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World's ten most dangerous and unsafe cities

New Delhi: In today's era crime is everywhere; there is no city which is crime free. But still there are some cities which are very very risky as compared to other cities.All the people who

India TV News Desk Updated on: September 14, 2014 13:21 IST

2. Maceio, Brazil

Once famous for its white sandy beaches, this city in northern Brazil is now the most violent city in Brazil, with a per capita murder rate of 135.26 per 100,000 inhabitants.

While it boasts beautiful beaches, sparkling emerald waters, and year-round sunshine, the city is scarred by slum violence fueled by extreme poverty and inequality.  

It's a land where sugarcane farmers settle their scores with machetes and clubs, while the rich rely on paid assassins to get what they want.

Government officials eager to attract tourism point out that residents are killing each other, not outsiders, and that the killing mostly occurs in the favelas (slums), rather than in picturesque beauty spots.  

Still, being the 2nd most violent city in the world isn't exactly a selling point when it comes to tourism.


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