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Donald Trump doesn't know India and China share border, claims a book

A book written by Washington Post journalists claims that US President Donald Trump did not have any idea about India-China border.

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New Delhi Updated on: January 16, 2020 20:27 IST
Donald Trump doesn't know that India and China share border, claims a book
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US President Donald Trump

He is not your conventional US President and he is certainly not known for careful, measured response an American President is expected to offer on the world stage, but he gets by. But if someone says that US President Donald Trump does not know that India and China do not share a border, we would certainly take him for a fool. But a book has now claimed just that. It says that Donald Trump did not know that India and China, the world's two most populous nations share a border.

A book by the name of  'A Very Stable Genius: Donald J.Trump’s Testing of America' claims that Donald Trump made his knowledge of Geography public when he was discussing matters with none other than Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

"It's not as though you have China right on your border..." the book quotes Donald Trump as saying during a meeting with  PM Modi. The US delegation seemed to have been a bit embarrassed. Then US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had to quickly inform Trump than India and China indeed, share a border. Tillerson did this right in the middle of the meeting and had to do it in a hushed tone so that only Trump could hear that.

India and China share a huge border measuring to about 3380 kilometres. There are a number of border disputes between India and China but the border remains ninth-largest in the world. India and China have even gone to war over the border dispute in 1962.

Donald Trump apparently likes speaking about borders and 'border walls'. Right from his presidential campaign in the run-up to US elections 2020, Trump has maintained that he would build a wall on US-Mexico border to prevent illegal immigrants crossing into the US. This has remained only a dream as building a wall that stretches to thousands of Kilometres is widely seen in the US to be a waste of billions of dollars.

US-Mexico border is shorter than the India-China border.

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