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Highlights, IPL 2019, Eliminator: Delhi edge Sunrisers Hyderabad by 2 wickets to reach Qualifier 2

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With the match going down the wire, Delhi held their nerves as they beat a valiant Sunrisers Hyderabad by 2 wickets to advance to the second Qualifier, where they will face Chennai Super Kings.

India TV Sports Desk Reported by: India TV Sports Desk New Delhi Updated on: May 08, 2019 23:55 IST
DC vs SRH, Live Cricket Score, IPL 2019 Eliminator Score:
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DC vs SRH, Live Cricket Score, IPL 2019 Eliminator Score: Iyer holes out in 163 chase; Shaw solid

Delhi Capitals (165/8) beat Sunrisers Hyderabad (162/8) by 2 wickets

 Delhi Capitals (165/8) beat Sunrisers Hyderabad (162/8) by 2 wickets, to face Chennai Super Kings in Qualifier 2.

23.26 IST: Khaleel Ahmed to Keemo Paul, FOUR! Delhi enter Qualifier 2! Keemo Paul has hit that to the boundary. A short ball and on middle, it is slower in pace. Paul picks it and powers it through square leg. The fielder in the deep runs to his right and tries to stop it but fails to do so. The Delhi players rush onto the field. They are elated as THEY WIN BY 2 WICKETS!

23.23 IST: Khaleel Ahmed to Amit Mishra, OUT! Mishra has come in the way of the throw and he has been given his marching orders! That is the correct decision and now Delhi need 2 in 2 with Keemo Paul on strike. Drama here. Khaleel bowls a full ball and it is outside off. Mishra swings but misses. They go for a bye. Saha misses the throw at his end. Ahmed collects it and throws it at his end but it hits Mishra. They appeal for obstruction of field and Williamson is also going for the review. First it is time for the review and it shows no edge. However, another discussion takes place and they now want to check if Mishra has come in way of the throw.

Is that a wicket? Hyderabad are appealing for OBSTRUCTING THE FIELD. Saha's underarm missed the stumps at the striker's end but then Khaleel collected and had a shy at the bowler's end. Mishra then changed his track, running in between the throw and the stumps and got hit. Khaleel immediately appealed to umpire Ravi. He referred it upstairs with the soft signal as NOT OUT. First, they checked the caught behind and Ultra Edge detected nothing. So Umpire Ravi indicated not out. Then, Khaleel again appealed to the umpire.

23.09 IST: Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Rishabh Pant, SIX! When Pant is there, Delhi need not fear. Two blows was what Delhi needed to end this game, they have got one. Length and on off, Pant lofts it with ease over the long off fence for a biggie.

23.07 IST: Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Sherfane Rutherford, OUT! That is up in the air... taken! Is it a little too late though? Kumar bowls the slower one outside off, Rutherford does not pick it. He is way too early in the shot and only manages to hit it into the sky towards long off. Nabi there settles under it and takes it nicely. Not sure though if this shot was needed. 12 now in 11 balls needed.

23.01 IST: Thampo to Pant, SIX! This is poor bowling. Slower ball, but on a length. Pant just smokes it over wide long on! 14 needed from 14 balls now. DC 149/5 in 17.4 overs

23.00 IST: Thampi to Pant, FOUR! 14 from the first 3 balls and this probably has taken Hyderabad out of the tournament. Around middle and leg, Pant whips it behind square leg and the ball races away! DC 143/5 in 17.3 overs

22.59 IST: Thampi to Pant, SIX! That his gigantic. CRASH! A length ball, around middle and leg, Pant swings this into oblivion over mid-wicket! 24 needed from 16 now... DC 136/5 in 17.2 overs

22.56 IST: Bhuvneshar Kumar to Rutherford, SIX! Whacked! That is huge! Pace and full and that has been deposited into the stands. Full and on off, Rutherford powers it over the long off fence. DC 129/5 in 16.5 overs

22.51 IST: Mohammad Nabi to Rishabh Pant, SIX! CRACK! Short and around middle, Pant pulls it behind square leg. Rashid Khan runs to his left from mid-wicket but cannot get there! The umpires check upstairs to see whether the ball has bounced and replays confirm that it has gone over.

22.48 IST: Rashid Khan to Sherfane Rutherford, NOT OUT! Rutherford is well in! A dot to end! A double-wicket maiden. This is the leg spinner on the pads, the batsman tries to defend but misses. The ball lobs towards the short fine leg fielder. He first goes for the catch but then is not able to take it. Rutherford though sets off for a run but is sent back.

* A run out appeal has been taken upstairs. Rutherford is the man in question. He seems relaxed though.

22.47 IST: Rashid Khan to Axar Patel, OUT! Given out caught behind! Axar does not look happy. Have Hyderabad got a bonus wicket? They might have. A lovely delivery, landed around middle, spinning in, Patel goes back to flick but misses. Now, the ball lobs off the pads and hits Saha on the chest and he then takes it on the rebound. Here is the catch. Replays show that there was no inside edge at all! DC 111/5 in 

22.42 IST: Rashid Khan to Colin Munro, OUT! Three reds and Munro has to take the long walk back, takes the review with him. Rashid strikes a vital blow in his last over. He gets his man. Munro was never picking him and he falls to him. The leg spinner on middle, Munro looks to work it on the leg side, he seems to have picked it but misses the ball. The ball hits the pads, an appeal follows and the umpire raises the finger.

22.38 IST: Thampi to Munro, SIX! That has gone a long, long way. Pace on the ball and Thampi pays the price. This is easy pickings for Munro. It is on the pads, Munro says thank you very much as he flicks it over the backward square leg fence. DC 110/3 in 14.4 overs

22.36 IST: Thampi to Munro, FOUR! Delhi won't mind! Munro steps down the track and Thampi bowls it short. Munro swings but only gets an inside edge which goes past the leg stump, past the keeper and into the fine leg fence. DC 104/3 in 14.1 overs

22.33 IST: Rashid Khan to Colin Munro, A huge shout but not given! That is very close. No review by Hyderabad. The leg spinner on middle, Munro does not pick it at all. He fails to keep it out and gets hit on the pads. Going down leg maybe.

22.29 IST: Khaleel to Pant, SIX! SMASHED! 91 meters long by the southpaw. That is colossal! Pant straightaway gets into the act. Nabi is guilty of bowling it very full. Pant tonks it over the long on fence for a biggie. DC 96/3 in 11.4 overs

22.27 IST: OUT! Khaleel removes Shaw for 56, There goes another one! Khaleel has two in the over and this is the big wicket, it is of the well-set Shaw. Is this the momentum changing over? Khaleel bangs this short and the key here is the length, it is just outside off. Going away further. Shaw looks to drag his pull but does not get on top of the bounce. A top edge is induced and it lobs towards point where Shankar takes an easy catch. DelhiCapitals 87/3 in 10.5 overs

22.15 IST: Rashid Khan to Shreyas Iyer, FOUR! Width on offer and it has been put away! Short and outside off, Iyer waits for it and then guides it very late past point for a boundary. DC 78/1 in 8.4 overs

22.10 IST: Deepak Hooda to Prithvi Shaw, Fifty for Shaw, what a brilliant knock from the young man! A flighted delivery landing full on middle, Shaw works it through mid-wicket for a run. Brings up his 4th League fifty.

* Iyer is in.

* STRATEGIC BREAK. A wicket for Hyderabad at last. And a pretty bonus one, as a part-timer has provided that break. They will welcome Dhawan's wicket but will want Shaw soon.

22.09 IST: Deepak Hooda to Shikhar Dhawan, OUT! Dhawan has been give out on the field! Brilliant, brilliant work from Saha. Top class stumping. Also, credit to Hooda as this was cleverly bowled by him. He sees Dhawan stepping down the track so fires it down the leg side. Dhawan looks to work it around the corner but misses. Now Saha moves swiftly to his right, collects the ball and then whips the bails off with a dive. Dhawan did try to make it in but Saha was quick there. It has been signaled as a wide but Hyderabad won't care as they have got the breakthrough they wanted. DC 66/1 in 7.3 overs

21.58 IST: Rashid Khan to Prithvi Shaw, FOUR! Welly played by the youngster. DC 54/0 in 5.5 overs

21.54 IST: Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Prithvi Shaw, SIX! How easy was that? WOW! Kumar is taking a pounding here. He changes his length and bangs it short. Shaw spots it early and upper cuts it over the third man fence for a biggie. DC 49/0 in 4.4 overs

21.52 IST: Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Prithvi Shaw, FOUR! Class, top class this! Nothing bad with the delivery, it is on a length and around off, Shaw strokes it on the up past the diving mid off fielder and it races away. Dealing in boundaries is the young man. DC 43/0 in 4.3 overs

21.49 IST: Mohammad Nabi to Shikhar Dhawan, FOUR! Dhawan spoils the over with a cheeky stroke. He brings out the reverse sweep, connects well and hits it through backward point for a boundary. Delhi are dealing in boundaries. They are off to a brilliant start. DC 39/0 in 3.6 overs

21.47 IST: Mohammad Nabi to Prithvi Shaw, DROPPED! Thampi drops a sitter! That had to be taken as Hyderabad needed a wicket. Tossed up on off, Shaw hits it uppishly towards mid off. Thampi needlessly tries taking it with a dive forward. The ball bursts through his hands and goes towards long off for two. How costly will this prove? Shaw is looking good.

21.44 IST: Khaleel Ahmed to Prithvi Shaw, FOUR! Creamed! Through the off side now. Length and around off, Shaw waits for it and then strokes it right off the middle through covers. Third boundary in the over. DC 34/0 in 2.5 overs

21.38 IST: Khaleel Ahmed to Prithvi Shaw, FOUR! Consecutive boundaries and this is even better! Slightly short again and Shaw is onto the length quickly. It is pulled with ease over the mid-wicket fielder and one bounce into the fence. 

* The players are back in the middle. Shikhar Dhawan and Prithvi Shaw are the openers for Delhi. Bhuvneshwar Kumar to start off proceedings to the right-hander. Here we go...

162 to defend for Hyderabad in this Eliminator. They will be confident that they can defend this one. The new ball seems to be the key as Martin Guptill showed it.

21.19 IST:  Keemo Paul to Basil Thampi, Outside off, Thampi slashes hard and gets it down to third man for a single. HYDERABAD FINISH ON 162/8!

21.17 IST: Keemo Paul to Rashid Khan, OUT! Edged and taken. Full and outside off, Rashid swings hard but gets a thick outside edge behind to Pant.

21.16 IST: Keemo Paul to Deepak Hooda, OUT! Hooda has been adjudged run out. Full and outside off, Deepak swings hard but misses. The batsmen go for a quick single and Pant has a shy at the striker's end. Now, the batsman is running in the middle of the pitch and Paul is looking to collect the ball. They collide and Hooda falls over. The throw hits the stumps at the bowler's end and an appeal is made. The umpires have a chat with each other, then with Iyer to check whether he wants to withdraw the appeal. Pant however, intervenes and says that it is the batsman's mistake. Replays confirm that Pant is right. Batsmen should not be allowed to run in the middle of the pitch. Hooda has to depart.

21.15 IST: Keemo Paul to Mohammad Nabi, OUT! Nabi departs now.

21.14 IST: Keemo Paul to Mohammad Nabi, NO BALL, SIX! Paul oversteps and Nabi swings it over long on!

Deepak Hooda walks in.

21.07 IST: Trent Boult to Vijay Shankar, OUT c Axar Patel b Trent Boult. Hyderabad have lost their fifth wicket.

21.06 IST: Trent Boult to Vijay Shankar, SIX!

21.04 IST: Trent Boult to Vijay Shankar, FOUR!

21.03 IST: Keemo Paul to Vijay Shankar, FOUR! Bouncer from Keemo. Shankar waits for it and then pulls it in a controlled manner over mid-wicket for a boundary.

21.01 IST: Keemo Paul to Mohammad Nabi, FOUR! On middle and off, hammered straight back over the bowler's head for a boundary!

20.56 IST: Axar Patel to Mohammad Nabi, FOUR! Deft touch from Nabi. Waits for the ball to come to him and guides it through the vacant slip cordon to the third man fence!

* Axar Patel returns. 3-0-18-0 so far.

20.54 IST: Ishant Sharma to Vijay Shankar, FOUR! What a shot to get off the mark! Full and outside off, Nabi just uses the pace of the bowler past short third man where Munro dives, but in vain!

Mohammad Nabi walks in at number 6, replacing his captain.

20.52 IST: Ishant Sharma to Kane Williamson, OUT! BOWLED! Terrific delivery. That is one of the best yorkers we have seen this season. Brilliant from Ishant Sharma. He saw Kane Williamson move away to the leg side, giving himself some room and fired in a yorker at the base of middle stump. BOOM. This is as good as the one Kagiso Rabada bowled earlier in the tournament to get rid of Andre Russell, in a Super Over.

20.48 IST: Ishant Sharma to Kane Williamson, IN THE AIR... JUST SHORT AND FOUR!

20.43 IST: Sherfane Rutherford to Kane Williamson, FOUR! Slower ball, but short in length. Slapped over cover. 100 UP FOR HYDERABAD.

Sherfane Rutherford to bowl his first.

20.42 IST: Keemo Paul to Kane Williamson, On the pads, Williamson glances it to deep square leg and keeps the strike with a single.

Vijay Shankar is the new man in.

STRATEGIC BREAK. Pandey's wicket might have just turned the tables on Hyderabad. The 34-run stand was slow but kept the visiting side in the hunt. Williamson though will be the key. If he stays till the end, 160 is still a possibility.

20.38 IST: Keemo Paul to Manish Pandey, OUT! Manish Pandey's slow innings comes to an end. Pandey was coming in the line of the stumps, Keemo saw it and bowls it full on middle. The pressure to up the run rate got to him and he tries to go over long on. He does not time it at all and it goes straight to the man at long on. Sherfane Rutherford does not move an inch and it takes the simplest of catches.

20.36 IST: Keemo Paul to Manish Pandey, OUT! Straight to the man and Pandey is gone, caught at long on. SRH 90/3 in 13.3 Overs

20.30 IST: Amit Mishra to Manish Pandey, Shorter outside off, Manish slashes it to deep cover and rotates the strike.

20.27 IST: Axar Patel to Manish Pandey, FOUR! Beautiful shot! Flatter around off, Pandey gets on his back foot adn stylishly slashes it past point. Munro dives to his right but cannot stop it and it beats him and goes to the fence.

20.24 IST: Amit Mishra to Kane Williamson, DROPPED? Reckon Williamson got a feather but Pant was not able to take it. Replays confirm the same. Outside off, spinning away, Kane looked to run it down to third man but almost ran it into the gloves of Rishabh Pant.

20.20 IST: Axar Patel to Kane Williamson, Around off, worked past the bowler, or it seems so but Patel gets across quickly to his right.

* Axar Patel returns. 1-0-7-0 so far.

20.16 IST: Amit Mishra to Manish Pandey, The googly, pitched around leg stump, Pandey makes room to the leg side and punches it towards point.

20.13 IST: Keemo Paul to Manish Pandey, LBW shout but no one interested. Height may have been the factor. A leg bye taken.

Keemo Paul into the attack.

Captain Kane Williamson walks in at number 4, replacing his countrymate.

20.06 IST: Amit Mishra to Martin Guptill, OUT! Caught in the deep! Mishra has his first, on his very third ball and the dangerous Guptill is out of here. Looking to play his favourite slog sweep, he has found Keemo Paul in the deep at mid-wicket.

* STRATEGIC BREAK. Hyderabad are already off to a flier. What a difference Guptill makes to the side. Especially when he gets going. The run rate is on the ascendancy.

20.01 IST: Ishant Sharma to Manish Pandey, FOUR! Edgy but Manish Pandey will take it with both hands. Ishant pulls his length back slightly, Manish looks to pull it but gets a top edge which flies towards the fine leg region. The replays confirm the ball just bounces inside the ropes.

STAT ALERT - For both teams the critical Powerplay score is 53. Whenever a side has scored 53 or more vs Delhi this season, they have won 80 percent of the time (4/5). Whenever it's UNDER 53, the win rate is just 11 percent (1/9)!!!

19.57 IST: Ishant Sharma to Manish Pandey, MISFIELD, FOUR! Iyer is the culprit. Full and outside off, Pandey drives this to the left of mid off. Shreyas Iyer swiftly gets to his left but in his eagerness to relieve the ball, looks up and misses it. The ball goes right through his legs.

19.54 IST: Axar Patel to Martin Guptill, SIX! That is hammered. Shorter on middle and off, Guptill waits for it and gets on one knee before heaving it over the mid-wicket fence for a maximum. SRH 44/1 in 4.5 Overs

19.50 IST: Ishant Sharma to Martin Guptill, FOUR! Bad bowling. Full and down the leg side, Guptill tickles it to the fine leg fence.

Manish Pandey is the new man in!

19.47 IST: Ishant Sharma to Wriddhiman Saha, OUT! Delhi get their first breakthrough. It is not Guptill but Delhi will still take it. Ishant bowls it full on off, Saha looks to go over mid off. He cannot get under it and does not time it well. He mistimes it and it goes just behind mid off. SRH 31/1 in 3.1 Overs

19.45 IST: Trent Boult to Martin Guptill, SIX! Two in two and the Kiwi batsman is winning the battle against his Kiwi counterpart. Nothing wrong with the delivery here. It is on a length outside off. Guptill though throws the kitchen sink at it and flat bats it over the cover fence for another maximum to finish the over. SRH 31/0 in 3 Overs

19.43 IST: Trent Boult to Martin Guptill, SIX! Second six of the innings for Guptill. Full on off, Guptill gets under it and smokes it over the cover fence for a maximum.

19.40 IST: Ishant Sharma to Martin Guptill, SIX! That is mammoth. Length ball on off and middle, Guptill loves it at those length he takes full toll of it and smokes it over the bowler's head for a huge six.

19.39 IST: Ishant Sharma to Wriddhiman Saha, Peach of a delivery. Pitching on a length outside off, it moves away slightly after pitching. Saha looks to poke it but misses. It was not far away from the outside edge.

Ishant Sharma to bowl from the other end!

19.36 IST: Trent Boult to Wriddhiman Saha, FOUR! What a shot to finish the over. Dramatic first over to start off the game. Good length ball outside off, Saha strokes it wonderfully through point for a boundary.

19.35 IST: Trent Boult to Wriddhiman Saha, Direct hit but safe! Saha opens the face and guides it towards backward point. Guptill goes for a single. The fielder hits bull's eye at the striker's end but Guptill is well in.

19.34 IST: Trent Boult to Martin Guptill, Guptill is now off the mark! This is on the pads, he flicks it towards fine leg and takes one.

19.31 IST: Trent Boult to Wriddhiman Saha, Not Out! Almost a dream start for Delhi here and a disastrous one for Hyderabad. Good length ball pitching on middle, it comes in after pitching. Saha gets on his toe and looks to defend. It looks like he gets hit on the pad.

19.30 IST: We are all set to begin. The umpires are out in the middle. Delhi players are in a hurdle before they take their positions in the field. Out walk the opening pair of Martin Guptill and Wriddhiman Saha for Hyderabad. Trent Boult has the new ball in hand and he will bowl the first over for Delhi.

19.10 IST: Playing XI of Delhi Capitals is here

19.08 IST: Playing XI of Sunrisers Hyderabad is out

19.00 IST: Delhi Capitals win toss, opt to bowl against Sunrisers Hyderabad

18.57 IST: The two teams have arrived at the stadium.

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the IPL eliminator as Delhi Capitals face Sunrisers Hyderabad at Vizag. The TOSS will take place at 19.00 PM IST while play will commence from 19.30 PM IST. Stay tuned for all the live match updates. 

Brief Preview: The road to the final has become difficult but Delhi Capitals have the means to drive their way through the obstacles, starting with the IPL eliminator against Sunrisers Hyderabad on Wednesday. Re-branded before the start of the 12th season of the Indian Premier League, Delhi Capitals have been one of the top sides in this edition, playing cricket never seen before from them. It is a bit harsh on Delhi Capitals that they are playing the do-or-die game despite securing 18 points after nine wins and five losses from 14 matches. (READ FULL PREVIEW HERE)

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