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HIGHLIGHTS India vs Bangladesh, 1st Test: Mayank Agarwal's 243 helps hosts finish day 2 with 493/6

India vs Bangladesh 1st Test: Mayank Agarwal's second career double-century helps hosts finish day 2 with 493/6

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New Delhi Updated on: November 15, 2019 17:32 IST
mayank agarwal
Image Source : AP

India's Mayank Agarwal celebrates scoring a double century during the second day of first cricket test match between India and Bangladesh in Indore


India vs Bangladesh, 1st Test, Day 2: That is it from our coverage of the first Test of the two-match series between India and Bangladesh live from the Holkar Stadium in New Delhi. Mayank Agarwal's second career double-century en route to his career-best of 243 helped India finish second day with a massive score of 493 for six. His 190-run stand with Rahane helped India bounce back. And in the fag-end of the day, Jadeja scored a neat fifty coupled with Umesh's brisk and unbeaten knock of 25 off 10 (Match scorecard | When and where to watch)

HIGHLIGHTS  IND vs BAN, 1st TEST, DAY 2 Stumps: INDIA 493/6 (114 overs) VS BANGLADESH (150) IN INDORE. UMESH 25*, JADEJA 60* 

16:58 IST: Abu Jayed to Jadeja. FOUR! Top-edge and off it went over the wicketkeeper. India move closer to 500.

16: 55 IST: UNBELIEVABLE! Umesh in his last 17 balls in Tests - = 55 runs

16:51 IST: Ebadat to Mayank. SIX! Fullish ball and Umesh sent it high over long on for a six. And then again! This time over fine leg.

16:46 IST: Abu Jayed to Umesh. SIX! Length ball, down leg side and Umesh flicks it off his pads for a SIX. That was incredible

16:41 IST: Ebadat to Saha. OUT! Length ball, sneaks through and topples the leg stump. Saha departs for 12 off 11. 

16:35 IST: Mehidy to Saha. Back-to-back FOUR! Chance for Wriddhiman to prove his batting credentials and cement his place in the squad even as a batsman

16:23 IST: Mehidy to Mayank. OUT! Tries to go for another six, but there is a fielder in the deep this time. He walks back for 243

16:16 IST: Mahmudullah to Jadeja. FOUR! Down leg spide with a sweep shot and Jadeja is slowly joining the party. Agarwal ends the over with a SIX. The partnership has now reached 105

16:09 IST: Mahmudullah to Mayank. FOUR! Full and wide and Mayank capitalises on the width to score a boundary. He has moved to 224 which is already his highest Test score by him surpassing his 215 in Vizag on October 2.

16:01 IST: Ebadat to Mayank. SIX! A front-foot pull and Mayank sends the ball sailing over mid-wicket for a maximum.

15:52 IST: A six over long on and Mayank scores his second career double century in just 44 days

15:38 IST: Ebadat to Mayank. FOUR! Down offside and cuts away for a four. Stands seven runs away from his double century

15:27 IST: Mehidy to Mayank. FOUR! Down leg side and Mayank pulls it over backward square leg for a boundary. 

15:16 IST: Mehidy to Mayank. SIX! Shimmies down the ground and smacks it high and above the bowler's head for a maximum. 

15.00 IST: Ebadat to Mayank, FOUR! Short and wide from Ebadat and smacked through sweeper cover for a boundary. 

14.57 IST: Ebadat to Jadeja, FOUR! A thick edge and goes for a boundary.

14.48 IST: Ebadat to Mayank, FOUR! Pitched up and smashed through covers for a boundary. Moves into the 160s.

14.43 IST: Ravindra Jadeja is the next man in

14.42 IST: Jayed to Rahane, OUT! Short, outside off and he finds the fielder at deep cover. He could have hit it left or right and that was a boundary but it went straight to the fielder. He misses out on a hundred and that was Jayed's 4th wicket -- his best return in Tests. IND 309/4 from 85.4 overs

14.40 IST: Jayed to Rahane, FOUR! 
Drifts on to his pads and goes for a boundary.

14.34 IST: The players are back on the field for the last session of the day. Ebadat to begin proceedings for Bangladesh, Mayank on strike for India

14.16 IST: TEA! India have taken their lead past 150 and score over 300 as India continue to dominate Bangladesh in Indore. Mayank remained not out on 156 while Ajinkya Rahane is not out on 82. Bangladesh tried hard but didn't have a wicket to show in return and the grind continued despite the new ball being taken. Join us soon for the last session of the day!

13.58 IST:

13.43 IST: Taijul to Rahane, FOUR! Rahane joins the party now, slaps down the ground for a boundary. Confident shot from Jinks!

13.41 IST: Mehidy to Mayank, SIX! This time through long-on! Once again dances down the track and slams it to the second tier. Consistent show of aggression now from the opener.
13.37 IST: Taijul to Mayank, SIX!
Comes down the track and goes inside-out for a maximum. Classic cover-driving from him.

13.26 IST: Mehidy to Agarwal, FOUR! Short once again and pulled away for a boundary. Jayed looks to stop with his foot but to no avail. Another boundary.

13.20 IST: Mehidy to Agarwal, FOUR! Gives the charge, goes on his knees and slog sweeps over deep square leg for a boundary.

13.06 IST: Taijul to Mayank, FOUR! Bowls it short and Mayank clubs it over mid-wicket for a boundary.

12.59 IST: Jayed to Rahane, FIFTY! A straight ball and driven through mid-wicket for a single to reach his half-century, his 21st in red-ball cricket.

12.34 IST: Ebadat to Mayank, HUNDRED! What a player he is turning out to be for India. Scoring centuries for fun and getting runs at will after and giving good starts. Plays down the square leg region and gets a two to reach his century.

12.13 IST: Mehedy to Mayank, FOUR! Short and slapped through backward square leg for a boundary.

12.10 IST: The players have returned for the second session of the play.

11.31 IST: LUNCH! After the early blows, it has been a fine recovery from India - courtesy Mayank Agarwal and Ajinkya Rahane. The former is inching closer to his third Test century.

11.12 IST: Mehedy to Rahane, FOUR! Pitched up and beautifully driven through the covers for a boundary. Rahane has looked in fluent touch throughout.

11.06 IST: NOT OUT! The ball is going way down the leg side!

11.03 IST: Mehidy to Mayank, APPEAL AND UMPIRE RAISES THE FINGER! Mayank looks shocked. He has taken the review straightaway.

10.55 IST: Mehidy to Mayank, SIX! MONSTROUS! Mehidy is drawing the batsman forward - you can guess his plan, but Mayank isn't shy of taking the bait. He charges down the track again and lofts it over the bowler's head.

10.50 IST: Mehidy to Mayank, FOUR! Poor delivery and Mayank uses the paddle sweep this time. Into the 70s now.

10.46 IST: Mehidy to Mayank, FOUR! India take lead. Mayank steps out this time and lofts it over the mid-off. Easy picking for the opener who moves to 68.

10.38 IST: Mehedy Hassan introduced into the attack

10.31 IST: Taijul to Rahane, FOUR! Full-toss and driven through the covers for a boundary.

10.31 IST: Taijul Islam into the attack now

10.27 IST: Ebadat to Mayank, FOUR! Short and pulled away for a boundary.

10.23 IST: Jayed to Rahane, FOUR! Short and wide and clubbed through covers for a boundary. 

10.13 IST: Jayed to Rahane, FOUR! Squared him up this time and Rahane threw his bat at it and luckily it went through slips and gully for a boundary.

10.13 IST: Jayed to Rahane, FOUR! Edged and through the slips for a boundary. First runs for Ajinkya

10.04 IST: Ajinkya Rahane walks out in the middle.

10.03 IST: Jayed to Kohli, OUT! What a review from Mominul. The ball pitched way outside off and jagged back in and also looked high but Bangladesh went for the review and ball-tracking showed the ball hitting the stumps and the on-field decision had to be overturned. Kohli goes for a rare duck and Jayed has his third wicket of the innings. IND 119/3 from 31.5 overs

09.58 IST: Jayed to Mayank, FOUR!
Just outside off and Mayank cuts it through the gap at gully and gets another boundary.

09.56 IST: Ebadat to Mayank, FOUR and FIFTY! Short and Mayank rocks back quickly and slams it through deep mid-wicket for a boundary. Also reaches his 4th Test fifty with that boundary. His impressive run continues in Test cricket.

09.54 IST: Ebadat to Mayank, FOUR! Strays down the leg and Mayank just nudges it fine to pick up another boundary. Moves on to 48.

09.52 IST: Virat Kohli is the next man in as the few people in Indore erupts in joy.

09.51 IST: Jayed to Pujara, OUT! Pitched up and Pujara went for the booming drive but only to get a healthy edge, which went straight to substitute fielder Saif Hassan at gully. India lose their second wicket as Pujara departs for 54. IND 105/2 from 29.5 overs 

09.47 IST: Jayed to Mayank, FOUR!
Pitched up and half-volley and punched through covers for a boundary. He loves it there and will play the shot all day long.

09.40 IST: Jayed to Pujara, FOUR and FIFTY! Another wide ball oustdie off and Pujara goes hard at it and this time it flies over point for a boundary and that also brings up his half-century. His 23rd in Test cricket and it came off just 68 balls.

09.39 IST: Jayed to Pujara, FOUR!
Wide outside off and Pujara slashes at it and Mehedy couldn't hold on to it as it goes through his hands for a boundary. 

09.36 ITS: Abu Jayed will bowl from the other end

09.30 IST: We are underway! Mayank Agarwal to take strike for India, Ebadat Hossain to begin for Bangladesh.

09.15 IST: PITCH REPORT: It will be a good pitch to bat on and with enough time in the game, India will aim to press home the advantage given to them by their bowlers.

09.00 IST: Selfless Captain: Virat Kohli asks Indore crowd to cheer for Shami instead of him

On Day 1 of the opening Test, when the fans started chanting Kohli's name, he immediately responded and ask them to cheer for Mohammed Shami instead of him. [Read full story here]

08.45 IST: Ashwin likes 'Permanent Test centre' concept, feels 'Pink Test' is way forward

Having not played a single game with the pink ball till now, Ashwin is still getting adjusted to the colour, which, at times, looks more orange than pink. [Read full story here]

08.30 IST: Indian pace attack in one of the most lethal in world cricket: Ashwin

There was no Jasprit Bumrah but Mohammed Shami, Ishant Sharma and Umesh Yadav were ruthless and unplayable as Bangladeshi batsmen danced to their tunes and were skittled out for just 150 in the opening Test. [Read full story here]

Brief preview: India's pace troika was at its menacing best against an under-confident Bangladesh, helping the home team seize control of the first Test here on the opening day itself. On one of the bounciest tracks in recent times, Bangladesh were bundled out for 150 in 58.3 overs, lasting barely two sessions and a few overs more here on Thursday. [Read full story here]

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