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Seven deadliest riots that shook India

New Delhi: India is universally known for its diversity of religions & communities. India has been a land of tolerance with communities as diverse as the Parsees, Armenians and Syrian Christians coming to this land

India TV News Desk Updated on: November 12, 2014 10:22 IST

1992 Mumbai riots:

It was during December 1992, when the news of demolition of  Babri Masjid spread, that communal riots occured in Mumbai,

People belonging to a particular community came out on the streets in Mumbai and expressed their anger by attacking buses and other public property. Even some places of worship  were attacked and partially damaged.

Though the police could have handled the situation tactfully, but instead they opened fire indiscriminately  and several  innocent people were killed. It seemed that the firing was done more with the intention of killing people rather than dispersing the mob.

Many shops & houses were looted and set ablaze.

The death toll seemed to have crossed 900 out of which maximum number of people died in police firing.

2002 Gujarat post-Godhra violence:


It was on 27th February, 2002 when a coach of Sabarmati Express caught fire and around 58 kar sevaks of Vishwa Hindu Parishad died. The kar sevaks were returning from Ayodhya. The VHP gave a call for statewide bandh. On February 28, hordes of people began a killing and arson spree targeting the Muslim community. The violence lasted for three days before Army had to be called in. .

According to  official figures, around 1,000 people were killed in the riots, while 2,500 people were injured and around 220 people went missing, but actual figures does vary at a large scale. Till date, the riot affected people are yet to get justice, and trials are on in courts.

2013 Muzaffarnagar Violence:

Muzaffarnagar has been witnessing sporadic clashes from 27th August, 2013. Tension escalated after three youths were killed in a wrangle that was caused due to an incident of eve-teasing.

Nearly 40 people have lost their lives as of now, whereas 81 people have been  injured. People began firing at members of other community, and went on a stabbing spree. Thousands of people left their villages out of fear, but normalcy has gradually returned with the intervention of well-meaning people of both communities.








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