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Highlights, 1st Test: Travis Head stands tall but India reduce Australia to 191/7 on Day 2

India rattled the Australian batsmen with a combination of spin and pace to reduce the hosts to 191/7 on Day 2 despite Head's valiant unbeaten half-century.

India TV Sports Desk Reported by: India TV Sports Desk New Delhi Updated on: December 07, 2018 13:25 IST
Live Cricket Score, India vs Australia, 1st Test Match, Day
Image Source : AP

Live Cricket Score, India vs Australia, 1st Test Match, Day 2

India vs Australia, 1st Test Match, Day 2: India's day but Australia are hanging in there. After battling out two tough sessions, the final one seemed the easiest to bat with the ball getting softer. 74 runs came in 33 overs but three wickets were also lost. Talking about the day overall, Australia just had to come out for one ball, with Hazlewood getting rid of Shami. But Ishant then gave India a terrific start, removing Finch on the third ball. There was a bit of a fight, from debutant Marcus Harris and Usman Khawaja, with a 45-run stand - but once that was broken, familiar problems grappled the Aussies. Australia trail by 59 runs at stumps on Day 2 and have three wickets in hand. Here are the highlights of Day 2 of the 1st Test in Adelaide.  (Click Here for Coverage in Hindi)

Highlights, India vs Australia, 1st Test, Day 2 from Adelaide

12.50 IST: STUMPS! Australia 191/7 at stumps, trail India (250) by 59 runs in Adelaide. Head 61*, Bumrah 2/34

12.50 IST: And a back foot punch towards point to end the day. STUMPS ON DAY 2, AUSTRALIA TRAIL BY 59!

12.42 IST: FOUR! A useful boundary! A loosener from Shami, on a length wide outside off, Starc just angles his blade behind point and Ishant Sharma gives it up pretty early.

12.39 IST: Mohammed Shami is back for a late burst. 14-5-45-0 so far.

12.33 IST: LEADING EDGE, SAFE! Starc is running out of patience. Full and outside off, Mitchell throws the kitchen sink at it and has a heave ho. Is nowhere near the pitch of the ball and gets a leading edge. Luckily for him, it balloons over Ishant Sharma at backward point. Two runs taken.

12.29 IST: WAS THAT A CHANCE? Perhaps. Full and around middle, Starc gets a big stride forward to defend. The ball bounces, takes the inside edge and goes to short leg who is late to react. Wrings his hand in pain as the batsmen take a single.

Interesting. Ravichandran Ashwin to share the second new ball.

12.20 IST: OUT! LBW it is and Australia lose Cummins and a review!. A lovely delivery from Bumrah with the new nut. Similar to how Jos Buttler had been dismissed in the England series recently. A length ball outside off, Cummins shoulders arms, thinking that it is wide enough to be left alone. But the ball darts back in off the seam and hits him on the back thigh. Bumrah appeals and umpire Nigel Llong raises his finger! Cummins has a chat with Head and then signals for the review. No point in checking for the impact as no shot was offered. Ball Tracking shows the ball to be hitting the stumps. Very good delivery to break a very good stand. Australia still trail by 72 but they are looking a lot better than what they were, an hour ago. Cummins, take a bow. Australia 177/7 in 80.2 overs

12.04 IST: FOUR! Cracking shot to bring the highest stand in this innings. The deficit is now 76. Short and outside off, Head goes back in a flash and cuts it behind point for a boundary!

11.54 IST: FIFTY! Travis Head scores his 2nd Test half-century. A crucial one and a valiant one at that. Just his second in Tests. He has battled hard and is trying to keep Australia in the contest. Gets there with a punch through the covers for a single. Australia 167/6 in 72.3 overs

* Well, well, well. A fifth bowler has been introduced with the second new ball around the corner. It is not Rohit Sharma. It is... MURALI VIJAY.

11.52 IST: HOW DID THAT MISS THE STUMPS? Ashwin nearly had his fourth there. Flighted outside off, Cummins came forward to defend, thinking that he had covered the line bu the ball spun in, missed the outside edge and just eluded the left bail! Three byes taken towards fine leg.

11.49 IST: FOUR! Crunching drive by Head and he is now 7 short of a half century. He leans into a length ball and drives it crisply through covers. Kohli puts in a dive to his left but it's outside his reach. A boundary results. AUS 166/6 in 71 overs

* Drinks break. Another 2-wicket hour for India as they are into the Aussie tail. However, the likes of Pat Cummins and Mitchell Starc are no mug with the bat. The current pair has batted with intent and is trying to be positive. India continue to be on the money with the ball and will love to wrap up the Australian innings before Stumps today. Let's see what happens next.

11.37 IST: Well played. Short in length and outside off, Travis keeps his weight on the back foot and steers it through backward point for a run. AUS 149/6 in 68.3 overs

11.28 IST: Fuller in length outside off, Head drives it through covers and Kohli gives it the chase. Shami also puts in a run and does well to pull it back. He, then, parries it to his skipper who slips a bit while returning the throw. The batsmen have picked up a couple of runs.

11.23 IST: FOUR! A good positive shot from Head. Sharma spreads a length delivery wide outside off, Travis with a superb hand-eye coordination crunches it through extra cover. Very limited footwork but good outcome. AUS 138/6 in 65 overs

11.20 IST: FOUR! That's his strength! He receives a short delivery outside off and exercises his arms. Really packs a punch and sends it screaming through point for a boundary. AUS 132/6 in 64.2 overs

Pat Cummins walks in next with Australia trailing by 123 runs. Ravichandran Ashwin is also brought back into the attack, for the first time in this session.

11.13 IST: OUT! Edged and gone! Beautiful delivery by Ishant. He was probing around the off stump line and eventually gets the better of the Aussie skipper. Just lands it on a length around off, Paine has to play the line as he tries to defend. But to his bad luck, the ball nips away ever so slightly to gather a faint outside edge. Pant makes no mistake and India are into the Australian tail now. Ishant removes Paine for 5. Australia 127/6 in 63.0 overs 

11.12 IST: Naahhh... Bumrah thinks differently. He eyes a yorker but ends up serving a low full toss on middle, Head clips it through wide mid on. Ashwin gets his hands to hit and saves two runs for his side.

11.08 IST: Once again there is a nice movement back into the left-hander, Head gets behind the line and punches it in the direction of the bowler. Watch out for the away swinger, Travis!

11.04 IST: FOUR! Nicely played! This was the shot that Peter Handscomb probably attempted but edged. Width on offer outside off, Tim camps back and guides it past gully for a boundary.

10.57 IST: Hint of reverse there as Shami gets it curl back into the batsman from around off. Paine just gets his bat down in time and digs it out off the inner edge.

10.49 IST: Shout for a catch! A very full delivery outside off, Paine tries to dig it out but misses. Pant collects the ball, they all appeal but the umpire disagrees.

* Tim Paine's turn to bat.

10.45 IST: OUT! Bumrah strikes this time! Handscomb is out of here. He tried hard in the middle but never looked convincing at the crease. A shortish length delivery has been delivered outside off, Handscomb leans back inside the crease with the intention to run it down to third man. But he fails to middle his shot and edges it into the mitts of Pant. The 33-run stand is broken and the Indian players are ecstatic. The deficit currently is 130. AUS 120/5 in 57.5 overs

10.35 IST: So the final session is underway. The Indians spread out onto the field. Jasprit Bumrah to run in first up.

10.27 IST: Australia lost two big wickets in Harris and Khawaja - both looking set and confident early in the session and that was followed by Marsh's dismissal, which has pegged them back. Head and Handscomb have had a few plays and misses but have managed to hang around, somehow taking the partnership to 30.

10.21 IST: There is nothing much happening in the wicket but the Indian bowlers, combined with excellent discipline and some assistance from the Aussie batsmen in terms of lack of footwork and patience, have made it look like a wicket is always around the corner. Full marks to Ashwin for bowling unchanged but great improvement from the seamers after an ordinary opening session.

10.20 IST: Another grinding session. 60 runs scored and 2 wickets lost in 28 overs. India have been relentless while the Aussies have been not that patient.

10.15 IST: TEA! Australia reach 117/4 as the second session comes to an end. India took two wickets but Handscomb and Head are set now and looked at ease after Ashwin snared Marsh and Khawaja early.

10.10 IST: REVIEW WASTED! There is a noise but that is not of wood. On a length down the leg side, Head looked to flick but missed. Pant collected and appealed but nothing much. Virat Kohli came charging in from second slip and was very confident, even asking his keeper, 'LOON KYA? LOON KYA?' Shami then told his skipper that the ball was far from the pad. He goes for the review and Hot Spot indicates a spot on the trousers. Waste of a review.  

10.04 IST: FOUR! What a smash! A loosener from Shami, short and outside off, Handscomb likes that as it is a pressure reliever. Rocks back in a flash and pummels a pull through mid-wicket. The deficit is now 139. AUS 111/4 in 52.2 overs

09.59 IST: Another instance of PH coming down the track, pushing it past a racing Virat Kohli at short mid-wicket, towards long on for a single. The partnership ambles to 20 from 74 balls.

09.53 IST: Defended off the front foot by the batsman presenting the full face of the bat. That is the end of the 50TH OVER OF THE INNINGS. The run rate is barely 2 runs an over.

09.50 IST: That is a beauty! Perfect setup from Ishant. He kept moving the ball away, away, away and then got this one to tail in. The length was full and that enticed Peter into the drive but he missed it completely.

09.33 IST: On a length outside off, moving away, TH is squared up as he looks to defend. The ball goes off the outside edge behind point and the batsmen take a single. The stand moves to 10.

Ishant Sharma is back on. 9-4-13-1 so far.

09.27 IST: FOUR! A rare bad ball. Short and outside off, Head rocks back and cuts it through point. Mohammed Shami dives to his left but the ball goes through.

* Drinks break. Two wickets in the first hour post Lunch and India are beginning to gain an upper hand on this Test match. Both the experienced batsmen, Shaun Marsh and Usman Khawaja, have been dismissed and the inexperienced lot is exposed. They still trail by 162 runs and would have to bat really well to get anywhere near the Indian total.

09.10 IST: Play and a miss! Bumrah bowls this one from wide of the crease and angles it on a length around off. Peter stays back to defend the trajectory but it straightens off the seam to beat the outside edge.

* Travis Head arrives in the middle.

09.05 IST: OUT! Brilliant review taken and Ashwin gets his third! A big wicket as Khawaja departs for 28. Huge breakthrough for India as they get rid of the set batsman. Ashwin hunts down his third victim. Once again gets a good drift on his delivery and hurls it around off. Khawaja commits himself on the front foot as he leans forward to defend. But the ball spins away a bit to beat the outside edge of his bat. Although there is some sound as it goes past him and Pant after takes a fine catch lets out an appeal. Umpire Dharmasena shakes his head and Virat Kohli takes the DRS. AUS 87/4 in 39.3 overs

Huge shout for a caught behind. Umpire Dharmasena shakes his head. The Indian players are very sure and Virat Kohli waits no time in reviewing it.

08.54 IST: FOUR! Nicely played! An over-pitched delivery on the pads, Peter leans across and clips it with beautiful timing through square leg for a boundary. First convincing boundary from his bat. Right from the middle.  AUS 85/3 in 38.1 overs

08.50 IST: TOP EDGE! FOUR! Risky but it's rewarded. Shami digs in a short delivery around off and Handscomb takes on the challenge to pull it across the line. There is some extra bounce which catches the top half of his willow and flies over the keeper for a boundary. AUS 81/3 in 36.3 overs

08.48 IST: Flatter and shorter outside off, Khawaja gets back and cuts it through the line. Fails to middle his shot properly but still it goes through the gap at cover-point for a run.

08.44 IST: FOUR! Streaky boundary! Shami lands a length ball just around off, Handscomb tries playing it with a straight bat but gets a thick outside edge through the gap between slips and gully for a boundary. AUS 71/3 in 34.3 overs

08.40 IST: Gets behind the line of the delivery and drives it down the ground through mid on. He waits for the ball to go past Shami and then picks up a couple of runs.

* A piece of paper is found flying on the field. From where it came? Ashwin like a true gentleman just picks it up and hands it over to the umpire.

08.30 IST: This one is angled into the batsman from 'round the wicket. It's on middle and leg, Usman plays it off his pads to wide mid on. AUS 64/3 in 31 overs

08.26 IST: Edged but just wide of Rahane! A lovely teasing delivery by Ashwin. He bowls it around off and gets it to spin away. Khawaja is lured into the drive but he gets an outside edge. It travels just wide of the diving first slip fielder for a couple. AUS 64/3 in 29.3 overs

08.24 IST: Ishant oversteps this time and bowls it on off, Usman has blocked it from the crease. No ball called.

08.16 IST: OUT! Drags it on! Not for the first time in this Test match that a batsman has got out while attempting to drive away from his body. Excellent start to the session for India. They have managed to dismiss a big batsman from the opposition camp. A pretty much nothing delivery by Ashwin. He just puts it out on a driving length outside off and plays on the patience of the batsman. Marsh's front foot just goes straight through as he tries to drill it through covers. But it takes a massive inside edge and disturbs the stumps behind. Shaun's ordinary form against India at home continues Australia trail by 191 runs and are in some trouble. Australia 59/3 in 28 overs

08.14 IST: Welcome back for the afternoon session. The players are making their way out in the centre. Ashwin to bowl. Let's get started. 

08.11 IST: A look at how Finch departed. 

By far, Ishant Sharma was the best out of the lot while Ravichandran Ashwin was decent in his 8-over spell. He although didn't get the same kind of purchase from the surface that Nathan Lyon obtained on Day 1. The visitors will be hopeful of their pacers getting into the act post Lunch whereas Australia will be wishing for a big partnership between the most experienced batsmen in their batting line-up. Who will succeed? Do join us in a short while to find out.

A mixed session for both teams! Australia just took one ball to wrap up the Indian innings early in the morning. In reply, they suffered an early setback when Finch got his furniture shattered by Ishant in the first over but after that the pair of Usman Khawaja and Marcus Harris steadied things with a 45-run stand. The debutant showed good skill and temperament in his little knock before getting caught at silly point off the bowling of Ravichandran Ashwin.

07.36 IST: Australia 57/2 at Lunch against India (250) in Adelaide. Khawaja 21*, Ishant 1/9

07.34 IST: Full and drifting down the leg side, Khawaja clips it neatly off his pads through backward square leg and picks up a couple of runs. That will be Lunch on Day 2.

07.28 IST: Steams in from 'round the wicket and angles a length delivery down the leg side. Shaun fails to flick and it goes off his pads to fine leg for a leg bye.

07.24 IST: In the channel outside off, good probing line by Jasprit, Usman keeps his patience and makes a leave. He's following Pujara's footsteps. Spending time in the middle, keeping his calm and waiting for the bowler to err.

07.20 IST: Ashwin drags his length short outside off, Usman goes back and cuts it to the left of the point fielder. They cross for a brisk single. Good running between the wickets, you don't normally associate this with these two.

07.14 IST: OUT! Harris falls! Ashwin breaks the 45-run stand the debutant departs after impressing in his little knock. It's a beautifully tossed up delivery by Ashwin. He gets it to drift into the batsman and lands full around off. Harris presses forward to defend but gets an inside edge onto the pads. The ball pops out off his pads and Vijay takes the simplest of catches at silly point. Finally a breakthrough for India and they are looking relieved in their celebration. They had to work hard for it. Australia 45/2 in 21.1 overs

07.08 IST: FOUR! Shot! Tossed up ball outside off, Harris leans forward and flat-bats it through extra cover. Rahul gives it the chase and Ishant in the deep also runs across to his right.

* Mohammed Shami has left the field. Clearly something is wrong with his shoulders. Jasprit Bumrah replaces him in the attack.

07.02 IST: FOUR! Fine footwork, excellent shot. Ashwin gives it flight and serves it on a fuller length outside off, Harris wears his skate and powers it over the bowler's head.

06.48 IST: Switches to over the wicket and lands it on a fuller length around off, Khawaja slices his drive a bit towards the point fielder.

06.42 IST: Oohhh...that nearly clipped the off bail. Ashwin bowls his variation delivery. Lands it around off and gets it to skid back in from outside off. Harris stands back inside the crease and makes a leave. Pant collects it close to the off pole and his reaction says it all. Too close for comfort. AUS 33/1 in 12 overs

06.40 IST: Double bowling change. It's time for some off spin from Ravichandran Ashwin. A slip and silly point in place.

* Drinks break. It's been a cautious start by Australia after losing Aaron Finch in the first over. The Indian pacers have not hit their straps yet as they have been quite inconsistent with their lines. Would like to improve in the next hour. The hosts would be hoping for a big partnership between the current pair.

06.34 IST: Wrong line. It's short but going down the leg side. Harris lets it be and Pant tries to collect it with a dive to his dive. Only manages to parry it towards fine leg and they cross for a bye. The Indian keeper's account is open now. He gave away quite a few byes in England.

* First bowling change made by Virat Kohli. Mohammad Shami has the ball in his hand. He will operate from 'round the wicket...

06.31 IST: FOUR! Easy pickings! Bumrah drifts down the leg side, Khawaja picks it off his pads and deflects it fine down the leg side for a boundary. AUS 31/1 in 10 overs

06.30 IST: Bumrah switches to over the wicket and angles away a good length delivery outside off. Khawaja stays back and punches it through covers for a couple of runs. Marcus Harris turns for the third run but Usman shows no interest.

06.23 IST: No ball called for overstepping! Back of a length ball on middle, Khawaja turns inside the crease and taps it down to square leg.

06.21 IST: Pitches it up and outside off, gets the batsman driving as Marcus eases it down the ground through mid off for a couple. AUS 22/1 in 8.2 overs

06.17 IST: FOUR! A late thought to play at it. Bumrah ups his pace and lets out a lethal short delivery around off at 147.7 kph. Harris initially tries to sway away from the line but at the very last moment, he has a change of mind. Plays at it with an angled bat and places his shot through the gap between slips and gully for a boundary. AUS 16/1 in 7.4 overs

06.10 IST: Ripper! Bumrah pulls his length back a bit and hurls it just around off. Khawaja stays back to push inside the line but it shapes away to beat the outside edge.

06.02 IST: Edgy! Ishant lands it on a fuller length outside off and gets it to move away just a bit off the seam. Khawaja tries to defend it with soft hands but it takes the outside half of his bat before rolling to gully.  AUS 11/1 in 4.1 overs

05.59 IST: Good line and length from Ishant. He is keeping it just around off and making the batsman play. Marcus defends it by covering the line. He needs to watch out for the one that nips away.

05.53 IST: Here's what Finch's dismissal looked like! 

05.50 IST: Harris is off the mark! This will make the debutant feel good about himself. Bumrah is on the pads first ball, Harris clips it in front of square leg with good timing. The ball however stops just before the rope and they take three runs.

* Usman Khawaja is the number 3 batsman.

05.44 IST: OUT! Stumps are destroyed! What a cracking beginning for India! Excellent delivery by Ishant and it's aided by some poor choice of shot by Aaron. The tall Indian bowler serves it on a length and once again gets it to shape back in a bit. Finch tries to drive it through the line, his footwork ain't good enough and it catches some inside edge of his willow before going to clatter the stumps. AUS 0/1 in 0.3 overs

The morning freshness will be there in the surface and the Indian bowlers will like to gain advantage from that with the new ball. The Australian bowlers have done their job and now it's time for their batsmen to step up and deliver. They will be out soon to commence their innings. Stay tuned.

05.31 IST: 1st Test, Day 2: India 250 all out against Australia in Adelaide. Pujara 123, Hazlewood 3/52

05.30 IST: OUT! Strangled down the leg side! The first ball and the players are back in the hut within minutes. Hazlewood bowls a gentle loosener, it' short and going down the leg side. Shami tries to play the pull shot but ends up gloving it behind. Paine dives full length to his left and takes a fine catch. They appeal and the finger has gone up. India are all out for 250!

05.28 IST: It's time to get underway. The Australian players are entering the arena. Mohammad Shami and Jasprit Bumrah are the Indian batsmen. Josh Hazlewood to complete his over.

05.15 IST: Some words of advice from the Master Blaster. 

05.10 IST: Australia need one wicket, so the coach preps up his bowlers. 


05.00 IST: Hello and welcome to our live blog of the 2nd Day of the 1st Test between India and Australia. Play will commence from 5.30 AM IST. So stay tuned for all the action. 

Brief Day 1 report: Cheteshwar Pujara rose to the occasion with a maiden century in Australia, pulling India out of a deep hole to a respectable 250 for nine on day one of the first Test on Thursday. Pujara showed the same grit and gumption that is typical of him en route a 246-ball 123 that kept India in the game after being reduced to 127 for six in the 50th over. It took a brilliant direct from Pat Cummins to remove him on what happened to be the final ball of an absorbing day one of the four-Test series. Skipper Virat Kohli opted to bat in ideal conditions but the top-order once again failed to apply themselves against the potent pace trio of Mitchell Starc, Josh Hazlewood and Cummins. (Read full Day 1 report here)


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