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India vs Australia, 1st ODI Highlights: Australia crush India by 10 wickets courtesy Warner, Finch centuries

Live Score India vs Australia, 1st ODI: Here you can get all the live match updates of IND vs AUS first ODI match live from Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai.

India TV Sports Desk Written by: India TV Sports Desk New Delhi Updated on: January 14, 2020 20:46 IST
Live Score India vs Australia, 1st ODI: Live Updates
Image Source : BCCI

Live Score India vs Australia, 1st ODI: Live Updates from Mumbai

India vs Australia, 1st ODI Highlights: Hello and welcome to our coverage of India vs Australia first ODI match live from Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai. David Warner and Aaron Finch put on a recond partnership as Australia crushed India by 10 wickets in Mumbai to take a 1-0 lead in the three-match series. Warner (128*) and Finch (110*) scored 258 in just 37.4 overs as Australia eased to victory against India at the Wankhede on Tuesday. The next ODI will be played in Rajkot on January 17.  Live Stream India vs Australia | Live Match Scorecard

Highlights, India vs Australia, 1st ODI: AUS 258/0 (37.4 overs) beat IND (255 all out) by 10 wickets in Mumbai

20.24 IST: Shami to Warner, FOUR! That's it! It's all over. Ful-toss and he slaps it past mid-on for a boundary and that's game, set and match for the Aussies. Australia beat India by 10 wickets to go 1-0 up in three-match series.

20.22 IST: Shami to Warner, FOUR! Comes round the wicket and bowls it short and he guides it past the fine-leg for a boundary. Just 2 needed now.

20.13 IST: Jadeja to Finch, FOUR! CENTURY! That's a 16th for Finch in ODIs. Jadeja strays down the leg and Finch guides it past the keeper to reach his century. Excellent batting from him and he would now look to finish the game off.

20.05 IST: Bumrah to Warner, FOUR! Pitched up and slapped past mid-on through boundary. Back to back boundaries from Warner. 

19.59 IST: Kuleep to Finch, SIX! Easy as you like, takes a step forward and slams it over long-on for a maximum. That's a stunning shot from the Australia captain.

19.55 IST: Bumrah to Warner, FOUR! Good length ball and Warner slices it past point for a boundary and that also brings up his 18th ODI century for Australia. He does his trademark celebration and shouts 'Come on!' The boundary also brings up the 200-run partnership for the pair.

19.51 IST: Kuldeep to Warner, FOUR! Short and Warner has all the time in the world to rock back and slam it through the off-sdie for a boundary.

19.48 IST: Jadeja to Warner, SUCCESFUL REVIEW! Warner survives after an inside edge comes up in the snicker after the umpire ruled him out. The unbeaten stand continues.

19.45 IST: Thakur to Warner, FOUR! Short and Warner just guides it past third-man for a boundary. Nothing he could have done there.

19.42 IST: Shardul Thakur is back into the attack. 0/36 from 4 overs so far.

19.32 IST: Jadeja to Warner, FOUR BYES! Pitched up and it goes past everyone after generating some turn.

19.31 IST: Shami to Finch, FOUR! Delicate from Finch now. Just guides it past the keeper and third man can't reach there. Second boundary of the over.

19.29 IST: Shami to Finch, FOUR! Width provided and guided past point for a boundary. Australia are cruising at the moment and Finch is leading the way.

19.20 IST: Mohammed Shami has been introduced into the attack.

19.13 IST: Jadjea to Finch, REVIEW LOST! India have lost their review after replays show Finch have had an inside-edge on to the pad following an appeal from Jadeja. Rahul looked unsure from behind the stumps but desperation seems to be behind the issue.

19.11 IST: Jadeja to Warner, FOUR! Once again short and wide, Warner carves it past point for a boundary. Just not happening for India at the Wankhede today.

19.06 IST: Kuldeep to Finch, FOUR! Short and slapped in between point nd cover for a boundary. Excellent batting from the Australian captain.

19.05 IST: Jadeja to Warner, FOUR! Short and wide and the southpaw rocks back on to his back foot and slashes it through point for a boundary. A very bad delivery from Jadeja.

18.57 IST: DRINKS! Fifties from Warner and Finch have put the visitors in a position of power and they're well settled and are looking like they'll take the game away from the hosts. India need a wicket quickly or else, the game could be as good as gone.

18.48 IST: Bumrah to Finch, FOUR BYES! The ball pitches and jags back in and nobody could get a touch on that. Misses Finch, the wickets and a diving KL Rahul as well. Peach of a delivery from Bumrah

18.46 IST: Bumrah to Finch, FOUR! Jasprit Bumrah has been brought back into the attack and Warner pulls the first one for a boundary.

18.43 IST: Kuldeep to Finch, SIX! Just a little fuller and Finch hits it straight over the bowler's head for a maximum. No signs og struggle there. 100-run partnership also up for the Aussies.

18.41 IST: Jadeja to Warner, SIX! Pitched up and Warner slogs it over mid-wicket for a maximum. Second of the innings for the left-hander.

18.39 IST: Ravindra Jadeja into the attack. Spin from both ends.

18.35 IST: Kuldeep to Finch, SURVIVES! Bowls the wrong-un and Finch doesn't read it. He only manages a leading edge but it somehow lands out of Iyer's reach and short cover.

18.35 IST: Kuldeep Yadav into the attack.

18.33 IST: Thakur to Warner, FOUR! Slower bouncer and Warner upper cuts over the infield for another boundary.

18.30 IST: Thakur to Warner, FOUR! Half-volley and Warner opens up the front leg and smashes it past covers for a boundary.

18.27 IST: Shami to Finch, FOUR! Little short and Finch this time cuts it through point for the second bounday off the over.

18.25 IST: Shami to Finch, FOUR! Pitched up and driven through the covers for a boundary off the back foot. Australia are on song now.

18.22 IST: Thakur to Warner, SIX! That has been pulled magnificently! First six of the innings for Australia, and Warner looks on song. 15 off the over.

18.21 IST: Thakur to Warner, FOUR! Not quite where he had intended to place, but the ball finds a thick inside-edge and sails towards the midwicket boundary.

18.19 IST: Thakur to Warner, FOUR! Quite wide from Thakur and a little full as well. Warner opens his arms and lofts it towards the cow corner.

18.16 IST: Bumrah to Finch, FOUR! Backfoot punch again from Finch. This time, he goes towards deep point.

18.16 IST: Bumrah to Warner, FOUR! Pulls it towards the midwicket. Short from Bumrah and Warner goes on the backfoot.

18.11 IST: NOT OUT! Warner took the review in the last second, and it pays! Fascinating that Indian players were spontaneous over their appeal, and Rahul even began to celebrate.

18.10 IST: Thakur to Warner, HUGE APPEAL FOR CAUGHT-BEHIND! It has been given out but Warner firmly believes he hasn't nicked it. He has taken the review.

18.02 IST: Shami to Finch, FOUR! Too much room being provided to the Australian captain. He capitalizes it once again, extends his arm and drives on the front foot.

18.00 IST: Bumrah to Finch, FOUR! A little too short and Finch goes on the backfoot, punches it across.

17.59 IST: Bumrah to Finch, FOUR! Slightly overpitched and a similar shot to the one he played against Shami for his previous boundary.

17.54 IST: Shami to Finch, FOUR! A little fuller this time from Shami which comes back in, and Finch drives it towards cover.

17.49 IST: Jasprit Bumrah has the ball from the other end

17.47 IST: Shami to Finch, FOUR! Full and wide and Finch drives it through covers for a boundary. First boundary of the innings for Australia.

17.46 IST: KL Rahul is keeping wickets for India as Rishabh Pant has suffered an injury earlier in the match. Manish Pandey is fielding in place of him.

17.44 IST: The players are out in the middle. David Warner and Aaron Finch are out in the middle for the Aussies with Mohammed Shami starting the proceedings for the hosts.

17.16 IST: Kane to Shami, OUT! In the air, And Australia restrict India on 255

17.11 IST: Starc to Kuldeep, FOUR! Slaps hard for a boundary as Kuldeep is on top of Starc right now.

17.08 IST: Starc to Kuldeep, FOUR! Cover drive for four as Starc is in shock after watching that

17.03 IST: Starc to Shami, FOUR! Full toss and Shami smashed it hard for a boundary.

16.53 IST: Starc to Shardul, BOWLED! Yorker above 140 km/hr and Shardul was beaten by it and Starc gets his third.

16.46 IST: Cummins to Thakur, FOUR! Bad line from the Aussie bowler as It gets the deserving result

16.44 IST: Cummins to Pant, OUT! Short ball and Pant misery continues as India lose 7

16.37 IST: Kane to Jadeja, OUT! Edged and Carey takes an easy catch as India lose their 6th wicket

16.35 IST: Agar to Pant, FOUR! Slogger mode on for Pant as he gets another boundary in the mid-wicket region.

16.27 IST: Agar to Pant, SIX! CLEAN! Pant dances down the ground and slogs the ball over midwicket for a maximum.

16.26 IST: Agar to Jadeja, FOUR! Cuts away for a boundary as 40 overs complete as India score 195/5

16.14 IST: Starc to Jadeja, FOUR! Jadeja uses the pace of Starc and guides the ball into the gap for a boundary.

16.11 IST: Agar to Jadeja, SIX! In the arc and Jadeja slogs it over mid-wicket for a maximum.

16.04 IST: Starc to Pant, SINGLE! That was one hell of a yorker and Pant manages to get a thick edge onto it.

15.58 IST: Starc to Iyer, OUT! Edged and Gone, Easy catch for Carey as Iyer fails at number 5.

15.53 IST: Zampa to Pant, FOUR! Glorious drive from Rishabh as he pushes the ball through covers for a boundary.

15.49 IST: Zampa to Kohli, OUT! Soft dismissal as Zampa gets his man for the sixth time.

15:38 IST: Cummins to Dhawan. OUT! Plays the length ball a touch early and he found Agar in the deep.

15:29 IST: Agar to Rahul. OUT! India's 121-run stand comes to an end and Virat Kohli walks in at No.4 now. 

15:17 IST: Agar to Dhawan. SIX! Shimmies down the track to clobber it over mid-off for the first six of the match.

15:13 IST: Zampa to Rahul. FOUR! Overpitched ball and was punched down the ground straight past the bowler for the four. And that brough up the 100-run partnership for India. 

15:01 IST: Zampa to Dhawan. FOUR! Punched off his front foot down midwicket. 

15:00 IST: Shikhar Dhawan scores a comeback fifty, his 28th ODI half-century. Stellar comeback from the left-hander. 

14.51 IST: Agar to Dhawan, FOUR! It was down the leg side and Dhawan guides it well for a boundary.

14.47 IST: Kane to Rahul, FOUR! On the pads and Rahul just guides the ball gets a boundary at fine leg region.

14.39 IST: Zampa to Rahul, FOUR! Cheeky from KL Rahul as he finds the gap in the third man region for four.

14.35 IST: Kane to Rahul, FOUR! Rahul punches the ball on the backfoot as it races away for a boundary.

14.27 IST: Cummins to Dhawan, FOUR! Uppercut from Dhawan as he gets another four.

14.16 IST: Cummins to Dhawan, FOUR! Glorious shot from Dhawan as he pushes the ball nicely through the covers for a boundary.

14.13 IST: Kane to Dhawan, FOUR! Short ball and the same result as Dhawan pulls it again for a boundary.

14.11 IST: Kane to Dhawan, FOUR! Short ball and Dhawan pulls it through mid-wicket for another boundary.

14.07 IST: Starc to Dhawan, FOUR! Stunning Shot as Starc pitches it full and Dhawan jumps on to it as smashes the ball for four.

13.59 IST: Cummins to Dhawan, Huge Appeal from Cummins but the umpire says NOT OUT, Aaron Finch decides to take the DRS but it was pitched outside leg stump.

13.55 IST: Starc to Rahul, FOUR! Good Yorker from Starc but Rahul manages to get the bat on to it to get a boundary.

* KL Rahul replaces Rohit in the middle

13.52 IST: Starc to Rohit, OUT! Loose shot from the Hitman as he was caught by Warner inside the circle. IND 13/1 in 4.3 overs

* Superb over from Cummins as it was the first maiden of the match.

13.44 IST: Starc to Rohit, DOT Ball! Good short ball from Starc to keep Rohit in check. 

* Good over from Cummins as only three runs from it and Rohit Sharma also looked a bit uncomfortable against him.

* Pat Cummins from the other end

13.34 IST: Starc to Rohit, FOUR! Stunning shot as Rohit just opens the face of his bat and the ball races away for another boundary.

13.31 IST: Starc to Rohit, FOUR! First ball of the series and boundary, Rohit Sharma gets off the mark with a boundary through covers.

13.29 IST: Mitchell Starc to start the proceedings with the ball

13.28 IST: Indian openers Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan out in the middle

13.24 IST: Both teams are out for the national anthem

13.07 IST: Playing XI of both teams are out

India (Playing XI): Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Lokesh Rahul, Virat Kohli(c), Shreyas Iyer, Rishabh Pant(w), Ravindra Jadeja, Shardul Thakur, Kuldeep Yadav, Mohammed Shami, Jasprit Bumrah

Australia (Playing XI): David Warner, Aaron Finch(c), Marnus Labuschagne, Steven Smith, Ashton Turner, Alex Carey(w), Ashton Agar, Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc, Kane Richardson, Adam Zampa

13.03 IST: Marnus Labuschagne to make his ODI debut for Australia.

13.00 IST: Australia win toss and opt to bowl against India in Mumbai.

12.50 IST: Who will get the chance in the Playing XI KL Rahul or Manish Pandey?

12.00 IST: Only one hour left for the big toss.