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Ten big disasters that shook India

New Delhi: Natural disasters come without any warning and when they hit, the toll they take on human lives surpass  one's imagination. India has faced all forms of natural tragedies from droughts, famines, earthquakes to

PTI [ Updated: February 12, 2013 13:50 IST ]
6. 1839 Coringa Cyclone

On November 25, 1839, an enormous cyclone caused a 40-foot storm surge that hit the ancient city of Coringa in present Andhra Pradesh. The cyclone wiped out the harbor city, destroyed 25,000 ships and vessels in its bay, and killed 3,00,000 people.

Survivors never entirely rebuilt the city. City of Coringa was known for ship building and repairing. From Coringa harbor a wide range of goods were exported to Southeast Asian countries and ships from United Kingdom, France, Netherlands and Portugal were repaired.

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