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70 years of Independence: Highlights of PM Modi's I-Day speeches from Red Fort in 2014, 2015, 2016

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will tomorrow address the nation from the ramparts of Red Fort on the occasion of 71st Independence Day. This will be Modi's fourth I-Day speech as the nation's Premier.

Written by: India TV Politics Desk, New Delhi [ Published on: August 14, 2017 20:46 IST ]
PM Narendra Modi on his maiden Independence Day speech in 2014

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to address the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort on country's 71st Independence Day on August 15. This year's address will be Narendra Modi's fourth speech from the Red Fort as prime minister of India.

Earlier, PM Modi had asked countrymen to come forward with suggestions and ideas that can be incorporated in his speech on the occasion of country's 71st Independence Day. In his last ‘Mann Ki Baat’ address, PM Modi had asked people to share their ideas for his Independence Day address.  

"For the last three years, I have been getting suggestions for August 15 speech," he said in his ‘Mann ki Baat’ address.

The Prime Minister appealed to the people to come up with ideas and thoughts, and his Narendra Modi app received 6,000 suggestions until Aug 13 afternoon. Another set of 2,000 suggestions were sent to the MyGov.in portal until Sunday. According to reports, the Prime Minister's Office has made a report on the status of promises PM Modi made in his last three speeches from the Red Fort.

Let's have a look at the important promises PM Modi had made in his speeches from the Red Fort in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Highlights of PM Modi's speech from Red Fort in 2016: 

GST: GST will give strength to our economy and all parties are to be thanked for its passage. 

Suraaj: Suraaj means the progress of the common man, a govt that is sensitive to the requirements and aspirations of the common man. Responsibility and accountability are to be the roots of such a Suraaj.

Taxes: We want to change the situation where people are scared of income tax authorities, particularly among middle class families.

Passport: Two crore people apply for passports in the country. Even poor people get passport in one or two weeks.

Interviews in jobs: Interviews for more than 9,000 posts in Group C and D jobs have been abolished.

Roads: Earlier, 55-77 km of rural roads used to be laid per day. Now we lay upto 100 km of rural roads a day.

One nation: One nation, one grid and one price- we have worked on this.

Power: 30,000-35,000 km of transmission lines used to be laid in the past. Now at least 50,000 km per day are being laid. Out of 18,000 villages, more than 10,000 villages have been electrified.

LPG: Cooking gas was available to 14 crore people in the last 60 years. In the last seven months alone, four crore people got these connections.

Inflation: We haven’t allowed inflation to go beyond 6 per cent.

OROP: We have fulfilled our promise of one rank one pension. 

BPL families: The Government will bear the health-care expenditure up to Rs 1 lakh per annum for the BPL families.

Message: One society, one mission, one goal

Highlights of PM Modi's speech from the Red Fort in 2015:

Team India: This is Team India, a team of 125 crore Indians. We are making them partners of development. Jan Bhagidari, partnership with people, is the biggest asset of a democracy.

Jan Dhan Yojana: We opened the doors of banks for the poor. Starting Jan Dhan Yojana was a big step towards financial inclusion and we did it. 

Corruption: Corruption had become part of the system; contractors were running the nation; we have taken steps to correct the system.

Black money: Some people are worried about tough law on black money; it has ensured that nobody dares to take black money out of the country.

Kisaan Kalyaan Mantralay: The Ministry of Agriculture (Krishi Mantralay) will be renamed the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmer Welfare (Kisaan Kalyaan Mantralay). 

LPG subsidy: 20 lakh people have given up LPG subsidy, this is aimed at helping the poor.

Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan: If there is something that has touched every person, it is the movement towards cleanliness. 

Start-up India, Stand up India: We are looking at systems for enabling start-ups. We must be Number 1 in start-ups.

One Rank One Pension: We are determined to implement OROP, but in the process none should be left out. Talks are on with the stakeholders.

Highlights of PM Modi's speech from Red Fort in 2014: 

Make In India: I want to appeal all the people world over, from the ramparts of Red Fort, "Come, make in India", "Come, manufacture in India". Sell in any country of the world but manufacture here. 

Planning Commission: Within a short period, we will replace the planning commission with a new institution.

Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana: I urge upon the Members of Parliament to select any one of the villages having population of three to five thousand in your constituency. 

Jan Dhan Yojana: I have come here with a pledge to launch a scheme on this festival of Freedom. It will be called Pradhanmantri Jan Dhan Yojana. 

Sex ratio: I request the doctors not to kill the girl growing in the womb of a mother just to line their own pockets.  I advise mothers and sisters not to sacrifice daughters in the hope of son. 

E-governance: E-governance is easy governance, effective governance and also economic governance. E-governance paves the way for good governance.

Poverty: It is the need of the hour to eradicate poverty, can we not overcome poverty? Can we not defeat poverty? My 125 crore dear countrymen, let us resolve to eradicate poverty, to win against it. 

Rape: As parents, have we ever asked our son as to what he is doing and where he is going? If every parent decides to impose as many restrictions on the sons as have been imposed on our daughters, try to do this with your sons, try to ask such questions of them.

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