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BJP Chief Amit Shah press conference after Karnataka results: Top quotes

The Congress has no right to preach about Constitution and Democracy. It is the same party which banned the media during emergency. We snatched 14 states from them, but they are celebrating our defeats in a few bypolls.

India TV News Desk Reported by: India TV News Desk New Delhi Updated on: May 21, 2018 17:47 IST
Amit shah

BJP president Amit Shah addressing press conference in New Delhi.

Addressing his first press conference after Karnataka Assembly elections results, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Amit Shah on Monday came down hard at the Congress. Amit Shah said that the Congress is so frustrated that it has now started celebrating its defeat. Describing the post-poll alliance of the Congress and Janata Dal (Secular) as 'unholy', Shah said the mandate in Karnataka was anti-Congress but both the parties used all wrong means to usurp power.

"Only Congress and JD(S) are celebrating, people of Karnataka are not (celebrating)," 

The mandate given by people of Karnataka was against the Congress. There was no confusion about it. I want to ask them what is more humiliating...losing a few bypolls or suffering defeating in 14 states," he said. 

"If we had not staked claim to form government, it would have been against the mandate of Karnataka people," he asserted.

Highlights of Amit Shah's press conference:

4:40 pm: We will play the role of a constructive Opposition in the new Karnataka Government, says Amit Shah

4:32 pm: Congress party with a history of dismissing more than 50 governments by abusing Article 356 has no moral right to preach us on Democracy and Constitution. It is the same party which banned the media during emergency. We snatched 14 states from them, but they are celebrating our defeats in a few bypolls. The BJP will retain power with full majority in 2019:  Amit Shah

4:28 pm: I don't want to reply to what Congress President Rahul Gandhi says. I will do it at the right time: Amit Shah

4:26 pm: Congress falsely claimed that Yeddyurappaji asked for 7 days, from the Governor, to prove majority. If it was the case, they should have asked for the letter for him. Congress lawyer lied in the Supreme Court: Amit Shah

4:24 pm: They are accusing us of horse trading, but the Congress has sold whole of its stable, says Amit Shah

4:23 pm: Congress and JD(S) formed an alliance against the people's mandate. This is what I call an unholy alliance: Amit Shah

4:15 pm: I want to ask the Congress the reason behind its celebrations. The Congress party used all wrong means to win the Karnataka Assembly elections. What is JD(S) celebrating, for winning 37 seats: Amit Shah

4:10 pm: 3700 farmers had committed suicide. Siddaramaiah govt was a failure. Atrocities against Dalits and women were on a rise. People of Karnataka gave us the mandate. The mandate is anti-Congress. Number of ministers and even the CM lost the election, says Amit Shah.

4:05 pm: Congratulate the people of Karnataka for making us victorious. We were the single largest party and we improved the vote percentage and the seats. Our tally increased from 40 to 104: Amit Shah

4:00 pm: BJP President Amit Shah is addressing a press conference in New Delhi

In his first reaction to BS Yeddyurappa's resignation from Karnataka CM post due to lack of numbers in the House, Shah had termed Congress - JD(S) alliance as unholy.

Replying to questions from Rajat Sharma at the day-long India TV Conclave in New Delhi, Amit Shah said: "Our party had got mandate from the voters in the Karnataka polls. The Congress chief minister lost in one seat and won one, while 16 of his ministers lost the elections. The mandate of Karnataka voters was clearly against Congress rule. Our party won 104 seats, and was seven short of the magic mark."

On charges of "horse-trading" levelled by Congress and JD(S), Amit Shah said: "Had we indulged in horse-trading, the result would not have been so. They are levelling horse-trading charges against us, but in reality, they bought an entire stable". His pointer was towards Congress offering the chief ministerial post to HD Kumaraswamy.

When India TV Chairman Rajat Sharma asked whether his party would try to topple the Congress-JD(S) government, Amit Shah replied: "Our party will not do such a thing. This is an unholy alliance and such governments do not last long."

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