runs required now.​ NZ 39/1 in 5.2 overs

  • 10:17 AM (IST)


    Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Kane Williamson, FOUR! Beautiful! Length delivery outside, Williamson waits for the ball to come and hits it through point for a boundary.​ NZ 35/1 in 4.5 overs


  • 10:13 AM (IST)

    Score Update

    NZ 31/1 in 4 overs vs IND 92

  • 10:11 AM (IST)


    Ahmed to Williamson, FOUR! Classic Williamson. Shorter on length outside off. Williamson gets on top of the bounce on that one and cuts it away through point for a boundary. NZ 30/1 in 3.3 overs

  • 10:10 AM (IST)

    Score Update

    NZ 25/1 in 3 overs vs IND 92

  • 10:07 AM (IST)


    Khaleel Ahmed to Henry Nicholls, FOUR! Takes full toll of the Free Hit. It is full and on off, Nicholls clears his front leg and hits it over the cover fielder and into the fence. Second boundary of the over and the Kiwis are off to a flier. NZ 23/1 in 1.5 overs

  • 10:06 AM (IST)

    No Ball!

    Khaleel Ahmed to Henry Nicholls, NO BALL! Free Hit coming up! On off, Nicholls blocks it. Khaleel has overstepped by just.


  • 10:06 AM (IST)


    Khaleel Ahmed to Henry Nicholls, FOUR! Nicholls too is off the mark with a boundary! Short and it sits up to be hit. He goes back and pulls it over square leg for a boundary. NZ 18/1 in 1.2 overs


  • 10:05 AM (IST)


    Bhuvi to Guptill, OUT! Guptill is in too much of a hurry to finish off this game and now he has to walk back. Length delivery on middle and leg, Guptill tries to flick it on the on side but is early in his shot. It finds the leading edge and goes straight to point. Hardik Pandya there takes an easy catch and gives them the breakthrough. But with just 93 required one can say he has provided them the platform, if they ever needed one in this chase.​ NZ 14/1 in 1 over

  • 10:04 AM (IST)


    Bhuvi to Guptill, FOUR! On middle and leg, a bit shorter in length this time, Guptill flicks it away through square leg for another boundary. He wants to finish this off early.​ NZ 14/0 in 0.3 overs

  • 10:03 AM (IST)


    Bhuvi to Guptill, FOUR! Overpitched on middle and leg, Guptil hits it straight through mid on for a boundary. NZ 10/0 in 0.2 overs

  • 10:03 AM (IST)


    Bhuvi to Guptill, SIX! Brilliant start. Full on middle and leg, Guptill lofts it over mid-wicket for a maximum. What a start for New Zealand.​ NZ 6/0 in 0.1 overs

  • 10:02 AM (IST)

    The chase begins

    NZ start with Guptill and Munro

  • 10:00 AM (IST)


    It was the ideal stage for Ambati Rayudu and Dinesh Karthik to cement their spot in the XI with a good knock here but that wasn't to be. Both fell in the space of 5 balls with the latter bagging a duck. Kedhar also did not trouble the scorers a lot. Hardik did look to attack but he fell prey to a short delivery. The highest stand for India came for the 9th wicket between Kuldeep and Chahal but overall, the batting scorecard for India is a sorry one.

    For New Zealand, it was all about Trent Boult. Yes, Colin de Grandhomme did get three important wickets but the way the left-arm seamer bowled was just something else. He swung the ball both ways and wreaked havoc. He finished with a 5-for and has ensured New Zealand are not chasing anything which worries them.

    Now then, 93 is the target. Can it be defended? India will probably need a miracle. One would actually say how long will New Zealand take to chase this down. 15 overs, 20 overs? We'll find out in a bit. Stay tuned.




  • 9:51 AM (IST)

    Lowest totals for India (ODIs):

    54 vs SL, Sharjah, 2000
    63 vs Aus, Sydney, 1981
    78 vs SL, Kanpur, 1986
    79 vs Pak, Sialkot, 1978
    88 vs NZ, Dambulla, 2010
    91 vs SA, Durban, 2006
    92 vs NZ, Hamilton, 2019

  • 9:49 AM (IST)

    Innings Break

    India's problems against swing has once again be exposed here, they have been blown away for their second lowest score against the Kiwis who are led off the field by the star for today, Trent Boult. He walks off to a huge ovation from the crowd here.

  • 9:47 AM (IST)


    James Neesham to Khaleel Ahmed, OUT! Yorker. Full and straight on middle and off. Too much to ask from the number 11. He cannot get his bat down in time and the ball hits the timber.​

    India 92 all-out against New Zealand in Hamilton. Boult 5/21, De Grandhomme 3/26

  • 9:42 AM (IST)

    Score Update

    IND 87/9 in 30 overs

  • 9:41 AM (IST)


    Todd Astle to Chahal, FOUR! IND 86/9 in 29.4 overs

  • 9:39 AM (IST)

    Last batsman in for India

    Khaleel Ahmed comes in.

  • 9:38 AM (IST)


    Todd Astle to Kuldeep Yadav, OUT! Astle gets the wicket! A rather frustrating stand for the Kiwis comes to an end. Tossed up ball on middle and leg. Yadav gets low and looks to pull it but hits it straight to the man at deep square leg. De Grandhomme doesn't drop those. The Indian spin twins were going good but how will have to wait for their chance with the ball. New Zealand just the one wicket now. Kuldeep gone for 15. India 80/9 in 29.1 overs vs New Zealand in Hamilton

  • 9:36 AM (IST)

    Record Alert!

    IND 80/8 in 29 overs

  • 9:34 AM (IST)

    Score Update

    IND 78/8 in 28 overs

  • 9:31 AM (IST)

    Bowling change

    Spin for the first time today. Todd Astle is into the attack

  • 9:29 AM (IST)


    de Grandhomme to Chahal, FOUR! One bounce into the fence! Short and Chahal picks the length early, he goes back and pulls it over square leg for a boundary. IND 76/8 in 27 overs

  • 9:23 AM (IST)

    Score Update

    IND 71/8 in 25 overs

  • 9:21 AM (IST)


    de Grandhomme to Kuldeep Yadav, FOUR! A rare boundary from the middle of the bat. Full on middle and leg, Yadav flicks it uppishly wide of mid-wicket. Trent Boult gives it a chase but the ball beats him to the fence for a boundary.​ IND 69/8 in 24.3 overs

  • 9:19 AM (IST)


    Henry to Chahal, FOUR! Top edge! Short ball on off, Chahal goes for the pull but gets a top edge which flies over the keeper's head and into the fence. All can have a laugh about it.​ IND 65/8 in 23.5 overs

  • 9:17 AM (IST)

    Boult and Bond!

    IND 58/8 in 23 overs


  • 9:15 AM (IST)

    Score Update

    IND 58/8 in 23 overs

  • 9:13 AM (IST)

    Lowest totals for India (ODIs):

    54 vs SL, Sharjah, 2000
    63 vs Aus, Sydney, 1981
    78 vs SL, Kanpur, 1986
    79 vs Pal, Sialkot, 1978

  • 9:09 AM (IST)

    Score Update

    IND 55/8 in 21 overs

  • 9:06 AM (IST)

    Score Update

    IND 55/8 in 20 overs. Yuzvendra Chahal is the new man in.

  • 9:04 AM (IST)


    Trent Boult takes his 5th five-wicket haul in ODIs. Trent Boult to Hardik Pandya, OUT c Tom Latham b Trent Boult. In the air... taken! 5-fer for Boult and the last recognized batsman for India walks back. Short and on the body, Pandya tries to fend it away but the ball hits his glove and lobs towards the keeper. Latham takes a couple of steps ahead and takes it. He has two more balls to take a 6-fer. Can he do so? India have lost their eighth wicket. India 55/8 in 19.4 overs against New Zealand in Hamilton

  • 9:00 AM (IST)

    Score Update

    IND 55/7 in 19 overs

  • 8:55 AM (IST)


    Boult to Pandya, FOUR! Third boundary in the over! It is short and it sits up to be hit. Pandya rocks onto his back foot and he pulls it over mid-wicket for another boundary. IND 52/7 in 17.4 overs

  • 8:54 AM (IST)


    Boult to Pandya, FOUR! Back-to-back boundaries! Pandya's T20 mode is on here. Just behind a length on off, he hits it on the up, past the bowler and into the fence.​ IND 48/7 in 17.2 overs

  • 8:53 AM (IST)


    Boult to Pandya, FOUR! Up and over! Top shot that! With the swing, he lofts it over mid on and it crosses the fence. IND 44/7 in 17.1 overs

  • 8:51 AM (IST)


    OUT! De Grandhomme removes Bhuvneshwar for 1. TIMBER! Third for Colin de Grandhomme and now India's lowest score which is 54 against Sri Lanka just might be under threat. Once again this was nicely set up by Colin. He kept swinging the ball out, this time though he gets it to come back in. Kumar tries to play it off the front foot, leaving a big gap between bat and pad, it sneaks through and hits the off pole.​ India 40/7 in 16.4 overs vs New Zealand in Hamilton

  • 8:41 AM (IST)

    Score Update

    IND 39/6 in 15 overs

  • 8:39 AM (IST)


    De Grandhomme to Pandya, FOUR! India need a lot more. On the pads, it is flicked through mid-wicket and the ball races away. Pandya is probably the last hope here. IND 39/6 in 14.1 overs

  • 8:33 AM (IST)


    OUT! Boult removes Jadhav for 1. Three reds, that is absolutely plumb. A waste of a review there, by Jadhav. He though had to take it right? Another inswinger gets the better of an Indian batsman. It is on the fuller side, it comes back in late. Jadhav just like Dhawan has his front foot planted way too across. He can't adjust and gets hit on the pads. An appeal follows and the umpire raises his finger straightaway. Jadhav then after a chat with Pandya reviews. Hawk-Eye shows the on-field call is the right one. Boult gets his fourth and the Kiwis are now into the lower-order. India 35/6 in 13.1 overs vs New Zealand in Hamilton

  • 8:32 AM (IST)

    After 13 overs

    IND 35/5

  • 8:31 AM (IST)

    India in tatters!

    Hardik Pandya is the new man in. He joins Kedar Jadhav in the middle.

  • 8:28 AM (IST)


    Trent Boult to Shubman Gill, OUT c & b Trent Boult. Half the side back in the hut. Brilliant spell by Boult. Full on middle and off, the ball jags back in after pitching. Gill looks to play it straight but ends up hitting it straight back at Boult. Who takes another catch off his own bowling. The debutant walks back for 9. It looked like his confidence was dented after being hit on the helmet. New Zealand well on top here and India now have their backs to the wall. India have lost their fifth wicket.

  • 8:24 AM (IST)


    De Grandhomme to Karthik, OUT! EDGED AND TAKEN! Two in the over for Colin. Just the start he would have wanted on his return into the team. Once again it is the swing that gets the better of the Indian batsman. It is on a length and on off, Karthik plays for the original trajectory, the ball though shapes away, takes the outside edge and goes into the hands of Latham who does not make a mistake. Karthik walks back without troubling the scorers. IND 33/4 in 10.5 overs

  • 8:22 AM (IST)


    De Grandhomme to Rayudu, OUT! What a catch! Colin de Grandhomme strikes on his second ball itself. India slip further as Rayudu fails to make an impact. Not the best of deliveries, it is a gentle full-length ball, there is a little outward movement. Rayudu goes for a booming drive through the off side, he hits it well but does not keep it down. It goes like a rocket towards Guptill at short covers who takes an excellent reflex catch above his head. Rayudu will be disappointed as he had a chance here to cement his place in the squad but fails to grab the opportunity. IND 33/3 in 10.2 overs

  • 8:14 AM (IST)

    After 10 overs

    IND 32/2

  • 8:08 AM (IST)

    Another beauty!

    Matt Henry to Shubman Gill, Now a couple! Another excellent shot. Full and outside off, Gill reaches out for it and strokes it through covers for two.

  • 8:06 AM (IST)


    Henry to Gill, FOUR! Off the mark in style! Henry bowls to Gill's strength. On the pads, Gill flicks it through square leg for a boundary. Not good bowling by Henry, that should release a little pressure off Gill. IND 27/2 in 8.2 overs

  • 8:04 AM (IST)


    OUT! Boult removes Rohit for 7. The skipper departs and Boult strikes again. Full on middle and leg, the ball comes back just a bit after pitching. Sharma tries to drive it straight but is taken aback by that little swing on it and ends up chipping it straight back to the bowler. Boult does well to hold onto that one. India 23/2 in 8 overs vs New Zealand in Hamilton

  • 7:59 AM (IST)

    After 7 overs

    IND 22/1

  • 7:58 AM (IST)

    Top fielding!

    Matt Henry to Rohit Sharma, Top fielding! Rohit pushes this off the back foot towards cover-point. Santner there runs to his right, dives and stops it. The batsmen in the meantime go for the run, MS is quick to get up and has a shy at the striker's end but misses.

  • 7:55 AM (IST)

    Gill at the crease

    Debutant Gill walks out to bat at No.3!

  • 7:53 AM (IST)


    Boult to Dhawan, OUT! LBW. Excellent set up by Bolt and Dhawan walks back to the pavilion. Outswing, Outswing and then the third one comes back in. Dhawan falls in the trap. It is full and on middle, the ball jags back in. Shikhar loos to flick it across the line but misses it. The players go up in appeal and the umpire has no hesitation and raises the finger. Dhawan has a brief discussion with Sharma and decides not to go for the review. IND 21/1 in 5.5 overs

  • 7:49 AM (IST)

    After 5 overs

    IND 20/0

  • 7:46 AM (IST)

    After 4 overs

    IND 19/0

  • 7:42 AM (IST)

    After 3 overs

    IND 17/0

  • 7:40 AM (IST)


    Henry to Dhawan, SIX! First of the day. Shorter delivery around off, Dhawan gets onto his back foot and upper cuts it towards the third man fence. The short boundary there helps the ball sail over the fence. IND 16/0 in 2.3 overs

  • 7:39 AM (IST)


    Matt Henry to Dhawan, FOUR. Beautiful! Full on off, Dhawan's eyes lit up seeing that and he drives it through point for the first boundary of the day. IND 10/0 in 2.1 overs

  • 7:38 AM (IST)

    After 2 overs

    IND 6/0

  • 7:37 AM (IST)

    Another landmark for the Hitman

  • 7:37 AM (IST)

    Boult from the other end

    Trent Boult to bowl from the other end with the second new ball. He too has two slips in place.

  • 7:34 AM (IST)

    After 1 over

    IND 3/0

  • 7:32 AM (IST)

    First ball of the match

    Matt Henry to Rohit Sharma, Starts with a full-length delivery outside off, Sharma defends it off his front foot.

  • 7:31 AM (IST)

    All set!

    We are all set to begin. Skipper Rohit Sharma walks out in the middle with his opening partner, Shikhar Dhawan. It is Matt Henry and not Boult to bowl the first over. Two slips in place for him. Here we go...

  • 7:31 AM (IST)


    New Zealand XI: Martin Guptill, Henry Nicholls, Kane Williamson (capt), Ross Taylor, Tom Latham (wk), Jimmy Neesham, Mitchell Santner, Colin de Grandhomme, Todd Astle, Matt Henry, Trent Boult

    India's XI: Rohit Sharma (capt), Shikhar Dhawan, Shubman Gill, Ambati Rayudu, Kedar Jadhav, Dinesh Karthik (wk), Hardik Pandya, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Kuldeep Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal, Khaleel Ahmed

  • 7:30 AM (IST)

    Pitch report -

    Sunil Gavaskar and Scott Styris say it looks a good wicket, it should have a little more pace and bounce. Reckon there is even grass covering but it just might be a little two-paced. They end by saying there might not be a lot of turn for the spinners but there should be good bounce available for them.

  • 7:30 AM (IST)

    Captain's Talk

    Rohit Sharma says it is a special game as it is his 200th ODI. Informs they too have a couple of changes as Gill makes his debut in place of Kohli and Khaleel replaces Shami. Mentions he is a promising young talent, Shubman Gill. States they wanted to bat first and he is pretty excited for this game. Further adds being 3-0 up is a great achievement and he wants to end the series well. Ends by saying the players are eager to give their best and they are confident.

    Kane Williamson says they want to bowl first as it looks a good surface and dew might come into play in the second innings. Mentions the stats favour the team batting first and he hopes it works well for them today. Informs there are quite a few changes as Sodhi, Ferguson and Munro miss out. Adds further Henry Nicholls will open with Guptill. Ends by saying it is about focusing on their game plan and end on the right side today.

  • 7:07 AM (IST)

    New Zealand win the toss!

    But Williamson invited India to bat first. Khaleel comes in for Shami while Dhoni is still not fit, though he handed the ODI debut cap to Shubman Gill. Let's see how he fares!

  • 7:00 AM (IST)

    Shubman Gill debuts!

    Shubman Gill has been handed his ODI cap by the legendary MS Dhoni.

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