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Modi in Israel: Mantra of my govt is reform, perform and transform, says PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday held talks with his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu on the second day of his 'ground-breaking' Israel visit.

India TV News Desk, Jerusalem [ Updated: July 06, 2017 0:05 IST ]
Narendra Modi arrives to address Indian community
Narendra Modi arrives to address Indian community

After a day long engagement, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday night arrived to address people of Indian origin at the Tel Aviv Convention Center. Earlier in the day. Modi held talks with his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu on the second day of his 'ground-breaking' Israel visit.

Modi arrived in Tel Aviv yesterday for a three-day visit. He is the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Israel.

Here are the highlights of PM Narendra Modi's address to Indian diaspora in Israel:

* Delhi-Mumbai-Tel Aviv will begin soon: Modi announces in Israel 

* Very soon, our govt will open Indian cultural centre in Israel: Modi 

* India and Israel can walk together shoulder to shoulder in the field of technology: PM Narendra Modi

* Making consistent efforts to double farmers' income by 2022, policies being formulated: PM Modi 

*  Any Israeli defence company can now try its luck in India: Modi

* We have brought reforms in defence sector as well. We have approved up to 100 per cent FDI in defence sector: Modi

​* We have introduced 100 per cent FDI in key sectors, which will help our economy: PM Modi 

* Most recently GST was implemented in India: Modi in Israel

* The mantra of my Government is reform, perform and transform: Modi 

* India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world: Modi

* Israel has surprised everyone with its new innovations in almost every field be it solar panel, solar window, agro biotechnology: Modi

* I pay tribute to former Israeli PM Shimon Peres: Modi 

* Mayors of various Israeli cities have also joined us today. Their love for India has drawn them here, I thank them: PM Modi 

* Jewish community has enriched India with their contribution in various fields: PM Modi 

* Numbers and size do not matter, Israel has shown and proved this: PM Modi

​* There are many similarities even in our festivals: Modi 

* Our ties with Israel are about mutual trust and friendship: Modi 

* We are truly meeting after a long time: Modi

* I begin with a confession here that we are meeting after a long time, took 70 years to come here: PM Narendra Modi

* Yes, we are meeting after a very long time. It took many years for this visit to happen: PM Modi 

* For the first time in 70 years an Indian PM has got an opportunity to visit Israel. This is a matter of joy: Modi 

* PM Modi and I have decided to take our partnership to new heights: Netanyahu at the community programme

* PM Modi arrives to address Indian community in Tel Aviv 

* PM Modi invited me to India and you will come with me: PM Netanyahu to Moshe

* You can visit India anytime,will give you & your family long term visa: PM Modi to Moshe

* Dear Mr Modi, I love you and your people in India, says Moshe Holtzberg to PM 

* PM Modi asks Moshe to visit India with family

* PM Modi meets Moshe Holtzberg, the now 11-year-old survivor of the 26/11 attacks, in Jerusalem

* India and Israel elevate their relationship to strategic partnership, says Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar

* Modi and Netanyahu asserted that fight against terror won't succeed if it is segmented: Jaishankar

* Cooperation on homeland security to be strengthen between India and Israel: Jaishankar

* Israel for strong measures against terror, including those who finance & give sanctuary to terrorists, says Indian Foreign Secretary after Modi-Netanyahu talks. 

Highlights of joint press conference held by Modi and Netanyahu: 

* PM Modi invites Netanyahu and his wife for a visit to India, Israeli PM says "I accept." 

* We also discussed the situation in West Asia and wider region. It is India’s hope that peace, dialogue, and restraint will prevail: Modi

* Prime Minister Netanyahu and I agreed to do much more together to protect our strategic interests and also cooperate to combat growing radicalization and terrorism, including in cyber space: PM Modi

* India has suffered firsthand the violence and hatred spread by terror. So has Israel: Modi

* India and Israel live in complex geographies. We are aware of strategic threats to regional peace and stability: Modi

* Prime Minister Netanyahu and I agreed to do much more together to protect our strategic interests: PM Modi 

* Our people hold natural affinity and warmth for each other: PM Modi 

* We regard thriving two-way trade and investment flows as the bed-rock of a strong partnership: Modi 

* Our goal is to build a relationship that reflects our shared priorities and draws on enduring bonds between our peoples: PM Modi 

* Prime Minister Netanyahu and I have had productive discussions covering an extensive menu of issues: PM Modi 

* Our belief in democratic values and economic progress has been a shared pursuit: Modi 

* I am honoured to be in Israel on this exceptional visit: PM Modi 

* Thank you, Excellency, for your warm words of welcome. And, for the exceptional generosity with your time and friendship: PM Modi 

* This is a good day. Welcome my friend Prime Minister Narendra Modi: PM Netanyahu

* Ours is a partnership to seek good, defend good and achieve good. This is indeed a good day:  PM Netanyahu

* We are being challenged by forces of terror. We have agreed to cooperate in this area: Netanyahu

* PM Modi and I look ahead and at the same time have our feet firmly on the ground: Netanyahu 

* This is a deeply moving moment for me. We are making history: PM netanyahu at the joint press meet 

* Exchange of agreements between India and Israel including three on space cooperation 

Here is the list of seven MoUs signed between the two countries: 

1- MoU for setting up of India-Israel Industrial R&D & Technological Innovation Fund (I4F)

2- MoU for Water Conservation in India
3- MoU on State Water Utility Reform in India
4- India-Israel Development CCooperation-3 Year Work Program in Agriculture 2018-2020
5- Plan of Cooperation regarding cooperation in Atomic Clocks
6- MoU regarding cooperation in GEO-LEO Optical Link
7- MoU regarding cooperation in Electric Propulsion for Small Satellites 

Laying the foundation of a new chapter in relations with Israel, Modi began his "ground-breaking" visit yesterday, receiving an extraordinary welcome by the Jewish nation. The personal chemistry and the warmth between Modi and Netanyahu was apparent in their remarks and their hugs.

On PM Modi's visit, India and Israel are exepected to finalise and ink a host of deals ranging from defence, agriculture to space cooperation.

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