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Shrikant Tyagi's played hide-and-seek game with Noida Police for more than 48 hrs. How was he caught then

Tyagi was arrested Tuesday from Meerut, four days after he absconded assaulting and abusing a woman with whom he had a row over planting of trees in what has alleged to be the common area of the society.

Reported By : Kumar Sonu Edited By : Nivedita Dash | Noida
Updated on: August 10, 2022 17:33 IST
Shrikant Tyagi
Image Source : PTI Shrikant Tyagi in Noida Police custody

Shrikant Tyagi arrest:  It was Friday when a meeting on law and order was going on in the Noida Police Commissioner's office when suddenly the social media monitoring cell of Noida Police informed the Police Commissioner that a video of Grand Omaxe Society of Noida is going viral. The video was of self-proclaimed politician Shrikant Tyagi abusing the aforesaid society's female resident.

Understanding the seriousness of the video, Police Commissioner Alok Singh immediately ordered the Additional DCP and SHO to go to the spot and do what was needed. Thus begins the chase for Tyagi.

How was Tyagi arrested?

1. At a time when the police reached the Grand Omaxe Society and understood the matter, Shrikant Tyagi and his driver, Rahul, had already ditched the cops in a Baleno car.

2. According to police sources, Tyagi went straight to the Delhi airport. But by then the video had already become viral. Sensing the gravity of the matter Tyagi understood that he can't escape the police at the airport. Hence, he changed his decision.

3. Tyagi then left for Meerut after roaming the streets of Delhi for several hours. He had also switched off their phone to escape the police.

4. Tyagi then got fuel from a petrol pump in Meerut, hence giving away the location. When the police reached the petrol pump, they scanned the CCTV and ascertained Tyagi's identity. The police then traced Tyagi's IP address to the Meerut-Muzaffarnagar border, but once again the self-proclaimed politician managed to dodge the police.

5. Around 1 pm on Friday and Saturday night, Tyagi switched off his phone thus becoming untraceable. Now to reach Tyagi, the police started tracking those close to self-proclaimed politician whom he could have contacted during his run.

6. This flick of police worked, and the name of Nakul Tyagi, a resident of Meerut and owner of a bus, propped up. Police then went to Nakul Tyagi's house and took away his wife's phone.

7. Police then kept waiting for 18 hours for Nakul to call his wife when suddenly they were able to fetch the location of Shrikant Tyagi and his associates in Meerut eventually arresting Shrikant and his 3 companions.

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