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From warning Pakistan to taking on Opposition's attacks, a look at PM Modi's powerful speeches

PM Modi, who is known for his oratory skills, has delivered some moving speeches, including issuing a stern warning to Pakistan after the Pulwama attack, and taking on the Congress for raising objectionable slogans against him. Taking a look at some of his powerful speeches so far.

Ashesh Mallick Edited By: Ashesh Mallick @asheshmallick7 New Delhi Updated on: September 16, 2023 13:37 IST
Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Image Source : PTI Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Known for his outspoken traits and oratory skills, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has delivered some fiery, some emotional speeches on various occasions, be it warning Pakistan over the sponsored terrorism in India or taking on the Opposition on matters of corruption and 'personal attacks'.

Ahead of the Prime Minister’s 73rd birthday on Sunday (September 17), let’s take a look at his top speeches, both inside and outside the Parliament.

1) "Ek akela kitno ko bhari pad raha hai"

The Prime Minister addressed the House on February 9 this year amid the continuous sloganeering by the Opposition in connection with the alleged scam concerning the Adani group. The leaders chanted slogans linking the Prime Minister to the Adani Group since the beginning of his address in the upper House.

“The country is watching that one person (leader) is proving too much for so many (Ek akela kitno ko bhari pad raha hai). Even to chant slogans, they have to switch (in turns). I have been responding to their voices for over an hour in one voice,” PM Modi said while replying to the motion of thanks to the President's address in Rajya Sabha.

2) "Modi tera kamal khilega"

The Prime Minister came down heavily on Congress on February 24 this year for raising 'Modi teri kabar khudegi' (Modi, your grave would be dug) slogan and said that the people of the country are with him, adding that the country will give a "befitting reply" to the people with offensive thinking and language.

“I can see BJP all around in Meghalaya. Be it hills or plains, village or town, I can see the lotus bloom. Those who have been rejected by the country, who the country is no longer ready to accept, are now chanting 'Modi teri kabar khudegi'. But the country is saying 'Modi tera kamal khilega',” PM Modi said at an election rally in Meghalaya's Shillong.

3) "Terrorist have committed a huge mistake"

When India was mourning the loss of 40 CRPF jawans in the Pulwama attack by a Pakistani suicide bomber in Jammu and Kashmir on February 14, 2019, the Prime Minister on February 15 assured the nation of stern action against the perpetrators and said that his government has given the security forces a free hand to execute any operation against the terrorists and their handlers.

“Our security forces have been given complete liberty. I want to tell the terrorist organisations that they have committed a huge mistake and they will have to pay a huge price for it. We have full faith in the security forces of our country. I want to assure the country that those involved in the attack will be brought to task. If our neighbour thinks that the conspiracies it is plotting, would succeed in de-estabilising India, it should stop dreaming about it. It is a very emotional moment. We are together and this should resonate in the world, because we are fighting this fight to win,” the Prime Minister said while addressing a gathering.

4) "Faisla Lal Chowk pe hoga..."

Addressing the Lok Sabha during the Motion of Thanks to the President's Address on February 8 this year, PM Modi recalled his Ekta Yatra to Jammu and Kashmir in 1990 and said that he had unfurled the Tricolour at Lal Chowk on January 26 "without a bulletproof jacket" despite repeated threats to life from the terrorists. He was speaking in an apparent reference to Rahul Gandhi who concluded the Bharat Jodo Yatra in Srinagar and unfurled the National Flag.

"Those (referring to Rahul Gandhi who recently concluded Bharat Jodo Yatra in J-K) who came back from J-K recently must have seen how easily you can go in J-K. I too had gone on a yatra to J&K with the resolve to unfurl the Tricolour at Lal Chowk. Terrorists had put up posters and said, "Dekhte hain, kisne maa ka doodh piya hai jo Lal Chowk aake Tiranga phehra paaye"," PM Modi said.

“That day on January 24, at a public rally, I had said, "Terrorists pay heed. On January 26, sharp at 11 am, I will reach Lal Chowk without security and a bulletproof jacket. Faisla Lal Chowk pe hoga kisne apni maa ka doodh piya hai". Then I unfurled the Tricolour at Lal Chowk,” he added.

5) "August 23 to be known as National Space Day"

Riding on the joy the entire country was feeling owing to the successful landing of India’s lunar mission Chandrayaan-3 on August 23 this year, the Prime Minister headed straight to ISRO in Bengaluru after returning from South Africa where he attended the BRICS Summit, and met the scientists involved in the mission. He hugged and patted the back of ISRO chief Somanath and turned emotional while addressing them on August 26.

"On 23rd August, India hoisted the flag on the Moon. From now onwards, that day will be known as National Space Day in India. The spot on the lunar surface where the Chandrayaan-2 left its footprints will be known as 'Tiranga'. This will be an inspiration for every effort made by India. it will remind us any failure is not final. Women scientists played a key role in Chandrayaan 3..this 'Shivkshakti' point will inspire the upcoming generations to use science for the welfare of people. The welfare of people is our supreme commitment,” he said.

“When our scientists give such a present to the nation, the visuals I can see here in Bengaluru are similar to what I saw in Greece. I could not stop myself. I decided that I will go to Bengaluru first after reaching India. I wanted to bow down to the scientists first," the Prime Minister added.

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