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'Expanded relations with India...': Indian-origin Vivek Ramaswamy on economic independence from China

Ramaswamy also proposed declaring economic independence from Taiwan, China's arch-rival, by boosting production of US-grown semiconductors.

Aveek Banerjee Edited By: Aveek Banerjee Ohio Published on: September 22, 2023 7:12 IST
Indian-American Republican presidential candidate Vivek
Image Source : AP Indian-American Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy

Indian-American Republican presidential aspirant Vivek Ramaswamy on Thurday called for seeking economic independence from China, proposing a slew of measures such as expanding relations with India, increasing military spending and increasing production of homegrown semiconductors.

"I will not sell you a fake vision of onshoring everything immediately. That's not going to happen if we are serious about decoupling from China. It will also require expanded relationships with India," said the 38-year-old Ramaswamy in a foreign policy speech in his home state of Ohio, further proposing that the US cut reliance on Chinese-controlled pharmaceutical supply and increase military spending.

Ramaswamy also proposed declaring independence from the climate change agenda, describing it as a 'farce' and a 'hoax'. He also said that he would achieve economic independence from China's key enemy, Taiwan, by increasing the production of US' own semiconductors.

The Indian-American entrepreneur's rationale behind moving away from Chinese-controlled pharmaceutical supply was based on concerns that they "could lace our legal pharmaceutical supply chain with poison, including fentanyl". 

"This is what the US president can do. Keep us out of World War III, revive national pride, unlock the regulations that hold our economy back under the executive branch," said Ramaswamy, further mentioning that most US presidents make mistakes by focusing on legislative agendas first, highlighting that Trump could not repeal Obamacare despite repeatedly claiming to do so.

Further taking a dig at the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Ramaswamy said that it builds a wall to prevent anyone who criticises the party from entering the Chinese market, but rolls out the "red carpet" if anyone criticises the US.

Ramaswamy has repeatedly criticised Chinese policies and threatened multiple times that he would seek decoupling from the Chinese economy, if elected as President.

Would 'gut' H-1B visa system: Ramaswamy

Earlier, the Republican presidential aspirant promised to 'gut' the H-1B visa programme primarily used by Indian IT professional services to enter America, calling it an "indentured service". Interestingly, Ramaswamy has used the programme at least 29 times for his business.

The H-1B programme is a lottery-based non-immigrant visa system that allows employers to hire foreign workers in specialty occupations that require theoretical or technical expertise. This system is sought by thousands of employees in India and China, especially Indian IT professionals.

In a statement, the Indian-American presidential aspirant suggested that the H-1B system should be replaced by an "action meritocratic admission". "It’s a form of indentured servitude that only accrues to the benefit of the company that sponsored an H-1B immigrant. I’ll gut it," he added.

He further said that the people who are coming to the US as family members are not the meritocratic immigrants making "skills-based contributions" to the country. He also said that the US should end chain-based migration and vowed to use military force to secure the border, deporting US-born children of undocumented migrants.

Ramaswamy has garnered attention after his maiden Republican presidential primary debate held on August 23. The first poll that came out after the debate said that 28 per cent of the 504 respondents said that Ramaswamy performed the best.

Following the debate, The Wall Street Journal wrote that Ramaswamy is not a nobody anymore and that the other candidates have taken notice of him. Trump, 77, described Ramaswamy as being a “smart,” “young guy” and a “very intelligent person” who has “a lot of talent” and “good energy.” He also advised him to be “a bit more careful” with what he says.

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