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Know the invisible Biringan City in Philippines

New Delhi: Biringan City is a famous city, known to many people in Philippines, yet it is nowhere to be found for interested visitors.According to legend, the city is located in Samar, Philippines, somewhere between

India TV News Desk [ Updated: July 06, 2014 9:05 IST ]

Those who claim to see the city they say that the city it is extremely beautiful, consisting of high-rise buildings, cathedrals, elegant structures, magnificent edifices and is comparable to cities like New York, Hong Kong and  Singapore.

A fishermen who saw it spread the word that from the wide seas they were fishing, they caught sight of this magnificent city, glowing in the dark, brilliant with multi-colored lights, and equipped with sophisticated facilities, obviously enjoying highly-advanced technology that may not be possessed by the most advanced cities in the world.

There are so many supernatural things about this city, which are hard to believe. There are stories around that majority of people testifying to have been to the city right have been the victims of demon possessions. While their bodies are indwelt and controlled by evil spirits, their soul and spirit is being brought by demons into this city, making it appear that this place is a city of demons.

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