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Poachers killed 18 rhinos in Kaziranga sanctuary in 2012

Kaziranga (Assam), Jan 10: Out of the early morning mists and tall grass of northeast India emerges a massive creature with a dinosaur-like face, having survived millions of years despite a curse -- literally on

India TV News Desk India TV News Desk Updated on: January 10, 2013 17:16 IST

Insurgents eager to bolster their war chests here in India's Assam state are also involved, according to police. 

Authorities are investigating a recent news report that a Chinese company offered two rebel groups a deal: weapons in exchange for horns and body parts of the one-horned species whose scientific name is rhinoceros unicornis.

Pitted against the poachers, some armed with battlefield rifles, are 152 anti-poaching camps staffed by more than 900 rangers, guards and other personnel -- almost one for every square kilometer of the reserve.  

These include a well-armed task force rushed in when the poaching erupted again early last year.  

Kaziranga also is ready to deploy drones and satellite surveillance to track the intruders.

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